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Great Register of voters - 1866

This is just a small sample copied from the above register at Searls Historical Library in Nevada City. The actual records can be viewed in person at the library—but because of the size of the book, they cannot be photocopied. Great Registers are now avaiable at Family Search at the LDS Family History Web Site. Microfilm of these records can be viewed and ordered from the California State Library. (See online catalog.)

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Key to abbreviations: GV = Grass Valley; NC = Nevada City; Nev. Twp. = Nevada Township (outside NC); NSJ= North San Juan; GV Twp = Grass Valley Township (outside GV) R&R= Rough and Ready; CH = Columbia Hill; MF = Moores Flat; ML = Meadow Lake

Under “Naturalization:” "N/A" means U.S. Citizen
under "Registration" any remarks after "/" means the person was removed from the voter roles (eg. due to 'death')

Dahmake, Henry/Henry Diedrick35HanoverNSJnat. 5-6-1867, Nev. Co. Ct.6 May 1867
Daily, Rufus K.29OhioWashington11 June 18687
Daly, Patrick32BavariaFrench Corralnat 29 Jun 1867 Nev. Co. Dist Ct29 June 1867
Damron?, Paul Cicero39VARelief Hill 24 June 1867
Dandridge, Robert AlexanderVAYou Bet29 June 1867
Dane, Israel46NYMLn/a May 1867
Daniels, Henry47OHNSJn/a23 June 1866
Dann, Alphonso41MO or ME?Grass Valley Twp24 June 1867 (left state)
Dart, Girley39NYJunction Bluffn/a15 Apr 1867
Dauscher, Peter35BavariaFrench Corralnat 20 Jun 1867, Nev. Co. Dist Ct.29 June 1867
Davenport, Josiah Nelson22MENCn/a28 July 1866
Davenport, Samuel Breck48CTNCN/A19 May 1866
Davenport, Thomas Thurston37MANCn/a26 Dec 1866/”Dead 5 Nov 1875”
David/Davis, David39WalesBirchvillenat 10-8-1864 Nev. Co. Dist Ct15 May 1867
Davidson, Joseph Watson36TNCHn/a6 June 1866/Removed 4 Aug 1875
Davis, Benjamin Philosopher47INNCN/A16 Jun 1866
Davis, Charles William22OHSweetlandn/a13Apr 1867
Davis, David G.32WalesBirchvillenat 10-8-1864, Nev. Co. Dist Ct15 May 1867
Davis, Edward Henry43AustraliaGrass Valley Twpnat 15 Mar 1859, Amador Co. 16th Jud Dist Ct 27 June 1867
Davis, George Graves51OHSweetlandn/a13 Apr 1867
Davis, George William34PAEurekan/a6 July 1866
Davis, John35IRMFnat. 5-6-1867, Nev. Co. Ct.6 May 1867/”cancelled 31 Oct 1876”
Davis, John33WalesBirchvillenat 17-15-1865, Nev. Co. Dist Ct15 May 1867
Davis, John Leyton35MEEureka27 June 1867 (removed)
Davis, Joseph 32KYGV N/A4 Jun 1866/ "Dead"
Davis, Henry48 NYGVN/A4 Jun 1866
Davis, Irvin Fifield31NSJ n/a7 May 1867/”Removed 5 Aug 1875”
Davis, John 58 NCGVN/A28 Jun 1866/ "Dead Oct 6, 1874"
Davis, John Bell 21TNGVN/A28 Jun 1866
Davis, Luther Loomis41VTGVn/a3 Apr 1867
Davis, Thomas H.53WalesBirchvillenat 12-2-1844, Schuylkill Co. PA, Ct of Comm. Pleas15 May 1867
Davis, William Morgan35WalesBirchvillenat 10-8-1864 Nev Co. Dist Ct15 May 1867
Davis, William39WalesMoore’s Flatnat 3 Nov 1860 St Louis MO Law Commissioner’s Ct26 June 1867
Davis, Wilson28MO/ME?GVn/a10 May 1867
Daws, John38EnglandGVn/a?3 June 1867
Daws, WilliamEnglandGV nat 12-4-1854 Schuylkill Co. PA Ct. Comm. Pleas15 May 1867
Dawson, Edward Guelsblay46INNCn/a23 Feb 1867
Day, Appleton Hollister30NYNCn/a4 June 1867
Day, Benjamin71VTCHn/a4 Sept 1866
Day, David31NYMFn/a22 June 1866/Removed
Day, Holland Hinds 44 NHGVN/A16 Jun 1866
Dayo, Wolverton58EnglandGV Twpn/a?29 May 1867
Dean, Jesse Newman Hanning39CTNCn/a24 Mar 1867/”Dead”/”Error”
Diedrick, Henry/Dahmake, Henry35HanoverNSJnat. 5-6-1867, Nev. Co. Ct.6 May 1867
Lucas, Adam30NYGVN/A20 Jun 1866
Luchsinger,Nicholas40SwitzerlandWillow Valley6 Jan 1850m Philadelphia [Supr Ct]25 May 1867
Lucy, Simon Spaulding37NHNCN/A21 May 1866
Ludby, William49NYNCN/A18 Mar 1867
Luddington, Daniel Lewis28OHGVN/A26 Jun 1867
Luetje, Fred. Christian36HolsteinNC16 Aug 1858, Nev. Co. Dist. Ct.12 Jan 1867
Luke, John32IrelandGV9 Nov 1864, Virginia, Storey Co. NV Dist Ct.4May 1867
Luke, William37EnglandGV30 Nov 1860, Nev. Co. Dist Ct.3 Jun 1867
Lund, Carl Ferdinand51DenmarkGV2 Aug 1867, Nev. Co. Dist. Ct.2 Aug 1867
Lunk, James Frederick24MEGVN/A10 Aug 1867
Lunz,Joseph29 PortugalR&R28 Sep 1868, Nev. Co. Dist. Ct.28 Sep 1868
Luquein, Joseph59BelgiumGV31 Aug 1868, Nev. Co. Dist. Ct.31 Aug 1868
Lutz, Bernhard35GermanyNCNov 1860, Fayette Co. IL
papers lost
20 Aug 1868
Taber, Charles Edw37MEN Bloomfield TwpN/A29 Jun 1867
Tackitt, Allen40WVNSJN/A14 MY 1867
Taffe, John40IREGV8 Sep 1860,Nev Co.Dist Ct.15 May 1867
Talbot, James36IrelandBirchville4 Apr 1859, Philadelphia, Dist Ct 9 Feb 1867
Talbot, Simon Bailey42MEDonner LakeN/A26 Jun 1867
Tangye, John54 EnglandNC 22 Mar 1848, Mineral Pt WI Sup Ct 13 Apr 1867
Tarleton, Bernard45IREGV July l841, Carbon Co. PA2 Aug 1867
Tatham, James 45IREGVN/A29 Jun 1867
Taylor, Barzillian36TNJunction Bluff N/A15 Apr 1867
Taylor, Charles Osborn39NYNewtown N/A 6 Jul 1866
Taylor, Chas. Willoughby32MENev TwpN/A29 Apr 1867
removed 25 Aug 1875
Taylor, Cornelius25MSGV N/A 16Jun 1866
Taylor, Frederick L.28MEGV N/A 16 Jul 1866
Taylor, John Heeley40INSweet. N/A 18Jun 1866
Taylor, Jonathon Frank42NYYou Bet N/A10 Apr 1867
removed 28 Sep 1876
Taylor, Joseph46NYGV TwpN/A4 July 1867
Taylor, Michael C.34IREGV20 Mar 1860, Nevada Co. Dist. Ct22 Apr 1867
Taylor, William63TNR&RN/A11 May 1867
Taylor, William40ARGV Twp N/A 29 Jun 1867
Taylor, William Helms36NJNev Twp N/A13 Apr 1867
Taylor, William Martin37PANC N/A 19 May 1866
Wilson, Marshall Edwin26MACherokeeN/A7 Sep 1876


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