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File #CompanyDateLocation
O1Osborn Hill Mining Co.6-1-1868Grass Valley
O3Omega Water and Mining Co.1-31-1870Nevada City
O4Orleans Consolidated Mining Co.9-3-1870Nevada City
O5Odd Fellows Hall Association of Nevada City5-1-1872Nevada City
O6Omaha Gold Mining Co.4-12-1873Sacramento
O7Occidental Quartz Mining Co.12-20-1873Nevada City
O8Orleans Mining Co.6-30-1874San Francisco
O9Omaha Mining Co.4-12-1873Grass Valley
O10Orleans Mining Co.3-19-1869Grass Valley
O11Ousleyís Bar Gold Mining Co.5-12-1877Grass Valley
O12Oakland Gold Mining Co.5-7-1877Grass Valley
O13Omega Blue Gravel Mining Co.2-19-1879Nevada City
O14Original Empire Mill and Mining Co.8-12-1879San Francisco
O15Old Shenandoah Quartz Mining Co.7-21-1883Nevada City
O19Odin Gold and Silver Mining Co.5-19-1888Nevada City
O20Original Empire Mill and Mining Co.2-1-1889San Francisco
O21Onondaga Mining Co.12-1-1890Grass Valley
O22Osborn Hill Gold Mining and Milling Co.1-10-1893San Francisco
O23 Oak Tree Quartz Mining Co.4-14-1894Grass Valley
O24Osborn Hill Gold Mining and Milling Co.1-10-1893San Francisco
O25Old Home Consolidated Mining Co.2-10-1896San Francisco
O26Oro Grande Gold Mining Co.4-17-1889San Francisco
O27Oriental Gold Mines Co.11-3-1898Nevada City
O28Orleans Consolidated Mining Co.2-12-1900San Francisco
O29Oustomah Gold Mining Co.9-10-1902Nevada City
O33Osceola Mining and Development Co.4-22-1904San Francisco
O34Orleans Consolidated Mining Co.2-12-1900San Francisco/Grass Valley
O35Olympus Mining Co.7-9-1906Spokane, WA
O37Ophir Silver Mining Co.12-15-1909San Francisco
O38Osceola Consolidated Mines Co.3-19-1912Grass Valley
O39Osceola-Olympus Consolidated Mines Co.10-8-1914Grass Valley
O41Ophir Mining Co.1-22-1921Virginia City, NV
O42Osceola Consolidated Mines Co.8-5-1921Rough and Ready
O45Omega Development Co.12-8-1933Nevada County
O46Omega Development Co.11-30-1934San Francisco
O51Ophir Hill Volunteer Fire Department5-17-1956Nevada County
O53Olympian Homes of Nevada County, Inc.12-1-1961Nevada County
O55Ophir Hill Volunteer Fire Department2-26-1964Ophir Hill
O56Ophir Hill Volunteer Fire Department3-31-1964Ophir Hill
O57Olympia Glade Mobile Park, Inc.4-27-1971Nevada County
O60Oak Park Nursing Center, Incorporated11-7-1978Grass Valley
P1Pocohontus Copper Mining Co.12-22-1863Spenceville
P2Pike Tunnel Mining Co.8-4-1865Grass Valley
P3Pennsylvania Mining Co.1-16-1866Meadow Lake
P4Plumas Mining and Water Co.11-22-1871Birchville
P5Phoenix Gold Mining Co.4-15-1875Grass Valley
P6Pennsylvania Consolidated Mining Co.2-15-1876Grass Valley
P7Pennsylvania Gold Mining Co.6-23-1871San Francisco
P8Pioneer Reduction Company of California5-21-1977Nevada City
P9Pacific Lumber and Wood Co.5-20-1878Truckee
P10Pacific Lumber and Wood Co.5-20-1878Truckee
P11Pit Hill Turnpike Road Company5-4-1878Nevada County
P12Pit Hill Turnpike Road Co.5-4-1878Nevada County
P13Pacific Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Co.7-27-1878Grass Valley
P14Parks Bar River Mining Co.1-25-1879Grass Valley
P16Plummer Mountain Fruit Drying Association8-6-1879Grass Valley
P17Peard Gold and Silver Quartz Mining Company Consolidated3-22-1880Nevada City
P18Peard Gold and Silver Quartz Mining Company Consolidated3-22-1880Nevada City
P19Providence Gold & Silver Mining Co.3-18-1863San Francisco
P20Pioneer Reduction Company2-2-1881Nevada City
P22Peabody Gold Mining Co.8-11-1881San Francisco
P24Pouning Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-27-1883Grass Valley
P25Peabody Consolidated Mining Co.10-5-1883Grass Valley
P26Planet Consolidated Drift Gravel Mining Co.1-30-1884Grass Valley
P27Phoenix Mining Co.7-29-1885Grass Valley
P29Pet Hill Turnpike Road Co.5-10-1859Nevada County
P30Pet Gravel Mining Co.2-1-1888Grass Valley
P32Pennsylvania Consolidated Mining Co.2-5-1876Grass Valley
P33Plummer Quartz Mining Co.1-23-1892Nevada City
P34Pioneer Reduction Co.6-10-1893Nevada City
P37Penn Valley Creamery Association6-11-1898Penn Valley
P38Prosperity Oil Co.11-17-1900Nevada City
P42Pacific Lumber and Wood Co.12-1-1902Truckee
P43Pacific Lumber and Wood Co.3-28-1903Truckee
P45Prospectors Co.7-6-1905Grass Valley
P47Posey Canon Gravel Mining Co.2-17-1906Grass Valley
P48Planet Consolidated Drift Gravel Mining Co.5-28-1907Grass Valley
P49Powning Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-25-1907Grass Valley
P57Pacific Gas & Electric Co.10-9-1905San Francisco
P59 ĹPosey Canon Gravel Mining Co.6-20-1911Not stated
P60Pacific Gas & Electric Co.4-25-1912San Francisco
P62Premier Mines Co.8-8-1913Pasadena, Los Angeles County
P63Placer County Land Com9-11-1912Auburn, Placer County
P65Pacific Gas & Electric Co.6-29-1914San Francisco
P66Premier Mines Co.6-23-1914Pasadena, Los Angeles County
P69Peoples Investment Co.12-27-1916Nevada City
P70Pierce-Bosquit Abstract and Title Co.7-16-1906Sacramento
P72Pacific Gas & Electric Co.12-14-1921San Francisco
P75Pacific Gas & Electric Co.12-10-1924San Francisco
P89Placer County Title Co.11-18-1926Auburn, Placer County
P107Peardale Valley Mill & Lumber Co., Inc.7-6-1948Reno, NV
P122Penn Valley Volunteer Fire Department9-12-1955Nevada County
P125Plaza Tire, Co., Inc3-30-1856Nevada County
P130Pla-Vada Development Co.8-21-1957Alameda County
P132Pla-Vada Development Co.4-15-1958Nevada County
P133Phoenix Drug, Inc.10-28-1959Nevada County
P134Penn Valley Community Church8-3-1960Nevada County
P135Peardale Baptist Church, Cedar Ridge2-16-1961Nevada County
P136Prosser Lake Properties9-26-1961Marin County
P141Ponderosa Golf Club, Inc.12-20-1963Nevada County
P145Placer Finance Company of Grass Valley8-25-1965Nevada County
P146Penn Valley Volunteer Fire Department4-15-1966Nevada County
P148Pine-Aire Campground, Inc.1-9-1967Nevada County
P150Phoenix Drug Store, Inc.3-23-1967Nevada County
P151Phoenix Drug Store, Inc4-1-1967Grass Valley
P152Pargas of Grass Valley, Inc.10-28-1967Grass Valley
P154Peardale Baptist Church12-13-1967Nevada County
P155Peardale Baptist Church12-13-1967Nevada County
P156Pure Water, Inc.6-13-1868Nevada County
P158Prosser Lake Heights Improvement Association8-16-1968Nevada County
P159Pacific Gas & Electric4-25-1969San Francisco
P160Pacific Gas & Electric4-25-1969San Francisco
P161Phoenix Pharmacy North7-30-1969Nevada County
P172Penn Valley Community Church2-20-1972Penn Valley
P174Petersonís Corner, Inc.9-15-1972Nevada County
P181Pannonia Ranchos Association, Inc.3-15-1974Nevada County
P182Pejoís Incorporated3-25-1974Nevada County
P186Pendola Enterprises, Inc.4-28-1974Nevada County
P189Pedal-N-Play6-26-1974Nevada County
P194Paulís Sheet Metal, Inc.9-21-1976Placer County
P195Pinewood Farms, Inc.6-21-1977Gridley, Yuba County
P196Pine Tree Leasing7-19-1977Grass Valley
P197Pezzy Trucking, Inc.8-12-1977Grass Valley
P198Pacific Ridge Development Corporation11-4-1977Kenwood, Napa County.
P200Penn Valley Area Little League3-30-1978Nevada County
P201Puppyís Love, Inc.8-25-1978Nevada City
P203P and H Construction Co., Inc.9-13-1979Nevada County
Q1Queen Bee Gold Mining Co.5-26-1874Grass Valley
Q6Quail Valley Enterprises, Inc.3-12-1965Nevada County
Q9Quail Valley Enterprises, Inc.8-30-1966Nevada County
Q10Quail Valley Enterprises, Inc.3-10-1867Nevada County
Q11Quartz T.V. & Appliances, Inc.8-15-1973Nevada County
R1Rough and Ready Gold and Silver Mining Co.2-16-1876San Francisco
R2Republic Mining Co.10-30-1876Grass Valley
R3Republic Mill and Mining Co.4-24-1877San Francisco
R4Ragon Gold Mining Co.8-2-1877Nevada City
R5Royal Mill and Mining Co.11-13-1877San Francisco
R6Rocky Bar Gold Mining Co.7-7-1863San Francisco
R7Rocky Bar Gold Mining Co.11-20-1877Grass Valley
R8Rocky Bar Gold Mining Co.7-23-1878Grass Valley
R9Rich Hill Consolidated Mill and Mining Co.1-20-1879Grass Valley
R10Rich Hill Consolidated Mill and Mining Co.1-20-1879Grass Valley
R11Roche Rock Mining Co.4-16-1879Grass Valley
R12Reward Gold and Silver Mining Co.10-4-1884Nevada City
R13Rocky Run Ice Co.8-6-1887Truckee
R14Rocky Run Ice Co.8-6-1887Truckee
R15Rough & Ready Irrigating Co.4-20-1889Rough & Ready
R16Rocky Glen Gold Mining Co.12-5-1887San Francisco
R17Richardson Bros. Co.6-10-1893Truckee
R18Reward Gold Mining Co.4-3-1893San Francisco
R19Red Dog Mining Co.1-25-1895Nevada City
R20Randolph Gold and Gravel Mining Co.11-7-1896Grass Valley
R21Reddick Mining Co.1-21-1897Grass Valley
R22Reno Rochdale Cooperators5-19-1900Truckee
R23Red Cross Gold Mining & Milling Co.7-23-1902Salt Lake City
R26Red Mountain Copper Gold Mining Co.8-20-1906San Francisco
R27Remington Hill Mining Co.10-28-1906Fullerton, Orange County
R28Rose Hill Mining Co.10-7-1908Oakland, Alameda County
R29R and M Balance Book Co.2-15-1910Grass Valley
R30Red Ledge Mining Co.8-20-1910Washington
R31Raymond Realty Co.5-1-1913Grass Valley
R32Raymarian Realty Co.5-13-1913Grass Valley
R33Rhodes Mining Co.10-6-1904San Francisco
R34Rhodes Mining Co.11-27-1916Nevada City
R35Redmenís 49 Park Association4-26-1920Nevada City
R36Redmenís 49 Park Association5-1-1920Nevada City
R37Red Ledge Gold Mining Co.4-7-1921San Francisco
R38Randolph Consolidated Mines Co.10-8-1921Grass Valley
R39Relief Hill Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.9-28-1922San Jose, Santa Clara County
R43Redmenís 49 Park Association8-29-1932Nevada City
R49Ridge Mines, Inc.5-16-1936Nevada County
R54Redmenís 49 Park Association12-5-1944Nevada City
R55Redmenís 49 Park Association12-14-1944Nevada City
R56Emmanuel Episcopal Church11-15-1945Grass Valley
R59Ridge Logging Co., Inc.8-7-1952Nevada County
R60The Richardson Bros. Co.1-18-1953Not stated
R61Rock Creek Lumber Co., Inc.6-22-1953Nevada County
R63Rattlesnake Quick Silver Mining Co.5-10-1956Nevada County
R64Rough & Ready Chamber of Commerce4ó9-1959Rough & Ready
R65Rua and Swendsen, Inc.3-28-1960Not stated
R69Ray-Mac Planing Mill, Inc.6-6-1962Nevada County
R70Ray M. Spalding Lumber Co.6-6-1962Nevada County
R71Roberts Gwin Inc.9-10-1962Nevada County
R72R H B Corporation11-28-1962Alameda County
R73Robinson Timber, Incorporated6-24-1963Nevada County
R77R. and R. Feather Merchants7-6-1965Nevada County
R78Rough and Ready Grange, 79512-14-1966Nevada County
R79Rough and Ready Volunteer Fire Department2-14-1967Nevada County
R80Rolscott Corp.6-16-1867Nevada County
R81R.M.E. Investments, Inc.2-11-1970Nevada County
R83Riebeís Automotive Supply, Inc9-3-1970Nevada County
R84ARobinson Enterprises, Inc5-1-1979Nevada County
R84Ranch-Land Enterprises9-9-1970Nevada County
R85Robinson Enterprises, Inc.4-16-1971Nevada County
R86Robert C. Gebhardt Company6-7-1971Nevada County
R87Resource Review, Inc.9-8-1971Nevada County
R88Ridgewood Associates, Inc.7-18-1972Nevada County
R89Robertís at Truckee, Inc.8-10-1972Nevada County
R90Walter Richardson Associates, AIA7-1-1970Not stated
R93Rockwood Townhomes Owners Association12-6-1973Nevada County
R94Radke, Inc.1-20-1974Nevada County
R95Russellís Sierra Enterprises, Inc.6-19-1974Nevada County
R97Russellís Insurance Inc.10-24-1974Nevada County
R98Ranch, Garden & Pet Supply11-15-1974Nevada County
R99Roy A. Burks, Inc.12-19-1974Nevada County
R100Russellís Insurance Inc.2-14-1975Nevada County
R101Rudolf C. Kimmich, M.D., Inc.10-30-1975Nevada County
R102Richard H. Cobden, M.D., Inc.4-14-1976Nevada County
R103Rolling Hills Realty, Inc.6-22-1977Grass Valley
R105R.W. Long & Associates, Inc.3-12-1979Not stated