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Alphabetical list of Mining Claims Mentioned in Newspapers


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Do you have a Nevada County ancestor who was killed in the mines? If you know the approximate date and place of death, these newspaper items may help you identify how and where the ancestor died. (See column: Owners/Incidents -- for mining accidents.)

Key to newspaper sources:

These newspapers may be viewed on microfilm at Doris Foley Library for Historical Research, Nevada City, CA.

Company/claimLocationOwners/IncidentssMonth- Day-YearNewspaper - Page:Column
.Abe Lincoln shaft.........3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Adams & Brown Quartz claim.Wood's Ravine & Pooler's Ranch.....5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Aiken Quartz Lead.Fall Creek, Washington Township. .10-24-1861.ND 3:1
.Allen Ledge.Meadow Lake.William H. Allen.12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.Allen Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Allen, William Ditch .Peck's Flat, Ditch from Wolf Creek Ditch to Gold Flat.Sheriff's Sale.7-8-1857.ND
.Allison claim.Near Grass Valley. .1-28-1857.ND 2:1
.Allison Quartz Lead.....William Daniel, Executor, will of brother, John Daniel.12-14-1861.ND 3:1
.Allison Ranch Mill.....Capt. Lee, testing Baux & Guiod pan and Norton pan.12-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Allison Ranch Mine..... .12-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Allison Ranch Mine..... .2-10-1866.NDG 3:1
.Allison Ranch Mine..... .2-24-1866.NDG 2:1
.Allison Ranch Mine.....Accident: Tim Connors.3-15-1866.NDG 3:1
.Allison Ranch Mine.....Fatal accident, Tim Conners.2-22-1866.NDG 3:1
.Alpha Mining Company claim.Hunts Hill, Little York.Sheriff's Sale: C.H. Hawkins .10-28-1857.ND 2:6
.Alpha, Omega and Phelps Hill.Omega Ridge.Hydraulic mining.12-7-1864.NDT 3:1
.Alta mining claims.Gopher Hill.Constable's Sale: J.A. Guffin & Co. .12-2-1857.ND 3:6
.American Co..Birchville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.American Co..Manzanita Hill below North San Juan. .8-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.American Co..Manzanita Hill, North San Juan.Huge blast.8-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.American Co..North San Juan.Working tailings using Baux and Guiod's Amalgamator; mentions Waltzing Pan by Cralls..10-18-1865.NDG 2:1
.American Co. bedrock tunnel.....Accident at Morristown: John Merrel, David Campbell.12-14-1865.NDG 2:1
.American Co. claim.Woolsey's Flat. .6-30-1858.ND 3:2
.American Co. sluices.Manzanita Hill.Fatal accident: William P. Powell .9-11-1865.NDG 3:1
.American Hill Mill.American Hill. .10-14-1857.ND 2:3
.American Hill Quartz Mill.....Quartz crushing.4-1-1862.ND 3:1
.American Hill Quartz Mill.American Hill. .8-5-1857.ND 2:4
.American Hill Quartz Mill.American Hill.Purchase of Holbrook Water Mill on Deer Creek.1-4-1860.ND 3:1
.American Hill Quartz Mill.American Hill.Van Pelt, Green et al..3-10-1858.ND 3:1
.American Hill Quartz Mill.....Mr. Soggs.4-6-1859.ND 3:1
.American Mill.....Mr. Soggs.10-27-1858.ND 3:1
.Austin & Baker, quartz lead.Crystal Springs.Rich Quartz.10-2-1864.NDT 3:1
.Backbone Ridge .San Juan, Columbia Hill.Cinnabar near Fosters and Dixon's Ranches.5-9-1860.ND 2:3
.Badger claim.....Sale.10-13-1865.NDG 3:1
.Badger Hill.....Fatal accident: John Prim.8-10-1865.NDG 3:1
.Badger Hill.....Fatal accident: John Prim.8-11-1865.NDG 3:1
.Badger Hill.South Fork Middle Yuba 1 mile north of Cherokee.....12-29-1858.ND 2:4
.Badger Hill Co. ledge..... .10-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Badger Hill Mill.Near Grass Valley.Accident: Mr. Cooper, engineer.3-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Badger Hydraulic claim.Dutch Flat, Placer County. .3-29-1866.NDG 2:2
.Bald Mountain, unamed claim.Between Orr's Ranch and Auburn.....1-1-1865.NDT 3:1
.Baldwin & Co. Quartz Lead.West of Nevada City between Woods Creek and South Fork Brush Creek.Sheriff's Sale: Artemas Roberts, S.S. Hussey.7-14-1858.ND 2:6
.Baldwin mining claim.Near Little Deer Creek.Constable's Sale: J.S. Baldwin, E. Prier & Culf.4-28-1858.ND 2:6
.Baltimore.Meadow Lake on main road from Bear Valley . .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Barrington Ledge.Willow Valley.Hoisting works.4-11-1866.NDG 3:1
.Bay State Mill.American Bar. .12-8-1858.ND 2:4
.Bay State Mill.American Bar.Amalgamating Process.12-1-1858.ND 2:4
.Beach & Randolph claim.4 miles above Nevada on north side Deer Creek.....6-17-1857.ND 2:2
.Beach Lead. .....8-5-1857.ND 2:4
.Bear River & Auburn Water & Mining Co. . .Supr Court: New York Mining Co. claim, lawsuit .11-18-1857.ND 2:4
.Beck, William M. .North Bloomfield. .2-4-1865.NDT 2:3
.Beck & Hickey claims.Moore's Flat.Rich diggings for sale.9-24-1864.NDT 3:1
.Belcher and Co. leads and shafts.Gold Hill. .9-26-1865.NDG 2:1
.Bell claims.Alpha.A.J Holmes .3-11-1857.ND 2:1
.Belle Boyd ledge.Near Allison Ranch at stage road from Grass Valley to Colfax.Williamson, Hays, Carson, Edgar.10-13-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ben Franklin Ledge.Meadow Lake. .12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.Benjamin Jones placer claim.Gold Flat.New quartz ledge.12-29-1865.NDG 2:2
.Big Deer Creek Fluming Co. claims.One half mile below Newtown.Advertisement: Charles Kember.4-14-1858.ND 3:2
.Big Deer Creek Quartz Mining Co..Near Gallas Flat on road from Nevada to Red Dog.Sheriff's Sale: A.S. Swearinger, George Boswell, Joseph Kailer.11-3-1858.ND 2:2
.Big Tunnel Co......Notice of assessment against shareholders.2-24-1865.NDT 3:1, 2:3
.Big Tunnel Co......Notice of assessment against shareholders.2-26-1865.NDT 2:2
.Big Tunnel Co......Stockholder meeting results.1-29-1865.NDT 3:1
.Big Tunnel Co., Incorporated.Little Deer Creek.Legal Notice.1-8-1865.NDT 2:4
.Big Tunnel Co., Incorporated claims.Little Deer Creek above French Mill.....1-7-1865.NDT 3:1
.Big Tunnel Quartz Mining Co......Announcement: stockholder meeting .1-27-1865.NDT 3:1
.Big Tunnel Quartz Mining Co..Little Deer Creek above French Mill.....12-6-1864.NDT 2:2
.Bigelow & Nichols.Little Deer Creek. .1-17-1865.NDT 3:1
.Birchfield Co..Coyoteville. .1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Black Hawk Co..Mount Oro.Running shafts.7-25-1860.ND 3:1
.Black Ledge.Nevada Hill.Owners: William Watt, David Watt, Thomas Findley, A.E. Davis, Henry Scadden, Robert Jones.7-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Black Rock country claims.Plumas County.Reported silver discoveries.3-7-1866.NDG 1:5
.Blackhawk claim.Mount Oro District.article.8-22-1860.ND 2:1
.Blackhawk Mine.Mount Oro. .9-12-1860.ND 2:1
.Bloomer Co. claims.San Juan. .4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Blue Gravel Hydraulic Mining Co..Smartsville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Blue Gravel Mining Co..Smartsville. .11-2-1865.NDG 2:2
.Blue Lead.Little York.Great blue lead.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Blue Lead Co. claims.Liberty Hill.Constable's Sale: Thomas Patterson, James McCue, Thomas Dowd.2-24-1865.NDT 4:2
.Blue Lead Diggings.Liberty Hill, Little York.Referee's Sale: Burnt Cabin Ravine and Center claims.7-25-1865.NDG 4:3
.Blue Ravine Co. claim.Woolsey's Flat. .1-6-1858.ND 2:2
.Blue Ravine Co. claim.Woolsey's Flat.Owners: Mathiesen, Van Dusen, Crocker.6-30-1858.ND 3:2
.Booth's Hydraulic Mining claims.Selby Hill.Constable's Sale: E.A. Booth.7-7-1858.ND 3:3
.Boston Mill .........6-10-1857.ND 2:3
.Bourbon Hill Mining claims .....Constables Sale: H.J. Gillet and Charles Rigondet.1-26-1859.ND 2:6
.Brandy Flat claim.....Hallet, Holland & Co..6-30-1858.ND 3:1
.Bridgeport Gold and Silver Mining Co......Stockholder meeting.3-17-1865.NDG 2:5
.Bridgeport Gold and Silver Mining Co..Sweetland.Legal Notice: Sale of delinquent mining stocks, R.L. Clark, S.B. Davenport, John Isbister, L.W. Preble, R.H. Russell, J.D. Smith, Walsh & Allen, V.G. Bill, Secty..10-30-1865.NDG 4:4
.Bridgeport Gold and Silver Mining Co..Sweetland.Notice: delinquent shareholders.5-10-1865.NDG 1:3
.Brown & Brothers Mill.Little York, Blue Lead. .1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Brown Bros. & Co..You Bet.8-stamp mill.1-4-1865.NDT 3:
.Browns Hill Mill.Little York, Blue Lead.Neece and West.1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Buchanan & Co. Jenny Lind claims, .Ravine below French Corral.Sheriff's Sale: J.W. Wear, John Wear .8-12-1857.ND 2:6
.Buchanan Ledge.Monte Santa. .11-17-1858.ND 2:1
.Buck & Brock Mining claims.Sweetland Mining District.Sheriff's Sale: James Weaver, S.J. Field.7-14-1858.ND 3:6
.Buckeye Co. claim..Orleans Flat. .7-14-1858.ND 3:1
.Buckeye Co. claims.Orleans Flat. John O. Rousseau, attachment, powers & suit by Zellerback .6-24-1857.ND 1:3
.Buckeye Diggings.Moore's Flat.Michael Kelley, Joseph Robinson.12-16-1857.ND 2:6
.Buckeye Hill claim.San Juan.Hiscox & Co. .4-28-1858.ND 2:3
.Buckman & Curran Mill.Little York.Turbine wheel.1-12-1865.NDT 3:1
.Buckman & Curren.Little York.8-stamp mill.1-4-1865.NDT 3: 1
.Buckman and Co. claims.....Mentioned in Sheriff's Sale.7-28-1865.NDG 4:3
.Bullion Ledge.Wolf Creek.Rich lead.10-28-1864.NDT 3:1
.Bullion Ledge.Wolf Creek.Uncle Billy Haslett.1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Bull's Fort.....Mentioned in Sheriff's Sale.7-28-1865.NDG 4:3
.Burlington Co. claim.Talbot Ledge, Willow Valley. .7-10-1865.NDG 3:1
.Burns & Co. Mining claim and tunnel.Near Sebastopol, Junction Bluff Mining District.Sheriff's Sale: Spencer Burns, George Bright .9-2 1857.3:2 ND
.Burnt Cabin Ravine claim.Liberty Hill, Little York.Referee's Sale .7-25-1865.NDG 4:3
.Burnt Cabin Ravine claim.Liberty Hill.Sheriff's Sale: R. Parish, E.M. Wheat.8-29-1865.NDG 2:2
.Burrington Co. tunnel for Tolbert Ledge.Willow Valley. .9-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Burrington Ledge.Willow Valley. .6-3-1865.NDG 3:2
.Bush & Co..North Bloomfield. .2-4-1865.NDT 2:3
.Caledonia Co. Tail Flume.French Corral.Sheriff's Sale: J. Pollard, S. Dempsey, O.M. Loveridge.8-1-1865.NDG 4:2
.Caledonia long sluice & ravine.French Corral.Sheriff's Sale: David Norrie, J. Pollard, O.M. Loveridge.4-21-1865.NDG 4:2
.Caledonian Co. claims.Bridgeport Township south of French Corral.Sheriff's Sale: mentions Jenny Lind tall flume.7-8-1865.NDG 4:1
.California Claim.South side, Deer Creek.Owner: Horace Ferre; mentions Illinois Claim and Gold Tunnel, old Revere Mill.1-8-1866.NDG 3:1
.California Claim.........1-8-1866.NDG 3:1
.California Co..Summit City, Meadow Lake.16-stamp mill.9-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.California Gold Mining Co. claim.....Sheriff's Sale: Marshall , Sylvester, Nye, Levi.10-14-1857.ND 2:5
.California Lead.....New Brunswick, Occidental, California Mechanics, Chip-off-the-old-block, Dutch Flat Company claims.7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.California Ledge.Meadow Lake. .8-23-1865.NDG 3:2
.California Mill.Eureka Township.Meachum, Bush & Co..5-12-1858.ND 2:4
.California Mill.Meadow Lake District. .10-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.California Mill.Meadow Lake. .12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.California Mill.Meadow Lake.Running all winter.11-22-1865.NDG 3:1
.California Mill.Meadow Lake.Snow.1-25-1866.NDG 3:1
.California Mill.Summit City. .12-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.California Mill and Mining Co. claims.Swansea Mill, Meadow Lake.....8-23-1865.NDG 3:2
.California Mill, Knickerbocker Ledge.....Winter conditions.10-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.California Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Callas Mining claim.Rush Creek.J.A. Hyde .10-7-1857.ND 1:3
.Cambridge Mine.Adjacent Lucky Mine.Sale by Con Reilly, John Thirny, Eugene Bogan, William White and brother, P. Donnelly .12-23-1865.NDG 3:1
.Canada Hill Mill.....Owner: Butterfield; erected by Col. Raymond 1852.8-8-1860.ND 3:1
.Canada Hill Saw & Quartz Mill.Little Deer Creek.Sheriff's Sale: Andrew Cosamayou .6-24-1857.ND 1:3
.Canadian Co..North Bloomfield. .2-20-1862.ND 2:41
.Canadian Co..North Bloomfield. .2-8-1862.ND 3:1
.Cannon and Prescott claim.Omega.Mentioned in article on water supply to mines.11-2-1865.NDG 3:1
.Canon [Canyon] Creek Quartz Mill and Ledge.Canon Creek, Washington Township.Constable's Sale: Endel, and C. Schmidt; former owners Creamer and Asher .6-27-1860.ND 3:1
.Cary & Co claims.Deer Creek and Newtown Ravine.Sheriff's Sale: E. Robbins.11-25-1857.ND 4:6
.Cavin & Stuteville.Columbia Hill, New York Ravine.Constable's Sale: M.E. Cavin.5-3-1865.NDG 4:3
.Cement claims.Red Dog.Editorial: "Mines giving out," Williams sale to Hinds and Tully.5-2-1865.NDG 3:1
.Cement claims, 10-stamp mill .Near Red Dog.Hurdy gurdy wheel; mentions Thomas McAuley .3-3-1866.NDG 3:1
.Cement Hill Quartz Mines.....New York investors.9-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Cement Hill, unnamed claim.Cement Hill.Old lead to be reworked.1-27-1865.NDT 3:1
.Center claim.Liberty Hill, Little York.Referee's Sale.7-25-1865.NDG 4:3
.Central Co. claim and flume.Between Enterprise and Union claims.Lien notice, Thales Curtis.9-13-1862.ND 4:5
.Central Co. claims.Blue Tent. .1-5-1865.NDT 2:1
.Central Co..Blue Tent.Mining at Blue Tent.9-20-1864.NDT 3:1
.Centre Ground.Liberty Hill.Sheriff's Sale: R. Parrish, E.M. Wheat.8-2-1865.NDG 4:2
.Chalk Bluff Ditch.Ditch from Steep Hollow to Red Dog and Waloopa Diggings.Sheriff's Sale: James Churchman, .7-22-1857.ND 1:3
.Charles Haskell & Co. claims.Manzanita Hill, Humbug Dist..Constable's Sale: Charles Haskell.10-5-1859.ND 2:6
.Charles Haskell & Co. Claims.Manzanita Hill, Humbug Dist..Constable's Sale: J.A. Deyo.10-5-1859.ND 2:6
.Charonat's Mill.....Baux & Gould's Pan.6-15-1865.NDG 3:1
.Cherokee Branch of Grizzly Ditch.Middle Yuba Co.. .11-10-1858.ND 2:3
.Cherokee claim.Humbug.....4-28-1858.ND 2:3
.Chinese claims.Cement Hill.Fatal accident: Ah Cunn.4-12-1866.NDG 3:1
.Chinese diggings.Brandy Flat. .1-14-1865.NDT 3:2
.Chollar Potosi.....Cave in.12-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Cinnabar at Columbia Hill.San Juan. .5-16-1860.ND 2:3
.Clark & Cunard claims.Eureka Township.Sheriff's Sale : Charles Clark and J.M. Cunard .9-23-1857.ND 2:5
.Clay and Co..Hunts Hill. .12-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Clay and Co. cement claim.Hunts Hill. .1-30-1866.NDG 3:1
.Clay and Hunt Mill.Hunts Hill. .12-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Coe Co. Ledge.Grass Valley. .7-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Colley & Co. Tunnel.Deer Creek.Owner: Bectrel; fatal accident: Edward Shore and Erwin Locke .2-12-1865.NDT 2:2
.Columbia.Meadow Lake, south side of river near Dutch Flat Road.....7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Columbia Hill.........10-29-1864.NDT 3:1
.Columbia Hill.San Juan. .8-29-1858.ND 2:5
.Comanche lead.Bear River. .2-5-1865.NDT 3:1
.Comanche Quartz Mining Co......Legal Notice: Assessment against capital stocks.9-7-1864.NDT 4:5
.Comanche Quartz Mining Co......Assessment levied against shares: W.A. Bergole, H.K. West, J.E. Squire, N.R. Maxey, A.S. Greenwell, Joseph Gardner, E.G. Hopkinson, N. Dodge, Charles Gibbins, Sanford Coleman, E. Williams, C.W. Remington, Secty.9-11-1864.NDT 4:2
.Comstock Ledge.Virginia City, NV.Mining stocks.2-10-1866.NDG 3:2
.Comstock Ledge.Washoe County, NV.Ophir Co..11-16-1859.ND 2:1
.Confidence Company.Summit City, Meadow Lake.Article.9-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Confidence Mining Co..Gold Hill.$100 dividend declared.9-13-1864.NDT 2:4
.Conrad Ledge quartz claim.Placer County. .11-11-1865.NDG 2:2
.Consolidated Ditch Co......Hydraulic and deep placer mining on the ridge; mentions Prof. Silliman, George Black, engineers and John Parrott, Pres..3-30-1866.NDG 3:1
.Constitution Co..Grass Valley. .8-28-1865.NDG 3:1
.Copper claims.Spenceville.Weather.2-22-1865.NDT 3:1
.Copper mine.Rough & Ready, Peavine District near Crystal Peak.L.A. Walling.2-15-1865.NDT 2:2
.Copper mines.Del Norte County. .6-13-1860.ND 2:4
.Corbett & Co. claims.Nevada Township.Constable's Sale.2-8-1860.ND 4:6
.Cornish Mill.....Accident: Philip Richards.2-18-1865.NDT 3:1
.Cozzens & Garber's diggings.Red Dog.Accident: W.J. Willis.6-28-1865.NDG 3:1
.Cozzens and Garber Cement Mill.Between Red Dog and You Bet.....1-30-1866.NDG 3:1
.Crall diggings.Manzanita Hill.Baux & Guiod amalgamating pans; I.S. Crall .4-13-1865.NDG 3:2
.Crandall Ledge.Schofield Ranch, 1/8 mile from Boston Ravine.David Watt, Ben McCauley, L.G. Roland.3-12-1866.NDG 3:1
.Cread, Means & Co..........10-31-1861.
.Cread, Means and Co. mining claims.Orleans Flat.Constable's Sale: mentions Ravine Bed Rock Co., Hawk Eye and French Cos., Ah Shong & Co. .10-24-1861.ND 2:4
.Crescent Quartz Co..Plumas County. .11-27-1865.NDG 2:1
.Crittenden.Meadow Lake, south side of river near Dutch Flat Road.....7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Crumbacker Ravine claim.Alpha.A. Church and Martin.6-9-1858.2:5
.Crusing & Co. Co..Republican Hill.Mentioned in Constable's Sale, A. Jacobs.7-10-1862.ND 4:5
.Cunan & Co mining claims.West side Empire Hill.Constable's Sale: Edward Boland.8-17-1859.ND 2:6
.Curran & Buckman Mill.Empire Hill, Little York.Hurdy Gurdy Wheel.2-2-1865.NDT 2:2
.Curren & Co..Little York.Fouchery's Turbine Wheel.12-23-1864.NDT 3:1
.Curtis & Co. claim.Shelby Hill.Sheriff's Sale: L.G. Wright.1-27-1858.ND 1:3
.Danford's Ditch.From North Fork Deer Creek to Gold Hill Diggins.Sheriff's Sale: Danford, S.M. .11-11-1857.ND 3:6
.Danforth & Scott's sluicing claims.....Constable's Sale: William Scott .12-30-1857.ND 2:6
.Dansay claims.Birchville. .9-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Dansey Co. (Everette Co.).Birchville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Darthula Quartz ledge.Labar's Ranch near Union Saw Mill, Grass Valley Township.Constable's Sale: Thomas J. Hunter.12-11-1864.NDT 4:2
.Days Mine.Monte Sana Quartz District. .9-15-1858.ND 3:1
.Deadman Co. .San Juan.....2-2-1859.ND 2:5
.Deadman Co. claim.San Juan. .3-17-1858.ND 3:1
.Deadman Co. claim.San Juan. .8-29-1858.ND 2:5
.Deadman Cut.San Juan.....9-8-1858.ND 2:5
.Deadman, Low Co. claim.San Juan.Low.4-28-1858.ND 2:3
.Deadman's Cut.San Juan.Profuse yield.12-2-1857.ND 2:5
.Deadwood Creek Quartz Lead.Deadwood Creek above Willow Valley.C.C.Green, Chandler and Allen.7-29-1857.ND 2:3
.Deadwood Ledge.Near Oriental Mill. .3-7-1866.NDG 3:1
.Deadwood Mine.Monte Sana Quartz District. .9-15-1858.ND 3:1
.DeBec & Co. claims (formerly Pennsylvania Mining Co.).Picayune Point near claims of James Booth, Nevada Township .Constable's Sale: Samuel Bebler, Richard Rowe, William Trevegis, John Gilbert.8-19-1862.ND 2:5
.Dillon Ledge.Grass Valley.Riley.5-12-1858.ND 2:4
.Ditch.Bear Valley.....3-1-1865.NDT 3:1
.Doig Quartz Lode.Ophir, Placer County. .5-4-1859.ND 2:4
.Doolittle Claim.Mount Oro District. .8-22-1860.ND 2:1
.Doolittle Co..Mount Oro.Running shafts.7-25-1860.ND 3:1
.Doty's Flat.Placer County.Peter Walter.11-18-1865.NDG 2:3
.Dry Gulch.Helena, Montana.Immensely rich discoveries in Idaho and Montana.11-21-1865.NDG 1:1
.Duryea & Co. claim.Orleans Flat. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Dutch Co. claims.North Bloomfield.Sale of Dutch Co..11-29-1864.NDT 3:1
.Dutch Mat's claims.San Juan. .4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Eagle Co. claim.Sugar Loaf Range, Selby to Nevada [City].....8-18-1858.ND 3:1
.Eagle Ledge .Deer Creek. .10-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eagle Shaft Mining claims.Near east gap Sugar Loaf near Nebraska Shaft on Shelby Hill.Constable's Sale: James Rea.6-2-1858.ND 2:6
.East Mining Co., Hunt's Hill claim.Montezuma Hill. .5-27-1857.ND 3: 1
.Eastern Co. claims.Hunts Hill.Henry Shaw.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Eastern Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eberlin & Gow quartz ledge.Rough and Ready.D.M. Gow and Sharp.4-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eberlin and Co., Bunker Hill Ledge.Near railroad.Arastras.3-31-1866.NDG 3:1
.Eclipse Co..Meadow Lake District. .9-1-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eclipse Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eddy & Co. Lead.Rogers Diggings, American Hill.William Eddy.1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Eddy and Co..French Corral, Bridgeport Township.60-stamp mill; cement crushing.12-19-1865.NDG 3:1
.El Pichaco Gold & Silver Mining Co......Assessment of levy against capital shares.9-11, 1864.NDT 4:2
.Elevator Mill.Manzanita Hill.July 4th celebration.7-11-1860.ND 3:2
.Emperor Mine.....Correction to previous story.6-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Empire Flume Co......District Court: suit by O'Keefe et al..12-22-1858.ND 2:5
.Empire Mill.........3-23-1859.ND 2:5
.Empire Mill.Empire Flat. .12-19-1865.NDG 3:1
.Empire Mill.Grass Valley.Baux & Guiod pans, Lee, Supt..11-11-1865.NDG 3:1
.Empire Mill.Ophir Hill, Grass Valley.Hunter's Concentrator .1-5-1866.NDG 2:3
.Empire Mine Co......Complaint and Summons: Miles Creamer vs. Stephen Venard, et al..1-19-1859.ND 2:2
.Empire Mine fire.Gold Hill, Nevada. .3-21-1866.NDG 1:5
.Empire Mining claims.Cement Hill, 2 miles west of Nevada City.Sheriff's Sale: Jacob Livengood, .9-2-1857.ND 1:3
.Empire Mining Co. claim.Cement Hill.Sam Connell, Steve Venard .5-20-1857.ND 3:1
.Enders & Rockford claim.Missouri Canyon.Mentioned in Constable's Sale: Charles Haskel & Co..3-22-1862.ND 4:4
.Endicott Lead.Deer Creek. .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Enterprise .Meadow Lake, south side of river near Dutch Flat Road.....7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise Co......Constable's Sale.7-1-1862.ND 4:5
.Enterprise Co. claims..... .1-5-1865.NDT 2:1
.Enterprise Co..Meadow Lake District. .10-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise Co..Meadow Lake. .8-25-1865.NDG 3:2
.Enterprise Co..Meadow Lake. .9-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.Enterprise Co..Summit City. .2-27-1866.NDG 2:3
.Enterprise Lead.Excelsior District.John Lanton.9-6-1865.NDG 2:5
.Enterprise Ledge.Meadow Lake.Detailed description.11-2-1865.NDG 2:3
.Enterprise Ledge.Meadow Lake.Lanhan, part owner.10-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise Mine.Excelsior District.Goss and Leonard, James Battersby, Secty.2-15-1866.NDG 2:2
.Enterprise Mine.Meadow Lake. .12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.Enterprise Mine.Meadow Lake.John Lanahan, part owner.10-6-1865.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise Mine.Meadow Lake.Snow.1-25-1866.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise Mine and other mines.Meadow Lake. .11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Enterprise mining claims.Little York to Dutch Flat.Mentioned in Constable's Sale: ditch of Wilson McVey .4-6-1859.ND 4:2
.Enterprise Mining Co. and Snow Point Water Co..Snow Point.Reed , John et. al., Enterprise Mining Co..10-7-1857.ND 1:3
.Eudora Mining Co..Oustomah Hill.Constable's Sale: A.C. Laughlin, .3-7-1860.ND 4:6
.Eureka claim.Eureka Hill.Fricot & Co., Grass Valley.1-14-1865.NDT 2:1
.Eureka Claims.North San Juan.Accident: Thomas Platt, James Sullivan, William Chandler.10-5-1859.ND 3:1
.Eureka Co. claim.San Juan Hill.Accident.8-3-1859.ND 2:4
.Eureka Co..Plumas County. .12-29-1865.NDG 1:5
.Eureka Co. Lead.....20-stamp mill.12-7-1864.NDT 2:2
.Eureka Co. Ledge.Little Deer Creek.Recent opening.10-6-1864.NDT 3:1
.Eureka Consolidated Mining Co......Assessment against stockholders.3-13-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Consolidated Mining Co......Announcement: Annual Meeting, Thomas Mooney, Pres., G.C. Eaton, Secty.9-23-1865.NDG 3:2
.Eureka Consolidated Mining Co......Notice: shareholders.5-3-1865.NDG 4:5
.Eureka Diggings.North San Juan.Big blast from 250 kegs powder, John Effinger.6-10-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Gold Mine.One mile from Grass Valley.Fricot.12-23-1864.NDT 2:1
.Eureka Lake Co..North Bloomfield. .2-4-1865.NDT 2:3
.Eureka Lake Co. ditches etc......Sheriff's Sale: ditches, lakes, creeks.11-7-1865.NDG 4:1
.Eureka Mine.........4-7-1866.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Mine.....Accident: Nicholas Martin.3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Mine.....Nicholas Martin .3-10-1866.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Mine.....Recent sale and repurchase of part interest by Jules Fricot.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Mine.Near Grass Valley.Accident, Richard Dingle.11-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Mine, Emperor's Ledge.Grass Valley.Former owners, J. Fricot, S. Ripert, A. Pralus.10-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Eureka Mine, Emperor's Ledge.Grass Valley.Sale to William and Robert Watt.10-4-1865.NDG 3:2
.Eureka Tunnel Co. .San Juan Hill.Walton Mason.8-5-1857.ND 1:3
.Eureka Tunnel Co. claims.San Juan Hill, Bridgeport.Sheriff's Sale: Warfield, J.B., .11-11-1857.ND 3:6
.Eureka Water Co., Providence Bar Diggings.Middle Yuba River, Sierra County.Sheriff's Sale.7-29-1857.ND 1:3
.Everette Co. (Dansay Co.).Birchville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ewing and Stokes claim.Rock Creek.Fatal accident: Oliver Stokes.3-22-1866.NDG 3:1
.Excelsior.........8-1-1865.NDG 2:2
.Excelsior.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Excelsior and Meadow Lake.....Tri-weekly pony express.7-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Excelsior Co......Lawsuit: McConnel and others.10-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Excelsior Co..Meadow Lake District. .10-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Excelsior Co..Meadow Lake. .9-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.Excelsior District.....Sheriff's Sale for delinquent taxes.7-11-1865.NDG 4:1
.Excelsior District. .Prospecting the Sierra.9-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Excelsior Ditch Co......District Court: lawsuit over ditch rights; McBovyer.8-1-1860.ND 3:1
.Excelsior Mine.Summit City.Winton & Co..2-24-1866.NDG 2:2
.Fair hydraulic claims, .Gold Run, Placer County.Quartz discovery.4-3-1866.NDG 2:1
.Felton & Creasey's diggings.Sailor Flat. .1-5-1865.NDT 2:1
.Fidelity Ledge.Washington Township.John Pattison.10-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Field Diggings.Quaker Hill, Daniels District (so-called).Sheriff's Sale: McVay, Wilson .12-9-1857.ND 2:6
.Flume to Manzanita Hill.San Juan.Middle Yuba Canal Co..11-17-1858.ND 2:5
.Fly Creek Diggings.Near French Garden east of Nevada City.Sheriff's Sale: Benjamin Strickland, Herman Hosbrouk .8-12-1857.ND 1:3
.Flying Cloud claim.Mount Oro District. .8-22-1860.ND 2:1
.Flying Cloud Co..Mount Oro.Running shafts.7-25-1860.ND 3:1
.Ford claim.Snow Point.....9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Ford Ledge.Boston Ravine.Sullivan.4-11-1866.NDG 3:1
.Fordyce.Fordyce City.Abandoned.10-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Fordyce.Fordyce Valley.Claim jumping by Daniel Rich of South Yuba Canal Co..10-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Fordyce Dam.....Dam to be built.10-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Fordyce Dam.....Proposed dam.10-19-1865.NDG 2:1
.Fordyce Dam.Meadow Lake. .12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.Forest Hill gravel and cement claims.Forest Hill (Placer County).Mining in Placer County .3-31-1866.NDG 2:1
.Fredonia Mine.Meadow Lake.Sale.2-19-1866.NDG 3:1
.Fredonia Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Freeman's Crossing claim.Sierra Bar .Bart & Madison.4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Freeman's Crossing claim.Sierra Bar.Parker & Co..4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Freeman's Crossing.....Accident: McNeil .4-3-1865.NDG 3:2
.French Co......Mentioned in Constables sale: Cread, Means & Co..10-24--1861.ND 2:4
.French Co..Excelsior District.See Gold Hill Co..9-26-1865.NDG 3:2
.French Corral Branch of Grizzly Ditch.French Corral.Pollard & Co. .11-10-1858.ND 2:3
.French Lead.Near Grass Valley.Accident.1-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.French Mill.Meadow Lake. .10-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.French Mill (Boston )..... .1-10-1857.ND 2:3
.Frenchtown Ditch Co..Near Cherokee and Oregon. .4-22-1857.ND 1:6
.Fricot & Co..New York Hill.Accident, drowning.2-1-1860.ND 2:2
.Gardner's Ditch.Little York.Landslide.1-16-1862.ND 3:1
.Gaspur claims.Gold Hill.Constable's Sale: James .10-14-1857.ND 2:6
.Gaylord 8-stamp mill.Dixie (Placer County).N.W. Knowlton, E.H. Gaylord.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Gaylord 8-stamp mill.Dixie (Placer County).N.W. Knowlton, E.H. Gaylord.1-5-1865.NDT 2:2
.General Grant lead.1 mile from junction of Sierra Valley Road and Henness Pass Road.....3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Gibralter.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Glenbrook quartz ledge.Glenbrook Race Track. .12-15-1865.NDT 3:1
.Goding & Halsey diggings.Canon Creek (Placer County). .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Golconda Co., Snow Point, Cape Cod Diggings.Orleans Flat.Sheriff's Sale: F.W. Williams, J. Wiggins.7-7-1858.ND 3:3
.Golconda Tunnel Co. claim.Snow Point.Sheriff's Sale: J.L. Fellows, George Fellows, William Mead .10-7-1857.ND 1:3
.Gold Bluff Co..Manzanita Hill near North San Juan.Consolidation with Middle Yuba Canal & Water Co., Joseph Cook, Supt..3-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Gold Cut Co..San Juan.....3-17-1858.ND 3:1
.Gold Gate Co. Claims.North San Juan.Sheriff's Sale: John Mitchell .11-11-1857.ND 3:6
.Gold Hill Co. claim..Gold Hill. .4-21-1858.ND 3:1
.Gold Hill.Gold Hill.Drainage shafts.2-24-1865.NDT 2:2
.Gold Hill Co., Montreal Ledge.Excelsior District.Notice: accusing Mohawk Co. of trespass, George Finsterer, Pres., B. Lamathe, H. Hericourt, C. Thiery.9-26-1865.NDG 3:2
.Gold Hill Mill.Road to Boston Ravine. .10-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Gold Hill Mill.School House Hill.Stephen Fletcher, Thomas Woodville, Alphonse Morehouse .6-10-1857.ND 2:3
.Gold Ledge, Baldwin & Co. claims.Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: G.W. Baldwin.1-28-1862.ND 4:4
.Gold Run Quartz Mining Co..Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: George Weeks, William Weeks, W.E. Pressey, Frederick Senner, et al..9-6-1864.NDT 4:5
.Gold Tunnel.Deer Creek.Capt. Kidd purchase.11-20-1864.NDT 3:1
.Gold Tunnel Co..........2-8-1865.NDT 3:1
.Gold Tunnel Co. .Deer Creek.George W. Kidd & Co..1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Gold Tunnel Company, water power quartz mill.Deer Creek, Nevada Township.Sheriff's Sale: for delinquent taxes.7-11-1865.NDG 4:2
.Gold Tunnel Ledge..... .11-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Gold Tunnel Ledge.1/2 mile from Nevada City. .7-10-1865.NDG 3:1
.Gold Tunnel Mill.........5-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Gold Tunnel Quartz Mill.Deer Creek.Flood destroys dam.2-18-1857.ND 2:2
.Golden Age.Meadow Lake. .8-25-1865.NDG 3:2
.Golden Gate Co. claims.North San Juan.Sheriff's Sale: Benjamin Hill.3-10-1858.ND 3:6
.Golden Gate Ledge.Willow Valley. .10-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Gopher Hill Mines..... .11-29-1864.NDT 3:1
.Gouge-Eye claims.Hunts Hill, Little York.Administrator's Sale: estate of John Buchanan,.8-16-1862.ND 2:4
.Gouge-eye Co claim..Hunt's Hill.McCurdy.2-18-1857.ND 2:6
.Gougeye claims and mills.Hunt's Hill. .3-30-1859.ND 3:1
.Gougeye Co. claim.Hunt's Hill. .3-16-1859.ND 2:1
.Gould & Curry Mine.....Fatal accident.9-7-1865.NDG 2:2
.Gould & Curry Mine. .Cave-in.2-14-1865.NDT 2:2
.Gould & Curry Mining Co......Annual report, officers, trustees.1-6-1865.NDT 2:1
.Gould and Curry claims.Birchville.Article, general.9-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Granite Tunnel Co..Buckeye Hill. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Grass Valley .Grass Valley.Capt. Day..8-5-1857.ND 2:4
.Grass Valley Ledge.Washington Road below toll house.McDonough, D. Collins.1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Gray & Co..San Juan.Diamonds.2-2-1865.NDT 2:2
.Gray Eagle Copper Mining Co......Advertisement: Engine for sale, see James Kelsey.9-11-1864.NDT 3:2
.Gray Eagle Copper Mining Co......For sale: 6 hp engine.9-6-1864.NDT 2:5
.Great Blue Lead.Sierra County. .7-15-1857.ND 3:1
.Green & Co. Claim.Remington Hill.Green & Co., large lump.1-4-1860.ND 3:1
.Greenhorn Ditch .Ditch from Negro Ranch to Gold Flat.Sheriff's Sale: McCharles, Harrison .8-12-1857.ND 2:6
.Griffith, Hyde & Co. claim.Rush Creek near Stokes Ranch.J.R. Griffith .2-11-1857.ND 2:1
.Grissel claims.Bourbon Hill near Omega.Constable Sale: Foster Grissel .5-2-1860.ND 4:6
.Grizzly Ditch.Bloody Run to Cherokee.Pettibone, Marsh & Stewart, owners.11-10-1858.ND 2:3
.Grizzly Ditch Co..Bridgeport Township, Cherokee.Sheriff's Sale: Artemas Rogers, S.S. Hussy .8-12-1857.ND 2:6
.Grizzly Hill claim.....A.J. Doolittle, Quartz Machinery Patent.10-6-1858.ND 3:1
.Grizzly Hill claim.....Experimental hydraulic mining techniques.11-3-1858.ND 2:4
.Hallet, Holland & Co Brandy Flat claim.Washington. .6-30-1858.ND 3:1
.Hardenburgh Claim .Gold Flat.Sheriff's Sale.6-24-1857.ND 1:3
.Hartery Steam Quartz Mill.Missouri Hill.McLaughlin & Loutzenheiser.6-13-1860.ND 2:4
.Hartrey Mine.Grass Valley.W. Loutzenheiser sells 1/4 interest to Joseph O'Keefe.10-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Hartrey's Ledge.Missouri Hill, Grass Valley.Sheriff's Sale: Thomas Hartrey.7-7-1858.ND 2:6
.Hawk Eye Co......Mentioned in Constables sale: Cread, Means & Co..10-24--1861.ND 2:4
.Heard, William ledge
.2 miles east of Grass Valley
.....2 miles east of Grass Valley. .12-22-1865.NDG 3:1
.Heath's diggings.Selby Flat.Fatal Accident, James Winters .1-25-1862.ND 3:1
.Helvetia & Lafayette Gold Mining Co. .Grass Valley.Sale falls through; up for sale again..12-2-1857.ND 2:4
.Helvetia & Lafayette Gold Mining Co..Two miles south of Grass Valley.Coroner: Coroner: C. Conway.4-28-1858.ND 2:6
.Helvetia & Lafayette Gold Mining Co. claim.Grass Valley.Dispute over announcement of Sheriff's Sale.2-10-1858.ND 2:2
.Helvetia & Lafayette Gold Mining Co. claim.Grass Valley.Dispute over announcement of Sheriff's Sale.3-3-1858.ND 2:2
.Helvetia & Lafayette Gold Mining Co. claim.Grass Valley.Dispute over announcement of Sheriff's Sale.2-24-1858.ND 2:1
.Helvetia & Lafayette Quartz Mill and Quartz Lead.Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale.10-7-1857.ND 3:4
.Helvetia & Lafayette Quartz Mill and Quartz Lead.Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale.10-14-1857.ND 2:6
.Helvetia & Lafayette Quartz Mill and Quartz Lead.Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale.10-28-1857.ND 3:6
.Helvetica & Lafayette Gold Mining Co..Grass Valley.Sold to Nelson Evens .1-20-1858.ND 2:3
.Heuston Hill.........11-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Heuston Hill.....Lawsuit: Maguire v. Trenberth .4-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Hibernia Mining Co. mining claims and interest in China mining claims.Jones Bar, South Yuba River.Sheriff's Sale: J. Harrigan and C. Mulloy .7-18-1860.ND 2:5
.Hickey Diggings.Jones Bar, South Yuba River.Accident: John Sullivan.7-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.High flume, South Yuba Canal.Across Steep Hollow, Chalk Bluff.Miners.4-11-1866.NDG 3:2
.Hiscox & Co..Buckeye Hill. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Hiscox Claim.Sweetland.Otis Hiscox.5-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Hogelbone & Co......Mentioned in Constable's Sale, A. Jacobs.7-10-1862.ND 4:5
.Hoglebone & Co..North Bloomfield. .2-20-1862.ND 2:4
.Hoglebone & Co..North Bloomfield. .2-8-1862.ND 3:1
.Holbrook Water Mill.Deer Creek.Mentioned in article on American Hill Quartz Mill.1-4-1860.ND 3:1
.Holden & Co. claims.Woolsey's Flat.Sheriff's Sale: Edward P. Holden.3-3-1858.ND 3:6
.Holland & Co. Mining claims.Dutch Hill.Sheriff's Sale: James Holland, Benjamin Holland and, A.J. Holland .9-9-1857.ND 1:3
.Homestead mining claims.Walloupa Hill, Little York.Sheriff's Sale: Slater, F.W. .12-16-1857.ND 4:6
.Hooker Ledge.Meadow Lake. .12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.Hope & Despair Co. claim.Sailor's Ravine.Constable's Sale: R. Houston.7-7-1858.ND 3:3
.Hope Co. claims.Christmas Hill, Blue Rock District, Little York.Sheriff's Sale.3-24-1865.NDG 2:4
.Hope Co. claims.Christmas Hill, Little York.Sheriff's Sale: C. Remington.8-4-1865.NDG 4:3
.Hope Co. claims.LittleYork Township, Blue Rock District and Missouri Ravine.Sheriff's Sale: Ah Hong.4-11-1865.NDG 4:5
.Hope Company mining claims.Christmas Hill, Little York.Sheriff's Sale: .7-28-1865.NDG 4:3
.Hope Mining Co..New York Hill.Sheriff's Sale: Mt. Hope Mining Co..4-21-1858.ND 3:6
.Houston Hill claim.Osborn's Hill.Owners: Trenberth, Smith, Northey & Co. .11-30-1864.NDT 2:3
.Hubbard & Co..Grizzly Hill.Mining fatality, George Adams.4-18-1860.ND 3:1
.Huffman & Co. .Buckeye Hill. .1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Hunt's Hill claim.Hunt's Hill.Engine for crushing mill.5-19-1858.ND 3:1
.Hunt's Hill.Hunt's Hill .Hydraulic Mining.3-30-1859.ND 3:1
.Hunt's Hill.....Mentioned in article on water supply to mines.11-2-1865.NDG 3:1
.Hydraulic Co. claim.American Hill.Sheriff's Sale: H.W. Johnson, et al. .3-24-1858.ND 4:6
.Hydraulic diggings.Scotts Flat.Tilton, Mulloy, Cunningham, Snell.1-20-1865.NDT 3:1
.Hydraulic Mining Co. claim.American Hill.H.W. Johnson.7-22-1857.ND 2:5
.Illinois claim and Gold Tunnel.South side, Deer Creek.Mention in article on California Claim .1-8-1866.NDG 3:1
.Illinois claims.Moore's Flat.Fatal mining accident, foreman Frederick Smith.6-26-1862.ND 3:1
.Illinois Co. diggings.....Accident, drowning, Richard McDonald.1-15-1865.NDT 3:1
.Illinois Co. Sluices.............
.Illinois Company quartz ledge and Revere Mill.....Sale by Gray and Jenkins; company history .9-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Illinois Quartz claim.South side of Deer Creek.Gray and Jenkins sell to Thomas Buckner.10-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Illinois Quartz Lead.Near Gold Tunnel Quartz Mill, 1/2 mile below Nevada City.William Endicott, Deceased, Administrator's Sale .12-23-1857.ND 4:6
.Independent Mining Co..6 miles above Washington.Tunnel.9-2-1865.NDG 3:1
.Indian Boy.Meadow Lake. .8-23-1865.NDG 3:2
.Indian Boy Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Indian Quartz Ledge.Newtown.Sheriff's Sale: Thomas L. Ford.7-7-1858.ND 1:3
.Indian Queen Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Inimitable Mining Co...... .4-3-1866.NDG 2:1
.Ione claim.2 miles from Grass Valley.Sale to Lewis Sloss & Company.3-1-1866.NDG 3:1
.Ione claim.2 miles south of Ophir Hill on Auburn Road.Sale of mine: S.W. Lee to Samuel Curtis.7-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ione Mine.....Accident: Hughey Gough injured.12-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ione Mine.....Curtis and Hunt.3-2-1866.NDG 3:1
.Ione Quartz Mining Co.. .Incorporation.4-11-1866.NDG 3:1
.Iowa Quartz Mining Co..Near Morris Lead, South fork Poorman's Creek, 2 miles east of Eureka.Owners: Morris, Power, Healy, Connelly, Carr, Reynolds .10-6-1858.ND 3:1
.Iowa Quartz Mining Co. claims.South Fork Poor Man's Creek.Morris, Powers, et al., owners .5-12-1858.ND 2:4
.Irish American.Birchville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Irish American Co..Birchville. .4-13-1865.NDG 3:2
.Irish and American claims.Birchville.Fogarty and Cadwallader .9-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Irish Co. Drift claims.Montezuma. .4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Irish Gold Mining.....Declaration of Sole Trader: Mary Irish, business of gold mining.4-3-1862.ND 4:4
.Irish Tunnel Co. claim.Brandy Flat near Washington.Pruet , James B. et. al. .10-14-1857.ND 2:5
.Irish-American Co..Birchville. .6-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Isenbeck & Co. claims.Virgin Creek 3/4 mi from N. Bloomfield.Lein notice.10-7-1861.ND 4:1
.Isenbeck & Co. claims.Virgin Creek near North Bloomfield.Constables Sale: claims, sluice boxes and tunnel.12-3-1861.ND 2:4
.J.F. Mobray & R.D. Lilly mining ground on Paul Cain's Ranch.Bridgeport Township near road from North San Juan to Cherokee.....6-10-1865.NDG 4:3
.Jacob & Sargent's Tunnel Diggings.Quaker Hill.Landslide.2-8-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jacob Morgan claim.Remington Hill, Little York. .2-8-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jacobs & Co claim..Humbug. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Jacobs & Co. claims.North Bloomfield. .2-20-1862.ND 2:41
.Jacobs & Co. claims.North Bloomfield. .2-8-1862.ND 3:1
.Jacobs & Sargent.Quaker Hill.Accident at blacksmith shop.1-15-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jacobs & Sargent diggings.Quaker Hill.Cave-in.1-11-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jacobs & Sargent diggings.Quaker Hill.Accident: Edward Foster .1-27-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jacobs & Sargent Railroad Diggings .Quaker Hill. .1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jacobs and Co. tail flumes.Quaker Hill.Flume robbery.3-22-1866.NDG 3:1
.Jacobs claims.....Constable's Sale: A. Jacobs mentions Stokes & Co. Flat claim, Hogelbone & Co. claim, Crusing & Co. claims, Republican Hill.7-10-1862.ND 4:5
.James Booth claims.Pacayune Point.Mentioned in Constable's Sale: DeBec & Co...8-19-1862.ND 2:5
.Jefferson Co..Brown's Valley (Yuba County). .9-7-1865.NDG 2:2
.Jefferson Hill Hydraulic claims.One half mile from Gold Hill.Advertisement: for sale, inquire to Henry Phillips.6-2-1858.ND 2:5
.Jeffersonian Co..Bowman Ranch.Letter to editor: praising Baux & Guiod Separator & Amalgamator; John Blasauf, Supt. .6-24-1865.NDG 3:1
.Jeffersonian Mine.Near Bowman's.John Blassauf, Supt. .11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Jeffersonian Mineral and Mining Co..Near Bowman's Ranch.Legal Notice: list of delinquent stockholders-- James F. Bowman, C. Hoisington, G.A. Vollhaber, John W. Haddock, Susannah Rueg, John Horber, John Wilkins, Casper Leiman, Edward Kraus, Henry Lucksinger, Anna Vorlander, Christian Merkins, John Blasauf, P. Bohannon, Louis Brunner, F.H. Kubley, Frank Ashenhawer , John Petery, Adam Schilling, Esther Rueg, R. Vorlander, D. Hammond, Secty..9-30-1865.NDG 4:3
.Jeffersonian Mineral Mining & Milling Co......Legal Notice: Assessment against stockholders, D. Hammond, Secty..9-18-1865.NDG 4:4
.Jeffersonian Mineral Mining & Milling Co......Notice: Annual Meeting of Stockholders.5-18-1865.NDG 4:1
.Jeffersonian Mineral Mining and Milling Co..Near Bowman's Ranch.Announcement: Trustees meeting.8-30-1865.NDG 4:3
.Jeffersonian Mineral Mining and Milling Works.Bowman's Ranch.Notice: Assessment against capital stock, D. Hammond, Secty.2-14-1866.NDG 3:3
.Jeffery & Co..South Yuba River.Storm damage.12-10-1861.ND 2:1
.Jenkins and Davidson Saw and Quartz Mill.Near Jenkins Ranch.Sheriff's Sale for delinquent taxes.7-11-1865.NDG 4:2
.Jenny Lind claim.Hunts Hill.Clay and Company Mill, Charles H. Going.12-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Jenny Lind Mine .....District Court: Mc Charles Co. vs. Jenny Lind Co..4-6-1859.ND 3:1
.Jenny Lind Mine.....Mr. Gregory .3-30-1859.ND 3:1
.Jenny Lind Mining claims.Head of Missouri Ravine, Washington Township.Administrator's Sale: Estate of R Pierce.11-16-1864.NDT 2:4
.Jenny Lind tall flume.Long Ravine.Mention in Sheriff's Sale, Caledonian Co. claims.7-8-1865.NDG 4:1
.John Hickey claims.Moore's Flat. .11-17-1864.NDT 3:1
.John Richards & Co. mining claims and interest in China mining claims.Jones Bar, South Yuba River.Sheriff's Sale: J. Harrigan and C. Mulloy .7-18-1860.ND 2:5
.Johnson & Co. claims.Sailor Flat. .1-5-1865.NDT 2:1
.Jones & Co..Buckeye Hill. .1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Jones & McCauley claims.Browns Hill, Little York.Constable's Sale: J. Jones.8-10-1859.ND 2:5
.Jones Bar mining claim Enterprise Co......Constable's Sale: Peter O'Toole et al..7-1-1862.ND 4:5
.Joseph Aggeler & Co claim..Little Shady Creek btw. Montezuma and Columbia Hill.....8-20-1856.ND 1:1
.Junction Bluff claim.San Juan.John Bevin & Co. (Formerly Trevethick Co.).2-2-1859.ND 2:5
.Junction Bluff claims.Near Sabastopol. .5-19-1858.ND 3:1
.Justis Mine.Gold Hill.Fatal accident: John George Apple. .10-27-1865.NDG 2:3
.Kaleseed mining claims .Little York to Dutch Flat.Mentioned in constable's sale: ditch of Wilson McVey .4-6-1859.ND 4:2
.Kanaka Creek claim.Near Cold Spring Ranch.M. Chase . et al..11-10-1858.ND 2:4
.Kane & Co..Birdseye Canyon, Red Dog.Storm damage.1-18-1862.ND 3:1
.Kane & Co. claims.Birdseye Canyon, Red Dog.Storm damage.12-12-1861.ND 3:1
.Kate Hayes claim.Near Grass Valley. .6-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Kate Hayes Mine.Kate Hayes Hill.Fatal accident.11-22-1865.NDG 3:1
.Kellogg mining interest.Selby Flat, Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: L.M. Kellogg .9-12-1860 .ND 4:5
.Kellogg & Harrison claim.Selby Flat.Blasting accidents.9-25-1859.ND 3:1
.Kennebec Co..Birchville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Kentucky Co. claim. Blasting Experiments. .10-13-1858.ND 3:2
.Keystone Co claim.Montezuma Hill. .5-27-1857.ND 3:1
.Keystone Co. claim.Selby Hill. .10-15-1856.ND 2:3
.Keystone Co. claim, Montezuma.San Juan. .2-2-1859.ND 2:5
.Keystone Ledge extension.Newtown. .1-20-1865.NDT 3:1
.Keystone Mining Co..Montezuma Hill.Constable's Sale.5-12-1865.NDG 3:2
.Kibbe's claims.....Mentioned in Sheriff's Sale.7-28-1865.NDG 4:3
.Kidd Assay Office.....Advertisement: Sale of Banking House and Assay Office, G.W. Kidd to Hinds & Tully.5-9-1865.NDG 4:5
.Kidd Ditch.Omega.Storm impedes completion.3-31-1858.ND
.Kilburg & Co. mining claims.Ridge between North and Middle Fork, Greenhorn Creek, Little York.Constable's Sale: A.M. Kilburg, Peter Vandyne .6-6-1860.ND 2:6
.Killen's Cabin.....Mentioned in Sheriff's Sale.7-28-1865.NDG 4:3
.Kimble & Robbins claims.Deer Creek and Newtown Ravine.Sheriff's Sale: E. Robbins.11-25-1857.ND 4:6
.King & Co. Winchester Mill. . .6-10-1857.ND 2:3
.King Bee.French Ravine. .12-9-1864.NDT 2:1
.Knickerbocker.Meadow Lake. .8-23-1865.NDG 3:2
.Knickerbocker Co., United Co. claim.not stated.Mr. H. White .3-25-1857.ND 2:6
.Knickerbocker Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Knickerbocker Ledge.....Winter conditions.10-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Knickerbocker Ledge .Meadow Lake District. .10-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Knickerbocker Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Knickerbocker Mining Claims.San Juan Hill, Bridgeport Township.Sheriff's Sale: William D. Fairchild.9-23-1857.ND 2:6
.Knowlton and Co. diggings.Washington.Display of mineral specimens.10-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Knowlton, Gaylord & Co..Gold Run (Placer County).Patterson Wheel .2-23-1865.NDT 3:1
.L.G. Wright & Co. claim. .Constable Sale: J.S. Wall & Bro. vs. Wright .5-27-1857.ND 1:3
.Lafayette claim.....Mr. Conway.3-23-1859.ND 2:5
.Laird claim. .Consolidated Ditch Co. vs. Laird .5-20-1857.ND 3:1
.Laird's Cut, Lost Hill Quartz Lead .Near Lawson's Ravine.R.S. Whigham.6-24-1857.ND 1:3
.Laird's Diggings.Lost Hill.Accident : William Brown .4-1-1857.ND 2:1
.Lake City.11 miles from San Juan up Middle Yuba Ridge facing Humbug Canyon.Newtown land near Eureka Lake Ditch Co..5-9-1860.ND 1:4
.Lalonde land .Selby Hill, Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: John B. Lalonde land bounded on the south by "Wait for the Wagon" mining claim and on the north by Kansas Co. claim .3-21-1860.ND 4:6
.Lambeth and Shanghai Claims.Snow Point.Constable's Sale: J.B. Couger , Thomas Triplett, John McGuire .9-9-1857.ND 1:1
.Larimer & Mc Murtry Quartz Lead .Two miles south of Grass Valley.Coroner: C. Conway.4-28-1858.ND 2:6
.Larimer and Co. claim..... .3-23-1859.ND 2:5
.Larimer, water power quartz mill.Near Grass Valley, Nevada Township.Sheriff's Sale for delinquent taxes: J.W. Larimer.7-11-1865.NDG 4:2
.Last Chance claim.........1-5-1865.NDT 2:1
.Last Chance Copper Mining Co...... .1-27-1865.NDT 2:4
.Last Chance Ledge.Meadow Lake. .10-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Leathe & Cressy gravel claim.Wood's Ravine.Rich quartz.9-11-1862.ND 3:1
.Lecompton Lead.........11-17-1858.ND 2:1
.Lecompton Lead.Oriental Mill. .10-13-1858.ND 3:1
.LeCompton Mine.Monte Sana Quartz District. .9-15-1858.ND 3:1
.Lee and Houston; stamp mills.Ophir Hill.Mentioned in article on Rush and Laton claim. .2-12-1866.NDG 3:1
.Lee and Simpson claim ..... .3-23-1859.ND 2:5
.Legal Tender Lead.Near Dead Man's Flat, Rough and Ready.E. Pratt .10-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Liberty Hill claims.Little York Township.Parish and Co., Bank Blasting.1-26-1859.ND 3:1
.Lime Point Quartz Ledge.Monte Sana District.Hargus & Co. .12-21-1859.ND 3:1
.Little Chief.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Little Grass Valley claim.San Juan. .4-28-1858.ND 2:3
.Little Savage shaft..... .3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Live Man Co. claim.San Juan. .3-17-1858.ND 3:1
.Live Oak .Buckeye Hill, Little York, Greenhorn Creek.Sheriff's Sale: Thomas Davis, Joseph Jones .5-30-1865.NDG 3:2
.Live Oak Co......Worked out and shut down.3-21-1860.ND 3:1
.Live Oak Co..Manzanita Hill.Owners: Edward Marcellus, E.F. Burton, J.C. Birdseye, M.J. Heidlauf, G.H. Seymour, William Maltman.2-15-1860.ND 4:1
.Live Oak Co. claim..... .3-16-1859.ND 2:1
.Live Oak Co. claim.Near Sugarloaf. .2-2-1859.ND 3:1
.Live Oak Co. claims.Sugarloaf. .2-16-1859.ND 3:1
.Live Oak Co. Tunnels.Sugar Loaf Range, Selby to Nevada (City).....8-18-1858.ND 3:1
.Live Oak Shaft.Live Oak. .3-23-1859.ND 3:1
.Lone Jack.....Accident: Hugh Tweedy .10-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Lone's Diggings.Brush Creek.Sale by Alex. Lones to John Hall.7-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Long Hollow Quartz Mill.Near American Hill.Lead owners, Craig, Edwards contract with Van Pelt Green, Soggs.5-27-1857.ND 3:1
.Lost Hill claims. .Hydraulic diggings, Williamson, Crittendon, Ferguson owners of Snow Mountain Ditch.6-28-1865.NDG 3:1
.Lost Hill claims.....Uncle Ike Williamson purchase from Amos T. Laird.11-3-1864.NDT 3:1
.Lost Hill hydraulic diggings..... .1-23-1866.NDG 3:1
.Lowe's Co. claim.San Juan. .8-29-1858.ND 2:5
.Lowell Hill.Little York. .1-16-1862.ND 3:1
.Lucky Co. lead.........12-9-1864.NDT 2:1
.Lucky Mine.....Accident: William Vial .12-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Lucky Mine.....Fatal accident: William Vial .12-28-1865.NDG 3:1
.Lucky Mine,.........7-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Lucky Quartz Mill.....Operations suspended.1-25-1866.NDG 3:1
.Lucky Quartz Mine.....Mining Accident: Robert Sweetmon.4-14-1866.NDG 3:1
.Main Tunnel Co..........3-30-1859.ND 3:1
.Malakoff' Co. claim.Malakoff Hill.Constable's Sale: William W. Cook .10-5-1859.ND 2:6
.Mallory & Co., Blue Lead.Red Dog. .6-10-1862.ND 3:1
.Mallory & Co..Gold Run. .8-15-1865.NDG 3:2
.Mallory & Company claims.Red Dog.B.B. Redding, Thomas Hansbrow, Hydrostatic Engine.5-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mallory, Garber & Co. claims.Red Dog. .1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Malloy & Co..Red Dog.6-stamp mill.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Malloy & Co..You Bet.Plans to build 8-stamp mill.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Mammoth & Co......Sluice boxes, A.C. Allerton, David Jacobs, William Vorrath.3-28-1860.ND 3:1
.Mammoth Co.. .Proposed plan for prospecting in Nevada County.6-10-1857.ND 2:1
.Mammoth Co.. .Proposed plan for prospecting in Nevada County.6-17-1857.ND 2:3
.Mammoth Company.Plumas County. .12-29-1865.NDG 1:5
.Mammoth Gravel Co..Little Deer Creek. .3-15-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mammoth Ledge.Deer Creek. .2-21-1866.NDG 3:1
.Mammoth quartz ledge.Deer Creek, 3 miles above Nevada City.Sale to Tisdale.10-24-1865.NDG 3:1
.Manhattan Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Manzanita claims. .Sale of claim by W.H. Duryea to William Maltman.10-23-1859.ND 3:1
.Manzanita and Last Chance claims, Eddys and Empire ditches.Sweetland Creek below Middle Yuba Reservoir.Estate of Charles G. Sweetland .9-21-1859.ND 2:6
.Manzanita claims.....Sluice robber shot.1-31-1865.NDT 3:1
.Manzanita Tunnel.Near Live Oak.Maltman & Ritter and William Duryea.6-1-1859.ND 2:1
.Marriot & Co..North Bloomfield. .2-20-1862.ND 2:4
.Marriott, McCaughlin & Co. .....Storm loss.12-17-1861.ND 2:1
.Martin and Stewart mining claims.Washington Creek, Washington Township.Administrator's Sale: Estate of N.B. Martin.2-1-1866.NDG 4:1
.Martin and Stewart Mining claims.Washington Township, Washing Creek.Administrators Sale: N.B. Martin estate, Charles Steinmetz, Administrator.3-5-1866.NDG 2:3
.Martin and Stewart mining claims.....Administrator's Sale: Estate of N.B. Martin.1-12-1866.NDG 4:1
.Massachusestts Hill quartz mining claims.Massachussetts Hill, Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale: Louis Vanness and Lannerville.8-28-1865.NDG 4:1
.Massachusetts Hill Quartz Mill.Massachusetts Hill.Sheriff's Sale: Mt. Hope Mining Co..4-21-1858.ND 3:6
.Massachusetts Hill Mining Co......Stockbridge Company purchase; mentions Watt Company.2-6-1866.NDG 3:1
.McClellan Ledge.Ridge behind Mc Cormicks diggings. .1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.McConnell Coal Mining Co..Scott's Flat above Nevada.Daniel Collins, refs. to Gum Boot Co. and Louisiana Silver Co..10-3-1861.ND 3:1
.McCullough & Co..North Bloomfield. .2-4-1865.NDT 2:3
.McGlinn's Ledge.Kate Hayes Hill.Sheriff's Sale: Peter Martin.7-7-1858.ND 2:6
.McGoun claim.Willow Valley. .5-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.McGuire & Co..Rough & Ready near Randolph Flat.Quartz .10-23-1864.NDT 3:1
.McNeilly & partners ledge.South of Sugarloaf. .5-31-1865.NDG 3:1
.McNeilly & Zimmerman quartz ledge.Nevada City. .5-11-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mead claim.Snow Point.....9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Meadow Lake.........7-19-1865.NDG 3:1
.Meadow Lake Ledge. .Copper.7-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Meadow Lake Mines.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Meadow Lake Mines.Summit City. .9-19-1865.NDG 3:1
.Merrimac Co. claims.Grass Valley road near McCarty's ranch.Thomas Findley, George D. Roberts, A.E. Head, Joseph Woodworth et al.1-12-1865.NDT 3:1
.Merrimac Co. Mill..... .1-13-1865.NDT 3:1
.Merrimac Co. Mill land Ledge.Near Glenbrook Race Track.....1-24-1865.NDT 3:1
.Mexican Mine.Dog Valley, Henness Pass. .11-13-1865.NDG 1:1
.Middle Yuba Canal Co......District Court: Middle Yuba Canal Co. vs. Miner's Ditch Co..5-1-1862.ND 3:1
.Middle Yuba Water Co..Bridgeport Ridge.Reduced water rates.12-16-1864.NDT 3:1
.Miners Ditch.....Lawsuit.12-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Miner's Ditch Co......District Court: Middle Yuba Canal Co. vs. Miner's Ditch Co..5-1-1862.ND 3:1
.Miner's Ditch Co......Announcement: Stockholders Meeting -- W.B. Churchill, Henry Hays, Robert McKenon, George Fellows, J.B. Henry.9-18-1865.NDG 1:4
.Miners Ditch Co......Summons: Lawsuit of Powers and Zellerbach .12-27-1865.NDG 4:1
.Miners Ditch Co......Notice: Assessment against capital stock, Thomas P. Hawley , Secty..12-4-1865.NDG 2:3
.Miners Ditch Co......Summons: lawsuit against George C. Powers , Marks, Zellerback .12-7-1865.NDG 4:1
.Miners Ditch Co......Summons: lawsuit v. George Powers and Marks Zellerback .3-2-1866.NDG 4:1
.Miners Ditch Co..Between middle and South Yuba Rivers.Notice: Assessment of levy against capital stock, Thomas P. Hawley, Secty..12-19-1865.NDG 4:1
.Miners Ditch flume.Snow Point.Malicious mischief.12-1-1865.NDG 3:1
.Miners' Ditch Co......Announcement: stockholders meeting.8-31-1865.NDG 2:6
.Miners' Ditch Co......Announcement: stockholders' meeting, mentions J.R. Crandall .9-18-1865.NDG 1:4
.Miners' Ditch Co......Notice: stockholders meeting, J.R. Crandall, W.B. Churchill, Henry Hays .8-26-1865.NDG 1:1
.Mining Claims at Frenchman's Bar and interest in water editch.South Fork Yuba River.Sheriff's Sale: Charles H. Mead .11-3-1858.ND 2:2
.Mining claims with delinquent taxes.Nevada County.Delinquent Tax List, by township.3-9-1865.NDG 2:1
.Mohawk.....Tisdale & Kidd .5-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk.Gold Flat.Kidd & Tisdale .7-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk and Montreal Co..Summit City.Consolidation, J. Figuiere, Secty..10-13-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk and Montreal Co..Meadow Lake.Notice: assessment sale shares of capital stock.12-4-1865.NDG 4:1
.Mohawk and Montreal Co..Summit City.Notice: assessment sale of shares of stock.12-19-1865.NDG 4:3
.Mohawk and Montreal Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.. .Legal Notice: Assessment against capital stock holders.10-25-1865.NDG 4:4
.Mohawk and Montreal Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co..Meadow Lake.Legal Notice: consolidation.10-14-1865.NDG 2:3
.Mohawk and Montreal Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co..Meadow Lake.Assessment levied against shares.4-11-1866.NDG 4:1
.Mohawk claim.Gold Flat. .6-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.....Kidd & Tisdale proprietors.8-23-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.....Large yield.2-27-1866.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.....Rich strike.1-10-1866.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.Gold Flat. .6-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.Gold Flat.Tisdale & Kidd .5-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.Meadow Lake. .2-16-1866.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Ledge.Meadow Lake. .2-19-1866.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk Mine.....Article, general.9-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk quartz ledge.Meadow Lake.Tisdale .2-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Mohawk quartz mine.....Article, "Shocking Accident".9-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mono diggings.........11-23-1859.ND 1:6
.Montezuma Tunnel Co claim..Montezuma Hill. .5-27-1857.ND 3:1
.Mooney Flat, reservoir ditch, hydraulic power for miners .Rough & Ready.Notice of lien, Uriah Perry, P.J. Welsh, A.J. Lucas, et al..8-31-1859.ND 4:6
.Moore & Readshaw claim.San Juan. .4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Moore and Rogers claim.Logan's Canyon, Humbug City. .9-24-1856.ND 1:5
.Moore's Grinder and Amalgamator.....Valuable quartz mining machine.11-29-1864.NDT 2:3
.Morrill & Co..Head of Lawson Ravine.Mining accident: Joseph Shaw .4-11-1860.ND 3:1
.Morris & Co. claims.Poor Man's Creek, Eureka Township.Sheriff's Sale.4-3-1865.NDG 2:3
.Morrow claims.Mosquito Creek, Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: Bob Morrow, M. Pengree.5-5-1858.ND 4:6
.Mount Oro Diggings.....A.J. Yorty.6-6-1860.ND 3:1
.Mr. Long's quartz mill.Summit City, Meadow Lake.4-stamp water mill.9-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Mt. Cullen Hydraulic Mine.Indian Ravine.McCullen & Co. landslide at Buena Vista.3-9-1859.ND 3:2
.Mt. George Mill.North Wolf Creek, Grass Valley.Sheriff's Sale: Samuel McFarland, .12-9-1857.ND 2:6
.Mt. George Quartz Mill.Yuba County.Sheriff's Sale: Samuel McFarland, T. Elrod.6-23-1858.ND 2:6
.Mt. Hope Mining Co..South side Massachusetts Hill, Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale: John Judd .4-7-1858.ND 3:6
.Mt. Hope Mining Co. claim.South side Massachusetts Hill, Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale: Mt. Hope Mining Co., John Judd .4-7-1858.ND 3:6
.Mull, Evans & Co. .Buckeye Hill. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.National Mill. .....5-12-1858.ND 2:4
.National Quartz Ledge and Mill.Near Eureka.For Sale announcement.8-17-1859.ND 3:1
.National Quartz Mining Co. claim.Eureka.Sheriff's Sale: I.J. Hamilton, A. Sylvester.6-30-1858.ND 3:3
.Nebraska claims.........4-13-1859.ND 2:5
.Nebraska claims. .shafts.6-27-1860.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Co......Shaft.7-18-1860.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Co. claim.Selby Hill. .5-27-1857.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Co. claim.Shelby Hill.Sheriff's Sale: L.G. Wright.1-27-1858.ND 1:3
.Nebraska Co. claim.Shelby Hill, near Nevada [City].Sheriff's Sale: L.G. Wright .1-6-1858.ND 2:6
.Nebraska Company claims.Shelby Hill.Constable's Sale: Nancy McGrath.10-13-1858.ND 3:5
.Nebraska Shaft.........10-13-1858.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Shaft.........11-30-1859.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Shaft.........1-18-1860.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Shaft.........4-28-1858.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Shaft.....H. Dawley and others suspend operations.5-23-1860.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Shaft.....Mining Accident.6-8-1859.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Shaft. .W.L. Phillips, Mgr..4-21-1858.ND 3:1
.Nebraska Tunnel Co..Allegheny, Sierra County.Purchase by William Tisdale.5-23-1860.ND 2:1
.Neece and West Cement Mill.Brown's Hill, You Bet.Frandenburg Wheel vs. Hurdy-Gurdy Wheel.6-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Nevada Co. claims.East side Moore's Flat between Blakeslee claim and Shot Gun claims.Constable's Sale: John Sullivan .3-28-1860.ND 4:6
.Nevada Diggings.Moore's Flat.Constable's Sale: William Doyle, owner.1-4-1862.ND 4:4
.Nevada Gold Quartz Mining Co.. .Stock certificates.1-17-1865.NDT 3:1
.Nevada Mining Co. claim.Selby Hill.Administrator's Sale: Patterson,Wm. S., dec., 1/6 share.4-22-1857.ND 1:3
.Nevada Quartz Mining Co......Mr. Soggs, Supt., article.4-29-1862.ND 3:1
.Nevada Quartz Mining Co......Quartz crushing, Mr. Soggs, Supt..9-19-1860.ND 2:1
.Nevada Quartz mining Co......Self feeders in quartz mills of C.P. Sanford.5-1-1862.ND 3:1
.Nevada Quartz Mining Co. claim. .New company.6-17-1857.ND 2:1
.Nevada Quartz Mining Co. Mill.Gold Flat.Sneath & Clay, Wigham Mill and Nevada Quartz Mining Co. Mill.5-3-1862.ND 3:1
.Nevada Shaft.Selby Hill.John Grove, A.D. Allen, C.H. Seymour .12-24-1856.ND 2:1
.Nevada Water Co..Bridgeport.Lawsuit.2-3-1866.NDG 3:1
.New Helvetia & Lafayette Gold Mining Co. Leads and Quartz Mill.Grass Valley.A.A. Sargent bid for Baxter & Hollis of San Francisco.11-11-1857.ND 2:3
.New mining district.Ridge between Greenhorn Creek branches.New ledge of A.J. Yorty and others..5-30-1860.ND 2:1
.New St. Marys mining district.Few miles east of Excelsior on Henness Pass Road.New town: Grantville.3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.New York and Grass Valley Mining Co., Union Ledge. .Purchase of Sneath and Clay Mill , Union Ledge.10-16-1865.NDG 2:2
.New York Co. claim.Woolsey's Flat. .1-6-1858.ND 2:2
.New York Co. claim..Woolsey's Flat. .6-30-1858.ND 3:2
.New York Co. claims.Humbug Canyon.Sheriff's Sale: George Beckwith .8-29-1860.ND 4:5
.New York Co. quartz mill, formerly Sneath and Clay. .Startup, Supt. Leeds .10-12-1865.NDG 3:1
.New York Company, Union Ledge..... .10-10-1865.NDG 3:1
.New York Co., Union Ledge.....Supt. Leeds.12-2-1865.NDG 3:1
.New York Hill Quartz Mill.New York Hill.Sheriff's Sale: Mt. Hope Mining Co..4-21-1858.ND 3:6
.New York Quartz Co..Siskiyou. .1-18-1860.ND 1:5
.New York Quartz Mill.Siskiyou County.Howland rotary batteries .11-23-1859.ND 1:4
.Newton Mine.....Copper ore.11-21-1865.NDG 2:1
.Nichols & Co. lead.Deer Creek. .1-31-1865.NDT 3:1
.Nichols & Rohlins hydraulic claims.Little York, Blue Lead.....1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Nicholson & Co......Fatal accident: Shore and Locke.2-16-1865.NDT 2:2
.Norambagua Mine.Forest Spring. .11-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Norambagua Mine.Forest Springs.Accident: John Dwyer .3-22-1866.NDG 3:1
.Norman & Co. Diggings.Wet Hill.Blasting accident, Robert Wingate and George Morris victims.5-30-1860.ND 3:1
.North American Company.Meadow Lake. .9-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.North American Ledge.Live Oak District.New District.9-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.North Star.Meadow Lake. .8-25-1865.NDG 3:2
.Ohio Claims.Moore's Flat.Sheriff's Sale: Joseph McClain.6-23-1858.ND 2:6
.Ohio claims.San Juan.....4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Ohio Co. mining claims.Moore's Flat between Blakelie and Hirst diggings.Constable's Sale: William S. Hueston.8-17-1859.ND 4:5
.Ohio Co. Tunnel.San Juan.Mining explosion.12-28-1859.ND 2:1
.Old Boy.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Old Coyote Lead, Wet Hill claims.American Hill.Amos T. Laird, owner.5-12-1858.ND 3:1
.Old Durham claim.Remington Hill.Constable's Sale: Martin [Munson?] & Co. claim .2-1-1860.ND 4:6
.Old Dutch Co. claims.Buckeye Hill. .1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Old Joe & Co. claim.not stated. .5-20-1857.ND 3:1
.Old Revere Mill.....W.B. Ewer 1852 (in article on California Claim).1-8-1866.NDG 3:1
.Old Woolsey claim.Woolsey's Flat.A. Lambeth & Co..6-30-1858.ND 3:2
.Omega and Kidd's Ditch.....Improved mining prospects due to increased water.2-10-1858.ND 2:5
.Omega Ditch.Omega.Capt. Kidd & Co..11-10-1858.ND 2:3
.Omega Mines.....Mining suspended for lack of water.7-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophir Hill.........3-23-2859.ND 2:5
.Ophir Hill.....Ben McCauley.3-23-1859.ND 2:5
.Ophir Hill. .Specimens.11-18-1865.NDG 2:3
.Ophir Mine.....Capt. Lee, testing Baux & Guiod pan and Norton pan.12-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophir Mine.Grass Valley. .12-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophir Mine.Grass Valley.Accident: owner, Mr. Powning.10-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophir Mine.Grass Valley.Fatal accident: Thomas Quine, Dennis Lynch.10-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophir Mine.Grass Valley.Mentioned under title "Rich Mines".11-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophir Mine.Near Grass Valley.30-stamp mill.11-15-1865.NDG 3:1
.Ophirville quartz mining district.Ophirville below Auburn (Placer County).....1-24-1866.NDG 2:2
.Ore Co. Diggings.Woolsey's Flat.Hannah and Arnold Hubbard, owners.5-19-1858.ND 2:3
.Oriental Hill.........12-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Oriental Mill.....Improvements, F.A. Miller, Supt. .11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Oriental Mill.Big Deer Creek.Crushing quartz, Fred A. Miller, Supt. .10-17-1865.NDG 2:4
.Oriental Mill.Deer Creek. .7-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Oriental Mill and quartz ledges.....J.J. Ott sells to Alexander T. Stewart.9-21-18865.NDG 3:1
.Oriental Mill and Mining Co......Fred A. Miller, Supt. .10-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Oriental Quartz Mill.....Machinery for mill; "barrel process".11-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Oriental Quartz Mill. .A.B. Paul, Supt. .9-15-1858.ND 3:1
.Oriental Quartz Mining Co..Lecompton Ledge. .1-11-1860.ND 3:1
.Oriental Quartz Mining Co. Mill. . .12-23-1857.ND 2:4
.Oro Co. claim..Woolsey's Flat.A. Lambeth & Co..6-30-1858.ND 3:2
.Pacific claim.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pacific Ledge.Meadow Lake. .10-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pacific Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pacific Mining Co..Birchville Hill, Bridgeport Township.Constable's Sale.3-28-1865.NDG 1:2
.Palmer Quartz Mill.Nevada City.Advertisement: For Sale.4-11-1865.NDG 1:4
.Palmer Quartz Mill.Sacramento Street, Nevada City.Advertisement: For Sale, Oscar Palmer.6-3-1865.NDG 1:1
.Palmer Quartz Mill.Sacramento Street, Nevada City.Quartz Mill for sale.3-31-1865.NDG 1:3
.Palmer's Quartz Mill. .Advertisement.8-3-1865.NDG 1:1
.Palmer's Quartz Mill.Sacramento Street, Nevada City.Advertisement.6-21-1865.NDG 1:6
.Palmer's Quartz Mill.Sacramento Street, Nevada City.Reopening.6-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Paradise Co. claim.Woolsey's Flat. .1-6-1858.ND 2:2
.Paradise Lost Co. claim.Woolsey's Flat. .1-6-1858.ND 2:2
.Parker.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Parrish and Co. Burnt Cabin Ravine claim.Liberty Hill.Sheriff's Sale: R. Parish, E.M. Wheat.8-29-1865.NDG 2:2
.Pennsylvania Co..Picayune Point.Mentioned in Constable's Sale: DeBec & Co...8-19-1862.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Co. claim.Snow Point. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Pennsylvania Co. claims.Moore's Flat.Lien Notice: Henry Smith et al., owners .12-17-1861.ND 4:5
.Pennsylvania Co. Claims.Snow Point.Sheriff's Sale: William Mead, Stephen Mead, , John Noyes Miner's Ditch Co. suit, .9-23-1857.ND 2:5
.Pennsylvania Co..........1-20-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Co.. .Accident.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Co......Five tunnels.6-21-1865.NDG 1:3
.Pennsylvania Co..Sugarloaf.Amalgam.4-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Co. claims.....Attempts to resume operations.11-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Co. Mill..... .3-12-1866.NDG 3:2
.Pennsylvania Co. Mill.....Fatal accident: explosion, Hutchinson .11-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Co. quartz mill.....Notice to lien holders: foreclosure, Samuel T. Oates et al..11-18-1865.NDG 3:2
.Pennsylvania Mill..... .2-25-1865.NDT 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mill..... .2-28-1865.NDT 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mill.....Boiler tube burst.4-14-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mill. .Restart.3-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mill.....Tubular boiler.1-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mill.Sugar Loaf.Saml. Oates.2-4-1865.NDT3:1
.Pennsylvania Mine..... .12-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mine..... .1-23-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mine..... .2-16-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mine.....Pump, tunnels, drifts.2-3-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mine.....Sale to T.T. Davenport et al. .12-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mine.Between Coyoteville and Sugar Loaf.History.4-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pennsylvania Mining Co..Picayune Point.Mentioned in Constable's Sale: DeBec & Co..8-19-1862.ND 2:5
.Pennsylvania Mining Co..Northwest of Nevada City.Sheriff's Sale: Matthew Gill et al, quartz and hydraulic claims and quartz mill.11-24-1865.NDG 4:1
.Pennsylvania Quartz Mine & Mill.....Advertisement: For Sale.5-18-1865.NDG 2:4
.Pennsylvania Quartz Mining Co..Coyoteville. .1-27-1865.NDT 3:1
.Pennsylvania Quartz Mining Co...... .12-20-1864.NDT 3:1
.Pennsylvania Quartz Mining Co...... .6-3-1865.NDG 3:2
.Pennsylvania Quartz Mining Co..Coyoteville.New quartz mill.12-17-1864.NDT 3:1
.Pennsylvania Quartz Mine and Mill.....Advertisement: For Sale, 1/2 interest, Sam. T. Oats.6-13-1865.NDG 3:2
.Penrose, William Smelting Company agent..... .10-12-1865.NDG 3:1
.Perkins' claims.Red Dog. .4-15-1857.ND 3:1
.Phelps Hill.Near Gold Hill.Nearly abandoned.4-11-1866.NDG 3:1
.Pioneer Mining Co......Advertisement: for sale at public auction.7-29-1865.NDG 2:5
.Pioneer Mining Co......Legal Notice: Assessment sale of 1/2 share of Henry Rogers.9-28-1865.NDG 3:2
.Pioneer Mining Co......Sale of shares.8-4-1865.NDG 3:2
.Pioneer Quartz Mill.Humbug Canyon.W.S. McMurtry, Supervisor.8-20-1856.ND 1:1
.Plymouth Rock claims.....Mentioned in Sheriff's Sale: J.D. Hewett et al claims.2-5-1866.NDG 4:1
.Point Isabel Diggings.Woolsey's Flat.Constable's Sale: D. McIntyre, E.K. Ferguson.3-10-1858.ND 3:6
.Pony Express claim.Mount Oro District. .8-22-1860.ND 2:1
.Pony Express Co..Mount Oro.Running shafts.7-25-1860.ND 3:1
.Poor Man Silver Ledge.Idaho. .12-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.Poor Man's Creek Ditch Co..not stated.Elisor's Sale: Patrick Henry.8-12-1857.ND 2:6
.Poor Man's Ledge.Owyhee, Idaho.Rich silver strike.12-9-1865.NDG 2:3
.Poor Man's Mill.....Quartz crushing, Coleman's patent quartz mill .9-19-1860.ND 3:2
.Poorman's Ledge.Ruby City, Idaho.Gold and silver discoveries.11-21-1865.NDG 1:1
.Porosi Works.....Operations resumed.4-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Potosi Company.Meadow Lake. .9-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.Potosi Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Potosi Lead.Gold Flat near Week's Mill.Description.9-20-1864.NDT 3:1
.Potosi Quartz Mine, The Big Tunnel Co..Near Forest Springs.....2-7-1865.NDT 3:1
.Prairie Flower Ledge.Meadow Lake. .12-4-1865.NDG 2:2
.Pratt and Company claims.....Rumors of offers to purchase.11-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pratt's claim.Massachusetts Hill.Fatal accident: John King.4-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Preston, Foote & Company quartz ledge.East Broad Street, Nevada City.....5-11-1865.NDG 3:1
.Pride of the West Co..Red Dog.Plans to build 8-stamp mill.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Proposed Quartz Mill (unnamed).Willow Valley. .10-14-1857.ND 2:3
.Providence Company.Deer Creek.T.F. Dingley, Supt..8-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Providence Gold & Silver Mining Co......List of delinquent stockholders.3-25-1865.NDG 3:2
.Providence Gold and Silver Mine .Nevada District.Notice: assessment of levy against capital stock, J.M. Buffington, Secty..2-10-1866.NDG 2:3
.Providence Gold and Silver Mining Co.. .Announcement: meeting of stockholders.6-7-1865.NDG 3:4
.Providence Gold and Silver Mining Co......Notice: Stockholders' Meeting, Q.A. Chase, Secty..5-18-1865.NDG 2:4
.Providence Mine.Deer Creek.Tour, T.F. Dingley, Supt. .6-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Providence Mine and Mill.Deer Creek two miles below Nevada.History.4-1-1865.NDG 3:1
.Quartz discover.Deer Creek. .12-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Quartz discoveries.Colfax, Bear River on Grass Valley Road, Placer County.....3-29-1866.NDG 2:1
.Quartz mill.American Hill.Boiler.6-8-1859.ND 3:1
.Quartz mill.near Oriental Mill, Deer Creek.Anderson & others.5-11-1859.ND 3:1
.Quartz mill.Union Hill.New enterprise, D.L. Leyton.12-31-1864.NDT 3:1
.Quartz Mill near Oriental Mill and Day Lead.Monte Santa District.Mr. Anderson, owner.11-10-1858.ND 3:1
.Quartz Mill, Mud Flat claims.Nevada Township.Sheriff's Sale: Zenas Wheeler, James Walsh, Richard Homfray .6-16-1858.ND 4:6
.Quartz mills, quartz cement leads.Hunt's Hill. .12-1-1858 .ND 2:1
.Quartz mining claims.Massachusetts Hill, Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale: Louis Vanness and Lanning.8-30-1865.NDG 4:2
.Quartz tunnel.Near Saggs Mill.Accident, Otis Holbrook.9-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Quartz vs. placer mining.....Reed vs. Lowell.12-30-1857.ND 3:1
.Ragsdale and Co. ledge.Southwest of Globe Ranch near Stockton lode.....3-29-1866.NDG 3:1
.Railroad claims.Near Union Jack.Frank Beatty and others.4-12-1866.NDG 3:1
.Railroad Co. mining claims.Christmas Hill, Little York.Constable's Sale: Johnson & others, .7-11-1860.ND 2:5
.Randolph Mine.Monte Sana Quartz District. .9-15-1858.ND 3:1
.Rattlesnake Co. .Excelsior Mining District. .7-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Rattlesnake Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Ravine Bed Rock Co......Mentioned in Constables sale: Cread, Means & Co..10-24--1861.ND 2:4
.Ravine Co. claim.Orleans Flat.McKewen & Moore.9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Reagan, Cousins & Co. mining claims.Lowell Hill, Little York.Sheriff's Sale: George Pierce, Philo Rice.3-10-1858.ND 2:6
.Red Dog Mines.....Need for water from South Yuba Co., Dutch Co., Mallory & Co..2-17-1858.ND 3:1
.Red Rock Tunnel Co. claim.Orleans Flat. John O. Rousseau, attachment, powers & suit by Zellerback .6-24-1857.ND 1:3
.Reed claim.Relief Hill.Accident at G.K. Reed claim.6-8-1859.ND 3:1
.Relief Hill mining claims.Eureka Township.Constable's Sale: Charles Lake.4-28-1858.ND 2:6
.Remington Hill Diggings.Little York.Green & Co..7-27-1859.ND 3:2
.Reporter claim.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Revere Mill.South side, Deer Creek.Mention in article on California Claim.1-8-1866.NDG 3:1
.Revere Mill and Illinois Co. quartz ledge .....Sale by Gray and Jenkins; history. .9-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Rich Hill Ledge.Ophir Hill, near Grass Valley. .10-2-1865.NDG 3:2
.Richards & Co. Quartz Mill.Deer Creek 3 miles above Nevada (City).....7-14-1858.ND 3:1
.Rising Sun ledge.Robin Ravine near Deer Creek. .12-10-1864.NDT 3:1
.Rising Sun Mine.Colfax, Placer County. .3-19-1866.NDG 3:1
.Roannaise Mining Co..Nevada County.Articles of Incorporation : Trustees, George Platt, John Dunn, Henry D. Bacon.1-1-1866.NDG 3:1
.Robinson Lead.Red Hill.Charles Robinson.2-8-1865.NDT 3:1
.Rock Tunnel Co......District Court, suit by Robert McLean.12-22-1858.ND 2:5
.Rocky Bar Mine.Grass Valley.A.B. Brady, Supt..11-11-1865.NDG 3:1
.Rocky Bar Mining Co. claim.Grass Valley.Supt. M. Brenan, murder-suicide.2-24-1858.ND 2:3
.Rocky Bar Mining Co. claim.South side Massachusetts Hill, Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale: Mt. Hope Mining Co., John Judd.4-7-1858.ND 3:6
.Rocky Barr Mine.Grass Valley.Accident: Richards.1-10-1866.NDG 3:1
.Roebuck claim.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Rogers' Diggings.American Hill.Collapsed Pipe.6-6-1860.ND 3:1
.Rosencranz Load.Secret Diggings. .10-21-1857.ND 2:5
.Ruby Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Rush and Laton mining claim.Ophir Hill.Purchase of 1/2 interest by Watt Brothers; mentions Lee and Houston; stamp mills.2-12-1866.NDG 3:1
.Rush and Layton claim..... .3-23-1859.ND 2:5
.Russel & Co. claim.Dear Creek. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Sailor Boys Diggings.Greenhorn and Sailor's Flat.Constable's Sale:
.A. Ward .9-16-1857.ND 2:1
.Sailor claims.San Juan. .4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Sailor Flat Ditch.Little York.Sheriff's Sale.8-11-1857....
.Sailor's Flat Ditch.Greenhorn Creek to Sailors Flat.Sheriff's Sale: James Churchman, George Beaney .9-23-1857.ND 1:3
.Sailors Flat.....Hydraulic Mining.3-3-1859.ND 3:1
.Sailors Flat.....District Court: Felton et al v. Taylor, mining claims.5-3-1862.ND 3:1
.San Joaquin.Birchville.Accident: Richard Jenkins killed, William Lewis injured.2-8-1865.NDT 3:1
.San Joaquin Co..Birchville. .5-8-1865.NDG 3:1
.Sargent & Jacobs claims.Quaker Hill.Mackie & Philip.6-1-1865.NDG 3:1
.Scadden & Co..Grass Valley.Rich quartz ledge.5-16-1860.ND 2:4
.Scadden Flat claims.....Rumors of offers to purchase.11-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Scadden, Trenberth and Co. claims.Boston Ravine Flat.Mentions Massachusetts Hill, Rocky Bar, Stockbridge Co..7-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Schardin & Co. claim.San Juan.Profuse yield.12-2-1857.ND 2:5
.Scott's Flat.Deer Creek.Mining accident.8-24-1859.ND 3:1
.Scottish Chief Mine.Summit City. .2-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Sebastopol Co. Mining Claim.Hunt's Hill, Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: William McWhinney .11-11-1857.ND 4:3
.Sebastopol Co..Meadow Lake. .9-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.Seventy Six Co..Plumas County. .12-29-1865.NDG 1:5
.Shady Creek claim.San Juan.Stevens & Co..4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Shamrock Mine.Forest Springs. .9-23-1865.NDG 3:1
.Shanghai and Lambeth claims.Snow Point.Constable's Sale: J.B. Couger , Thomas Triplett, , John McGuire.9-9-1857.ND 1:1
.Sherman Diggins.Wolsey's Flat.Rollins , S.D. .10-21-1857.ND 1:3
.Shong & Co.......Mentioned in Constables sale: Cread, Means & Co..10-24--1861.ND 2:4
.Shooting Star.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Silver City Quartz Mill.....Howland Rotary Battery.6-27-1860.ND 2:1
.Siskiyou County.........8-8-1860.ND 1:3
.Slack & Gephart.Rough & Ready. .10-23-1864.NDT 3:1
.Slate Creek Ledge.....Walsh, Shurtleff and Mather.11-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Slavonian Lead.Near Greenhorn Creek.Quartz discovery, Nicholas Cupich, Joseph Zaratin.2-1-1860.ND 3:1
.Sluice claims.Gopher Hill.Constable's Sale: Nathaniel Thorn .5-12-1858.ND 2:6
.Smith & Bros. six-stamp water mill. . .10-23-1864.NDT 3:1
.Smith & Co. 10-stamp mill..... .4-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Smith & Sparks claim.McCabes Creek and New York Flat near Forbestown.....3-25-1857.ND 2:5
.Smith and Co. Mill..... .3-31-1866.NDG 3:1
.Smith Brothers quartz mill.Rough and Ready. .12-16-1865.NDG 3:1
.Smith Mill.Rough & Ready.A.A. Smith.1-17-1865.NDT 3:1
.Smith's Quartz Mill.Rough & Ready. .3-1-1865.NDT 3:1
.Sneath & Clay claims.Gold Flat.Maltman & Co. .12-4-1864.NDT 3:1
.Sneath & Clay claims.Gold Flat.Placer mining .12-11-1864.NDT 3:1
.Sneath & Clay Ledge.Gold Flat.Storm fills tunnels.12-22-1864.NDT 2:1
.Sneath & Clay Mill..... .10-29-1864.NDT 3:1
.Sneath & Clay Mill..... .5-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Sneath & Clay,, Soggs Mill.Gold Flat.Quartz crushing.7-10-1862.ND 3:1
.Sneath & Clay's Lead.Gold Flat. .8-14-1862.ND 3:1
.Sneath & Clay's Quartz Ledge.not stated. .6-17-1862.ND 3:1
.Sneath and Clay quartz mill..... .10-12-1865.NDG 3:1
.Snow Point Ditch and Diggings.Snow Point.Sheriff's Sale: John O'Donnell and John Frost .9-30-1857.ND 1:3
.Snow Point Water Co. and Enterprise Mining Co..Snow Point.Reed , John et. al., Enterprise Mining Co..10-7-1857.ND 1:3
.Sockeye Point sluice claim.American Hill.Hank Knerr, George Downey, William McFadden.5-27-1857.ND 3:1
.Solomon Hill Mining Co.. .Christian Stepp.2-18-1856.2:6
.Solomon Wolf claim.Blue Tent.Fatal Accident.3-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.South Yuba and Nevada Ditch.....Mr. Laird and Capt. Irwin.6-1-1859.ND 3:1
.South Yuba Canal.....Rich strike, big tunnel.7-11-1860.ND 2:1
.South Yuba Canal & Water Co..Bear Valley to Dutch Flat.New ditch.9-22-1864.NDT 3:1
.South Yuba Canal Co..Bear Valley to Dutch Flat.Extensive ditch.9-11-1864.NDT 3:1
.South Yuba Canal Co..Head of Steep Hollow.Flume destroyed in storm.1-31-1866.NDG 3:1
.South Yuba Canal, head of, and Omega Ditch.12-14-1861.ND 3:1..... .12-14-1861.ND 3:1
.South Yuba Canal .Omega, Quaker Hill, Chalk Bluff. .4-29-1862.ND 3:1
.South Yuba Ditch .....Mr. Whartenby.12-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.South Yuba Ditch.....Daniel Rich, Dam Construction.6-29-1859.ND 3:1
.South Yuba Ditch.....Devil's Peak Lake.7-14-1859.ND 3:1
.South Yuba Ditch.....Devils Peak Lake.7-14-1858.ND 3:1
.South Yuba Ditch.Omega.Kidd & Co. .5-11-1859.ND 2:3
.South Yuba Ditch Co..Deer Creek and Coyote Ditches to Nevada City.....9-30-1857.ND 2:1
.Spencer & Co., Irwin's Ridge.Near Eureka.S.H. Taylorpart owner.7-29-1857.ND 2:3
.Spring Hill Co. Quartz Claim..... .8-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Spring Hill Mill.Grass Valley Road.A.E. Head, R. Morrow.1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Stamp mill.Little York.John Collins.1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Star Co. Mining claims.Sweetland, Bridgeport Township.Sheriff's Sale: Peter Schneider et al. .10-14-1857.ND 2:5
.Star Ledge.....Contract for tunnel.7-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Assessment sale: delinquent shares of mining stock.3-7-1856.NDG 3:1
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Assessment levy on stockholders.3-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Legal Notice: location of works, assessment on capital stockholders.9-6-1864.NDT 4:5
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Assessment levied against shares, D.B. Frink, Secty..10-25-1864.NDT 1:5
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Announcement: Meeting of Board of Trustees; D.B. Frink, Secty..4-13-1865.NDG 1:1
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Assessment sale: delinquent shares of mining stock.2-26-1866.NDG 4:1
.Star Quartz Mining Co......Notice: delinquent stock holders.5-2-1865.NDG 4:5
.Star Spangled Banner . .Water.1-22-1866.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner. .Lawsuit.9-20-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Co......Stalactites, stalagmites, crystal cave.9-4-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Co......Stalactites, stalagmites, crystal cave.9-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Ledge.....Lawsuit: Gamble et al vs. Kidd et al.10-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Ledge.Deer Creek.Sale to Kidd and Tisdale.7-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Mill.....Hoisting works engine.1-4-1866.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Mill.....Mentions H.L. Hopkins, Alonzo Brown and owners: G.W. Kidd, W.L. Tisdale, W.C. Stiles.3-14-1866.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Mill.....Mines filled.4-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Mine.....Alleged cannonball found.10-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Mine.....Charles Chandler sells 1/6 interest to W.L. Tisdale.1-25-1866.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Mine.....Hoisting works.2-2-1866.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner Quartz Ledge.....Injunction: Gamble vs. Kidd and others.9-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Star Spangled Banner/Stiles Mill.....Tisdale, Stiles.4-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Steam Quartz Mill .Mud Flat near Nevada [City].State of California Notice: Zenas Wheeler.6-2-1858.ND 4:6
.Stede Ledge.Gold Flat.Kidd & Tisdale; storm damage.12-22-1864.NDT 2:1
.Stiles Mill, Fort Clyne.....Mentions photo of suspension bridge showing Stiles Mill.1-8-1866.NDG 3:2
.Stiles Mill/ Star Spangled Banner.....Kidd & Tisdale; storm damage.4-13-1866.NDG 3:1
.Stiles Quartz Mill.Nevada, south end of suspension bridge.Advertisement.1-19-1865.NDT 2:2
.Stiles Quartz Mill.Nevada, south end of suspension bridge.Stiles Separator, new invention.1-19-1865.NDT 2:2
.Stiles Quartz Mill.Nevada, south end of suspension bridge.Stiles Separator, new invention.1-19-1865.NDT 3:3
.Stockbridge Co..Boston Ravine Flat. .7-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Stockbridge Mining claims.Cotton Hill, Gold Hill.Constable's Sale: M. Noble & Young.7-7-1858.ND 3:3
.Stockton Ledge.9 miles below Grass Valley. .2-21-1866.NDG 3:1
.Stokes & Co......Mentioned in Constable's Sale, A. Jacobs.7-10-1862.ND 4:5
.Story & Co. claim.Shelby Hill.Sheriff's Sale: L.G. Wright.1-27-1858.ND 1:3
.Stout & Co claim..Orleans Flat. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Stuart and Company.Summit City.Claim jumpers .9-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Sulphuret Works.Grass Valley.Destroyed by fire.12-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Summit City.Meadow Lake. .8-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Summit Lead.Meadow Lake. .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Swearing, Boswell & Kaler's Quartz Mining Co. claims.One half mile from Nevada City on road to Red Dog.Constable's Sale: A.S. Swearinger, et. al. .4-28-1858.ND 3:6
.Sweetland & Co. claim.San Juan.Profuse yield.12-2-1857.ND 2:5
.Sweets Mill.South Fork Poor Man's Creek. .5-12-1858.ND 2:4
.Tail flumes.Scotchman's Creek; Sourkraut Ravine; Alpha Canon.Administrator's Sale: estate of Caleb Mason.10-1-1861.ND 4:6
.Talbert Ledge.........12-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Talbert Ledge.Willow Valley. .2-12-1866.NDG 3:1
.Tallowan claims.Little York.Sheriff's Sale: Richard Barkle.9-22-1865.NDG 2:4
.Taylor and Bonham claim.Relief Hill, nr. Snow Tent. .9-24-1856.ND 1:5
.Tecumseh Co. Mill.Washington Township.John Pattison.10-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Tecumseh Co. Mill.Washington Township.John Pattison.10-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Tennessee Mining claims.Sweetland Mining District .Sheriff's Sale: James Weaver, S.J. Field.7-14-1858.ND 3:6
.The Big Tunnel Co., Potosi Quartz Mine.Near Forest Springs.....2-7-1865.NDT 3:1
.The Elephant quartz ledge.Slate Creek. .2-17-1865.NDT 3:1
.The Emperor claims.Near Grass Valley.Sale to New York Co. for $400,000.6-23-1865.NDG 3:1
.The York Mining Co. claim.Not Stated.Supr Court Decision, Bear River & Auburn Water & Mining Co. suit.11-18-1857.ND 2:4
.Theopilus Layb & Co. mining claim.Malakoff Canyon.Constable's Sale:
.J. Proquiller.7-29-1862.ND 4:5
.Thomas Clayton & Co. claims.Independence Hill, Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: Thomas Clayton
.....5-2-1860.ND 4:6
.Thomas McFadden and Company, Rich Hill Ledge.Ophir Hill, near Grass Valley.Thomas McFadden.10-2-1865.NDG 3:2
.Thompson & Co. mining claims.....Constable's Sale: William Scott.12-30-1857.ND 2:6
.Timbuctoo quartz lead.Yuba . .11-10-1858.ND 2:1
.Tisdale and Kidd shaft.Gold Flat. .3-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Tolbert Ledge.........2-20-1866.NDG 3:1
.Tolbert Ledge.Willow Valley. .9-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Tomlinson Claim.....Sluice robbery.10-23-1859.ND 3:1
.Tomlinson's Mill.Manzanita Hill.July 4th celebration.7-11-1860.ND 3:2
.Town Talk Mining claims.Howard Hill, Grass Valley Township.Sheriff's Sale: John Jeffree, John Bree, John Roberts.8-1-1865.NDG 4:2
.Town Talk Mining Co..Howard Hill.Sheriff's Sale.7-15-1865.NDG 2:4
.Tremont Quartz Mill.North bank Big Deer Creek.Sheriff's Sale: O.S. Holbrook.9-8-1858.ND 3:5
.Trevethick claims.Junction Bluff. .11-3-1858.ND 2:4
.Trevethick Co..San Juan.John Bevin & Co..2-2-1859.ND 2:5
.Tunnel.Bloomfield.Blasting accident.1-11-1860.ND 3:1
.Tunnel Co..........1-31-1866.NDG 3:1
.Tyrolean Tunnel claim.Lebanon Hill.Peter Drunzer.7-15-1857.ND 1:1
.Tyrolean Tunnel Co..Livings Hill.John Anderson, share.4-22-1857.ND 1:3
.Udora Mining Co..Oustomah Hill, Nevada Township.Constable's Sale: A.C. Laughlin .3-14-1860.ND 4:;;6
.Union claims.........2-2-1865.NDT 3:1
.Union Co. claims.Little Deer Creek, 1 mile above French Mill.....1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Union Co. Quartz Mill.....W.C. Stiles, shafting table.3-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Co..Deer Creek.Sold to New York Company.6-19-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Co..Little Deer Creek.Attempt to purchase.12-22-1864.NDT 2:1
.Union Copper Mining Co...... .4-3-1866.NDG 2:1
.Union Diggings, tall flume.North side Grass Valley, Nevada Township.Sheriff's Sale for delinquent taxes.7-11-1865.NDG 4:2
.Union Flume.....Storm loss to Walters, Andrews & Co. .12-17-1861.ND 2:4
.Union Flume.near Virgin Creek.Mentioned in Constable's Sale: George Cornelius et al.1-9-1862.ND 4:4
.Union Flumes.Virgin Valley Creek.Constable's Sale: A. Mayoux, L. Wathe, D.P. Waters.9-12-1860.ND 2:6
.Union Gold & Quartz Mining Co..Little York.Assessment levied against stockholders, Alex Weed, Secty.9-11-1864.NDT 3:2
.Union Gold & Quartz Mining Co..Little York.Legal Notice, assessment against capital stockholders.9-6-1864.NDT 2:5
.Union Gold and Quartz Mining Co..Diamond Creek, Little York.Levy assessed against shares, Alix Weed, Secty. .11-5-1864.NDT 2:3
.Union Gold and Quartz Mining Co..Diamond Creek, 4 miles east of Omega, Washington Township.Sheriff's Sale for delinquent taxes.7-11-1865.NDG 4:3
.Union Hill.Grass Valley. .9-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Jack Mine.Near Grass Valley and Ione Mine.Purchase by Schloss and Co..3-3-1866.NDG 3:1
.Union lead.Little Deer Creek. .2-5-1865q.NDT 3:1
.Union Ledge..... .10-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Ledge.near Crystal Springs.Sharp & Smith & Co. owners.10-6-1864.NDT 3:1
.Union Ledge.Unionville.Village growing around ledge.2-17-1865.NDT 3:1
.Union Mine.........4-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Union Mine.....Accident.11-1-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Mine.....Accident, Coverdale.11-3-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Mine.....Serious accident, Coverdale.10-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Union Mine.Copperopolis, Calaveras County. .2-28-1866.NDG 1:5
.Union Quartz Ledge.....1/2 interest sold by Van Stoic to Hill (Forest Mill Co.) .1-19-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed .One mile above Oriental.Quartz ledge discovery.12-12-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed.Stocking Flat.Litchfield.1-27-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed place.Near Payne's Ranch.New quartz prospecting; Hearst and Hunt , Samuel Curtis, Supt..11-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Willow Valley.Henry Stede.4-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Pine Hill.Accident: Cave in, Peter Drury injured.2-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.North Bloomfield (Humbug).William Beck.11-17-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Deadwood Creek.Allen & Green owners.11-11-1857....
.Unnamed claim.Birchville, Sabastopol, Sweetland. .12-9-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.French Corra.Dr. Farleigh, storm losses.12-17-1861. ND 2:1
.Unnamed claim.French Corral.Fatal Accident, Bernard Rogers, Patrick Farrelly.7-31-1862.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Gold Flat.George W. Clay.1-5-1865.NDT 2:1
.Unnamed claim.Kate Hayes Ravine.Storm loss, David Alexander, Beard & Co. .12-17-1861.ND 2:1
.Unnamed claim.Near Newtown.Rich ledge.1-7-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Omega.Mining suspended.11-30-1859.ND 2:4
.Unnamed claim.Wood's Ravine.Harvey Lowell , .10-21-1857.ND 2:3
.Unnamed claim.Omega.Bowman, Lansing & Co..5-11-1859.ND 2:3
.Unnamed claim.Pooler's Ranch.Rich gravel diggings.2-28-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.San Juan.Bloomer Co..11-17-1858.ND 2:5
.Unnamed claim.American Hill , Deer Creek. .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.American Hill.A.T. Laird.3-25-1857.ND 2:2
.Unnamed claim.American Hill.Mining accident.12-14-1859.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Auburn Ravine (Placer Co.). .4-8-1857.ND 2:2
.Unnamed claim.Buena Vista.Mining accident.12-14-1859.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Buffalo Hill.Constable's Sale: Charles Haskel & Co, ent. of Aaron Cook, mentions Missouri Canyon, Enders & Rockford.3-22-1862.ND 4:4
.Unnamed claim.Canada Hill . .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Columbia Hill.Accident kills David A. Hill.4-15-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Cushenberry Hill.Administrator's Sale: 1/2 interest in claim.11-9-1859.ND 4:6
.Unnamed claim.Deer Creek below old Wyoming Quartz Mill.Constable's Sale: William McWhinney.11-11-1857.ND 4:3
.Unnamed claim.Eureka.....9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Unnamed claim.Frenchman's Bar.Accident kills William Davis, Thomas Bridwell, Henry Bates, Mr. White.3-4-1857.ND 2:3
.Unnamed claim.Frenchman's Bar.Accident.3-11-1856.ND 2:1
.Unnamed claim.Gold Flat.Sneath and Clay.3-25-1862.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Grass Valley Road near residence of E.W. Roberts.Rich quartz lead.10-21-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Humbug Creek near North Bloomfield.Constable's Sale: mentions Fuller & Co., Jacobs & Co..7-5-1862.ND 2:4
.Unnamed claim.Hunt's Hill.Brown & Lalonde.3-2-1859.ND 2:1
.Unnamed claim.Little Deer Creek near French Mill.Rich lead.9-6-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Location unknown.Joseph Thompson and gold "bowlder".9-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Lost Hill. .3-25-1857.ND 2:2
.Unnamed claim.Meadow Lake.Major Stilling.7-31-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Moore's Flat. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Unnamed claim.Mud Flat. .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Near Maltman's works, Grass Valley Road.Benjamin Jones.11-30-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Gold Flat, Stede land. .10-21-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Potosi.....4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Quaker Hill. .11-16-1861.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Rock Creek. .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Scott's Flat, Kanoka Creek. .3-25-1857.ND 2:6
.Unnamed claim.Selby Flat. .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Shady Creek, Johnson's Ranch, Bridgeport Township.Constable's Sale.11-18-1857.ND 1:3
.Unnamed claim.Walloupa.Mining accident.12-14-1859.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Washington.Streely & Co. owners.6-30-1858.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claim.Wet Hill. .3-25-1857.ND 2:2
.Unnamed claim.Woolseys Flat. .9-10-1856.ND 2:6
.Unnamed claim and tunnel.Glenbrook Race Course. .3-29-1862.ND 3:1
.Unnamed claims.North Bloomfield, near Virgin Valley Creek.Constable's Sale: George Cornelius, John Brunges owners; mentions Henry Ross & Co. and Hilderscheidt's claims.11-29-1864.NDT 2:3
.Unnamed copper ledge.Little York Township.John Thorp .4-16-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed diggings.Shady Creek.Lawsuit: Nevada Water Company of Bridgeport Township v. Henry Powell, Frank Coffey, Kerr, Phelan.2-3-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed diggins.Near head of Gold Canyon.George Hearst.7-20-1859.ND 3:1
.Unnamed ditch .Chalk Bluff to Red Dog from point above Remington Hill.Joint Stock Company.8-31-1859.ND 3:1
.Unnamed ditch.Quaker Hill.Burnt in effigy, Mr. Jacobs, owner.12-7-1861.ND 3:1
.Unnamed flumes, tailings.New York Ravine near Snow Point, Eureka Twp..Constable's Sale: J.B. Cowger.6-5-1862.ND 2:4
.Unnamed gravel claim.Deer Creek.Rich gravel.12-14-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed hydraulic claim.Moores Flat.Accident: Capt. Atwater.2-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed hydraulic claims.Peck's Ravine near Rough and Ready.Dennis McKeon and others.2-2-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed hydraulic mining claim.Myers Ravine.For sale.9-8-1858.ND 2:6
.Unnamed lead.Sailor Ravine. .1-20-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed lead.Slate Creek. .1-17-1865.NDT 3:2
.Unnamed lead.Osborne's Hill, Grass Valley. .3-1-1862.ND 2:2
.Unnamed ledge.Cement Hill.Uncle Billy Haslett .2-10-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Red Hill two miles below Soggs.New ledge.10-6-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Wood's Ravine.New Ledge.6-10-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.3/4 mile from Grass Valley.Quartz ledge discovery.12-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Little Canon Creek near Eureka.Kirby and Ryan.11-28-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Moores Flat, New York Ravine near Snow Point.Sunk & McNally.1-20-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Shelby Flat. .2-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Stocking Flat, Deer Creek.New quartz ledge, Haslett, Litchfield.1-18-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Clark's Ranch below Grass Valley. .3-28-1860.ND 2:1
.Unnamed ledge.Clark's Ranch below Grass Valley. .4-11-1860.ND 2:1
.Unnamed ledge.Head of Willow Valley. .6-14-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Heuston Hill.District Court: lawsuit, Maguire v. Trenberth.4-22-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed ledge.Near McCormick's Ranch.John Gray.9-23-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed ledges and gravel.Between Middle and North Yuba River.Mineral wealth.11-26-1864.NDT 4:1
.Unnamed mine.Birchville Hill, San Joaquin Co.. .7-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed mines.French Corral.Water scarcity.6-24-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed mining claim.1/4 mile south of Remington Hill Trail on divide between north and middle fork, Greenhorn Creek.Sheriff's Sale: A.J. Yorty.6-29-1859.ND 4:5
.Unnamed mining claim.American Hill.Damage to mining claims, Mr. Rogers.12-10-1861.ND 3:1
.Unnamed mining claim.Independence Hill, Omega Township.....11-16-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed mining claim.Moores Flat.James Maginnes death.2-2-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed mining claim.near Virgin Creek.Constable's Sale: George Cornelius, Charles Isenbeck, John Flattery & others. Mentions H. Ross & Co., Dr. Hiller & Co., Union Flume.1-9-1862.ND 4:4
.Unnamed mining claims.Middle Yuba River at mouth of Indian Creek.Sheriff's Sale: John Winston, et. al..1-20-1858.ND 3:6
.Unnamed mining claims.Nevada Township, bounded by Young & Ames on West and claims of Poor and Co. on east..Estate of John R. Lippett.10-12-1859.ND
.Unnamed mining claims.Paddy's Point near Liberty Hill fronting Bear River.Constable's Sale: William Dickenson .6-6-1860.ND 2:6
.Unnamed mining claims.Quaker Hill.Mr. Jacobs, ditch owner, compromises with miners.12-12-1861.ND 3:1
.Unnamed mining claims.Sweetland, Bridgeport Township.District Court, Hiscox and others v. Curtis and others.8-1-1860.ND 3:1
.Unnamed mining ground, Chicken Point.Plymouth Ridge at Chalk Bluff, Little York Township east of Red Dog .Sheriff's Sale: J.D. Hewett; mentions claims of Fulweiler and Company, Curts and Company; Plymouth Rock claims.2-5-1866.NDG 4:1
.Unnamed mining tunnel.Wolf Creek below Allison Ranch.Proposed drainage and tunnel.1-29-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz claim.Rough & Ready near Slate Creek. .1-24-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz claim.Gold Hill, Squirrel Creek. .1-26-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz claim .Above Pine Street Bridge near Fleming House.Sheriff's Sale: James and Ellen Fleming.12-2-1857.ND 1:3
.Unnamed quartz discovery.Near Gregory's Hill, Greenhorn.....1-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz discovery.Near head of Fall Creek, 15 miles from Washington.John McKitrick.10-3-1861.ND 5:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.Deer Creek below old Cornish Mill. .2-8-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.Near Wood's Ravine.Discovery by Cornish miners.5-30-1860.ND 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead .South side Deer Creek 3 miles above Nevada City.George Hirst, owner.4-7-1858.ND 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.American Hill.J.W. Hastings, owner.12-23-1857.ND 2:4
.Unnamed quartz lead.Deer Creek near French Mill.Rich quartz lead.9-10-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.Deer Creek near Stiles claims.African Americans.9-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.Deer Creek near Stiles claims.Article, Spanish prospectors.9-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.Grass Valley.Skinker & Dibble, owners.1-13-1858.ND 2:3
.Unnamed quartz lead.Phelps Hill on Deer Creek. .1-7-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead.Selby Flat.L.B. Austin, owner.9-8-1858.ND 3:1
.Unnamed quartz lead, Gallows Flat.Deer Creek. .2-3-1858.ND 2:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Rattlesnake Creek, 6 miles southeast of Grass Valley.40-foot quartz ledge, Bill Weeks.3-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Old Grass Valley Road.New quartz ledge, John Hall.12-18-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Gaston Ridge.R.W. Latta .4-1-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge....."Absent minded;" the butcher and the quartz ledge.2-16-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Deer Creek at Cascade Falls 12 miles above Nevada [City].Mammoth quartz ledge; mentions Mr. Spayth.2-20-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Deer Creek, 10 miles above Nevada [City].John Spayth.2-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Grass Valley above Judge Walsh Mill and Dam.Rich quartz ledge.5-16-1860.ND 2:4
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Lot in rear of Weiss Brewery. .6-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Moore's Flat.Mr. Sweet.7-24-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Near Fall Creek, Washington Township.Cyrus Akins.10-5-1861.ND 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Near Mreeimac, Glenbrook Race Track.Osborn, part owner.10-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Near Southard's saw mill and Star Spangled Banner Mine.William Phillips.2-27-1866.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Near Star Spangled Banner.H. Southard.4-11-1866 .NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz ledge.Willow Valley.McGoun and others.5-5-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz mill.Grass Valley.New process and new quartz mill.2-2-1865.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz mill.Grass Valley Township.Summons and Complaint, C.W. Pegg.9-8-1858.ND 3:6
.Unnamed quartz mill.Monte Santa District, Deer Creek.Randolph et. al. owners.10-27-1858.ND 3:1
.Unnamed quartz mill.Red Dog.Steam up, E. Williams, esq., owner.9-7-1864.NDT 3:1
.Unnamed quartz mill.Rocky Falls [Nevada?].Redding and Hansbrows hydrostatic engine.10-17-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz mill, Indian Hill Ledge.Meadow Lake. .11-4-1865.NDG 2:1
.Unnamed quartz strike.Near head of Gold Run.Kidd, Tisdale, Thomas, Peard, Wentworth.3-29-1865.NDG 3:2
.Unnamed quartz vein.Slate Creek.Shurtliff, Mather, etc.9-25-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed quartz vein.Willow Valley.A.J. Doolittle.1-23-1862.ND 3:1
.Unnamed rich strike.Near Eureka at Bowman's Ranch. .6-30-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed silver vein.Dog Valley, Henness Pass Road. .10-26-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed strike.Rock Creek.John Hall.3-11-1862.ND 3:1
.Unnamed strike.South of French Mill.18 inch ledge, bedrock tunnel.4-3-1865.NDG 3:2
.Unnamed tunnel.About 1 mile beyond Star Spangled Banner.Mattingly, Phillips and others.8-28-1865.NDG 3:1
.Unnamed tunnel and quartz ledge.East Broad Street, Nevada City.Foote, Preston & others.4-13-1865.NDG 3:1
.Valentine Curran claim.Little York.Fatal accident, Donald McKensey.8-8-1860.ND 2:1
.Valley View Mine.6 miles from Bear River and 1/2 mile from Lincoln Road.W.H. Weeks.4-14-1866.NDG 3:1
.Various claims, flumes, ditches, cuts, tunnels of John B. Taylor.Lowell Hill , Omega District.Sheriff's Sale: foreclosure; mentions Perkins & Co., Marvin & Co., Hall & Co., Lynch & Co.; Former owner Loney & Co..12-30-1865.NDG 3:2
.Various mines.Gold Run, Dutch Flat (Placer County). .5-31-1865.NDG 2:3
.Villa Rica Diggings.North Bloomfield. .11-29-1864.NDT 3:1
.Virginia Ditch.From Diamond Creek to Omega.Sheriff's Sale: James Culbertson & Co..11-25-1857.ND 3:3
.Virginia Mining Co......Summons: F. Gurshin, F. Hillere.8-26-1862.ND 2:4
.W. Wood quartz claim.Kentucky Ravine between Kentucky Flat and Yuba River.....1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Wait for the Wagon Co. claims.Selby Hill.Constable's Sale: Stephen Venard, et al..2-16-1859.ND 2:6
.Walker Shaft.........3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Waloopa Diggings.Red Dog.Mentioned in article on Chalk Bluff Ditch.7-22-1857.ND 1:3
.Walsh Diggings.West side Orleans Flat.Constable's Sale: Stephen Boyce, et. al..12-30-1857.ND 4:6
.Walton & Burns claims.Wentworth Ranch.Sheriff's Sale.6-24-1857.ND 1:3
.Ware's Quartz Mining Co. claim.Hughes' Hill.Constable's Sale: Frank Clemens & Co..5-12-1858.ND 2:6
.Washington.Meadow Lake.Also Red Dog, Galena.7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Washington Co..Excelsior Mining District. .7-7-1865.NDG 3:1
.Watt and Judd.Grass Valley.Rich quartz ledge.5-16-1860.ND 2:4
.Watt claim.Massachusetts Hill.Worked out; mentions: Stockbridge Company, Con. Reilly and Martin Ford, a French Company, A.B. Brady, Supt..2-3-1866.NDG 3:1
.Weaver Creek and Eureka Water Ditch.Eureka.Sheriff's Sale:
.J.H. Blankenship, 2:6
.Webber Claims.Phelps Hill. .12-7-1859.ND 4:6
.Week's Mill.Gold Flat.Lease expired.9-20-1864.NDT 3:1
.Welch & Co. claims.Orleans Flat.Sheriff's Sale: Michael Ruth, Stephen Boyce.6-23-1858.ND 2:6
.Welch Claims.Orleans Flat.Sheriff's Sale: Thomas and Margaret Cauthron.6-23-1858.ND 2:6
.Well Copper Mining Co......Election of trustees: J. Moody, Josiah Heacock, A.D. Harrison, E.F. Spence, H. Blinn.9-17-1864.NDT 3:1
.Well Copper Mining Co..Prettymans Ranch.Legal Notice: assessment against capital stock.9-7-1864.NDT 4:4
.Well Copper Mining Co..Prettymans Ranch, Spenceville.Assessment levy on stock, Josiah Heacock, Secty.9-13-1864.NDT 2:3
.Well Copper Mining Co..Spenceville.Notice of delinquent assessments: N.G. Brown, Robert Reed, M.L. Winans, L. Morrill, J.P. Raymond, A.C. Nichols.9-17-1864.NDT 2:3
.Wet Hill, Woodside Diggings.Birdseye Ravine, Mud Flat, Nevada Township.Administrator's Notice, Estate of Joseph Harrington.8-18-1858.ND 3:2
.Whartman & Co. claim.San Juan. .3-17-1858.ND 3:1
.White , Pope & Co. claims.Bourbon Hill.Fatal Mining Accident, Calvin Cleveland.1-11-1862.ND 3:1
.Wigham Ledge.........2-16-1866.NDG 3:1
.Wigham Ledge.....Mr. Merchantreopens; Bowen and Company history.1-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Wigham Mine.........4-5-1866.NDG 3:1
.Wigham's Mill.not stated. .4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.William Allen's Ditch .Peck's Flat, Ditch from Wolf Creek Ditch to Gold Flat.Sheriff's Sale.7-8-1857.ND
.William Heard Ledge.2 miles east of Grass Valley. .12-22-1865.NDG 3:1
.William M. Beck.North Bloomfield. .2-4-1865.NDT 2:3
.Williams & Riggs.Red Dog.8-stamp mill.1-4-1865.NDT 3:1
.Williams claims.Red Dog.Williams, Ed.1-14-1865.NDT 3:1
.Williamson & Co. claims.Lost Hill.Water piped in from Snow Mountain Ditch.1-12-1865.NDT 3:1
.Williamson & Co. claims.Lost Hill. .12-23-1864.NDT 3:1
.Willow Mining Co. claim. .C.F. Robinson, Treas, Z.P. Davis, Pres..2-11-1857.ND 2:6
.Wilson Gold Mining.....Declaration of sole trader, Sarah A. Wilson, business of gold mining.4-3-1862.ND 4:4
.Winhams claims.San Juan. .4-27-1859.ND 2:4
.Winnemucca.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Winter, Robinson and Co. Mill.Meadow Lake. .9-29-1865.NDG 3:1
.Winton Mill.Meadow Lake. .3-21-1866.NDG 3:1
.Winton Mill.Summit City. .12-21-1865.NDG 3:1
.Winton, Robinson & Co..Richport, foot of Meadow Lake.4-stamp mils, Mr. Long; 16-stamps, , Robinson .7-27-1865.NDG 3:1
.Winton's Quartz Mill.Summit City. .3-13-1866.NDG 3:3
.Wisconsin.Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article on Meadow Lake mines.11-9-1865.NDG 3:1
.Wisconsin Co. Quartz Mill.Grass Valley.Sheriff's Sale: Patrick Rogers.7-7-1858.ND 2:6
.Wisconsin Co..Meadow Lake.Mentioned in article.9-22-1865.NDG 2:2
.Wisconsin Mining Co. Quartz Mill, Lead and Stamp Mill.Between New York Hill land Missouri Hill.Sheriff's Sale: .9-8-1858.1: ND
.Wolf Creek Ditch.Wolf Creek.Sheriff's Sale: Alfred Johnson.7-22-1857.ND 1:3
.Wood's Ravine.Deer Creek.Value per ton extracted.4-22-1857.ND 3:1
.Wyandotte Lead, Rush Creek Quartz Lead.Three miles from Nevada.William B. Swan, John Robinson, William H. Hill, William Gilham, Joseph Gilbert, D. McLane, M.M. Green.12-22-1858.ND 3:1
.Wyoming Claims.San Juan Hill. .11-3-1858.ND 2:4
.Wyoming Co. claim.San Juan. .3-17-1858.ND 3:1
.Wyoming Quartz Mill. .Van Pelt, Green, et. al..3-10-1858.ND 3:1
.Yorty & Co. .Mount Oro.Running shafts.7-25-1860.ND 3:1
.Young America Co......Tunnel near Live Oak Co..3-9-1859.ND 3:1
.Young America Co. Sugar Loaf Range Shaft.Between the shafts of Nebraska Co. and Live Oak Co......8-29-1858.ND 3:1
.Young America Shaft..... .3-9-1866.NDG 3:1
.Young America Shaft..... .6-22-1859.ND 3:1
.Yuba Ditch.Dutch Flat near Bear Valley.Break on Yuba Ditch; heavy landslide .4-3-1866.NDG 3:1

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