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File #CompanyDateLocation
M1Masonic Hall Association1-28-1864Nevada County
M2Manzanita Copper Mining Co.1-12-1864Nevada County
M3Monticello Gold and Silver Mining Co.5-6-1864You Bet
M4Mount Vernon Gold & Silver Mining Co.5-6-1864You Bet
M5Meadow Lake Mill and Mining Co.7-25-1865Nevada City
M6Mohawk and Montreal Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.10-7-1865Nevada County
M7Manhattan Mining Co.6-2-1866Meadow Lake
M8Mohawk Chief Mining Co.6-19-1866Meadow Lake
M9Meadow Lake Reduction Co.7-10-1866Meadow Lake
M10Mechanics’ Mill and Mining Co.7-24-1866Meadow Lake
M11The Murchie Co.8-6-1866Meadow Lake
M12Meadow Lake Reduction Co.5-14-1867Meadow Lake
M13Mutual Gold Mining Co.11-30-1867Grass Valley
M14Mooney Flat Hydraulic Mining Co.4-9-1869Mooney Flat
M15Montana Mining Co.6-4-1869Grass Valley
M16Martis Valley Flume, Wood and Lumber Co.11-13-1869Martis Valley
M17Manhattan Quartz Mining Co.5-16-1870Nevada City
M17-1/2Methodist Episcopal Church in Grass Valley4-15-1871Grass Valley
M18Malta Gold Mining Co.12-20-1872Nevada City
M19Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.5-22-1875Grass Valley
M20Mammoth Sterling Gold and Silver Mining Co.9-30-1875Grass Valley
M21Moore’s Flat Blue Gravel Mining Co.8-21-1875San Francisco
M22Middle Yuba Mining Co.6-10-1871Sacramento
M23Mount Auburn Gold Quartz Manufacturing Co.Not stated
M24Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.5-27-1875Grass Valley
M25Methodist Episcopal Church Society of Nevada City10-7-1876Nevada City
M26Modoc Mining Co.10-23-1876Grass Valley
M27Massachusetts Consolidated Yuba River Mining Co.6-12-1877Deer Creek, lower crossing
M28Murchie Gold & Silver Mining Co.2-15-1877San Francisco
M29Manzanita Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.12-4-1877San Francisco
M30Moore’s Flat Blue Gravel Mining Co.8-21-1875San Francisco
M31Mont Blanc Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.8-16-1878Grass Valley
M32Meadow Lake Consolidated Mill and Mining Co.9-3-1878Truckee
M33Meadow Lake Consolidated Mill and Mining Co.9-5-1878Truckee
M34Mont Blanc Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.8-16-1878Grass Valley
M35Milton Mining and Water Co.12-24-1872San Francisco
M36Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.5-22-1875Grass Valley
M37Murchie Gold and Silver Mining Co.2-15-1877San Francisco
M38Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co.5-12-1880Grass Valley
M39Mt. Vernon Gravel Mining Co.3-11-1881San Francisco
M41Mammoth Consolidated Quartz and Gravel Co.3-8-1882Grass Valley
M42Mohegan Gold and Silver Mining Co.2-21-1883Grass Valley
M44Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.6-19-1883Grass Valley
M45Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.10-26-1883Grass Valley
M46Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.3-3-1887San Francisco
M47Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co.2-10-1883Grass Valley
M48Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co.3-10-1888Grass Valley
M50Mountain Ice Company of California1-16-1890San Francisco
M51Manzanita Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.8-11-1890San Francisco
M52Minnie Quartz Mining Co.12-20-1890Grass Valley
M53Minnie Quartz Mining Co.12-20-1890Grass Valley
M55Merrimac Gold Mining Co.11-3-1891Grass Valley
M56Menlo Gold Mining Co.4-29-1892Grass Valley
M57Mount George Mining Co.5-16-1892Grass Valley
M60Midnight Gold and Silver Mining Co.3-17-1893Nevada City
M61Mineral Hill Mining and Smelting Co.4-12-1894San Francisco
M62Merrimac Mining and Milling Co.7-14-1894San Francisco
M65Mistletoe Mining Co.1-26-1898Grass Valley
M66Martin Muir Co.5-24-1898Nevada City
M67 Magenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.2-28-1896Not stated
M68Mars Consolidated Quartz Mining and Milling Co.9-10-1901Grass Valley
M69McGlashan Water Co.11-29-1902Truckee
M70Murchie Gold Mines 2-11-1893San Francisco
M71Mountaineer Gold Mines1-9-1904San Francisco
M72M.L. and D. Marsh Co.5-7-1904Nevada City
M73Mabel Gravel Mining Co.8-22-1904Nevada City
M74Mohecan Gold and Silver Mining Co.9-21-1904Grass Valley
M76Miners’ Athletic Club3-18-1905Grass Valley
M77Miller Mining Co.2-10-1906San Francisco
M78Miners Foundry and Supply Co.2-23-1906Nevada City
M79Mountaineer Mines, Consolidated5-6-1905San Francisco
M81Mistletoe Quartz Mining Co.5-25-1907Nevada City
M82Monjar Gold Mining Co.4-20-1907Nevada City
M83Magnet Gold Mining & Milling Co.1-15-1908San Francisco
M83Magnet Gold Mining & Milling Co.1-15-1908San Francisco
M85Mohegan Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-29-1909Not stated
M87Mooney Flat12-2-1909Mooney Flat
M88Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co.6-24-1910Grass Valley
M89Murchie Gold Mines Co.2-16-1911San Francisco
M90Miners Foundry and Supply Co.4-6-1912Nevada City
M91Masonic Hall Association5-16-1914Nevada City
M92Metals Extraction Co.4-25-1914Nevada City
M93Merriman Mines Co., Inc.12-5-1916Nevada City
M94Merriman Mines Co., Inc.12- -1916Nevada City
M95Maryland Gold Quartz Mining Co.1-16-1919Grass Valley
M98Malakoff Leasing Co.8-1-1922Grass Valley
M100Money Back Cherin, Inc.5-29-1923Grass Valley
M103Masonic Temple Association of Truckee, CA5-24-1926Truckee
M107Meadow Lake Mines, Consolidated11-21-1927San Francisco
M108Money Back Cherin, Inc.12-19-1927Grass Valley
M116Meadow Lake Gold1-9-1934San Francisco
M119Masonic Temple Association of Grass Valley5-23-1936Nevada County
M120Miners Foundry and Supply Co.10-1-1936Nevada City
M121Mountain Chevorlet Co.11-9-1937Nevada County
M122Miners Hospital Association11-9-1939Nevada County
M123Mountain Chevrolet Co.1-5-1940Nevada County
M126Meadow Lake Gold12-10-1941San Francisco
M128Miners Foundry and Supply Co.5-1-1943Nevada County
M129Mountain Chevrolet Co.12-29-1943Nevada County
M130McGlashan Water Co.6-15-1944Truckee
M131McGlashan Water Co.7-21-1944Truckee
M132Mayflower Gold Mine Consolidated12-12-1945Nevada City
M134Miners Foundry and Manufacturing Co.6-27-1946Nevada County
M135Masonic Hall Association of Nevada City7-12-1947Nevada City
M136Maid of Orleans Mining and Milling Co.2-11-1948Nevada County
M138Marite Products, Inc.3-31-1949Nevada County
M140Mountain-Rotary Fuel Co.5-23-1950Reno, NV
M145Manufacturing and Marketing, Inc.8-6-1957Nevada County
M146Miners Hospital Association2-25-1959Nevada County
M147Morrow Homes Inc.7-7-1959Ceres, Stanislaus County
M147Donner Trail Estates7-7-1959Ceres, Stanislaus County
M148Manufacturers and Marketers, Inc.6-30-1960Nevada County
M149Mother Lode Pottery, Inc.10-21-1960Grass Valley
M150Manufacturers and Marketers, Inc.10-27-1960Nevada County
M151Miles & Toms Sierra Co., Inc.1-4-1961Placer County
M152Maybuck Co., Inc.3-24-1961Nevada County
M155Morgan Ford Sales, Inc.1-15-1962Nevada County
M160Madrone Development Co.11-18-1964Nevada County
M162Mother Lode Industries, Inc.2-25-1966Nevada County
M163Mother Lode Enterprises, Inc.3-14-1966Nevada County
M164Martis Valley Land Development Co., Inc.6-17-1966Nevada County
M166Miles Oil Co., Inc.5-31-1967Placer County
M170M/W/A Growth Corporation7-28-1971Nevada County
M172M.J. Saporetti Inc.10-18-1973Nevada County
M173Miwall Corporation7-10-1974Nevada County
M178Robert M. Murphy, M.D., Inc.10-13-1976Grass Valley
M179Mardavi Enterprises, Inc.10-7-1976Nevada County
M180Mary Anne Boice Realty, Inc.5-21-1976Nevada County
M181Mardavi Enterprises, Inc.4-29-1977Nevada County
M182Meadowbrook Farm, Inc.8-28-1978Nevada County
M183Mooney Flat Volunteers, Inc.1-10-1979Nevada County
M184Mustang Valley Property Owners Association Corp.1-18-1979Nevada County
M186Maidu, Inc. of California3-30-1979Nevada County
N1National Exchange Hotel11-26-1863Nevada City
N2Nevada Theatre Co.12-1-1864Nevada City
N3New York Hill Quartz Mining Co.5-11-1868Grass Valley
N4New York and Grass Valley Mining Co.10-1-1868New York
N5Nevada and Mountain Lake Ice Co.1-7-1870Nevada City
N6Nevada and Mountain Lake Ice Co.8-7-1871Nevada City
N7Nevada County Mining Co.11-10-1873Nevada City
N8New York Canyon Consolidated Blue Gravel Mining Co.12-10-1873Nevada City
N9Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.3-30-1873Grass Valley
N10Nevada and Grass Valley Wood and Lumber Co.4-16-1874Nevada City
N11Nevada Benevolent Society5-11-1874Nevada City
N12Nevada City Baptist Church6-13-1874Nevada City
N13North Star Gold Mining Co.6-5-1867San Francisco
N14 Nevada Gold Quartz Mill and Mining Co.7-20-1874San Francisco
N15New York Hill Gold Mining Co.4-29-1871San Francisco
N16Nevada Reservoir Ditch Co.11-1-1862Moony Flat
N17Nevada and Mountain Lakes Ice Co.5-27-1876Nevada City
N18Nevada and Mountain Lakes Ice Co.7-31-1876San Francisco
N19North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co.8-7-1866San Francisco
N20North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co.8-9-1868San Francisco
N21North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co.2-18-1868San Francisco
N22North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co.6-12-1872San Francisco
N23North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co.6-11-1872San Francisco
N24New England Gold Mining Co.8-31-1876San Francisco
N25Nevada Gravel Mining Co.12-27-1876Nevada City
N26New Dolcoath3-5-1877Grass Valley
N27Nevada Gravel Mining Co.1-12-1878San Francisco
N27 ½Nevada City Baptist Church7-6-1878Nevada City
N28North Fork Gold Mining Co.7-22-1878Grass Valley
N29Nevada County Mining Association9-30-1878Grass Valley
N30Nevada County Mining Association9-30-1878Grass Valley
N31North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co.11-6-1878San Francisco
N32New York Hill Gold Mining Co.4-29-1871San Francisco
N33Nevada County Consolidated Placer Mining Co.11-11-1878Nevada City
N34Nevada County Consolidated Placer Mining Co.11-11-1878Nevada City
N35Northern Light Mining Co.12-2-1878Grass Valley
N36North Fork Gold Mining Co.7-22-1878Grass Valley
N37Nevada County Consolidated Placer Mining Co.2-19-1879Nevada County
N38Nevada Gold and Silver Mining Co.11-21-1879Grass Valley
N39Nevada Gold and Silver Mining Co.11-21-1879Grass Valley
N40Nevada Gold and Silver Mining Co.11-21-1879Grass Valley
N41Nevada City Gold Quartz Mining Co.9-26-1878San Francisco
N42Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.3-30-1873Grass Valley
N43Nevada Reservoir Ditch Co.11-1-1862Mooney Flat
N44North Star Mill and Mining Co.6-2-1880Truckee
N44 ½Nevada City Gold Quartz Mining Co.12-31-1880Nevada City
N45Nevada County Humane Society5-20-1881Grass Valley
N45 ½Nevada City Baptist Church4-21-1881Nevada City
N46North Merrifield Gold Mining Co.8-24-1881Nevada City
N47North Banner Consolidated Tunnel Co.3-31-1883Nevada City
N48Nevada City Gold Quartz Mining Co.12-3-1883Nevada City
N49North Star Mining Co.5-26-1884San Francisco
N50Nevada County Academy Association9-11-1886Grass Valley
N51Nevada County Mining Development Co.8-5-1887Grass Valley
N52Nevada City and Grass Valley Gold Bank Mining, Milling and Drain Tunnel Co.8-24-1887Nevada City
N53Nevada County Winery8-31-1888Nevada City
N54New Eureka Consolidated Gold Mining Company9-5-1888San Francisco
N55Nevada County Development and Improvement Co.9-27-1879San Francisco
N56New Blue Point Mining Co.4-29-1890Grass Valley
N57New Blue Point Mining Co.4-29-1890Grass Valley
N58Grass Valley Drift Mining Co.6-30-1890Grass Valley
N59Nevada County Mountain Fruit Association6-1-1891Grass Valley
N60National Ice Co.8-12-1891San Francisco
N61Nevada County Electric Power Co.9-14-1892Grass Valley
N62Nevada County Electric Power Co.7-17-1893Grass Valley
N63Nevada City Undertaking Co.2-5-1894Nevada City
N64North Banner Con Tunnel Co.6-23-1894Grass Valley/San Francisco
N65Nevada County Electric Power Co.1-24-1895Grass Valley/San Francisco
N65,N66Nevada County Electric Power Co.7-23-1895San Francisco
N67Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.12-21-1895Grass Valley
N68Nancy Hanks Consolidated Mining Co.11-26-1897San Francisco
N71Nevada County Electric Power Co.8-31-1898San Francisco
N72Northstar Mines Co.4-7-1999Jersey City, NJ
N73Numitor Gold Mining Co.8-31-1899Chicago Park
N74Nevada County Laundry Association2-19-1900Grass Valley
N75Nevada County Bank9-27-1900Grass Valley
N76Nevada County Traction Co.3-27-1901San Francisco
N77New Independence Quartz Mining Co.10-13-1902San Francisco/ Nevada City
N78Nevada County Daily Morning Miner2-13-1903Nevada City
N79New Eureka Gold Mining Co.9-10-1903Nevada City
N80Numitor Gold Mining Co.11-18-1903Chicago Park
N82Nevada County Publishing Co.7-18-1904Nevada City
N83Nevada-Grass Valley Laundry Co.9-3-1904Grass Valley
N84Nevada County Athletic Club3-18-1905Grass Valley
N85Nevada County Canning, Evaporating and Packing Co.5-13-1895Grass Valley
N86Northern Water and Power Co.9-23-1905San Francisco
N88New Blue Point Co.6-28-1907Grass Valley
N89Nevada County Bank9-5-1907Grass Valley
N91Nevada City Theater Association3-6-1908Nevada City
N92Nevada County Deep Drainage and Development Co.4-13-1908Phoenix, AZ
N93New Blue Point Mining Co.6-23-1908Grass Valley
N94Nevada County United Gold Mines Co.7-31-1908Nevada City
N95Nevada City Hardware Co.12-20-1929Nevada City
N96Norambagua Gold Mining Co.2-15-1909Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County
N97Nevada County Midas Mining Co.9-13-1907Phoenix, AZ
N100Nevada County Bank3-31-1911Grass Valley
N101Nevada County Humane Society7-10-1911Nevada City
N102Nevada Stock Farms Co.10-23-1911Grass Valley
N103Nevada City Elks5-18-1912Nevada City
N104Normandy-Dulmaine Gold Mines Co.8-6-1912Grass Valley
N105Nevada County Bank9-21-1909Grass Valley
N106New Manzanita Gold Mining Co.9-1-1912San Francisco/ Nevada City
N107Nevada City Bakery11-18-1912Nevada City
N108Nevada County Cannery Association12-14-1912Grass Valley
N109Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.4-14-1914Nevada County
N110New Blue Point Mining Co.4-28-1913Grass Valley/San Francisco
N111Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.6-17-1913Grass Valley
N112Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.6-17-1913Grass Valley/ San Francisco
N114 Nevada County Cannery Association11-17-1913Grass Valley
N115 Nevada County Cannery Association12-5-1913Grass Valley
N116Nevada City Printing Co.8-25-1915Nevada City
N118Nicholls Estate Co.2-20-1901Dutch Flat, Placer County
N119Nicholls Estate Co.1-17-1918San Francisco
N120Norambagua Consolidated, Inc.4-18-1918Delaware
N121Nevada County Bank5-15-1920Grass Valley
N122Newtown Mining Co.9-29-1920Nevada City
N123Noporbo Co.11-16-1920Nevada City
N124Noporbo Co.2-23-1921Nevada City
N125North Banner Consolidated Tunnel Co.12-29-1922San Francisco
N127Nevada City Theater Association7-17-1924Nevada City
N128Nevada County Bank7-31-1925Grass Valley
N129Nevada County Golf Association1-19-1926Grass Valley
N130Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.5-13-1926San Francisco/Grass Valley
N132 Nevada County Building and Loan Association6-12-1929 and 8-3-1828Nevada City/Grass Valley
N135Nevada County Lead and Zinc Mines Co.4-26-1929Grass Valley
N136Nevada County Golf Association1-19-1926Grass Valley
N140Nevada County Mines Corp.6-25-1931Reno, NV
N141Nevada County Foresters, Ltd.7-31-1931Nevada County
N142Nevada City Junior Chamber of Commerce8-14-1931Nevada City
N143Nevada County Lumber Co.4-29-1932Placer County
N145Nevada City-Grass Valley Ski Club, Inc.2-5-1932Nevada County
N147Nevada County Trucking Co.11-8-1933Nevada County
N149Nevada City Gold Mines, Inc.7-24-1936Reno, NV
N150Nevada County Theatres, Inc.7-27-1937San Francisco
N151Nevada City Chamber of Commerce 6-16-1938Nevada County
N152Nevada County Union Terminal Co.6-13-1939Grass Valley
N153Nevada City Methodist Church1-15-1942Nevada City
N154Nevada County Milk Producers Association1-16-1943Nevada County
N157Nevada County Trucking Co.12-5-1944Nevada County
N158Nevada County Trucking Co.12-14-1944Nevada County
N159Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.12-11-1944San Francisco
N160Nevada County Farm Market2-28-1946Nevada County
N161Nevada County Bus Line9-17-1946Nevada County
N162Nevada County Company11-8-1946San Francisco
N163Nevada County Company11-27-1946San Francisco
N164Nevada County Union Terminal Co.6-25-1947San Francisco
N165Nevada County Union Terminal Co.7-7-1947San Francisco
N167Nevada County Farm Bureau3-12-1948Nevada County
N168Nevada County Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.7-22-1949Nevada County
N169Nevada County Horseman, Inc.6-23-1950Nevada County
N170Nevada County Country Club7-31-1950Nevada County
N171Nicholls Estate Co.2-21-1951Not stated
N173Nevada Union Building Association 5-4-1951Nevada City
N174Nevada Union Building Association11-26-1951Nevada City
N177Nevada County Taxpayers Association6-25-1953Nevada County
N179North San Juan-Camptonville Chamber of Commerce6-18-1954North San Juan
N180Nevada City Baseball Club6-17-1955Nevada City
N181Nicholls Estate Co.8-2-1956Not stated
N184Nevada County Veterans Rifle and Pistol Club7-9-1956Nevada County
N188Nevada County Title Co.5-5-1958Nevada County
N189Nevada County Tuberculosis and Health Association, Inc.5-15-1958Nevada County
N190Nevada City Gold Mining Co.11-5-1958Nevada County
N191Nevada City Gold Mining Co.2-11--1959Nevada County
N192Nevada County Land Development Co.3-16-1959Nevada County
N193Nevada County Sportsmen, Inc.2-16-1951Nevada County
N194Nevada County Citizen, Inc.8-27-1959Nevada County
N196Nevada County Board of Realtors6-24-1959Nevada County
N197Gold Country Nugget, Inc./Nevada County Citizen3-15-1960Nevada County
N198Nevada County Builders Exchange, Inc.5-2-1959Grass Valley
N200Nevada County Tuberculosis and Health Association, Inc.5-9-1961Nevada County
N201Nevada City Gold Mining Co./French Corral Land Co.6-8-1961Nevada City
N201French Corral Land Co./Nevada City Gold Mining Co.6-8-1961French Corral
N202Nevada County Building Committee11-7-1961Nevada County
N203Nevada County Nursery School10-13-1961Nevada County
N204Niegel Land and Development Corporation2-6-1961El Dorado County
N205Nevada City Council of Girl Scouts, Inc.1-10-1962Nevada City
N206Nevada City Council of Girl Scouts, Inc.1-25-1962Nevada City
N208Nelson Development Corporation11-8-1962Nevada County
N209Nevada County Building Committee/Nevada County Building Company11-21-1962Nevada County
N209Nevada County Building Company/Nevada County Building Committee11-21-1962Nevada County
N210Nethken Enterprises, Inc.10-30-1962Nevada County
N213Nevada County Humane Society11-16-1964Nevada County
N214Nevada County Community Workshop8-17-1965Nevada County
N215Numitor Gold Mining Co.9-23-1965Not stated
N216Nevada County Hospital Auxiliary10-14-1965Nevada County
N217Nugget Publishing Co.3-14-1966Nevada County
N218Nevada County Gem and Mineral Society6-1-1966Nevada County
N219Nevada County Chamber of Commerce12-1-1966Nevada County
N220Numitor Gold Mining Co.12-7-1966Not stated
N221Nevco Land Inc.1-10-1967Nevada County
N222National Hotel Corporation6-14-1967Nevada County
N223Nevada County Local Development Co.4-2-1969Nevada County
N224North San Juan Volunteer Fire Department1-25-1969North San Juan
N226Nevada County Community Workshop8-28-1969Nevada County
N227Nevada County Title Co.1-2-1970Nevada County
N228Nevada Pacific Lumber Co.12-26-1969Nevada County
N229Nevadaco Realty, Inc.5-28-1970Nevada County
N231Newnan Enterprises, Inc.10-9-1971Nevada County
N232Nevada County Imports, Inc.10-29-1971Nevada County
N233North Star Rock Products Corporation1-29-1972Nevada County
N235Nevada Timber Products Co.11-30-1972Not stated
N236Nevada Timber Products Co.11-30-1972Not stated
N237Nevada County Chapter #1307 of American Association of Retired Persons, Inc.2-6-1973Nevada County
N238Norman A. Kies, M.D., Professional Corporation3-2-1973Nevada County
N239Nevada County Tire Service6-28-1973Nevada County
N240Nevada County Hospital Auxiliary8-9-1973Grass Valley
N241Natural Resource Services, Inc.5-19-1974Nevada County
N242Nevada County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Inc.8-19-1974Nevada County
N245Nevada City Garbage Service, Inc.7-11-1975Nevada County
N246Nevada County Datsun, Inc.8-29-1975Nevada County
N247Nevada Joint Union High School District School Building Corporation9-5-1975Nevada County
N248Nevada County Cutting Horse Club12-10-1975Nevada County
N249Northstar Construction, Inc.10-1-1975Nevada County
N251Nevada County Fence, Inc.10-26-1976Nevada County
N253Nevada County 49er Radio Club3-10-1977Nevada County
N254Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team3-30-1977Nevada County
N255Nevco Industries, Inc.4-19-1977Grass Valley
N256Nevada County Woman’s Place5-23-1977Nevada County
N257Nevada County Legal Aid, Inc.6-24-1977Nevada County
N258Nevada Pacific Lumber Co.1-26-1978Washington
N259Nevada County Community Services Council8-10-1979Nevada County
N260Nevada City Engineering, Inc.11-24-1978Nevada City
N261Nevada County Environmental Council5-7-1979Nevada County