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Selected Will Abstracts


Will of Thomas N. Paine
Testator states he is 73 years old and resides in Grass Valley. [Although final proof of will occurred in 1916, he actually died 25 Feb 1891]

Will mentions 'Paine Ranch and Vineyards' in Grass Valley and indebtedness to 'Lewis Wheeler.'
Will Mentions family as follows:
Half Brothers:
   O.J. Paine of Colorado; Jansen T. Paine of New Orleans
  O.L. Twitchel "who resides with me"
Grand Nephews:
   Thomas O. Twitchell, Freeman Twitchell, George C. Twitchell, John Shaw Twitchell

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Will of John Ross
Testator states that he ws born 27 May 1808 "6 mi ea Clarksburg, VA and 1 mi from Bridgeport, Harrison Co. VA.
Mesick Ross who died abt. 1844 at Clarksburg, VA
Eleanor Ross who died abt. 1850 at Clarksburg, VA
Heirs of Mesick and Eleanor Ross [siblings of John Ross]:
(all surname = Ross)
Polly, Nimrod, Ann, Sarah, Morgan J., John [testator],
David J., Hannah, Mesick, Isaac J., Owen, Jane, Samuel.
Execrs: Joseph Griffith of Forest Springs and Joseph Southern of Grass Valley

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Will of Ben Brockmeier.
Mentions "children of my brother, Heinrich Brockmeier, decd: Frank Brockmieier, and my sister Angelina Albes, decd (of Missouri-- St. Louis, Co., Warren Co. Howard Co. and St. Charles Co.) Mentions land in North Bloomfield and $2K gold + notes and mortgages held by Henry Helwig and Co. in North Bloomfield.

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Will of John F. Schulthess
Naturalized in San Francisco in 1854.
Born in Oberdorf Bezirk Waldenburg, Canton Basselland, Switzerland. Also citizen of Commune of Maur, Bezirk Uster, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.
All to Margaret Lanneville, aka Madame Venasse at Boston Ravine.
Mentions inheritance from Franz Schneider, son of "my mother's sister and Frederick Schneider, a citizen of the Commune of Oberdorf, Bezirk Waldenburg, Canton Baselland, Switzerland"....(said Franz Schneider having died..... Mentions that his mother marrired John Markus Schulthess (her married name: Verina Schneider).

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Will of Joshua D. Lond
of Lincoln co., Washington Territory
To sister Rhoda A Twitchell of [No. Discasond, ME]. Execrs: Warren Green and Hugh Neilsen of Colusa County, CA

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Will of Ada Moore
" 3.15 A.M. Sunday Nov A.M.
I want you to give cousin George Willard
2 M. Dolls
Romeo Daly my nephew 1.M
Lot on 3d Ave So 1/2 known as 141 3d Ave.

To my Dear husband Samuel E. Moore & all the other property real & personal consisting of homestead & Rresidence 207 8th St to My Dear Husband Saml E. Moore

Do you remember your little Orphan nephews of Sister Julia's children. Yes. 500 each to be used & applied only for their schooling. Can you or do you want an executor to this your last Will as stated. No. You Sam will attend to it. All for me, to my brother E.M. Smith of Iowa One hundred dollars.

signed Ada Nelson Moore

Witnesses: Marion Hull
Mary Kenny
Nov 30 1889.

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Will of Joe Silva [Jose Selveira Cardonzo]
of City of Grass Valley ....of the age of 50 years ...
1. Give and bequeath to my brother Francisco Silveiera Cardonzo, sisters Mraia Da Conseissa, Ezabel Da Conceseissao, Barba Da Conesiiedo of the Iland of Pico in the Township of Das Ribeiras Ponta Nejias: one half of the property owned by me...
2. I my friends Anthonio Selvera and wife Maria Da Rozario Da Silera: the one half of all property real, personal and Pico Das Riberia Ponta Najara Azores. Last. Appoint AntoniaSilva to act without bonds in the City of Grass Valley..the exectr.....

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Will of John Single

...mentions heirs:

To dau. Julia Tippen w/o John Tippen of Rough & Ready: blacksmith Shop [aka Single's Shop]
+ 1/2 int in tools alredy owned by her husband)
To wife Catherine, remainder of estate...[inclucing residence]

States: "I have eight children"

2 sons: John, Charles, Joseph "now of age"
dau Julia Tippen born of my first wife, Julia, who died at 1863 at Rough & Ready.

4 children of present wife, Catherine: James, Annie, Aggie, Mary (all minors)

I leave them no part of my estate save Julia Tippen because the 3 oldest sons are able to support themselves and because [the remainder is for wife to support the minor children; wife to have control of estate "in order that the least expense possible may be incurred in its administration.

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Will of Jane Winters Kitts

To nephew John Francis Winters and niece Margaret Ellen Winters, children of brother Patrick Winters, 227 Avenue B., New York City.

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Will of Lucy Dow

Proceeds of estate: 1/2 to brother Amasa Eatey of Thortons Ferry, New Hampshire and 1/2 to brother Oliver Eatey.Executor: Nephew Amasa Eaton, San Jose, California.

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Will of David Shrum

Father: Frederick A. Shrum, Shenandoah Co., VA $1000
Brother: John H. Shrum, Versailles, Woodford Co. KY, $500
Brother: Martin L. Shrum, Shenandoah Co., VA $500
Brother: Frederick Orlando Shrum, Harristown, Washington Co.IN, $500
Brother: Caleb Shrum, Shenandoah Co., VA $500
Aunt: Clarissa Kern, widow of Samuel C. Kern, Shenandoah Co., VA $200

Remaider to brothers Alfred and Moses Shrum, Harristown, Washington County, IN

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Will of Jacob Gaskill

Wife: Sarah 1/2 estate
Sister (widow): Sarah Davis, Ocone, IL
Sister: Anna Warren, Memphis, TN
Brother: Joseph Gaskill, Para, IL - $200
Nephew: Jacob Gaskill $1000
Neice: Hannah Gaskill $1000

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Will of Matthew Creamer

Father and Mother: Christopher and Nancy Creamer, Foreyeh Co. GA 1/3 estate
Remainder ro borothers and sisters equally:
David, James, Rawley W., Elizabeth, Winnie, Ellen, Mary, Adaline, 28 Oct 1862.

Later Will: Omega 16 Sept 1865

To Wife, Jennie and any future children. [All]

Jacob Gaskil died 29 Nov 1867 at age 18 in Virginia City, NV. His survivor: wife J.N.

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