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File #CompanyDateLocation
G1Galore Gold and Silver Mining Co.12-23-1863Birchville
G2Gold Bluff Mining Co.2-2-1865North San Juan
G3General Hooker Copper Mining Co.12-19-1863Spenceville
G4Granite Tunnel Co.5-16-1864San Juan
G5Gould and Curry Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-1-1866Meadow Lake
G6Gold Run Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-16-1866Meadow Lake
G7Grass Valley Gold Mining Co.12-25-1866Grass Valley
G8Golden Eagle Mill and Mining Co.12-31-1866Meadow Lake
G9George B. McClellan Mining Co.6-11-1869Grass Valley
G10Grass Valley Lodge No. 12, I.O.O.F12-30-1869Grass Valley
G11Grass Valley Water Co.8-12-1870Grass Valley
G12Grass Valley Tunnel and Mining Co.10-28-1870Grass Valley
G13Grass Valley Concert Hall Association3-4-1871Grass Valley
G14Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.4-3-1872Grass Valley
G15Grass Valley New Mining Co.10-21-1872Grass Valley
G16Great Western Mining Co.9-20-1873Grass Valley
G17Gilbert Gold and Silver Mining Co.11-6-1874Grass Valley
G18Glass Eye Quartz Mining Co.5-4-1875Rough and Ready
G19Grass Valley Orphan AsylumGrass Valley
G20Gold Run Ditch and Mining Co.5-17-1876Gold Run, Placer County
G21Gold Run Ditch and Mining Co.8-8-1870Gold Run, Placer County
G22Gold Run Ditch and Mining Co.3-19-1873Gold Run, Placer County
G23Gold Run Mining Co.9-4-1871San Francisco
G24Grass Valley Water Co.8-12-1870Grass Valley
G25Gold Run Mining Co.9-4-1876Gold Run, Placer County
G26Greenwood Cemetery Co.9-1876Grass Valley
G27Gold Hill Mining Co.6-18-1877San Francisco
G28Gold Hill Mining Co.3-27-1878Grass Valley
G29Gribble Manufacturing Co.9-14-1878Grass Valley
G30Green Mountain Gold Mining Co.4-3-1872Grass Valley
G31Great Washington Blue Gravel Mining Co.2-19-1879Nevada City
G32Great Western Gold Mining Co.10-8-1879Grass Valley
G33Gold Flat Eureka Mining Co.5-3-1881Nevada City
G34Gold Point Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.11-19-1881Grass Valley
G35Greely Blackman Gold Mining Co.7-11-1882Sacramento
G36Giant Gold Mining Co.2-26-1883Sacramento/ Washington Twp., Nevada County
G37Grass Valley and San Juan Turnpike Co.3-19-1884Grass Valley
G38Grass Valley Water Co.12-17-1884Grass Valley
G39Governor Morton Gold Mining Co.2-14-1885San Francisco
G40Grafton Mining Co.3-7-1885San Francisco
G41, G42Graystone Gold & Silver Mining Co.11-12-1885Moores Flat
G43General Grant Mining Co.3-9-1887North San Juan
G44Grass Valley Quartz Mining & Milling Co.5-11-1887Grass Valley
G45Green Mountain Consolidated Gold Mining Co.1-27-1888Grass Valley
G46Golconda Gold & Silver Mining Co.5-21-1888Nevada City
G47Greenhorn Canon Gold Mining Co.7-27-1888San Francisco
G47Grass Valley Water Co.2-1-1889San Francisco
G48Grass Valley Gold Extracting Co.12-2-1890Grass Valley
G50Good Hope Mining & Milling Co.4-20-1891Grass Valley
G51Gold Flat Mining Co.05-13-1891Grass Valley
G52Gaston Ridge Mill and Mining Co.06-23-1891San Francisco
G53Gold Bar Quartz Mining Co.04-13-1892Grass Valley.
G54Greenhorn Creek Mining & Lumber Co.Not stated
G55Grass Valley Athletic Building Association05-31-1892Grass Valley.
G56Grass Valley Jockey Club06-18-1892Grass Valley.
G57Grizzly Ridge Mining Co.06-27-1892Nevada City
G58Grass Valley Orphan Asylum03-30-1893Grass Valley.
G59Grass Valley Lumber Co.04-29-1893Grass Valley.
G60General Baptist Convention of California04-17-1889San Francisco
G61General Washington Armory Association02-19-1894Grass Valley.
G62Granite Hill Mining and Development Co.07-30-1893Sacramento.
G63Grass Valley Miner’s Union10-05-1894Grass Valley.
G64General Washington Armory Hall Association01-03-1895Grass Valley.
G65Gold Ridge (Consolidated) Mining and Milling Co.01-10-1894San Francisco
G66Gold Flat Consolidated Quartz Mining Co. 12-31-1895Grass Valley.
G67Gold Flat Consolidated Quartz Mining Co. (2nd copy)12-31-1895Grass Valley
G68Good Title Consolidated Mining Co.01-18-1896Nevada City
G69Glenbrook Park Association06-13-1896Nevada City
G70Good Title Mining Co.09-23-1896Nevada City
G71Grand Victory Mining Co.01-06-1897Truckee
G72Granite State Mining and Development Co.05-17-1897Washington
G73Golden Channel Gravel Mining Co.06-11-1898Grass Valley.
G74Golden Gate Exploration Co.05-15-1899San Francisco
G75Grass Valley Athletic Club09-20-1899Grass Valley.
G76Grass Valley Real Estate and Improvement Co.11-04-1899Grass Valley.
G77Grass Valley Exploration Co.05-26-1900San Francisco
G78Grass Valley Exploration Co.05-28-1900San Francisco
G79Grass Valley Exploration Co.05-31-1900San Francisco
G80Grass Valley Exploration Co.05-26-1900San Francisco
G81Gill - Miller Co.03-19-1901Grass Valley.
G82Grass Valley Rochdale Co.05-29-1901Grass Valley.
G83Great Gray Eagle Gold Mining Co.07-15-1901Maybert
G84Glenwood Land Co.06-05-1901San Francisco
G85Gold Tunnel Mining Co.04-03-1902Phoenix, AZ
G86Gray Eagle Consolidated Mining Co.08-14-1902Phoenix, AZ
G87Grizzly Ridge Mining Co.11-25-1902San Francisco
G88German Evangelical Lutheran St. Pauls Congregation01-12-1903Chicago Park
G89German Evangelical Lutheran St. Pauls Congregation03-19-1903Chicago Park
G90Gaston Gold Mining Co.05-25-1903Carson City, NV
G91Grass Valley Coalinga Oil Co.10-12-1903Grass Valley.
G92Grass Valley Consolidated Gold Mining Company10-19-1903Phoenix, AZ
G93Gaston Ridge Gold Mines, Consolidated01-29-1904San Francisco
G94Great Dane Gold Mining Co.08-23-1904San Francisco
G95Gold Flat Consolidated Quartz Mining Company04-13-1905San Francisco
G96Gold Flat Consolidated Quartz Mining Company09-20-1905San Francisco
G97Gaston Ridge Gold Mines, Consolidated Ethel Gold Mining Co.01-29-1906San Francisco
G98Gold Mound Mining and Milling Co.03-07-1907Spokane, WA
G99Golden State Mining and Development Company03-16-1907Nevada City
G100Grass Valley Investment Co.03-20-1907Grass Valley
G101Goering Quartz Mining Co.5-25-1907Nevada City
G102 Grass Valley Real Estate Improvement Co.5-27-1907Grass Valley
G103Grass Valley Elks Hall Association3-17-1908Grass Valley
G104Gold Flat Consolidated Quartz Mining Co.6-4-1908San Francisco
G105Good Friday Gold Mining Co.3-18-1910Nevada City
G106, G108Golden Dream Mining and Developing Co.8-20-1908San Francisco
G107Golden Eagle Mining Co.5-7-1910San Francisco
G109Grass Valley Real Estate and Improvement Co.12-14-1909Grass Valley
G110Grass Valley Athletic Club2-28-1911Grass Valley
G111Grass Valley Athletic Club5-1-1911Grass Valley
G112Grass Valley Humane Society8-1-1911Grass Valley
G113Grover Murphy Development Co., Ltd.6-10-1911Honolulu, HI
G114Gold Canon Mines Co.4-22-1912Nevada City
G115Graniteville Gold Mining Co.6-3-1912Graniteville/Nevada City
G117Golden Center of Grass Valley Mining Co.3-12-1913Sacramento
G118Grass Valley Fruit Lands Co.6-10-1913Grass Valley
G119Gold Star Mines Co.9-30-1913Nevada City
G120Golden Treasure Mining Co.8-22-1898San Francisco
G121Gilsto Land Co.5-7-1914Grass Valley
G123Grass Valley Hotel Corp.2-8-1917Grass Valley
G124Grass Valley Amateur Athletic Club5-17-1917Grass Valley
G125Grass Valley Deep Mines Co.11-23-1917Goldfield, Esmeralda County, NV
G126Grass Valley Bullion Exploration Co.7-29-1919Grass Valley
G127Gold Lead Placer Mines11-23-1919Grass Valley
G128Grass Valley Consolidated Gold Mines4-5-1916Sacramento
G129Grass Valley Gold Mines7-22-1922Reno, NV
G130Grass Valley Garage, Inc.8-23---1923Grass Valley
G131Grass Valley Extension Mines Co.8-22-1923San Francisco
G132Golden Capitol Hotel1-5-1924San Francisco
G133Gold Wedge Divide Mining Co.3-20-1918Tonopah, NV
G134Grass Valley Fruit Lands, Co.5-14-1924Grass Valley
G135Glenbrook Park Association7-27-1923Not stated
G136Grass Valley South Star Mining Co.8-6-1926Stockton, San Joaquin County
G137Golden Rule Stores3-29-1927San Francisco
G138Grizzly Ridge Mining Co. Inc5-13-1927Carson City, NV
G140Gold Lead Placer Mines Corp.9-19-1927Grass Valley
G141Gold Lead Placer Mines Corp.9-19-1927Grass Valley
G142Grass Valley Boundary Mines Co.10-25-1929San Francisco
G143Grass Valley Boundary Mines Co.9-25-1916San Francisco
G144Golden Rule Stores, Inc., Ltd.1-24-1930San Francisco
G146Grass Valley Orphan Asylum12-9-1892Grass Valley
G147Grass Valley Garage, Inc.2-26-1832Grass Valley
G149Grass Valley Prospecting and Development Co.7-8-1932Grass Valley
G150Gold Blossom Mining Co.11-7-1932Alameda County
G151Grass Valley Bullion Mines, Inc.2-13-1933Reno, NV
G154 Grass Valley Bullion Mines6-19-1933San Francisco
G155 Grass Valley Bullion Mines7-12-1933Not stated
G210Golden West Conference Association6-14-1963Not stated
G211Garden Valley Aggregates, Inc.4-6-1964Nevada County
G212Gold Miner’s Chapter No. 102, California State Employees’ Association2-24-1964Nevada County
G213 Gold City Motors, Inc.6-1-1965Nevada County
G214Golden Chain Motel, Inc.11-3-1965Nevada County
G216Golden Empire Grange No. 8066-22-1966Nevada County
G217Grace Brethren Church10-25-1966Nevada County
G218Gold Country Land Sales, Inc.1-24-1967Nevada County
G219Grass Valley Lanes, Inc.5-29-1963Grass Valley
G220Grace Lutheran Church3-28-1967Grass Valley
G221Grass Valley 4-Wheel Drive Club6-21-1967Nevada County
G222Gravco Sales, Inc.10-2-1967Nevada County
G223Grass Valley Group, Inc.9-20-1967Grass Valley
G224Grass Valley Consolidated Gold Mines10-25-1967Grass Valley
G227Tahoe Basin Developers, Inc.11-11-1968Not stated
G230Glen Shire Residents Association, Inc.9-5-1969Not stated
G231Grass Valley Lodge No. 2217, Loyal Order of Moose, Inc.8-19-1969Nevada County
G232Gra-Neva9-26-1969Nevada County
G234Golden Center Construction, Inc.1-5-1970Nevada County
G235Glenshire Mutual Water Co.9-26-1969San Francisco
G236Great Pacific Investment Corp.8-12-1970Nevada County
G239Golden Center Construction, Inc.4-2-1971Grass Valley
G240G.V. Enterprises, Inc.7-19-1971Nevada County
G242Grass Valley Ford9-1-1971Grass Valley
G243Grass Valley International, Inc.2-14-1972Nevada County
G244Golden Sierra Health Planning Council12-7-1971Nevada County
G245 Grass Valley Ford, Inc.4-17-1972Nevada County
G246Grass Valley Aviation, Inc.7-24-1972Nevada County
G247General Castings, Inc.7-16-1957Nevada County
G248Golden Chain Motel, Inc.8-10-1972Grass Valley
G250Golden Chain Motel, Inc.9-21-1972Grass Valley
G251Grass Valley Oil and Gas Co., Inc.9-8-1972Nevada County
G252Tahoe Basin Developers, Inc.11-11-1968Not stated
G255 Golden Empire Aviation, Inc.4-?-1973Not stated
G256Glenbrook Plastics, Inc.5-7-1973Nevada County
G257Gene West, Inc.6-24-1973Nevada County
G258Gravada Enterprises, Inc.4-1-1974Not stated
G259Gravada Enterprises, Inc.4-24-1974Grass Valley
G261Gold Country Bank6-8-1974Nevada County
G262Golden Empire Auxiliary6-13-1974Not stated
G263Gravco Sales, Inc.7-19-1974Not stated
G264Gravco Sales, Inc.7-19-1974Not stated
G266Gold empire Humane Society12-3-1973Nevada County
G265Gold Country Securities7-2-1974Nevada County
G268Golden Sierra Realty and Development Co., Inc.2-21-1975Nevada County
G269Western Recreational Contractors11-4-1975Not stated
G271Grass Valley Rifle, Rod and Gun Club, Inc.11-13-1975Nevada County
G273Greenhorn Mining & Aggregates, Inc2-3-1976Not stated
G274Grass Valley Christian Center5-10-1976Grass Valley
G275Gold Country Radio Club2-2-1977Nevada County
G276Gates and Sons Inc.4-29-1977Not stated
G277Gold Country Lions Club10-27-1977Nevada County
G278Gold Country Bank11-23-1977Grass Valley
G279Gold Country Telecare, Inc.11-4-1977Nevada County
G280Golden Empire Sams11-9-1978Nevada County
G281George Bragg Construction Co., Inc.6-25-1979Nevada City
H1The Hamilton Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Co.10-13-1863Grass Valley
H2Hidden Treasure Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-7-1866Meadow Lake
H3Homtaska Gold and Silver Mining Co.10-7-1865Yankee Jim’s, Placer County
H4Heuston Hill Mining Co.1-29-1868Nevada County
H5Howard Hill Gold Mining Co.5-27-1868Grass Valley
H6Hartford Gravel Mining Co.8-31-1870Grass Valley
H7Hastings Mining Co.12-18-1872Grass Valley
H8Harvey Gold Mining Co.11-26-1873Grass Valley
H9Homeward Bound Gold Mining Co.3-2-1876Grass Valley
H11Home Gold Mining Co.7-19-1872San Francisco
H12Howard Hill Gold Mining Co.5-27-1868Grass Valley
H13Howard Hill Gold Mining Co.8-1-1872San Francisco
H14Howard Hill Gold Mining Co.8-24-1872San Francisco
H15Homeward Bound Mining Co.7-2-1877Grass Valley
H18Hudson Gold Mining Co.4-20-1878San Francisco
H19Hibernia Hall Association of Nevada City3-6-1882Nevada City
H21Horseshoe Gold and Silver Mining Co.10-1-1884Grass Valley
H22H and O Consolidated Mining Co.10-8-1888Grass Valley
H23Hartery Consolidated Mining Co.5-14-1889Grass Valley
H24Hartery Consolidated Mining Co.5-14-1889Grass Valley
H25Harmony Gravel Mining Co.6-19-1889Nevada City
H26Horseshoe Mining Co.8-15-1892Grass Valley
H27Horseshoe Mining Co.8-17-1893Grass Valley
H28Horseshoe Mining Co.8-17-1893Grass Valley
H29Hecla Mining and Milling Co.2-19-1894Grass Valley
H30Hudson Bay Consolidated Mining Co.6-15-1895Grass Valley
H31Hudson Mining and Milling Co.5-20-1899San Francisco
H32Home Gold Mining Co.7-19-1872San Francisco
H34Hibbe Gold and Copper Mining Co.2-20-1903Salt Lake City, UT
H35Herkimer Gravel Mining Co.7-14-1904Nevada City
H36Hartery Consolidated Mining Co.6-28-1907Grass Valley
H37Handzarra Mining and Leasing Co.10-24-1908Nevada City
H39Hoffman Aeroplane Co.3-22-1912Grass Valley
H40Hoffman Aeroplane Co.12-13-1913Grass Valley
H41Hidden Nugget Placer Mining Co.8-13-1914Nevada City
H42Keystone Dredging Co.3-3-1921San Francisco
H42Hammon Estate Co.3-3-1921San Francisco
H45Hobart Estate Co.9-17-1894San Francisco
H48Hague-Thomas-Hegarty Post, No. 130 American Legion Ltd.6-30-1931Nevada County
H50Hobart Southern Railroad Co.2-18-1930San Francisco
H52R.P. Hawkins Co.4-17-1939Nevada County
H54Hooper & Weaver Mortuary, Inc.4-10-1940Nevada County
H55Alpha-Sierra Co.3-31-1945
H57Hile’s Motors Sales & Service9-15-1948Nevada County
H59Howie Mining Co.8-17-1949Nevada County
H61Howie Mining Co.11-27,1950Nevada County
H62Hague-Thomas-Hegarty Post, No. 130 American Legion Ltd.2-26-1952Not stated
H65Hoffler Wire Products Co., Inc.6-8-1960Nevada County
H67Harrison Properties, Inc.10-19-1960Nevada County
H68Harrell Corporation10-27-1961Nevada County
H69Hansen Bros. Enterprises7-1-1961Nevada County
H70Holiday Village, Inc.2-9-1965Nevada County
H71Holiday Convalescent Hospital, Inc.4-25-1966Grass Valley
H72Hugh Harris, Inc.5-9-1966Yuba County
H73Holiday Hills Investment Corp.10-11-1965Nevada County
H74H and R. Land and Cattle Co., Inc.5-3-1967Nevada City
H75Hazadon, Inc.6-4-1969Nevada County
H77Hills Flat Lumber Co.12-21-1970Nevada County
H80Holl-N-Day, Inc.6-4-1971Nevada County
H81Home Development Co.6-1-1971Nevada County
H83Charles C. Henderson, M.D., Inc.6-6-1972Nevada County
H85Hockett Auto Sales, Inc.6-27-1972Nevada County
H86High Country Professional Services, Inc.3-21-1974Placer County
H87Howard Holderness, Jr., M.D.11-15-1974Nevada County
H88H. & M. Enterprises, Inc.5-28-1975Nevada County