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File #CompanyDateLocation
S1Sargent Gold and Silver Quartz Mining Company11-19-1863Lander County, NV
S2Star Quartz Mining Co.2-1-1864Not stated
S3Susquehanna Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-16-1866Meadow Lake
S4Scandinavian Quartz Mining Co.10-8-1867Anthony House, Nevada County
S5Slate Ledge Quartz Mining Co.12-4-1868Nevada County
S6South Yuba Canal Co.1-31-1870Nevada City
S7Spring Hill Mining Co.2-8-1870Grass Valley
S8Shuylkill Mining Company3-9-1870Grass Valley
S9South Yuba Gravel Mining Co.8-12-1870Nevada City
S10San Francisco Copper Mining Co.5-11-1874Grass Valley
S11Sierra Nevada Lumber Association7-7-1874Truckee
S12San Francisco Copper Mining Co.4-1-1875Grass Valley
S13San Francisco Copper Mining Co.5-8-1875San Francisco
S14South Idaho Gold Mining Co.8-3-1875Grass Valley
S15Selby Hill Mining Co.11-29-1875San Francisco
S16Summit Ice Co.9-4-1868Sacramento
S17Sierra Nevada Lumber Association of Utah6-19-1876Truckee
S18Spanish Gold Mining Co.7-18-1876San Francisco
S19Sweetland Creek Gold Mines Limited6-16-1876London
S20Sparrow-hawk Mining Co.1-31-1877Grass Valley
S21Sand Flat Gold Mining Co.4-12-1877Grass Valley
S22Slate Ledge Mining Co.5-11-1877Not stated
S23Samaritan Gold Mining Co.8-4-1877Nevada City
S24Steep Hollow Gold Mining Co.9-25-1877San Francisco
S25Steep Hollow Gold Mining Co.9-25-1877San Francisco
S27Stonington Gold & Silver Mining Co.3-29-1864San Francisco
S26Sailor Flat Mining Co.10-20-1877Blue Tent
S28Sailor Flat Mining Co.10-20-1877Blue Tent
S29Spanish Gold Mining Co.11-28-1877San Francisco
S30Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Co.4-22-1878San Francisco
S31Smith Gold Mining Co.6-17-1878Nevada City
S32Selby Hill Gold Mining Co.11-29-1875San Francisco
S34Scadden Flat Gold Mining Co.8-14-1878Grass Valley
S35Scadden Flat Gold Mining Co.11-25-1878Grass Valley
S36Swamp Angel Gold Mining Co.11-25-1878Grass Valley
S37South Yuba Canal Co.1-31-1870Nevada City
S38South Yuba Mining Tunnel Co.2-24-2879Sweetland
S39Stockbridge Quarrying Co.3-6-1879Grass Valley
S40Surprise Consolidated Gold Mining Co.6-3-1879San Leandro, Alameda County.
S41Santa Annita Mill and Mining Co.6-24-1879San Francisco
S42South Idaho Quartz Gold Mining Co.3-4-1880San Francisco
S43San Francisco Copper Mining Co.5-11-1874Grass Valley
S44San Francisco Copper Mining Co.5-10-1875San Francisco
S45Sebastopol Consolidated Mining Co.6-18-1880Grass Valley
S46Sebastopol Consolidated Mining Co.6-23-1880Grass Valley
S47Star Gold Mining Co.7-20-1880Nevada City
S48Santa Rosa Gold Mining Co.11-2-1881Nevada City
S49Sherman Consolidated Mining Co.4-20-1882Nevada City
S50South Yuba Mining Co.1-12-1883Not stated
S51South Yuba Mining Tunnel Co.3-3-1883Nevada City
S53Safety Nitro Powder Co.1-25-1883San Francisco
S54Spanish Gold Mining Co.11-30-1885San Francisco
S56San Francisco Copper Mining Co.5-11-1874Grass Valley
S57Scalpel Gold and Silver Mining Co.4-6-1887Grass Valley
S58Senaca Mining Co.8-11-1887Cherokee
S59Senaca Mining Co.8-11-1887Cherokee
S60Sisson, Crocker & Co.4-10-1888San Francisco
S61St. John Quartz Mining Co.1-4-1890Grass Valley
S62South Yuba Transportation and Supply Co.3-15-1890Nevada City
S63Steep Hollow Creek Mill and Mining Co.1-23-1891San Francisco
S64Standard Consolidated Mining Co.7-15-1891Grass Valley
S65South Yuba Con Mining & Milling Co.Not stated
S66Sunrise Gold Quartz Mining Co.3-14-1894San Francisco
S67Shamrock8-14-1894San Francisco
S68Standard Gold Mining Co.6-12-1897Grass Valley
S69Spence Mineral Co.9-10-1897San Francisco
S70Safety Envelop Manufacturing Co.3-7-1898Grass Valley
S71Spence Mineral Co.9-10-1897San Francisco
S72Spanish Consolidated Quartz Mining Co.2-9-1899San Francisco
S73Spence Mineral Co.Not stated
S74San Francisco & Grass Valley Gold Mining & Development Co.6-29-1899San Francisco
S75Signal Gold Quartz Mining Co.11-14-1899Grass Valley
S76South Idaho Mining and Development Co.11-13-1899San Francisco
S77Silver Creek Land & Development Co.2-16-1901Nevada City
S78Sierra Electric Co.4-3-1901Nevada City
S79Stiles Quartz Mine Co.6-1-1901Nevada City
S80Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.11-1-1900Nevada City
S81Sleeping Beauty Mining Co.12-14-1901San Francisco
S82Sierra Queen Gold Mining Co.1-6-1902Nevada City
S83Sierra Quartz Mining Co.1-6-1902Columbia Hill
S84South Yuba Mining & Development Co.8-9-1902San Francisco
S85Snow Lakes Water Co.2-18-1903San Francisco
S88Schmidt Lumber Co.3-8-1904San Francisco
S89Sultana Mining Co.11-16-1903San Francisco
S90Santa Monica Gold Mining & Development Co.10-25,1904Oakland, Alameda County
S92Sultana Mining Co.11-16-1903San Francisco
S93Sierra Amateur Athletic Club3-24-1905Grass Valley
S94, S118Sultana Gold Mining Co.10-5-1905San Francisco
S95St. John Quartz Mining Co.6-28-1907Not stated
S96Sailor Flat Consolidated Placer Mining Co.2-25-1908San Francisco
S99Sassarini Grocery Co.3-13-1909Truckee
S100South Idaho Consolidated Mining & Milling Co.5-14-1910Grass Valley
S103Superior California Land & Development Association1-15-1914Grass Valley
S106St. Louis Consolidated Gold Mines6-30-1916Grass Valley
S109Sierra Nevada Lumber Company, Inc.5-1-1920Nevada City
S114Sierra Transit Co.3-30-1923Sacramento
S117Snow Point Mines Co.4-16-1924Grass Valley
S124Sunny-Side Gold Quartz Mining Co.2-28-1927Sacramento
S132Sierra Pacific Power Co.5-9-1928Portland, ME
S134South Quaker Hill Mining Co.4-18-1929Sacramento
S136South Yuba Co., Ltd.10-10-1929San Francisco
S142San Juan Ridge Mutual Water Association11-13-1931Marysville, Yuba County
S146Sierra Vista Mines, Inc.2-26-1937Nevada County
S147Shovel Placer Mining Co.6-14,1937Nevada County
S148Sierra Summit Properties Inc.3-18-1938San Francisco
S153Sierra Club6-4-1892San Francisco
S155St. John Quartz Mining Co.1-26-1942Nevada County
S158St. John Quartz Mining Co.6-26-1942Nevada County
S159Shovel Placer Mining Co.10-5-1942Not stated
S160Shovel Placer Mining Co.10-26-1942Not stated
S163Sierra Tavern Owners Inc.9-18-1945Nevada County
S169Soda Springs Ski Corporation11-5-1948Nevada County
S191Security Mining Co.4-9-1951Nevada County
S192San Juan Pine Co.4-23-1951Nevada County
S193San Juan Pine Co. 7-17-1951Nevada County
S195Sympathisan Distributing Co. Inc.3-18-1952Nevada County
S196Silver Creek Land and Development Co.6-16-1953Nevada County
S197Sierra Nevada Chinchilla Fur Corporation8-5-1953Nevada City
S201Sierra Pole and Piling Co.11-30-1954Placer County
S203Soda Springs Hotel, Inc.2-24-1956San Francisco
S208Soroptimist International of Nevada City7-1-1957Nevada City
S209Select Supply Co.5-23-1958Nevada City
S211Squaw Valley-Truckee Broadcasting Co.4-23-1959Nevada County
S212Sum-Gold Corporation, Inc.7-20-1959Nevada County
S216San Juan Wood Products Co.10-21-1960Nevada County
S217Sierra Cattle Co., Inc.10-26-1959Grass Valley
S218SPD Market6-22-1962Nevada County
S219Sierra Stone Incorporated6-11-1962Placer County
S220Sierra Memorial Lawn6-28-1962Nevada County
S221Shadow Valley Country Club/Ponderosa Country Club9-21-1962Truckee
S225See and Howe, Inc.6-24-1963Nevada County
S227Spring Hill Building Co.1-5-1965Nevada County
S228Sierra Vacation Corporation7-19-1965Nevada County
S231Sons in Retirement, Nevada County, Branch No. 119-20-1965Nevada County
S232Sum-Gold Corporation3-3-1966Not stated
S237Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital2-10-1967Not stated
S240Swiss Townhouses Inc.10-4-1967Nevada County
S242Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital10-16-1968Not stated
S243San Francisco Treasure Box, Inc.4-17-1969Nevada County
S244Sierra Appliance, Inc.6-10-1969Nevada County
S245St. John Quartz Mine7-17-1969Not stated
S246Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital9-15-1969Not stated
S247San Juan Cattle and Lumber Co., Inc.8-27-1969Sacramento
S248Sierra Ski Area Association, Inc.11-24-1969Nevada County
S249Sierra Western Engineering Co., Inc.5-28-1970Nevada County
S250Silver Creek Land and Development Co.6-15-1970Nevada County
S253Sins-Daniels, Inc.10-29-1970Nevada County
S254Sierra Buttes Land Co., Inc.12-3-1970Nevada County
S255Sierra United Presbyterian Church, Inc.7-30-1970Nevada County
S256Silver Creek Land and Development Co.11-23-1970Nevada County
S257Shea and Cummings, Inc.1-15-1971Nevada County
S261Sierra Pre-Cut Homes4-19-1971Nevada County
S262Sunflower School, Inc8-16-1971Nevada County
S266Sierra Aero, Inc.1-25-1972Nevada County
S267Sierraland Builders2-17-1972Nevada County
S271St. Clair Associated Mining Co.8-23-1972Nevada County
S274Sierra Nevada Pharmacies12-28-197[2]Nevada County
S279Sierra Weather Instrument Corporation7-24-1972Nevada County
S280Stone Ridge Associates, Inc.6-11-1973Nevada County
S281Sierra General Contractors, Inc.6-14-1973Nevada County
S284Sierra Industries, Inc.7-24-1973Nevada County
S285Shotcrete Const., Inc.1-24-1974Nevada County
S286Skelton Construction, Inc.1-31-1974Nevada County
S287Sierra Skyline, Inc.8-6-1874Nevada County
S288Spaghetti Factory, Inc.8-27-1974Nevada County
S291Sierra Cedar Products, Inc.4-15-1975Nevada County
S292Soroptimist International of Grass Valley4-11-1975Grass Valley
S293Soda Springs Enterprises, Inc.6-2-1975Nevada County
S295Star Bowl Ranch, Inc.7-9-1975Nevada County
S296Sons in Retirement, Nevada City, Branch No. 559-30-1975Nevada City
S297Sierra Nevada Motors, Inc.11-12-1975Nevada County
S298Sierra Solar Systems, Inc.3-17-1976Nevada County
S299Scotts Flat Recreation, Inc.7-22-1976Nevada County
S300Scripture Study Ecclesia6-7-1976Nevada County
S301Signal Gold Quartz Mining Co.11-30-1976Nevada County/ Yuba County
S302Signal Gold Quartz Mining Co.10-26-1976Nevada County/ Yuba County
S303Senior Citizens Foundation of Western Nevada County11-11-1976Nevada County
S307Sierra-Tahoe Realty, Inc.5-27-1977Not stated
S309St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Chicago Park2-8-1977Chicago Park
S312Sierra Nevada Insurance, Inc.2-16-1979Grass Valley
S313253-C Star Route, Inc.6-8-1979Rough & Ready
T1Tennessee Mining Co.6-16-1877Grass Valley
T2Tribute Mining Co.7-3-1879Grass Valley
T3Tribute Mining Co.7-3-1879Grass Valley
T4Tribute Mining Co.7-8-1879Grass Valley
T5Trinity Church4-17-1882Nevada City
T6Texas Gold & Silver Mining Co.9-17-1884Nevada City
T7Truckee Lumber Co.5-7-1886Truckee
T8Tahoe Ice Co.9-30-1886Truckee
T9Tahoe Ice Co.9-30-1886Truckee
T10Truckee Ice Co.7-9-1884San Francisco
T11Truckee Electric Light and Power Co.9-27-1888Truckee
T12Telegraph Gold and Silver Milling and Mining Co.7-16-1891Grass Valley
T13Truckee Ice Carnival Co.12-9-1895Truckee
T14Towle Brothers Co.1-15-1889Towle’s, Placer County
T15 Truckee and Tahoe Stage and Livery Co6-25-1896Truckee
T17Truckee Brewing Co.8-12-1897Truckee
T18Telegraph Publishing Co.4-20-1898Grass Valley
T19Tule Belle Mining Co.4-28-1900Grass Valley
T21Truckee River General Electric Co.6-30-1899San Francisco
T22Tilley Gold and Silver Mining Co.8-10-1900Nevada City
T24Truckee Semi-Weekly Republican 7-3-1903Truckee
T25Tola Mining Co.8-1-1904San Francisco
T26Taylor Foundry and Engineering Co.1-20-1906Grass Valley
T27Twin Cities Oil5-28-1907Nevada City
T28Tahoe Market9-10-1907Truckee
T29Tahoe Market11-5-1907Truckee
T30Tarr Mining Co.9-16-1907Smartsville, Yuba County
T31Tahoe Mineral Spring Co.3-4-1908Truckee
T32Truckee Lumber Co.5-7-1886Truckee
T33Truckee Lumber Co.8-30-1909Truckee
T34Truckee Lumber Co.9-4-1909Truckee
T35Truckee Lumber Co.9-4-1909Truckee
T36Truckee Lumber Co.5-16-1910Oroville, Butte County
T37Tightner Mines Co.12-19-1911Grass Valley
T38Towle Estate Co.1-3-1937Sacramento/Alameda County
T39Towle Estate Co.4-22-1904Not stated
T40Towle Estate Co.3-24-1910Not stated
T41Texas Gold Mining Co.9-1-1912Nevada City
T42Truckee Improvement Co.1-3-1914Truckee
T43Towle Magnesite Co.3-17-1916Delaware
T44Truckee River General Electric Co.6-28-1922Portland, ME
T45Truckee River Power Co.1-15-1923Portland, ME
T46Truckee Laundry Co.11-25-1922Reno, NV
T50Tahoe Sierra Dog Derby, Ltd.1-27-1930San Francisco
T52Twin Cities Oil Co. 9-2-1930Not stated
T53Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Co.5-28-1931Placer County
T54Truckee Improvement Co.10-28-1933Truckee
T55Truckee Improvement Co.12-29-1933Truckee
T56Truckee Outing Club1-29-1936Nevada County
T63Tucker and Sons4-10-1946Nevada County
T64Truckee Outdoor Sportsmen3-26-1946Truckee
T67Truckee Lumber Co.10-23-1950Reno, NV
T69Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Co.7-5-1951Truckee
T72Truckee Chamber of Commerce12-12-1953Truckee
T73Truckee Chamber of Commerce7-28-1853Truckee
T78Tahoe Area Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America12-8-1955Auburn, Placer County
T80Tahoe Sierra Airways7-5-1957Nevada County
T81Truscott Printing Co., Inc.9-17-1957Nevada County
T82Taylor Foundry and Engineering Co.10-17-1957Nevada County
T85Truckee Fir Inc.8-7-1959Grass Valley
T86Truckee Heights, Inc.8-24-1959San Francisco
T88Tahoe-Truckee Agency, Incorporated5-27-1960Nevada County
T89Tahoe Truckee Little League9-2-1960Truckee
T90Truckee Lions Club9-21-1960Truckee
T91Truckee Tahoe Flying Club9-2-1960Truckee
T92Tahoe Tappets3-3-1961Truckee
T93Tahoe Keys, Inc.6-28-1956El Dorado County
T95Truckee-Donner Horsemen2-10-1962Nevada County
T98TaBec7-11-1963Yolo County
T99Truckee-Tahoe Lake Estates, Inc1-27-1965Nevada County
T100Truckee Tahoe Hi-Flyers, Inc.1-31-19966Nevada County
T101Tri-T, Inc.6-30-1966Nevada County
T102Turner Electric Co.7-15-1966Nevada County
T103Tim-Burr Lodge & Convalescent Hospital, Inc.8-19-1966Nevada County
T107The Lake of the Pines Country Club5-12-1967Nevada County
T108Terra Alta Development Co.10-11-1967Nevada County
T110Technical Arts, Incorporated1-19-1967Nevada County
T113Twin Cities Concert Association5-22-1968Nevada County
T114Truckee-Donner Historical Society6-28-1968Nevada County
T116Tuberculosis and Health Association of Nevada County3-14-1969Nevada County
T117Tuberculosis and Health Association of Nevada County3-14-1969Grass Valley
T123Tahoe Timber Trails Association10-29-1970Nevada County
T124Truckee Investment Co. Inc.10-29-1970Nevada County
T125Trans-Sierra Broadcasters, Inc.3-31-1971Nevada County
T128Tahoe Donner Association 4-21-1971Nevada County
T129The Button Works9-21-1971Nevada County
T132Thrift Shop—Cancer Aid1-31-1972Nevada County
T133Tahoe Donner Association3-1-1972Nevada County
T136Tahoe Donner Condominium Association4-6-1972Nevada County
T138Tahoe Donner Condominium Association6-12-1972Nevada County
T139Tahoe-Sierra Traffic Survival School11-3-1972Nevada County
T140Tahoe Donner Real Estate Co.7-13-1973Nevada County
T141Truckee Downtown Merchants Association6-1-1973Nevada County
T143Thornton’s Incorporated4-3-1974Nevada County
T144Tahoe Donner Gold Club Condominium Association5-17-1974Nevada County
T146Truckee Investment & Development Co. Incorporated1-31-1975Nevada County
T148Tri-Continent Scientific, Inc.12-4-1975Nevada County
T151The United Libertarian Fellowship Bishop of Grass Valley3-10-1977Nevada County
T152Tall Trees, Incorporated2-27-1978Truckee
T153Tulum Enterprises, Inc.10-2-1978Smartsville, Yuba County
T155Thomas C. Anderson, Inc.5-19-1979Grass Valley
T156Tahoe Donner Lodge Condominium Association8-9-1979Nevada County
TH1The Union Co.8-15-1864Relief Hill
TH2The Virginia Gold and Silver Mining Company6-18-1866Meadow Lake
TH3c9-18-1869Nevada City
TH4The National Gazette Printing Co.3-31-1870Nevada City
TH5The New Mexico and Arizonia Mining Co.7-17-1872Truckee
TH6The California Gold Mining Co.9-30-1872Grass Valley
TH7The Prospect Mining Company2-10-1873Grass Valley
TH9The Detroit Gold Mining Co.5-6-1875Grass Valley
TH10The Nevada Hydraulic Mining Co.7-17-1875San Francisco
TH11The Nevada Hydraulic Mining Co.7-17-1875San Francisco
TH12The Truckee Lumber Association6-30-1876Truckee
TH13The Milton Mining and Water Co.12-24-1872San Francisco
TH14The Planet Blue Gravel Mining Co.1-9-1877Grass Valley
TH16The Fall Creek Mining Co.11-28-1874San Francisco
TH17The Fall Creek Mining Co.11-28-1874San Francisco
TH18The South Yuba Water and Mining Co.4-17-1880New York, NY
TH19The South Yuba Water and Mining Co.4-5-1880New York, NY
TH20The Allison Ranch Mining Co.3-5-1869San Francisco
TH21The Oneida Chief Gold Mining Co.3-12-1880Nevada City/New York
TH22The San Jose Gravel Mining Co.9-19-1884San Jose
TH23The Truckee Steam Laundry Association12-16-1885Truckee
TH24The Truckee Steam Laundry Association12-16-1885Truckee
TH25The Nevada County Land and Improvement Association4-30-1886Nevada City
TH25 ˝ The Nevada County Land and Improvement Association4-30-1886Nevada City
TH26The Brunswick Gold Mining Co.11-23-1886Ashland, Boyd County, KY/Grass Valley
TH27The Oneida Chief Gold Mining Co.5-14-1887Oneida, Madison County, NY
TH28 The Nevada County Land and Improvement Association10-11-1887Nevada City
TH29The Washington Cement Gravel Mining Co.6-8-1888San Francisco
TH30The South Yuba Water Co.4-14-1890New York, NY
TH32The Seven-Thirty Quartz Mining Co.10-7-1890Grass Valley
TH33The California Mining Co.1-29-1891Grass Valley
TH40The Central North Star Mining Co.4-14-1891Grass Valley
TH40The Central North Star Mining Co.3-31-1891Grass Valley
TH42The Truckee Mutual Building and Loan Association5-20-1891Truckee
TH44Grass Valley Church of Christ8-5-1895Grass Valley
TH45The Nevada County Tailings Co.10-25-1895Grass Valley
TH46The Fountain Head Gold Gravel Mining Co.10-21-1895Maybert
TH47The Alder Creek Gold Mining Co. Limited5-14-1897Truckee
TH48Assurance Placer Mining Co.10-16-1897Grass Valley
TH49The Edison Copper Mining Co.7-31-1899Nevada City
TH50The Auditorium Association2-3-1900Grass Valley
TH51The Munro Co.4-5-1900Dutch Flat, Placer County
TH52The Banner Mine Development Co.6-15-1900San Francisco
TH53The Nevada County Oil Co.9-17-1900Nevada City
TH57The J. Davis Liquor Co.12-2-1902Truckee
TH59The Daily Morning Union Building Association4-30-1903Grass Valley
TH62The Trout Creek Ice Co.11-14-1903Truckee
TH59The Daily Morning Union Building Association2-16-1904Grass Valley
TH66The Nevada County Oil Co.9-17-1900Nevada City
TH67The Nevada County United Gold Mines Co.7-19-1907Nevada City
TH68The Lernhart Drug Co.8-8-1907Truckee
TH69The Famous Clothing Co.9-13-1907Nevada City
TH70The Niagara Mining Co.7-10-1907Grass Valley
TH74The Middle Yuba Hydro-Electric Power Co.6-10-1909Nevada City
TH75The Niagara Mining Co.4-8-1909Grass Valley/Santa Barbara
TH76The Middle Yuba Hydro-Electric Power Co.6-29-1909Not stated
TH76The Middle Yuba Hydro-Electric Power Co.11-26-1909Not stated
TH82The Center of Grass Valley Mining Co.8-23-1911Grass Valley
TH84The Central Mill Co.1-26-1912Nevada City
TH91The Nichols Gold Mining & Development Co.9-30-1913Grass Valley
TH92The Rose Hill Mining Co.2-28-1914Grass Valley
TH76 The Middle Yuba Hydro-Electric Power Co.12-15-1913Nevada City/Grass Valley
TH94The Prairie Flower Mining Co.11-10-1914Grass Valley
TH94The Prairie Snowflake Mining Co.11-18-1914Grass Valley
TH97The Alpha Co.8-13-1914Nevada City
TH106The Ironclad Mining Co.10-23-1919Rough and Ready
TH108First Congregational Church of Grass Valley6-29-1921Grass Valley
TH110The Truckee Hotel and Amusement Co.2-25-1922Truckee
TH114The Made to Order Quartz Mining Co.2-8-1926Nevada City
TH115The Boca Mill Co.5-9-1927Boca
TH117The Boca Mill Co.6-18-1928Boca
TH118The Empire Mines11-23-1928San Francisco
TH120The Empire Mines1-2-1930San Francisco
TH122The Empire Mines1-28-1930San Francisco
TH124The Middle Yuba River Mining Co.3-6-1930San Francisco
TH126The S.A. Gerrard Co.11-9-1920Cincinnati, OH
TH127The S.A. Gerrard Co.4-8-1929Cincinnati, OH
TH137The Christian Science Society of Nevada City3-13-1040Nevada City
TH138The Soda Springs Corporation6-6-1940Nevada County
TH149The German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul Congregation4-6-1948Chicago Park
TH150The Donner Mountain Corporation5-10-1948Nevada County
TH157The Tahoe Sugar Pine Co.7-10-1951Nevada County
TH159The Middle Yuba Mining Co.11-3-1901San Francisco
TH160The Middle Yuba Mining Co.3-6-1930San Francisco
TH161The Middle Yuba Mining Co.11-15-1951San Francisco
TH163McKittrick Prosperity Petroleum Co.5-10-1952Nevada City
TH173The Tahoe Sugar Pine Co.7-30-1958Not stated
TH174The Daily Morning Union Building Association8-11-1958Grass Valley
TH175The J.H. McCornack Co. Inc.1-31-1959Nevada City
TH176The Boart Co.2-3-1959Nevada County
TH177The Grass Valley Church of Christ1-30-1959Grass Valley
TH178The Old Brewery Inn, Inc.3-9-1959Nevada County
TH183The Truckee Produce Co.4-17-1962Nevada County
TH184The Tahoe Sugar Pine Co.10-23-1963Not stated
TH185The Nevada City Foundation11-7-1963Nevada County
TH186The First Congregational Church of Grass Valley11-13-1963Grass Valley
TH187The Tahoe Sugar Pine Co.1-20-1964Not stated
TH188The Ponderosa Association8-28-1964Nevada County
TH190The Hare Foundation10-31-1968Nevada County
TH192The Lakewood Association3-25-1970Nevada County
TH196The Bon Allure, Inc.9-24-1971Nevada County
TH198The Historic Mount St. Mary’s Preservation Committee11-4-1971Grass Valley
TH200The Commonwealth School, Incorporated7-11-1972Nevada County
TH201The American Victorian Museum6-26-1972Nevada County
TH202The Grass Valley Ladies Relief Society5-29-1973Nevada County
TH203The Clark Landis Corporation11-3-1973Nevada County
TH204The Grass Valley Group/Teksub, Inc2-8-1974Nevada County
TH205The Grass Valley Group/Teksub, Inc2-8-1974Nevada County
TH208The R.D. Duncan Co.1-26-1976Nevada County
TH209The C.O.F.Y. Club4-5-1976Nevada County
TH210The Office Dinner House10-25-1976Nevada County
TH212The Grass Valley Tigers4-28-1978Nevada County
TH213The Flying Dutchan Corporation5-12-1978Nevada City
TH214The Flying Dutchan Corporation5-23-1978Nevada City
TH215The Lakewood Association4-13-1971Nevada County