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Names of Pioneers
on the 1878 Reunion register (A to J)

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List of Gold Rush Pioneers (1849-1878) showing date of arrival and place of origin
From a ledger book: "Reunion Association, 1878,"
at Searls Historical Library


Names in [brackets] or with a question mark (?) = unclear handwriting in original

Name Arrival in County Left the CountyResidence in County1878 AddressP.O. Address Prior to Arrivalpage
Adair, Isaac July 1850 7 Jan 1880
Prospect HillNevada City Washington,
Guernsey Co., OH
Adams, John 18 Oct 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Galena, ILp.1
Adams, Matthew 10 May 1850nd Rough & ReadyNevada City New Orleans, LAp.1
Alcorn, Brancorn Sep 1855 nd Grass ValleyPost office address Ruskville, MO.p.1
Allan, George D. Sep 1853 ndNevada CityNevada City Cullen, Banff, Scotlandp.1
Allen, D.M. 20 Sep 1865 nd North San JuanNorth San Juan Burlington, KYp.1
Allenberg, Charles 20 Jun 1864 nd San FranciscoSan Francisco Hettenleidelhoin, Grinstadt, Rhein, Bayern, Germanyp.1
Allyn, George W. Aug 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Macoupin Co., ILp.1
Anderson, John 25 Aug 1847 ndNevada CityNevada City Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VAp.1
Aplin, William D. 2 Sep 1855 nd Little YorkLittle York Fall River, MSp.1
Arbogast, F.L. 2 Jan 1869nd Nevada CityNevada City Native Sonp.1
Arbogast, John Oct 1852 nd South Rock CreekNevada City Frieburg, PAp.1
Ashburn, Hans A. 25 Mar 1852 nd Scotts FlatNevada City Chicago, ILp.1
Ashman, Wells D. 15 Sep 1857 nd Nevada CityNevada City Springville, Erie Co., PAp.1
Atwater, H. 20 Sept 1853 ndMoore's FlatMoore's Flat Gustalia, Ohio, p.1
Bachtal, J. 23 Jun 1862nd Mill ValleyNevada City Green Springs, OHp.15
Bacigalupi, J. 20 Jan 1860nd Nevada CityNevada City Genova, Italyp.15
Baker, D.S. 15 Mar 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City Edgecomb, MEp.13
Baldridge, E.C. 16 Mar 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Wenecoville (?), OHp.13
Ballan, James M. 12 May 1850nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Summerville, _____p.13
Barbor, James 2 Jul 1856nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Ft. Madison, IAp.16
Barker, Charles 15 Aug 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Bellows Falls, VTp.16
Barker, W.C. 14 Mar 1853nd You BetYou Bet Pittsfield, MA p.14
Barque, W.H. 19 Sep 1856nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Sangamon Co., ILp.16
Baruh, A. 15 May 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Natchez, MS
Bastin, W.M. 15 Nov 1875nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Lawrenceville, NY p.14
Battis, Fayette 28 Aug 1859nd WashingtonWashingtonFactory Point, VTp.14, 16
Battis, F. 25 Dec 1864 nd Grass ValleyGrass ValleyManchester, VT
Baxter, W.W. 2 May 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City Portland, ME p.15
Beadle, C.W. 28 Mar 1859nd Gold FlatNevada City Richmond, MEp.15
Bean, Edwin F. 25 Dec 1859nd Nevada CityOakland Brownfield, Oxford, Co., ME
Beard, C.J. 6 Nov 1873nd Nevada CityNevada City Rodenburg,___? p.15
Beard, [J.S.] 1857nd Round MountainNevada City Bethany, Harrison Co., MOp.13, 16
Beard, G.W. 15 Sep 1860nd Round MountainNevada City Bethany, Harrison Co., MO
Beckett, J.F. 26 Oct 1862nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Fayette, Howard Co., MO p.15
Beckman, C. 8 May 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Arenda T.O.P Norwayp.13
Bee, William 19 Aug 1864nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley [Ozark?], CAN p.16
Behrisch, Charles 29 Jul 1850nd Boston RavineGrass Valley Chicago, IL
Bell, V.G. Jan 1852nd French CorralFrench Corral Utica, Livingston Co., MOp.14
Benham, C.S. 24 Jan 1878nd "Oriental Mine"Allegheny Chicago, ILp.15
Bennallack, James 18 Feb 1857nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Red Ruth, Cornwallp.16
Bennett, John B. 1873nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley ________ p.15
Bennetts, Henry N. 1 Nov 1876nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Virginia City, NVp.16
Benoit, S. 1 May 1877nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Spencer, MAp.16
Bentley, David 1 Feb 1853nd Princeton, CAPrinceton, CA St. Clairsville, OHp.15
[Berry,] John 1 Jul 1871nd Nevada CityNevada City Virginia City,NVp.13
Bethell, James 4 Feb 1875nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Webster City, IAp.14
Bicknell, John Feb 1852Apr 1863Austin, NVAustin, NV Kingston, CAN
Bigelow, Edwin Wells 8 Sept 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Magnolia, WIp.13
Bigelow, George F. "son of Harry" (below)p. 16
Bigelow, Harry H. 20 Nov 1850[?]July 1853 Blue Tent, Grass Valley, EurekaSan Francisco Cleveland, OHp. 16
Black, E.W. 28 Aug 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City Rochester, PA p.15
Black, John Nov 1855nd Rough & ReadyRough & Ready Milltown, MEp.16
Black, Sallie b. 17 Aug 1859Feb 1870 HollisterNevada City _____p.13
Blackwell, S.L. 25 May 1853nd Snow PointMoores Flat Purhamsville, TN, p.13
Blade, Jeremiah 30 Aug 1860nd Shelby HillNevada City Milford, MA p.15
Blumenthall, A. 20 May 1863nd Nevada CityNevada City Margonin, Prussiap.14
Boardman, J.H. 20 Mar 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Memphis, TNp.13
Bobo, L.D. 4 Nov 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City Union Courthouse, SCp.13
Bohannon, M. 410 Jun 1854nd GranitevilleGraniteville New Yorkp.16
Bond, Erastus 4 June 1866nd Nevada CityNevada City Wyoming, NYp.15
[Bonadaill?], George 1 Oct 1850nd Nevada CitySan Francisco Louisvile, Kyp.16
Booth, Elijah 1858nd Nevada CityNevada City Baltimore, MDp.15
Bost, John, 1 Sep 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City St Louis, MOp.13
Boutin, Henri 15 Nov 1854nd p.16
Bowdoin, L.M. 5 Aug 1876nd Nevada CityNevada City Portland, MEp.14
Bowen, David 25 Dec 1855nd N. San Juan [?]N> San Juan Scranton, PAp.13
Bradlee, E.S. Jan 1859Mar 1862 San JoseSan Jose Portland, MEp.15
Bradley, H.S. 1 Sep 186018 Apr 1881
Nevada CityNevada City Lowell, MAp.14
Bradley, W.C. 1 June 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Dixon Spring, TNp.14
Brady, A.B. 16 Mar 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Norwalk, CTp.13
Bree, John 28 Nov 1856nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley [Halyle], Cornwallp.16
[Brinsteler] 16 Mar 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Norwalk, CTp.16
Bristow, William 19 Nov 1868nd CherokeePatt___? Portland, MEp.16
Brobeck, A.C., Nov 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City Rochester, PA p.15
Broderick, J.C. 6 Dec 1854nd Columbia HillColumbia Hill New York City, NYp.14
Broderick, J.E. Mar 1855nd Columbia HillColumbia Hill ________
Brown, E.M. 11 Jul 1874nd Nevada CityNevada City Boston, MA p.13
Brown, H.S. 15 Sep 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Canton, MO p.16
Brown, John S. 7 Oct 1850nd SweetlandNorth San Juan Bethel, Shelby Co., MOp.15
Brown, Oscar H. 30 Sep 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City [Avenel?], NJ, p.14
Brown, T.C. 15 June 1863nd Pleasant ValleyAnthony House [Jewitt], IAp.14
Brown, W.P. 14 Feb 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City Newburyport, MAp.13
Bryan, David May 1860nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Spencerburgh, Pike Co. MO p.16
Bryan, I.A. 23 Feb 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New Orleans, LA
Bryan, Leander
or Leander, Bryan
Oct 1850ndNevada CityNevada City Tiffan, OHp.171

Brydon, Robert 2 July 1856nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Crown Point, Essex Co., NY p.15, 16
Buckett, W.H. 9 June 1860nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Gold [Silthney], Cornwall p.16
Buffington, J.M., Jr. 1 June 1869nd Nevada CityNevada City Providence,RIp.14
Bulfinch, Stephen A. 9 Jan 1876nd Nevada CityNevada City Woburn, MAp.14
Bullard, Birdseye 28 Mar 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City North Adams, MA, p.14
Burroughs, Edward 1 Aug 1849nd Nevada CityNevada City Lexington, MO, p.14
Burrows, A.J. 2 July 1875nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Mahanoy City, PAp.13
Burtin, E.F.[?] 16 Apr 1854 [?]1 May 1869 Oakland, Alameda Co.Oakland Newburgh, NYp.16
Byrne, B. 20 Aug 1850nd Gold FlatNevada City [Chichita ? S.c.Island?]p.14
Byrne, James 15 Oct 1871nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Troy, NYp.13
Byrne, M., Jr. 15 June 1863nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Galena, ILp.14, 16
Byrne, Michael, Sr. 30 Nov 1869nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Galena, ILp.14
Byrne, Philip 14 Jul 1869nd Nevada CityNevada City Galena, ILp.13
Caldwell, John 10 Oct 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Lexington, MOp.29
Caldwell, Wallace 29 Apr 1850nd Goffstown, NHSan Francisco Goffstown, NHp.32
Calkins, Delos L. 11 April 1852nd Selby FlatNevada City New London, OHp.30
Calkins, Leonard Oct 1877nd Nevada CityNevada City Cleveland, OHp. 29
Callaghan, Patrick 14 [Feb] 1858nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Boston, MAp.32
Calvert, Jackson
[or Culvert]
1 Oct 1852nd Gold FlatNevada City Benton, WIp.32
Campbell, Fred Augustus 3 Sep 1853
nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley [Grass Valley?]p.32
Campbell, O.D. 15 Apr [1867]nd Blue TentBlue Tent Newcastle, MEp.30
Campbell, William B. Oct 1868nd Nevada CityNevada City St Johns, New Brunswickp.32
Canfield, C.T. 8 May 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Galena, ILp.32
Cantine, Garrett A. 16 Nov 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.31
Carion, N.A. 28 Jan 1864nd North San JuanNorth San Juan Helimer, Francep.30
[Carnana], Francis J. Mar 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.32
Carr, E.P. 1 Apr 1873nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OHp.32
Carr, [J.F.] 9 Feb 1860nd Willow ValleyNevada City Washington, OHp.30
Carsen, George 15 Maar 1865nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Richmond, MOp.32
Carter, Dennis D. 12 Jun 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Philadelphia, PAp.30
Carter, R.D. Mar 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City New Orleans, LAp.29
Cashin, John 1 May 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Mobile, AL p.29
Casper, Kaskil
see also Kaskil, Casper
15 Mar 1863nd Nevada CityNevada City New Yorkp.30
Chaney, J.M. 13 Jan 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City Bath, MEp.31
[Charles, E.M.?] 6 Sep 1876nd Nevada CityNevada City St. Louis, MOp.30
Chase, C.H. [15 Jun] 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Worcester, MAp.31
Chesneau, Frank 1 Jan 1866nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Paris, Francep.32
Chisholm, James 10 Oct 1858nd North San JuanNorth San Juan Plymouth, Luzerne Co., PAp.30
Church, G.A. Dec 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Chicago, ILp.30
Clancy, Dan 11 Mar 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City West Troy, NY
Clancy, Patrick 18 Aug 1862nd Nevada CityNevada City West Troy, NYp.29
Clark, A.S. 10 Jun 1852nd Quaker HillNevada City Shamrock MIlls, RIp.29
Clark, Jonathon 20 Sept 18528 Jun 1881
Nevada CityNevada City St. Louis, MOp.29
Clark, Samuel 1 May 1854nd WoodbridgeWoodbridge Steubenville,d OHp.31
Clarke, C.W. 21 Dec 18551 May 1858 Sacramento CitySacramento City New Albany, INp.30
Clarke, George 1 Sep 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Jamestown, WIp.32
Clinch, Charles E. 31 Oct 1858nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Grass Valleyp.32
Cloke, Thomas Mar 1855nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.32
Clough, J.C. 15 Jan 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Windham Co., CTp.32
Coats, John R. 6 July 1877nd Nevada CityNevada City Gold Hill, NVp.31
Coe, A. 20 Aug 1849nd Coe RanchNevada City Beloit, NB
New Brunswick?
Coe, Sarah 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Alexander, Clark Co., MOp.32
Coe, William R. 20 Jan 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City Williamsville, Erie Co., NYp.31
Coffey, Francis 3 Feb 1854nd French CorralFrench Corral West Troy, NYp.29
Coleman, Edward 10 Feb 1860nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.30
Coleman, John C. 18 Oct [1861]nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley St. Louis, MOp.30
Colley, James 18 Oct 1851nd Nevada CityNevada City Boston, MAp.29
Colley, W.H. [1] Sep 1865nd Nevada CityNevada City Gray, MEp.31
Collier, John Oct 1854nd Lowell HillDutch Flat Springfield, MOp.31
Collins, Daniel 18 Feb 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Boston, MAp.30
Collins, J.R. 29 Jun 1858nd Nevada CityNevada City Hulbert's Bluff, INp.31
Collins, John 18 Sep 1873nd Nevada CityNevada City Columbus, Esmeralda Co., NVp.31
Comey, E.F. 10 May 1854nd Nevada CityYou Bet St. Louis, MOp.30
Conaway, [Camille] [15] Sep [1857]nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Baltimore, MDp.32
Conlan, Roger 6 Jun 1851nd Nevada CityNevada City Kantville, Nova Scotiap.31
Conn, James May 1853nd North San JuanNorth San Juan Portadown, IRp.31
Conn, John B. 16 Jun 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Portadown, IRp.29
Cook, [I - F] 15 Apr 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City Ann Arbor city, MIp.32
Coombs, J.L. 17 Oct 1866nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Portland, OR p.32
Coombs, John 26 Sep 1850nd Rough & ReadyRough & Ready New Harmony, INp.29
Coombs, William 18 Nov 1853nd ColfaxColfax New Harmony, IN p.29
Cooper, George A. 1 Mar 1855nd Cooper's MillNevada City N. Searsmont, MEp.32
Cooper, Harvey March 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City Searsmont, MEp.30
Cornell, C.W. 6 Apr 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.31
Costello, [F.] 19 Oct 1858nd Nevada CityNevada City Hinsdale, MAp.30
Cotton, H.H. 1 Jan 1856nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Middletown, CTp.29
Coughlan, Michael 24 Dec 1849nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.31
Coughlan, P. Jun 1862nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Ferba, IRp.32
Craig, E.L. 10 Aug 1853nd AuburnAuburn Liberty, MOp.32
Craig, M.F. 5 May 1876nd NevadaNevada City Washington Territoryp.30
Crandall, F.P. 14 Sep 1854nd GranitevilleNorth Bloomfield Andover, NYp.31
Crall, S.M. 5 Jun 1861nd North San JuanNorth San Juan Monongahela City, PAp.30
Crawford, W.H. 30 Mar 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City Buffalo, NYp.29
Crawford, William 12 Sep 1849nd Nevada CityNevada City Buffalo, NYp.32
Crosby, A.B. 4 Feb 1877nd Nevada CityUnion Hotel Philadelphia, PAp.29
Crosby, Charles H. 16 May 1878nd Nevada CityNevada City Gold Hill [NC]p.31
Cross, C.W. 8 Mar 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City Chicago, ILp.30
Cross, J.A. 25 Sep 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City St. Louis, MOp.29
Cross, J.R. 19 Sep 1850nd TruckeeTruckee Chillicothe, MOp.31
Crowley, D.J. Dec 1858nd TruckeeTruckee Bangor, MEp.29
Cryer, Robert 7 Apr [1854]nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley [Yantic?] Mill, CTp.30
Culbertson, O.H.P. 2 Oct 184926 Apr 1852 BurnettBurnett, TX Oseola, MOp.32
see Calvert
---- ---- --
Cummings, William F. 14 Nov 1856nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Kishacoquillas, Perup.29
Cummins, E. 12 Oct 1855nd Grass ValleyNorth Bloomfield Suffolk Co., MAp.31
Cunningham, William 15 Sep 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City Rockford, ILp.29
Cunard, J.H. 27 Jul 1859nd Grizzly HillNorth Bloomfield Clearville, PAp.31
Daily, Matt 13 Sep 1854nd Nevada CityMarysville New Lisbon, OHp.45
Davis, E.A. 25 Nov 1852
[in Ohio?]
nd Nevada CityNevada City Akron, OHp.45
Davis, G.W. 13 Apr 1857nd Moore's FlatMoore's Flat Lewistown, PA p.44
Davis, George P. Jun 1876nd Nevada CityNevada City St. Thomas, West INdies p.44
Davis, George R. 26 Feb 187425 Oct 1878 Carson City, [NV]Carson City Brownville, NE
Davis, Hamlet 10 May 1850Nov 1855 TruckeeTruckee New Orleans, LAp.45
Davis, Henry 17 Jan 1857nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Bronson, [Branch Co.], MIp.45
Davis, J.R. 1 Mar 1876nd North San JuanNorth San Juan [Hannelly] S. Wales, Englandp.45
Davis, William 18 Sep 1858nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Pennsylvaniap.45
Davis, William Johnson 28 Oct 1859nd North BloomfieldNorth Bloomfield Bethany, [Johnson Co.] MDp.44
Davis, William M. 14 Feb 1857nd North San JuanNorth San Juan South Wales
see notes on original
Dean, J.W. 19 Sep 1864nd Nevada CityNevada City Oak Bay, New Brunswick p.44
de Bour, John F. 15 Feb 1850nd North BloomfieldNorth Bloomfield Galveston, TXp.44
de Golia, J.W. 28 Apr 1852nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Steuben Co., NYp.45
Derbec, E.
[listed under the "C's"
Jun 1860nd San Francisco
see original
San Francisco
addresses given
Paris, FRp.32
Dezell, James 28 Apr 1859nd Town TalkNevada City Lisbon Center, NYp.44
Dibbli, Alfred Barrott 10 Jun 1852nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Buffalo, NYp.44
Dickerman, J.C. 18 Mar 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City --p.45
Dickinson, A.W. 1 Dec 1857nd Nevada CityNevada City Burtonville, AR,br>or Bentonville, ARp.44
Dickson, J.M. [ or N.] 17 Dec 18544 Dec 1862 North San JuanNorth San Juan Bentonville, ARp.14, 45
Dickson, John [Britton] 13 May [1851]24 Jan 1881
North San JuanNorth San Juan White Oak Springs, WIp.45
Dingley, T.F. 2 Dec 1855nd San Francisco
107 Guerrero
Providence, RI p.44
Donnelly, John Cloney 8 May 1860nd Nevada CityNevada City Bristol, PAp.44
Donovan, T.J. 28 Dec 1861nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Mainep.45
Dorsey, C.A. 19 Oct 186615 Sep 1872 SacramentoSacramento --p.45
Dorsey, John Jacob 26 Mar 1853nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Clarkville, ARp.44
Dreyfuss, S.W. 15 Feb 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City New Orleans, LAp.44
Driscoll, William 3 July 1875nd Columbia HillColumbia Hill Pittsburgh, PAp.45
Dryden, D.A. Oct 1857nd GilroyGilroy Piqua, OH
Ducoty, Augustin 15 Mar 1855nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Ohiop. 45
Dulac, Louis 15 May 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City Paris, Francep.45
Dunne, [J.F.] 15 Sep 1849nd Selby FlatNEvada City Mackinaw, MIp.44
Dunnicliffe, John 21 Jun 1864nd Nevada CityNevada City Philadelphia, PAp.44
Durnie, William Mar 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Durnieville, Canada Westp.44
Durno, W.C. 19 Apr 1869nd TruckeeTruckee New Orleans, LA p.44
E______, James M. 20 Nov 1876nd Sierra ValleySierraville, Sierra Co., CA Australiap.60
Earl, William 28 Dec 1868ndNevada CityNevada City Tippin, OHp.60

Eagge, E. 5 Sept 1852nd WashingtonWashington Bealsville, Washington, Co., PAp.60
Earl, William 29 Dec 1868nd Nevada CityNevada City Tiffin, OHp.60
Easton, C.D. Sep 1853/td>nd Nevada CityNevada City Paynesville, Pike Co., MOp.60
Ebaugh, C.G. 25 Aug 1864nd Willow ValleyNevada City Baden, St. Louis Co., MOp.60
Eddy, A.N. 10 Apr 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Newark, NY p.60
Eddy, Charles H. born 21 Aug 1857nd Nevada CityNevada City [Nevada City, CAp.60
Eddy, [Iam J.] 15 May 1850nd Selby HillNevada City Wakefield, RIp.60
Eddy, S.A. 7 Jan 1860nd Nevada CityNevada City Newark, NYp.60
Edwards, William 16 Aug 1852nd So. Yuba BridgeNevada City Cape May, C.H. NJp.60
Eilerman, F.A. 15 Oct 1863nd Nevada CityNevada City Bremen, Germanyp.60
Eisen, A. 11 Sep 1877nd Nevada CityNevada City Little Rock, ARp.60
Ellis, Isaac H. 12 Jun 1875nd WashingtonEmigrant Gap Dodgeville, WIp.60
Enfelder, Gurgen Oct 1860nd Nevada CityNevada City Ekenfelderp.107
Englebright, W.F. 9 Sep 1878nd Nevada CityNevada City New Bedford, MAp.60
English, P. 1 May 1856nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Newton, NJp.60
Evens,William F. 29 Jun 1860nd Nevada CityNevada City Rensselaerville, Albany Co., NYp.60
Fairweather, J.A. 9 Aug 18491872 "Milton""Milton" Nolton, MEp.75
Farmer, T.G. 17 Sept 1878nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley San Franciscop.74
"Faylor", W.M.
see Taylor, F.M.
June 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Philadelphia, PA
Ferguson, Luke 17 Apr 1857nd Quaker HillYou Bet Fair Mount West, "?"p.75
Ferrand, Charles 15 Nov 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City Papeete, Tahitip.74
Fiene, Henry 19 May 1870nd Deer CreekSmartsville,
Yuba County
Bremerhaven, GEp.74
Finckley, W.H. 1 Nov 1862nd EurekaGraniteville Benecia [CA?]p.75
Fippin, John Apr 1864nd Rough & ReadyRough & Ready Nashvillel, OHp.74
Fisher, Will E. 9 Dec 1877
b. "3 June 18_2"
nd Pittsburg Mine,
-- --p.74
Fitter, John Dec 60nd CherokeePatterson PO New York Cityp.75
Fleming, James 18 Nov 1851nd Nevada CityNevada City New York City, NYp.74
Fletcher, George Oct 1865nd "Main Street"Grass Valley New York Cityp.74
Floyd, William 20 Sept 1861nd Nevada CityNevada City Austell, EnGp.74
Folgelby/Fogely, Castor Dec 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City Zanesville, WIp.74
Foley, J.M. Sep 1855nd Allison RanchGrass Valley Hautton, MEp.74
Ford, Chauncy 27 Aug 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City West Windsor, CTp.74
Ford, Richard 10 Oct 1857nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Penzance, Cornwall, ENGp.74
Ford, Miller 20 May 1880nd Nevada City-- Morristown, NJp.75
Fraser, James 10 Jan 1852nd Rock CreekNevada City Hamstead, Canada Eastp.74
Fritz, Charles 13 Feb 1866nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley St. Louis, MOp.75
Fryer, Andrew 16 Feb 1875nd Glenbrook Park/td>Grass Valley New Yorkp.74
Fryer, Robert M. 16 Feb 1875nd Glenbrook Park, Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.74
Fulweiler, W.H. 4 Jul 1853
nd Nevada CityNevada City --p.74/td>
Furth, Daniel Sep 1855nd North San Juan"San Juan" St. Louis, MOp.74
Furth, Simon 7 Mar 185210 Sep 1878 San Francisco"San Francisco" St. Louis, MOp.74
Futterberg [?], Charles 24 Dec 1877nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.74
Gaffney, L.S. ? 1 Jun 1869nd Nevada CityNevada City Coopers Mills, MEp.90
Gall/Gael, B. 15 Mar 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.90
Gallagher, James 12 Oct 1876nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Hibernia?, NJp.90
Garthe, Leopold 13 Nov 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Liberty, Clay Co., MOp.89
Garr, Peter 6 May 1861nd Nevada CityNevada City Chattram, Canadap.90
Garthe, Maria G. 25 July 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City St. Louis, MOp.89
Gashwiler, H.C. 1 Apr 1874nd San FranciscoSan Francisco Renick, MOp.90
Gault, Alex 1 May 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.89
Gaylord, E.H. 21 July 185219 Nov 1903 (died) Nevada CityNevada City Spader, Ripley Co., INp.89
Gaylord, George C. 15 Nov 1878nd Nevada CityNevada City Lisbon, Kendall Co. ILp.90
Gentry, R.B. 1 Jun 185710 Feb 1874 San FranciscoSan Francisco Belmont, WIp.89
Getchell, Dana B. 18 July 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City Machias, MEp.89
Getchell, George S.S. 4 Jun 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Machias, MEp.89
Gilbert, Joseph 20 April 1864nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Ontonagon Co. MIp.90
Gillet 29 Feb 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City Boston, MAp.89
Gluyas, James Mar 1864nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Dover, NJp.90
Godair, Louis 22 Jul 1876nd Nevada CityNevada City Spring Valley, MNp.90
Granger, Samuel 26 Dec 1866nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Portland, Mainep.89
Grahous, Peter 5 Nov 1855nd SweetlandSweetland Lowell, MAp.89
Gray, George A. 18 May 1853 (born)nd Nevada CityNevada City p.89
Gray, J.B. 30 Oct 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City p.90
Gregory, S.F. 15 Nov 185016 Jan 1862 Reno Nevada Tully?, Lewis Co. MOp.89
Grey, Thomas 20 April 1870nd MarysvilleMarysville Plymouth, Englandp.89
Grimes, Charles 28 Jun 1865nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.89
Groves, W.C. 28 Jun 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City Brookfield, OHp.89
Grymes, George A. 213 Feb 1866nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Clarksville, TNp.90
Guild, Charles J. 1853nd Nevada CityNevada City Madison, WIp.90
Guild, F.G. 5 Apr 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Madison, WIp.89
Gun___?, Philip 1 Jan ?nd You BetYou Bet Huntington, INp.89
Gunther, Henry 19 Nov 1858nd Nevada CityNevada City Sheboygan, WIp.89
Guscetti, B. 1 May 1861nd ______Nevada City Ambri, Switzerlandp.89
Hall, J.C. May 1865nd Nevada CityNevada City New Orleans, LAp.109
Hall, John E.C. 4 Sep 1850nd Brush CreekNevada City Lafayette, INp.109
Hall, Joseph F. Dec 1850nd Virginia City, NVVirginia City, NV Skaneateles, NYp.110
Hanley, W.A. 22 Mar 1855Nov 1873 San FranciscoAlleghaney, Sierra Co. Essex, VTp.109
Hanly, John 4 July 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City St. Stevens, New Brunswickp.108
Hanly, M. Dec 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.109
Hanson, A.H. 27 Mar 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Lowell, MAp.107
Harris, James 15 Jun 1865nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley "Minisotie", MIp.110
Harris, S.M. 24 Aug 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Zanesville, OH p.110
Harris, W.H. 25 Sep 185829 Nov 1870 Relief HillNorth Bloomfield Baltimore, MDp.107
Harrison, Andrew Jackson 1 Sep 1860nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.110
Harrison, B.A. 1 May 185112 Jun 1859 San FranciscoSan Francisco St. Louis, MOp.108
Harrison, Clinton 23 Aug 1865nd Nevada CityNevada City Mazomanie, WIp.108
Harrison, J.H. 1 Nov 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Brooklyn, NYp.108
Hart, John W. 7 Oct 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Rochester, NYp.109
Hartman, William 1 Jul 1869nd GranitevilleGraniteville New York Cityp.110
Hartwell, James G. 20 Jun 1875nd Nevada CityNevada City Denmark, NYp.108
Harvey, Abram 9 Oct 1875nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Fort Worth, TXp.107
Hastings, John 2 May 1859nd Rough & ReadyRough & Ready Jo Daviess Co., ILp.110
Hatch, C.E. 16 Jan 1872nd Providence MineNevada City Chittenango, NYp.109
Hathaway, F.M. 20 May 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City Appollo, Armstrong Co., PAp.107
Hawley, C.B. 16 Nov 1861nd Columbia HillColumbia Hill Robinson, Ontario, Lower Canadap.108
Hawthorn, J.A.?. 30 Jun 1856nd North ColumbiaNorth Columbia Waterloo, Seneca Co., NYp.109
Hays, I.M., Jr. 17 May 1865nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Glasgow, MOp.108
Hazen, James 12 Nov 1854?nd [Riggs] Mine?Nevada City Boonville, MOp.109
Head, A.E. 4 Apr 1853nd San FranciscoSan Francisco Lebanon, Madison Co., NYp.108
Hearne, William 7 May 1867nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Lubec, MEp.107
Heasy, Isador 7 May 1870nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Brooklyn, NY p.110
Heath, Frank W. 27 Feb 1878nd Nevada CityNevada City Boston, MAp.108
Hegarty, Charles 9 Apr 1855nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Philadelphia, PAp.108
[Heidmore], R.D. 20 Jun 1854ndNorth BloomfieldNorth Bloomfield Buffalo, NYp.268

Heinson, John 15 ov 1854nd You BetYou Bet Hamburg, Germany p.110
Hellwig, F.C. 5 Mar 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City New Orleans, LAp.109
Helwig, John Henry 12 Oct 1854nd Lake CityNorth Bloomfield Waterloo, Monroe Co., ILILp.108
Henderson, J.H. 12 12 Oct 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Toronto, Canadap.110
Hennessy, James Apr 1868nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.109
Henry, Frances 14 Oct 1856nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Reedsville, PAp.107
Hentzer?, George M. Aug 1859nd Nevada CityNevada City "Jolliet," ILp.109
Herzinger, John 20 Aug 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Fredericktown, Madison Co., MOp.107
Hibbard, E.P. 15 Sep 1850nd Columbia HillNorth Columbia Reedsport, NYp.107
Hibbard, Joel Mar 1855nd Central HouseNevada City Manchester, KYpp.1, 108
Hill, Charles W. 30 Oct 1856
nd Haydens Ferry, AZHaydens Ferry, AZ [Nevada County]p.109
Hill, George N. 20 May 1852nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Canton, St. Lawrence Co., NYp.110
Hill, Robert 1 Feb 1857nd Nevada CityNevada City Lisbon Center, NYp.109
Hill, Sallie 31 Jan 1860nd Nevada CityNevada City p.107
Hinds, F.H.? 14 Dec 1870nd Nevada CityNevada City Irvington, ILp.109
Hinds, Samuel J. 16 Nov 186018 Jan 1874 San Jose [CA]San Jose [CA] Glasgow, Barren Co., KYp.60
Hirschman, L. 15 July 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Olbach, Germanyp.108
Hiscox, H.O. 15 Jun 1858nd SweetlandNevada County W. Woodstock, CTp.107
Hobart, G.W. Jun 1856nd Dutch Flat, Placer Co.Dutch Flat, Placer Co. Charlestown, MApp. 109, 270
Hobby, William 14 Sep 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Caldwell Co., KYp.110
Hoffman, George 15 Feb 1869nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Saxony, Germanyp.108
Holbrook, John S. 26 Apr 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City South Gardner, MAp.107
Holbrooke, I.O. 12 Oct 1850nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Boston, MA p.110
Holden, J.C. 12 Sep 1869nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Boston, MA p.110
Holland, J.L. 21 Jul 1866nd Nevada CityNevada City Gold Hill, NVp.107
Hood, Francis 15 Dec 1854nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley St Louis, MOp.110
Hook, John F. 3 Nov 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Wheeling, WVp.109
Hooper, Frank 4 May 1873nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Humbolt, VA/
Hazelton, PA
Housman, Lord 15 Nov 1849nd Gold FlatNevada City Mannehchunk?, PAp.108
Houston, E.J. 5 Apr 1856nd Selby HillNevada City Monterrey, MAp.108
Howell, W.E. 8 Aug 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City "at sea"p.108
Huckins, Robert 7 May 1853nd North San JuanNorth San Juan Lubec, MEpp. 110, 237
Hughes, D.T. 6 Apr 1876nd Blue TentBlue Tent Tamaqua, PAp.107
Hughes, George M.. 7 Jul 1855nd Nevada CityNevada City New York Cityp.107
Hughes, Thomas L. Feb 1852nd Hughes RanchGrass Valley Boston, MAp.109
Hughson, P.E. 3 Jan 1871nd Nevada CityNevada City Galesburgh, ILp.107
Hunly, R.S. 16 Jan 1858nd North BloomfieldNorth Bloomfield Norfolk, VAp.108
Hunt, Charles R. Sep 1878nd Grass ValleyNevada City Hamilton, Madison Co., NYLp.109
Hunt, R.M. 8 May 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Utica, Oneida co., NYp.109
Hunt, S.B. 22 Oct 1856nd Moores FlatMoores Flat Three Rivers, MIp.107
Hunter, John V. 22 Dec 1871nd Nevada CityNevada City Boston, MAp.108
Hupp, George S. 17 Sep 1854nd Nevada CityNevada City Baltimore, MDp.108
Hupp, Riah F. 19 Aug 1858
nd Nevada CityNevada City p.109
Hurst, John 20 Jun 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City New Orleans, LAp.107
Hussey, John 6 Mar 1854nd Chalk BluffYou Bet Baltimore, MDp.107
Hustler, Joseph 1 Oct 1854nd CherokeePatterson P.O. Skaneateles, NYp.110
Hyman, H.N. 26 Nov 1874nd Nevada CityNevada City Portland, ORp.107
Irish, G.H. 13 May 1858nd Nevada CityNevada City Chicipee Falls, MAp.127
Irving, Robert 2 Jul 1862nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.127
Ismert, Eva 24 Mar 1856nd Ismert's RanchGrass Valley Williamsville, NYp.127
Isoard, J.Y.? 24 Mar 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City Marseillesl, Francep.127
Ivanovich, George, MD 10 Nov 1878nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley London, Englandp.127
Jack, George F. 18 Aug 1851nd Nevada CityNevada City Brooklyn, NYp.137
Jack, John 15 Nov 1864nd Nevada CityNevada City Paisley, Scotlandp.137
Jackson, Josiah James 21 Oct 1869nd Nevada CityNevada City Froddam, Gwinear, Cornwall p.137
Jeffrey, Robert 25 Dec 1858nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Englandp.137
Jenkins, Joseph 1857ndNevada CityNevada City Mineral Point, WIp. 137

Jennings, Byron 23 NOv 1878ndSan JoseNevada City Monroe, Green Co., WIp.137

Jewett, Ira Jun 1850nd Nevada CityNevada City New Baltimore, NY p.137
Johnson, B. 23 Aug 1853nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Argier, WIp.137
Johnson, David 21 Jun 1853nd WashingtonWashington Suffolk Co., NY p.137
Johnson, J.B. 12 Sep 1852nd Nevada CityNevada City Fair Play, WIp.127
Johnson, Leonard/Leonard, Johnson 4 Mar 1854ndGold FlatNevada City Berlin, Mahoning Co. OHp.192

Johnston, George Jun 1857nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley New York Cityp.138
Johnston, James Edward Nov 1856nd Nevada CityNevada City St. Andrews, New Brunswick p.137
Johnston, John 3 Jan 1853nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Lurgher, Irelandp.137
Johnston, Peter 17 Sep 1855nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Farmington, Van Buren Co., IAp.138
Johnston, William J. 12 Dec 1853
nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley p.137
Jones, Fred Sep 1851nd Nevada CityNevada City p.137
Jones, Joseph 2 Jun 1864nd Nevada CityNevada City [Belding or Redding], ILp.137
Jones, W.C. Dec 1857nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley Sweet Water, TNp.137
Jordan, S.C. 15 Oct 1852ndScotts FlatNevada City Dubuque, IAp.137

Judd, James F. 8 Jan 1855nd Grass ValleyGrass Valley p.137
Judd, John Henry 5 Jul 1857
31 Aug 1879
Grass ValleyGrass Valley --p.137
Justice, J.C. 22 Aug 1849ndNevada CityNevada City Vermont, MOp.137


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