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File #CompanyDateLocation
E1Excelsior Lode5-5-1854Dutch Flat
E2, E3Excelsior Gold and Silver Mining Co.8-22-1866Meadow Lake
E4Empire Gold and Silver Mining Co.2-17-1868Meadow Lake
E5Enterprise Gravel Mining Co.10-18-1870Grass Valley
E6Excelsior Gold Mining Col1-13-1872Grass Valley
E7Ella Florence Gold and Silver Mining Co.8-31-1872Truckee
E8Ella Florence Gold and Silver Mining Co.9-26-1872Truckee
E9East Idaho Mining Co.3-29-1873Grass Valley
E10Emmanuel Episcopal Church11-27-1875Grass Valley
E11Erie Mining Co.8-14-1871San Francisco
E12Eureka Lake and Yuba Canal Co. Consolidated12-2-1865New York
E13Excelsior Water Co.4-19-1875Yuba County
E14Enterprise Gold and Silver Mining Co.7-10-1866San Francisco
E15Empire Mining Co.6-23-1876Grass Valley
E16Empire Gravel Mining Co.8-16-1876San Francisco
E17Excelsior Water and Mining Co.3-8-1877San Francisco
E18, E21Esperance Mining Co.9-19-1877French Corral
E19Eureka Consolidated Blue Gravel Mining Co.8-28-1878San Francisco
E20Empire Consolidated Mill and Mining Co.10-2-1878San Francisco
E22Esperance Mining Co.10-29-1880Grass Valley
E23Ellison Gravel Mining Co.3-15-1881Grass Valley
E24Empire Mining Co.6-22-1876San Francisco
E25Eagle Gold Mining Co.9-5-1884San Francisco
E26Elbe Gold and Silver Mining Co.1-15-1885San Francisco
E27Eagle Gold Mining Co.9-5-1884San Francisco
E28, E29El Dorado Mining Co.6-27-1887Nevada City
E30, E31Evening Star Mining Co.3-8-1887San Francisco
E32Enterprise Quartz Mining Co.3-3-1888Columbia Hill
E333-31-1888Columbia Hill
E34East Idaho Mining Co.11-19-1888Nevada City
E35Elam Biggs Hardware Co.7-25-1893Grass Valley
E36Eastern Star Gold and Silver Mining Co.8-23-1893Grass Valley
E37Empire Mines and Investment Co.6-12-1922San Francisco
E38Eureka Lake and Yuba Canal Co. Consolidated12-2-1865New York
E39Eddy Mining Co.9-12-1902Nevada City
E40Empire West Mines Co.4-6-1903San Francisco
E41El Oro Mines Co.9-23-1903San Francisco
E42Excelsior Hydraulic Mining Co.8-27-1903San Francisco
E43Elsie A. Gold and Silver Mining Co.5-11-1904Nevada City
E44Elsie A. Gold and Silver Mining Co.6-1-1904Nevada City
E45Esperance Drift Mining Co.9-1-1904Nevada City
E46Euer Valley Lumber Co.1-7-1908Truckee
E47Erie Consolidated Mines Co.1-6-1909New Jersey
E50Erie Exploration Co.1-25-1913Nevada City
E51El Oro Gravel Mines Consolidated10-14-1914Oakland
E58Empire Mines and Investment Co.9-16-1999San Francisco
E59Empire Mines and Investment Co.2-7-1953San Francisco
E64Esperance Mining Claims, Inc.9-14-1923Napa, Napa County
E65Excelsior Water & Mining Co.9-20-1920Sacramento
E66Excelsior Water & Power Co.9-8-1923Sacramento/Nevada City
E67Excelsior Water & Power Co.6-14-1926Not stated
E68Empire Mines &Investment Co.11-27-1928San Francisco
E70Empire Star Mines Co. Ltd.4-25-1929Delaware
E71Eagle Bird Mine, Inc3-10-1931Delaware
E73Esperance Mining Co.9-1-1932Reno
E74El Oro Mining Co.2-21-1936San Francisco
E76San Juan Gold Co.2-14-1940Not stated
E77El Oro Mining Co.5-11-1940San Francisco
E78English Mountain Ranch11-13-1945San Mateo County
E79English Mountain Ranch11-12-1954Nevada County
E80E.A. Rogers Co.3-28-1955Nevada County
E81Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of Grass Valley6-21-1955Nevada County
E83English Mountain Ranch4-30-1964Grass Valley
E85Engineers Association of Nevada County5-20-1966Nevada County
E86English Mountain Ranch1-8-1969Grass Valley
E87Empire Lake Properties, Inc.9-_-1969Nevada County
E88E.F.L., Inc.2-13-1970Not stated
E89E.F.L., Inc.2-20-1870Not stated
E93Eigen Systems Inc.4-16-1973Nevada County
E98Environmental Log Processing, Inc.1-27-1976Nevada County
E99Empire Mine Park Association12-17-1975Nevada County
F1First Congregational Society of Nevada City2-25-1869Nevada City
F2Forest Rose Quartz Mining Co.10-13-1869Eureka, Humboldt County
F3First Congregational Church of Nevada City2-10-1875Nevada City
F4Fountainhead Gravel Mining Co.6-13-1876Nevada City
F5Fountainhead Gravel Mining Co.6-6-1876Nevada City
F6Fountainhead Gravel Mining Co.3-12-1877Nevada City
F7The Florence Blue Gravel Mining Co.11-27-1877San Francisco
F8Forest City Consolidated Gold Mining Co.4-2-1878Forest City, Sierra County
F9Frandy Gold Quartz Mining Co.6-29-1881Nevada City
F10Frandy Gold Quartz Mining Co.7-7-1881Nevada City
F11Florida Mining Co.3-5-1887Grass Valley
F12, F13Floriston Ice Co.8-6-1887Truckee
F14Federal Loan Gold Mining Co.12-9-1891Nevada City
F15Floriston Land and Power Co.12-30-1898San Francisco
F16Frank Mining Co.8-27-1902Nevada City
F18Fairview Gold Mining Co.4-20-1906Fairview, Nevada County
F19Floriston Gold Bud Mining and Prospecting Co.11-13-1907Floriston
F21Federal Mining Co.10-16-1911Nevada City
F22Field Nd Stream Club2-27-1928Grass Valley
F38Finance Co. of Nevada and Placer Counties10-14-1931Placer County
F40First Methodist Church of Grass Valley7-1-1942Grass Valley
F4249er Broadcasting Co.5-20-1947Grass Valley
F43Floriston Property Owners Association, Inc.11-7-1947Nevada County
F46First Baptist Church of Grass Valley5-27-1947Grass Valley
F45Formway Pines Bible Conference Assn.5-16-1950Nevada County
F49FSE, Inc.8-9-1954Nevada County
F51FSE, Inc.4-28-1955Nevada City
F55Forty-Niner Volunteer Fire Department9-19-1956Nevada County
F57Famous Old Soda Springs Lodge10-29-1958Nevada County
F58Fajen Enterprises4-18-1961Grass Valley
F60Foothill Ford Inc.12-14-1961Nevada County
F61Foothill Ford Inc.2-5-1962Nevada County
F6249er Broadcasting Co.2-8-1962Grass Valley
F6349er Broadcasting Co.2-19-1962Grass Valley
F64First Church of Christ, Scientist, of Grass Valley, California1-16-1965Nevada County
F65Farber Ford11-17-1965Nevada County
F66Foundation for Philosophical Studies, Inc.7-31-1967Nevada County
F68Forest Lake Christian School, Inc.3-29-1970Nevada County
F72Forest Lake Christian School10-25-1970Not stated
F73First Methodist Church of Grass Valley9-29-1970Grass Valley
F75Far West Engineers6-18-1971Nevada County
F76Forest Pine Estates, Inc.6-29-1971Nevada County
F77Friends of the Libraries of Nevada County11-12-1971Nevada County
F78First Baptist Church of Grass Valley2-9-1972Nevada County
F79First Southern Baptist Church, Nevada City2-9-1972Nevada City
F80Fir-Cap Enterprises, Inc.8-9-1972Reno, NV
F86Frank Dever Sales, Inc.11-16-1976Nevada County
F88First Southern Baptist Church, Nevada City8-8-1979Nevada City