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File #CompanyDateLocation
I1Independent Company12-10-1864Grass Valley
I2Idaho and Imperial Consolidated G & S Mining Co.7-15-1866Meadow Lake
I3Idaho Quartz Mining Co.7-20-1867Grass Valley
I4Inkerman Gold Mining Co.10-26-1868Grass Valley
I5Weimer Tribe No. 34, Improved Order of Red Men1-31-1871Grass Valley
I6Iron Clad Consolidated Mill and Mining Co.10-23-1878San Francisco
I7Idaho Quartz Mining Co.7-3-1867Grass Valley
I8Imperial Consolidated Mining Co.5-16-1882Grass Valley
I9Indian Springs Mining Co.9-15-1882Grass Valley
I10Improved Pen-holder Co.6-6-1884Grass Valley
I11Imperial Paint & Copper Co.9-26-1892San Francisco
I12Idaho Development Co.9-26-1902Grass Valley
I13Idaho-Maryland Development Co.11-10-1902Portland, ME
I15Idaho Development Co.5-3-1909Grass Valley
I16Idaho Maryland Consolidated Mines, Inc1-3-1919Reno, NV
I18International Rare Metals Recovery Co.1-29-1926Reno, NV
I19Idaho Maryland Consolidated Mines, Inc.9-22-1925Carson City, NV
I23Idaho Maryland Consolidated Mines, Inc6-7-1935Reno, NV
I25Idaho Maryland Exploration Co.4-19-1939San Francisco
I26Idaho Maryland Mines Corp9-23-1957Not stated
I32International Sivananda Yoga Community10-12-1972Nevada County
J1Jersey Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-18-1866Meadow Lake
J2Jackson Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-13-1866Meadow Lake
J3Jim Crow Mining Co.4-29-1882Grass Valley
J4Junction Gold and Silver Mining Co.5-12-1888North San Juan
J5Jack Rabbit Mill and Mining Co.7-21-1891San Francisco
J6Jenny Lind Mining Co.8-18-1893Grass Valley
J14John's Special Tonic Co.4-27-1953Nevada County
J15Jenny Lind Mining Co.3-6-1958Grass Valley
J16Jenny Lind Mining Co.5-8-1958Grass Valley
J18James R. Timber Co.6-6-1962Nevada County
J19Jack Marquette Enterprises, Inc.10-13-1969Nevada County
J20Jenny Lind Mining Co.8-2-1971Grass Valley
J21Johnson's Mobile Home Sales, Inc.11-22-1971Nevada County
J23James Hagele, M.D., Inc.1-22-1973Nevada County
J24Johnson's Mobile Home Sales, Inc.2-14-1973Not stated
J25Jensen-Lindbloom Construction Co., Inc.4-30-1973Nevada County
J26Jay C. Gore, M.D.11-19-1974Nevada County
J27Jack Bing Yock, Inc.4-3-1975Nevada County
J28Jaco Enterprises, Inc.6-4-1975Nevada County
J29Jaco Enterprises, Inc.6-4-1975Nevada County
J30Jaco Enterprises, Inc./Design North Corporation7-14-1975Nevada County
J31J. David Perry, M.D., & H. Trent Mackay, M.D.10-2-1975Nevada County
J32J.E.S. Construction Co.5-3-1976Nevada County
K1Kentucky Co.9-12-1865Meadow Lake
K2Kentucky Quartz Mining Co.5-27-1869Grass Valley
K3Keystone Gravel Mining Co.6-23-1871Nevada City
K4Kentucky Gold Mining Co.3-7-1973Grass Valley
K5Knight of Malta Quartz Mining Co.4-28-1879Grass Valley
K6Kate Hayes Mining Co.4-15-1890San Francisco
K7King Solomons Mines10-7-1891Grass Valley
K8Kate Hayes Hill Mining and Milling Co.8-24-1893Grass Valley
K9Kate Hayes Hill Mining and Milling Co.8-23-1893Grass Valley
K10Kanaka Mining Co.10-21-1893Grass Valley
K11Keystone Mining Co.9-19-1899Grass Valley
K14Koyukuk Mining and Development Co. 3-24-1908Nevada City
K17Kansas Mining Co.12-8-1920Grass Valley
K19Kruger Estate Co.12-18-1899San Francisco
K21Kate Hardy Mining Co.3-1-1955Nevada County
K22Kingvale Property Owners and Water Users, Inc.10-10-1960Nevada County
K23Khoe of Tahoe, Inc.12-5-1960Nevada County
K24K. & S. Enterprises, Inc.6-1-1964Nevada County
K25Kiwanis Club of Grass Valley-Nevada City2-6-1967Nevada County
K29Ken-Go Construction, Inc.2-2-1970Nevada County
K32Kidd Enterprises, Inc.7-8-1975Nevada County
K33Kentox, Inc.1-5-1976Nevada County
K34Kavros Enterprises8-9-1976Nevada County
K35Kenneth J. Ott, D.P.M.8-6-1976Nevada County
K36Keefer and Gordon, Inc.12-27-1978Nevada County
K37Kingsbury Greens Association5-25-1978Nevada County
L1Legal Tender Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-17-1866Meadow Lake
L2Light Foot Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-21-1867Meadow Lake
L4, L5Liberty Mill and Mining Co.3-16-1875San Francisco
L6Live Oak Mining Co.12-28-1877San Francisco
L7, L8Lone Ridge Gravel Mining Co.7-29-1878North San Juan
L9 Lafayette Gold Mining Co. No. 211-21-1878Grass Valley
L10Liberty Hill Consolidated Mining and Water Co.7-25-1879San Francisco
L11Loami Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-1-1885Grass Valley
L12Last Chance Gravel Mining Co.12-16-1886North Bloomfield
L13Lone Star Quartz and Gravel Mining Co.12-15-1887San Francisco
L14Live Oak Consolidated Gold Mining Co.8-30-1992Sacramento
L15 Laporte Stage Co.7-6-1893Nevada City
L16Live Oak and Minnett Mining Co.11-16-1893San Jose. Santa Clara County
L17Lamarque Mining Co.9-11-1894Grass Valley
L18Live Yankee Gravel Mining Co.8-22-1895Graniteville
L19Legg and Shaw Co.12-6-1895Nevada City
L20Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Co.12-17-189[8]San Francisco
L21Lincoln Gold and Silver Mining Co.9-18-1999Grass Valley
L22Lakenan Investment Co.8-8-1902San Francisco
L23Lecompton Mining and Milling Co.12-4-1900Nevada City
L24Leiter Bros. & Co.8-8-1907Nevada City
L25Liberty Hill Gold Mining Co.10-10-1907Oakland, Alameda County
L26Lecompton Gold Mining Co,2-17-1909Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County
L27Lakemont Gold Mining Co.10-23-1909Phoenix, AZ
L28Le Duc Gold Mining Co.2-2-1917Grass Valley
L31Le Duc Gold Mining Co. of Nevada8-8-1917Reno/San Francisco/ Grass Valley
L32Lucky Group Mining Co.7-6-1933Nevada County
L35Liberty Hill Gold Mining Co.4-10-1931Los Angeles
L36Lucky Thirteen Mining Co.5-25-1934Nevada County
L37, L39Long John's Tavern12-9-1935Nevada City
L43Last Chance Gold Mining Co.6-10-1947Nevada County
L46Litton Engineering Laboratories4-30-1953Nevada County
L47Lions Club of Grass Valley2-23-1956Grass Valley
L49Loma Rica Industrial Park5-10-1957Nevada County
L50Lawrence H. Benson, Chapter 122 Disabled American Veterans5-5-1958Nevada County
L51Lolmaugh's Distributors, Inc.2-10-1960Nevada County
L55Lolmaugh's Distributors, Inc.4-3-1963Nevada County
L57Ligon Industries, Inc.1-7-1964Nevada County
L59La Barr Meadows Roller Rink, Inc.7-1-1964Nevada County
L61Ligon Industries, Inc.12-23-1965Not stated
L63Leonhard Inc., Mechanical Contractors1-14-1967Nevada County
L64L & P Wood Service, Inc.6-30-1967Nevada County
L65Lake Tahoe Associates, Inc.6-14-1967San Francisco
L66Litton Engineering Laboratories1-8-1969Not stated
L67Lake Wildwood Association11-25-1968Nevada County
L68Legal Automated Writing Systems6-2-1970Nevada County
L69Lake Vera Mutual Water Company3-3-1971Not stated
L70Loma Linda Gas3-18-1971Nevada County
L74Litton Engineering Laboratories7-31-1973Nevada County
L75Lake & Country Homes11-10-1974Nevada County
L76Lake of the Pines Association8-2-1969Nevada County
L77Loma Rica Industrial Park3-28-1975Not stated
L78L & V Fuel, Inc.5-8-1975Nevada County
L79Lake of the Pines Association3-4-1972Nevada County
L82Loma Rica Industrial Park1-6-1976Not stated
L83Landsburg Logging, Inc.1-16-1976Nevada County
L84Lake Tahoe Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, Inc.3-5-1976Nevada County
L85Joseph D. Lambert, M.D., Inc.10-26-1976Nevada County
L86Lakeridge Park Inc.5-14-1977Nevada County