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File #CompanyDateLocation
U1Union Gold & Quartz Mining Co.2-3-1864Little York
U2Union Hill Mining Co.3-24-1868Grass Valley
U3Union Gold & Silver Mining Co.10-7-1875Grass Valley
U4Union Gravel Mining Co.10-23-1868San Francisco
U5Union Gravel Mining Co.10-23-1868San Francisco
U6Union Turnpike Co.10-15-1880Los Angeles
U7Union Turnpike Co.9-7-1881Los Angeles
U8Union Turnpike Co.10-29-1881Los Angeles
U9Union Turnpike Co.11-11-1881Los Angeles
U10Union Mining Co.10-20-1885Nevada County
U11Union Lumber Co.2-10-1896Grass Valley
U12Unity Gold and Silver Mining Co.9-14-1897Grass Valley
U13Union Hill Consolidated Mines4-27-1890San Francisco
U15Union Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-24-1904Nevada City
U16Union Publishing Co.2-7-1906Grass Valley
U20United Grizzly Mining Co.4-5-1913North Columbia
U24United American Mining Co.8-27-1920Grass Valley
U25United American Mining Co.9-15-1921Grass Valley
U28Boca Land Co./The Union Ice Co.3-12-1926Boca
U35Union Blue Gravel Mining Co.9-4-1901San Francisco
U44Upper Lead Mining Co.1-18-1939Nevada City
U59Union Publishing Co.3-18-1858Nevada County
U72United Pentecostal Church of Grass Valley8-31-1970Grass Valley
U73Universal Mother Maryís Garden and the Mon-Ka Retreat11-29-1978Nevada County
V1The Vigilance Gold Mining Co.12-4-1867Nevada City
V2Vulcan Gold and Silver Mining Co.4-22-1878Grass Valley
V3Venus Gold Mining Co.9-24-1878Grass Valley
V4Virginia Gold Mining Co.9-30-1878Grass Valley
V5Virginia Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Co.5-29-1891Grass Valley
V6Verdi Lumber Co.7-25-1900Verdi, Washoe County, NV
V7Verdi Mill Co.10-10-1888Verdi, Washoe County, NV
V8Valley Feed Co.8-5-1905Nevada City
V9Vera Gold Mining Co.7-14-1908Nevada City
V10Victory Mines Co., Limited8-20-1913Honolulu, HI
V14Valley Electric Motor Works, Inc.8-23-1935Nevada County
V17Veterans of World War No. 1, Grass Valley.Barracks No. 7768-20-1958Nevada County
V19Vind Bros. Construction, Inc.4-5-1965Nevada County
V20Vista-Tec, Inc.9-25-1966Nevada County
V22Valley Veneer Co., Inc.4-9-1969Nevada County
V24Vind Bros. Construction, Inc.6-20-1973Not stated
V25Vind Bros. Construction, Inc.6-20-1973Not stated
V26Valdee, Inc.8-28-1978Nevada City
V27Vailís Pharmacy, Inc.9-25-1978Truckee
W1Watt Gold and Silver Mining Co.12-4-1863Grass Valley
W2Wild Rose Copper Mining Co.12-19-1863Spenceville
W3Washington Co.1-13-1864North San Juan
W4Western Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-11-1866Little York
W5The Wisconsin Mining Co.7-17-1868Grass Valley
W6William Penn Gold Quartz Mining Co.1-23-1869Grass Valley
W7West Eureka Gold Mining Co.3-9-1969Grass Valley
W8The Webster Gravel Mining Co.3-15-1871Rough & Ready
W9Washington Mining Co.3-24-1873Grass Valley
W10Wheeler Consolidated Gold Mining Co.11-12-1875Grass Valley
W11The Washington Mining Co.8-6-1868San Francisco
W13Wyoming Gold Mining Co.12-31-1872Nevada County
W14Watt Blue Gravel Mining Co.2-20-1877San Francisco
W15West Point Gravel Mining Co.4-21-1877Grass Valley
W16Wind Up Gravel Mining Co.7-31-1878Grass Valley
W17Watt Blue Gravel Mining Co.2-19-1877San Francisco
W18The Washington Mining Co.1-31-1879Not stated
W19The Washington Mining Co.3-30-1880Grass Valley
W20Weissbein Brothers and Co. Broking and Business Corporation5-28-1880Grass Valley
W21Weissbein Brothers and Co. Broking and Business Corporation5-28-1880Grass Valley
W22Wyoming Gold Mining Co.12-31-1872San Francisco
W23Washington Mining Co.9-8-1886Washington
W24W.Y.O.D. Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-27-1887Grass Valley
W25West Harmony Gravel Mining Co.1-17-1891Nevada City
W26Wyoming Consolidated Quartz Mining Co.12-31-1890Grass Valley
W27Wolf Creek Quartz Mining Co.2-7-1891Nevada City
W28William Tell Gold Mining Co.11-10-1892Grass Valley
W29Worlds Fair Gravel Mining Co.6-21-1904Nevada City
W31William George and Sons1-2-1896Grass Valley
W32Wonder Outfitting Co.2-25-1897Grass Valley
W33W.Y.O.D. Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-27-1887Grass Valley
W34W.Y.O.D. Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-27-1887Grass Valley
W35W.Y.O.D. Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-27-1887Grass Valley
W38W.F. Wilkie Grocery Co.2-11-1907Truckee
W39Westrich Manufacturing and Supply Co.7-8-1908Nevada City
W42W.C. Jones Memorial Hospital, Inc.1-23-1910Grass Valley
W43The Womans Improvement Club of the City of Grass Valley4-29-1910Grass Valley
W44Western Gold Mines Co.5-21-1914Grass Valley
W45W.P. and C. Mines Co.3-18-1915San Francisco
W46Western Precious Metals Corporation5-19-1920Reno, NV
W47William B. White Music Co., Inc.10-17-1921Grass Valley
W48West Empire Mining and Milling Corporation2-5-1924Reno, NV
W50Western Mines Consolidated, Inc.6-6-1924Reno/Nevada City
W51Washington Mining and Development Co.11-5-1926Nevada City
W55West Empire Mining and Milling Corporation7-22-1926Reno, NV
W66William George and Sons7-23-1935Not stated
W67William George and Sons7-29-1935Not stated
W68Waring Engineering Corporation, Ltd.2-24-1936Nevada County
W69W.C. Jones Memorial Hospital12-15-1939Nevada County
W70W.C. Jones Memorial Hospital12-21-1939Nevada County
W71Washington Mining and Development Co.6-25-1940San Francisco
W81W.E. Frye Construction Co., Inc.5-17-1955Grass Valley
W82Willow Valley Mines of California5-26-1955San Francisco
W83William Bull Meek Chapter E Clampus Vitus12-7-1956Rough and Ready
W85Waltz Corporation3-25-1959Reno, NV
W86Watt Park Volunteer Fire Department8-1-1959Nevada County
W88Western Nevada County United Service Council6-17-1960Nevada County
W89Woods Eye, Inc.1-12-1968Nevada County
W93Butte-Sierra Dental Society3-20-1963Nevada County
W97Wilker Development Co., Inc.11-29-1964Nevada County
W100Western Lake Properties Association2-17-1967Nevada County
W101W.C. Jones Memorial Hospital6-26-1967Nevada County
W102Welcome Home, Inc.1-17-1968Nevada County
W104W & R Logging, Inc.4-25-1968Nevada County
W106Wico Services, Inc.8-17-1968Nevada County
W107World Aircraft Sales Co.2-24-1969Nevada County
W109W.E.T. Unlimited, Inc.7-19-1969Nevada County
W110Nevada County Title Co.11-13-1969Nevada County
W114Western Recreational Contractors6-20-1971Nevada County
W116William Bull Meek-William Morris Stewart Chapter E Clampus Vitus2-1-1972Nevada County
W117Walt Saunders, Inc.6-23-1973Nevada County
W119Whalin & Moore, Inc.4-9-1974Nevada County
W120Wolfcrest Homes, Inc.5-28-1974Nevada County
W122Western Nevada County Recycling Council6-15-1974Nevada County
W124W. Keith Seolas, M.D., Inc.10-20-1975Nevada County
W125Wandell Custom Homes, Inc.3-20-1976Nevada County
W126West-Ward Timber, Inc.5-19-1976Nevada County
W127Walt Saunders, Inc.2-14-1977Nevada County
W128Walt Saunders, Inc.2-9-1977Nevada County
W129Wilderness Ridge, Inc.9-1-1977Nevada County
Y1The Yuba Gravel Range Mining Co.12-18-1871North San Juan
Y2Yuba Tunnel Gold Mining Co.2-10-1872Bridgeport
Y3Yuba Gold Mining Co.6-19-1875Grass Valley
Y4Yuba River Gold Mining Co.1-2-1877Grass Valley
Y5Yuba Tunnel Gold Mining Co.2-10-1872North San Juan
Y6Yosemite Quartz Mining Co.10-30-1883Grass Valley
Y7Yeo and Moore4-4-1887Grass Valley
Y8Yuba River Mining Co.3-8-1893Grass Valley
Y9Yuba River Mining Co.3-8-1893Grass Valley
Y10Yuba Consolidated Gold Mining Co.1-5-1901San Francisco
Y11Yuba Consolidated Gold Mining Co.1-5-1901San Francisco
Y12Yuba Consolidated Gold Mining Co.9-28-1901San Francisco
Y16Yuba River Mining Co.5-25-1907Grass Valley
Y19Yellow Rose Mining Co.4-20-1915Grass Valley
Y22Yuba River Mines, Inc.11-6-1937Nevada City
Y23You Bet Placer Co.5-31-1946Reno
Y24Yuba River Lumber Co., Inc.12-20-1946Nevada County
Y26Yuba Enterprises Inc./Paul W. Lemons, Inc.8-20-1965Nevada County
Y27Yuba-Sutter Investment Co.10-16-1963Yuba County
Y28Yuba River Properties, Incorporated/Hugh Harris, Inc.6-1-1968North San Juan
Y29Youth Self Help, Incorporated11-2-1971Nevada County
Z1Zeibright Mining Co.6-22-1903Nevada City
Z3ZZZ Corporation/Harrell Corporation12-27-1968San Francisco
Z4ZZZ Corporation/Harrell Corporation12-30-1968San Francisco
Z5ZZZ Corporation/Harrell Corporation12-27-1968San Francisco
Z6Zweigle, Inc./Ed Zweigle, Inc.9-29-1972Nevada County