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File #CompanyDateLocation
C1Comanche Quartz Mining Co.04-21-1864Little York
C2Casco Mining Co.05-28-1864Yankee Jims, Placer County
C3California Consolidated Mill & Mining Co.06-11-1866Meadow Lake
C4Combination Mining Co.08-28-1869Grass Valley
C5Cold Spring Gravel Mining Co.07-11-1870Nevada City
C6Champion Gold Silver and Copper Mining Co.10-02-1872Stockton, San Joaquin County
C7Consolidated Blue Gravel Mining Co.12-19-1872Grass Valley
C8California Consolidated Mining Co.09-13-1873San Francisco
C9Cincinnati Gold Mining Co.03-29-1875Grass Valley
C10Consolidated Golden Star Gold and Silver Mining Co.04-18-1876Grass Valley
C11Consolidated Wyoming Gold Mining Co.05-19-1876San Francisco
C12California Consolidated Mining Co.09-16-1873San Francisco
C13Centennial (Gravel) Gold Mining Co.06-02-1876Grass Valley
C14Central Pacific Railroad Co.06-19-1876
C15Canon Creek Mining Co.10-11-1873San Francisco
C16Capital Savings Bank07-01-1876Sacramento
C17Crandall Gold, Silver, Iron, and Copper Mining Co.08-17-1876Grass Valley
C18Cold Spring Gravel Mining Co.09-06-1876Nevada City
C19Citizens Bank09-19-1876Nevada City
C20Camden Mining Co.02-15-1877San Francisco
C21Cassidy Mining Co.03-09-1877Grass Valley
C22Central Gold and Silver Mining Co.03-22-1877Grass Valley
C23Compromise Gravel Mining Co.06-18-1877Grass Valley
C24Chesapeake Quartz Mining Co.08-25-1877Grass Valley
C25Chesapeake Quartz Mining Co.09-10-1877Grass Valley
C26Champion Mining Co.10-22-1877San Francisco
C27Champion Mining Co.12-07-1876San Francisco
C28Crescent Gold and Silver Mining Co.08-12-1878San Francisco
C29Central Gold Mining Co.10-23-1878Grass Valley
C30Centennial Gold Mining Co.08-30-1876Forest City, Sierra County
C31Chief of the Hill Mining Co.12-19-1878Grass Valley
C32Chief of the Hill Mining Co.01-06-1879Grass Valley
C33Consolidated Lone Tree Gold Mining Co.10-18-1879Grass Valley
C34Citizens Bank02-24-1880Nevada City
C35Consolidated Lone Tree Gold Mining Co.10-18-1879Grass Valley
C36Consolidated Channel Co.07-11-1874San Francisco
C37California Gold and Silver Mining Co.01-12-1881Grass Valley
C38Crown Point Consolidated Gold Mining Co.11-12-1881Grass Valley
C39California Iron and Steel Co.01-30-1882San Francisco
C40Chicago Quartz Mining Co.05-09-1882Nevada City
C41Court Pride of Grass Valley No. 6803 of the Ancient Order of Foresters09-21-1882Grass Valley
C42Court Garfield No. 6810 Ancient Order of Foresters04-02-1883Nevada City
C43California Copper Co.04-06-1883Grass Valley
C44Consolidated Wyoming Gold Mining Co.05-09-1876San Francisco
C45Coe Quartz Mine Co.01-05-1886Grass Valley
C46Central Gold and Silver Mining and Milling Co.07-19-1886Grass Valley
C47Crown Point Mining and Milling Co.09-25-1889Grass Valley
C48Cooperative Commonwealth12-23-1889Grass Valley
C49Count Pride of Grass Valley No. 6803 Ancient Order of Foresters02-03-1890Grass Valley
C50Central Mining Co.12-17-1890Sacramento
C51Centennial Quartz Mining Co. 5-19-1891Grass Valley
C52Centennial Quartz Mining Co. 5-19-1891Grass Valley
C53Conlon Gold Mining Co. 6-20-1892San Francisco
C54Centennial Mining Co. 6-17-1893Sacramento
C55Cadmus Gold Mining Co. 2-23-1895San Francisco
C56California Mutual Mining & Development Co. 10-3-1996San Francisco
C57Consolidated Odin Gravel Mining Co. 2-15-1998San Francisco
C59Columbia Hill Gold Mining Co. 12-6-1895San Francisco
C60Continental Building & Loan Assn.7-12-1889Los Angeles
C61Cadmus Gold Mining Co.5-31-1899San Francisco
C62California Gold & Copper Co. 8-30-1900Spenceville
C63Crystal Lake Gold Mining Co. 7-27-1900Benicia, Contra Costa County
C64California Central Gas & Electric Co.3-23-1901San Francisco
C65Clinch Mercantile Co.4-27-1903Grass Valley
C66Coalinga Banner Oil Co.10-10-1903Grass Valley
C67Conlon Gold Mining Co. 6-20-1892San Francisco
C68California Grass Valley Gold Mining Co. 3-10-1904Grass Valley
C69Continental Copper and Gold Mining Co. 1-21-1904Grass Valley
C70Coalinga Banner Oil Co.4-16-1904Grass Valley
C71Champion Cold Stream Ice Co.5-2-1904Truckee
C72Central Consolidated Mining Co. 10-17-1904San Francisco
C74California Midland Railroad Co.11-6-1905San Francisco
C75Celina Consolidated Gold Mining Co. 6-7-1905Nevada City
C76Central Consolidated Mining Co.9-28-1906Grass Valley
C77California Mining Co. 6-28-1907Grass Valley
C78Coalinga Banner Oil Co.5-27-1907Grass Valley
C79Carnelian Bay Co.7-5-1907Truckee
C81Cecil Gold Mining Co. 5-1-1909Nevada City
C82California-Grass Valley Gold Mining Co.6-29-1909
C84Carnelian Bay Improvement Co. 8-24-1909Truckee
C85Champion Gold Mining Co. 9-20-1909Tucson/Nevada City/ New York City
C86Carnelian Bay Improvement Co.1-?-1912Truckee
C89Colfax Lumber Co.4-8-1912Colfax, Placer County
C91Citizens Bank9-4-1912Nevada City
C92Central Pacific Railroad1899-1912Salt Lake City, UT
C94California Mountain Fruit Co.6-13-1915Grass Valley
C95Columbia Consolidated Mines 3-3-1914Nevada City
C97Columbia Consolidated Mines 12-28-1914Nevada City
C98California Tobacco Co.3-11-1915Grass Valley
C99California Tobacco Growers Incorporated3-18-1915Grass Valley
C100Calumet and California Mining Co. 7-25-1914Calumet, MI/ Cheyenne, WY/ Fairview, CA
C101California Mountain Fruit Co.7-7-1915Grass Valley
C102California Agricultural Co.8-27-1913San Francisco
C103Columbia Consolidated Mines Co. 9-16-1916Nevada City
C104Citizens Investment Co.11-15-1916Nevada City
C105Columbia Consolidated Mines Co. 8-1-1917Nevada City
C106California Placer Mines Co. 6-9-1917Reno, NV
C107Columbia Consolidated Mines Co.2-1-1919Nevada City/San Francisco
C109C.F. Wood Lumber Co.11-1-1919Grass Valley
C113Colfax Fruit Growers’ Association10-18-1924Colfax, Placer County
C115Colfax Metallic Paint Co.12-12-1925Colfax, Placer County
C128Christoforo Colombo Foresters, Ltd.12-4-1931Nevada City
C132Clinch Mercantile Co.4-13-1933Grass Valley
C133Clinch Mercantile Co.4-17-1933Grass Valley
C137California Sierra Gold Mines, Inc. 8-11-1934Alameda County
C138Channel Gold Mines Co. 10-21-1935Grass Valley
C140Cheney Gold Mines, Inc. 11-29-1935Alameda County
C141Cheney Gold Mines, Inc. 1-21-1936Oakland, Alameda County
C143Clinch Mercantile Co.9-11-1936Nevada County
C144Clinch Mercantile Co.10-2-1936Nevada County
C147Campbell Grass Valley Mining Co.4-21-1937Wilmington, DE
C148Clinch Mercantile Co.11-22-1938San Francisco
C150Community Methodist Church of Truckee11-17-1942Nevada County
C151Christ’s Church of the Golden RuleLos Angeles
C156California Sawmills Inc.6-12-1947Nevada County
C157Church Lumber Co. of Grass Valley2-28-1948Nevada County
C160Community Baptist Church of Nevada City, CA8-13-1949Nevada City
C163Church Lumber Co. of Grass Valley12-16-1950Grass Valley
C164Cramer’s Auto Sales4-12-1951Grass Valley
C165Cramer’s Auto Exchange4-12-1951Grass Valley
C166Cal-Pacific Redwood Co.4-13-1951Nevada County
C167Community Antenna Co, Inc.6-5-1951Grass Valley
C169Colfax Telephone Exchange7-24-1952Placer County
C170Community Antenna Co, Inc.6-5-1953Grass Valley
C172Community Antenna Co, Inc.9-23-1953Grass Valley
C173Cherokee Water Co.11-24-1954Nevada County
C174Community Antenna Co, Inc.3-21-1955Grass Valley
C176Central Motor Co. of Grass Valley3-2-1956Grass Valley
C177California Timber Products (Denney Logging Co.)1-8-1957Sonoma County/ Truckee
C181, C182Clinch Mercantile Co.3-25-1957Nevada County
C183Community Antenna Co., Inc.7-5-1957San Francisco
C189Cedar Ridge Baptist Chapel3-31-1960Cedar Ridge
C195Cook and McGuinn4-28-1963Nevada County
C198Cameo Ridge Corporation2-5-1964Nevada County
C199Cameo Ridge Corporation3-12-1964Nevada County
C200Chanticleer Properties, Inc6-5-1964Nevada County
D1Diamond Creek Consolidation Gold Quartz Mining Co.2-25-1864Little York
D2Dannals Gold and Silver Mining Co.3-15-1864Sweetland
D3Donner Lumber and Boom Co.3-1-1870Truckee
D4Daisy Hill Gold Mining Co.9-28-1871Grass Valley
D5Desert Tunnel Co.6-2-1874Nevada County
D6Deer Creek Mining Co.5-2-1873Smartsville, Yuba County
D7Deer Creek Mining Co.5-2-1873Smartsville, Yuba County
D8Deadwood2-23-1877Nevada City
D10Dry Creek Gold Mining Co..10-8-1877Grass Valley
D11Deer Creek Mining Co.9-29-1877San Francisco
D12Dry Creek Turnpike Road Co.4-1-1878Nevada County (?)
D13Dry Creek Turnpike Road Co.4-4-1878Nevada County
D14Deer Creek Mining Co.9-29-1877San Francisco
D15Derbec Blue Gravel Mining Co.7-9-1877San Francisco
D16Diamond Creek Gold and Silver Mining Co.1-29-1879San Francisco
D17Dyer Cannon Ball Quartz Mill Co.8-11-1882Grass Valley
D18, D19Delhi Mining Co.9-24-1884Columbia Hill
D20Downieville Stage Co.8-10-1887Columbia Hill
D22Delhi Mining Co.11-2-1889San Francisco
D21Dayton Consolidated Quartz Mining and Milling Co.10-31-1887Grass Valley
D25Diamond Mining and Development Co.5-8-1893Sacramento
D26, D27Deadwood Mining Co.8-21-1893Grass Valley
D28Daily Morning Union Publishing Co. 6-9-1898Grass Valley
D29Dewey Gravel Mining Co.12-23-1898Grass Valley
D30Dublin Gold Mining Co.8-21-1899Hollister, San Benito County
D31Dakota Mining Co.4-13-1890Nevada City
D32Desert King Mining Co.5-8-1901Nevada City
D33Dinero Oil Co.2-20-1903Nevada City
D34Davies Box & Lumber Co.3-19-1903Truckee
D35Deadwood Gold Mining Co.5-18-1908Nevada City
D36Downieville-Graniteville Express, Livery and Stage Co.7-12-1910Nevada City
D37Delhi Consolidated Mines Co.8-15-1916Grass Valley
D38Donner Lake Co.1-25-1919San Francisco
D40Delhi Power Co.4-30-1921Nevada City
D41Donner Lake Co.1-27-1923San Francisco
D42Delhi Mines Consolidated5-3-1924San Francisco
D43Donner Social Club of Truckee11-5-1925Truckee
D44Davies Box & Lumber Co.9-3-1918Blairsden, Plumas County/ San Francisco
D49Donner Summit Co., Inc.7-25-1938Sacramento
D50Donner Lake Development Co.3-21-1946Reno, NV
D51Daily Morning Union Building Assn.12-7-1946Grass Valley
D53Donner Summit Co.1-17-1947Soda Springs, Placer County
D54Donner Tract Improvement Assn8-29-1947Nevada County
D55Donner Lake Chinchilla Farm8-26-1948Nevada County
D56Donner Lake Chinchilla Farm10-7-1951Nevada County
D57Donner “U.S. 40” Chamber of Commerce8-28-1952Nevada County
D58Donner Ski Ranch9-15-1952Nevada County
D59Donner Lake Utility Co.9-21-1953Nevada County
D60Del Oro Sweet Shop Corp9-20-1955Nevada County
D61Douglass Moulding Corp4-13-1955Yuba County
D62Donner Trail Estates5-6-1957Alameda County
D63Donner Lake Volunteer Fire Dept7-6-1957Nevada County
D64Donner Lake Development Co2-26-1958Reno, NV
D65Donner Lake Lodge8-27-1958Nevada County
D66D.E. Matson Forest Products, Inc9-30-1959Nevada County
D67D.W.G. Logging, Inc1-20-1960Nevada County
D68Deer Creek Development Co.3-7-1960Nevada County
D69Donnerland, U.S.A., Inc.9-20-1960Nevada County
D70Daybu Construction Co., Inc11-28-1960Nevada County
D71Donner Propane Co.1-25-1961Sacramento County
D72 Dorville, Gallino & Kohler, Inc.5-11-1961Grass Valley
D73Donner-Euer Valley7-11-1961Contra Costa County
D74Douglass Moulding Corp4-13-1955Yuba County
D76Douglas Lumber Corp1-28-1965Nevada County
D77D.K. Distributing Co., Inc3-9-1965Nevada County
D78Donner Area Junior Chamber of Commerce6-15-1965Nevada County
D79Donnerland, U.S.A., Inc11-30-1965Alameda County
D80Donner-Truckee Ski-Doo, Inc12-12-1966Nevada County
D81Donner Pines Inc.12-12-1966Santa Clara County
D82, D83Deer Creek Park Assn8-14-1969, 2-9-1970Nevada County
D84Dorville & Gallino6-25-1970Not stated
D86Donner Pines Homeowners Assn12-31-1971Nevada County
D87D. & D, Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 7-12-1972Nevada County
D88Dobbs Realty8-31-1972Nevada County
D91Dosher Enterprises, Inc12-18-1973Nevada County
D92Donald L. Trotter, Inc12-31-1973Nevada County
D93Donner Gate Chevron7-3-1974Nevada County
D94, D95Donner Lake Lodge, Inc.5-10-1974Nevada County
D97Donner Lake Village Owners Assn9-18-1974Nevada County
D98Donner Lake Lodge Condominium Owners Assn.9-18-1974Nevada County
D99Dennis L. Chez, M.D., Inc.9-27-1974Placer County
D100Dennis L. Chez, M.D., Inc5-21-1975Nevada County
D101Dig It Engineering and Constructions Co.8-20-1975Nevada County
D102David G. Bryan9-16-1975Nevada County
D103Dever Chiropractic Corp6-4-1976Nevada County
D106Donner Aviation, Inc.7-6-1977Truckee
D107Donner Summit Area Association, Inc.4-4-1978Nevada County
D109Dave’s Van & Storage, Inc.7-3-1979Grass Valley