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File #CompanyDateLocation
A1African Methodist Church[no date] [no location]
A2Alta Hill Gravel Co., No. 310-6-1870Grass Valley
A3Argenta Consolidated Gold Mining Co.6-2-1875
A4Allison Ranch Franklin Mining Co.11-23-1875San Francisco
A5Alaska Gold Mining Co.6-18-1876Sacramento
A6Allison Ranch Ford Gold Quartz Mining Co.8-1-1876Grass Valley
A7Allison Phoenix Mining Co.12-26-1876
A8Alpha Gold Mining Co. 4-16-1877Grass Valley
A9Albert Gravel Mining Co. 9-21-1877Grass Valley
A10Allison Ranch Ford Gold Quartz Mining Co. 8-21-1876Grass Valley
A11Adalante Blue Gravel Mining Co.10-16-1878Nevada City
A12Alpha Hydraulic Gravel Mining Co.10-8-1878San Francisco
A13Alpha Blue Gravel Mining Co.2-19-1879Nevada City
A14American Mining Co.11-20-1879Spenceville
A15Amazon Gold Quartz Mining Co.8-6-1881Los Angeles
A16Amont Mining Co.1-16-1885San Francisco
A17American Building and Loan Association 8-31-1888Minneapolis, MN
A18Allison Ranch Consolidated Mining Co.9-26-1894San Francisco
A19American Bar Mining Co.7-3-1896Nevada City
A20Associated Oil Co.3-13-1902San Francisco
A21Anchor Mining Co.9-21-1905Reno
A22Alpha Hardware & Supply Co.12-7-1905Grass Valley
A23Alpha Powder Co.8-13-1906Nevada City
A24Associated Oil Co.10-5-1901San Francisco
A25American Mining and Development Co. Mining2-12-1906Omaha
A26Allison Ranch Ford Gold Quartz Mining Co.5-28-1907Not stated
A27Arctic Gold Mining Corp.10-14-1907Phoenix
A28Associated Oil Co.2-12-1908Oil Center, Kern County
A29American Shingle Register Co.7-20-1908Nevada City
A30A.B. Quartz Mining Co.7-8-1908 Nevada City
A31Aurora Mining Co.2-14-1908Phoenix
A32American Shingle Register Co.6-29-1908Not stated
A33Alleghany Quartz & Channel Mining Co. 8-21-1909Phoenix
A34Arctic Mining and Power Co.8-24-1910Los Angeles
A35Armory Hall Association3-31-1911Nevada City
A36American Improvement Co.3-26-1907San Francisco
A37Associated Mines Co.8-12-1911Tuscon
A38Associated Mines Co.8-12-1911Tuscon
A39Alpha Hardware and Supply Co.3-5-1913Nevada City
A40Associated Oil Co.4-1-1913San Francisco
A41Alta Combination Mines Co.3-15-1920Grass Valley
A42Ante Up Mining Co.11-20-1922Nevada City
A43Ante Up Mining Co.12-26-1922San Francisco
A44Ancho Gold Mining Co.9-15-1923Reno
A45Ante Up Mining Co.10-17-1923San Francisco
A46Alta Combination Mines Company04-07-1924Grass Valley
A47Alcalde Gold Mines Company02-18-1924San Francisco
A48Armory Hall Association03-11-1925Nevada City
A49The Allison Ranch Ford Gold Quartz Mining Co.08-05-1926Grass Valley
A50American Trust Co.12-27-1926Not stated
A50Mercantile Trust Co. of California12-27-1926Not stated
A51American Foundation Co.06-14-1927Reno, NV
A52Associated Adjustment and Security Co.08-23-1928Auburn, Placer County
A53Annex Mining Co.02-05-1930Delaware
A54Associated Oil Co.y07-19-1923San Francisco
A55Associated Oil Co.y08-10-1926San Francisco
A56Associated Oil Co.09-01-1923San Francisco
A57Alpha Powder Corporation, LTD.03-30-1931Nevada City
A57Alpha Powder Co.03-30-1931Nevada City
A58Alpha Stores, LTD.12-14-1931Nevada City
A59American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Co.01-23-1899Maine
A60Associated Oil Co.12-10-1935San Francisco
A61American Zinc, Lead and Smelting Co.08-03-1935Maine
A62American Trust Co.03-03-1936San Francisco
A63American Trust Co.03-06-1937San Francisco
A64Tide Water Associated Oil Co.02-10-1937New Jersey
A65Atlas Gold Dredging Corporation10-14-1935Los Angeles
A66Atlas Gold Dredging Corporation06-23-1938Los Angeles
A67Armory Hall Association12-15-1939Nevada City
A68Armory Hall Association12-22-1939Nevada City
A69American Trust Co.08-18-1939San Francisco
A70Ancho Erie Mining Co.04-19-1941Grass Valley
A71Ancho Erie Mining Co.09-25-1941Grass Valley
A72Alpha Hardware Co.07-09-1946Nevada County
A73American Trust Co.02-28-1946San Francisco
A74Alpha Sierra Co.10-31-1946Nevada City
A75Alpha Powder Corporation10-31-1946Nevada City
A76Ancho Erie Mining Co.06-03-1948San Francisco
A77American Trust Co.03-31-1949San Francisco
A78American Telephone and Telegraph Co.04-22-1947New York
A79American Telephone & Telegraph11-15-1950 New YorkC
A80American Trust Co.3-15-1951San Francisco
A81Art & Garden Center of Nevada County11-14-1951Grass Valley
A82American Telephone & Telegraph 4-16-1952New YorkC
A83American Trust Co.1-29-1953San Francisco
A84Anchor Casualty Co.3-21-1950St. Paul, MN
A87Ancho Erie Mining Co.4-22-1955San Francisco
A88, A89Alpha Hardware & Supply Co.9-28-1955Nevada City
A90American Chinchilla Breeders Inc.3-15-1956Nevada City
A91Alta-Oak-Sunset Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.5-21-1956Nevada County
A93Aeromotive Metal Products, Inc.5-31-1958California
A94Armtray Corporation02-18-1959Nevada County
A96American River Land Co., Inc.06-09-1959Sacramento County
A97Ava, Inc.03-09-1956Los Angeles County
A98Allied Beryllium Co.02-09-1961Nevada County
A99Alder Hill Properties04-24-1962Marin County
A100Alta Sierra Ranches, Inc.03-20-1963Nevada County
A101Alta Sierra Country Club, Inc.07-25-1963Nevada County
A102Alta Sierra Cattle Co., Inc.03-07-1964Grass Valley
A103American Pacific Centers, Inc.03-12-1965Sacramento County
A104American Recreation Centers, Inc.05-05-1966PaloAlto, Santa Clara County
A104Grass Valley Lanes, Inc.05-05-1966PaloAlto, Santa Clara County
A105Adventure Hunters Club, Inc.06-15-1966Nevada
A106Alta Sierra Vista, Inc.02-26-1968Nevada County
A107Campfire Girls11-29-1966Not stated
A108Auburn Manor Holding Corporation09-06-1966Placer County
A109Accu-Rule Instruments, Inc.04-29-1969Nevada County
A110ATC Building Company08-04-1958San Francisco
A111Ace Concrete, Inc.03-30-1970Nevada County
A112Artco Oil Inc.04-28-1970Sacramento County
A113Aguilas Inc.06-05-1954Alameda County
A114Anclas Inc.06-09-1954Alameda County
A115Altadon02-03-1969Alameda County
A116Alta Sierra Property Owners Association, Inc.05-10-1971Nevada County
A117Amosí Bottle Shop08-20-1971Nevada County
A118Applied Geological Engineering, Inc.09-21-1971Nevada County
A119Alpine Investors, Inc.01-16-1969Nevada
A120Alpenglow, Ltd04-25-1973Nevada County
A121Ace Hardware - Truckee Rents, Inc.07-16-1973Nevada County
A122Auburn Ski Club of California, Inc.02-29-1960Placer County
A123Auburn Ski Club of California, Inc.04-11-1960Placer County
A124Alan R. Brooks, Inc.03-25-1974Nevada County
A125A & A Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co.02-03-1975Nevada County
A126William F. Arndt, Jr., M. D., Inc.10-16-1973Orange County
A127William F. Arndt, Jr., M. D., Inc.08-01-1975Nevada County
A128Avco Savings and Loan Association02-07-1975San Francisco
A128Imperial Savings and Loan Association02-07-1975San Francisco
A129A & D, Inc.09-13-1976Nevada County
A130Alpine Sierra Development Corporation05-27-1977Larkspur, Marin County
A131Alta Sierra Corporation08-30-1977Auburn, Placer County
B1Birchville Gold & Silver Mining Co.12-28-1863Birchville
B2Banner Gold and Silver Mining Co.5-6-1864You Bet
B3Big Tunnel Quartz Mining Co.1-7-1865Nevada County
B4Bed Rock Tunnel and Mining Co.11-2-1867Birchville
B5Bowery Mining Co.12-13-1869Nevada County
B6Birchville Gold and Silver Mining Co.2-14-1870Birchville
B7Badger Hill and Cherokee Gravel Mining Co.12-4-1869North San Juan
B8Badger Hill Gold Mining Co.7-27-1870Grass Valley
B9Baltic Gravel Mining Co.11-18-1870Grass Valley
B10Bedrock Tunnel & Mining Co.7-6-1871Birchville
B11Blue Gravel Lake Co.7-17-1871Grass Valley
B12Bayís Ranch Gold Mining Co.12-4-1873Grass Valley
B13Baltic Gravel Mining Co.3-21-1874Grass Valley
B14Bever Gold & Silver Mining Co.3-21-1874Grass Valley
B15Boca Beer & Ale Co.7-7-1875San Francisco
B16Boca Brewing Co.7-28-1875San Francisco
B17Badger Hill and Cherokee Gravel Mining Co.7-31-1875San Francisco
B18Badger Hill and Cherokee Gravel Mining Co.12-2-1875San Francisco
B19Boca Brewing Co.7-10-1876San Francisco
B20Birdseye Creek Gold Mining Co. Ltd.2-11-1871England
B21Bullion Consolidated Gold Mining Co.3-1-1877Sacramento
B22Boca Ice Co.6-5-1877Sacramento
B23Bellís Bar Blue Gravel Mining Co.1-17-1878North San Juan
B24Boca Wood & Lumber Co.12-11-1871Sacramento
B25Bonanza Consolidated Blue Gravel Mining Co.1-8-1878Nevada City
B26Byrne Consolidated Mining Co.3-8-1878San Francisco
B27Bonanza Consolidated Blue Gravel Mining Co.6-1-1878Nevada City
B28Boca Mill Co.6-5-1877Sacramento
B29Boca Mill Co.6-4-1877Sacramento
B30Boca Brewing Company7-10-1876San Francisco
B31Boca Ice Company6-4-1877Sacramento
B32The Brunswick Gold Mining Co.12-13-1876San Francisco
B33Bridgeport Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.6-23-1879San Francisco
B34Boca Wood and Lumbering Co.12-13-1871Sacramento
B35Black Lead Mining Co.10-7-1880Grass Valley
B36Banner Mill and Lumber Co.2-1-1881Boca
B37Buelow Consolidated Mining Co.8-11-1883San Francisco
B38Boston Mining Co.1-20-1886Grass Valley
B39Badger Hill Mining Co.2-4-1886Grass Valley
B40Berriman Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining & Milling Co.5-8-1888Grass Valley
B41Baltic Consolidated Mining Co.1-26-1889San Francisco
B42, B43Blue Bell Gold Mining Co.1-5-1889Ormonde
B44Boca Butcher Co.20-21-1889Boca
B45Boston Gold Mining Co.6-2-1891Grass Valley
B46Beckman Hill Gravel Mining Co.7-6-1891Nevada City
B47Baltic Consolidated Mining Co.3-1-1892Grass Valley
B48Blue Hill Mining Co.8-4-1892Nevada City
B49Bellefontaine Mining Co.4-14-1893Nevada City
B50Badger Hill Quartz Mining Co.5-31-1893North San Juan
B51Bear Gold & Silver Mining Co.7-8-1893Nevada City
B52Ben Franklin Gold Mining Co.9-24-1896Grass Valley
B53Behemoth Consolidated Gold Mining Co.4-20-1897San Francisco
B54Banner Hill Land Co.12-27-1898Sacramento
B55Brady & Robinson4-14-1899Grass Valley
B56Bay Counties Power Co.6-1-1900San Francisco
B57Blue Diamond Oil Co.10-10-1900`Grass Valley
B58Boston-Grass Valley Gold Mining Co.12-21-1900Grass Valley
B59Boca & Loyalton Railroad Co.9-22-1900San Francisco
B60Boca & Loyalton Railroad Co.1-9-1903San Francisco
B61Blue Tent Mining Co.4-13-1903San Francisco
B62Boca & Loyalton Railroad Co.6-29-1903San Francisco
B63Boca White Pine Co.9-20-1902Near Boca
B64Brady & Cassidy10-19-1903Grass Valley
B65Blue Ledge Gold Mining Co.5-13-1904Nevada City
B66Buckeye Consolidated Mining Co.8-6-1904Nevada City (branch)
B67Birchville Mining Co.11-9-1904San Francisco
B68Birce & Smart3-25-1905Grass Valley
B69Banner Hill Mining Co.6-8-1905San Francisco
B70Boston Grass Valley Gold Mining Co.5-15-1902Phoenix/San Francisco
B71Bellefontaine Mining Co.7-16-1904Sacramento
B72Bagley Mining Co.12-28-1905Grass Valley
B73Baltic Gold Mining Co.1-8-1906San Francisco, Nevada City/Gaston, CA
B74Butte-California Gold Mining Co.6-18-1906Not stated
B75Belle Union Gold Mining and Milling Co.3-21-1907Phoenix, AZ
B76Baltic Gravel Mining Co.6-28-1907Grass Valley
B77Black Bear Gold Mining Co.10-6-1906Phoenix, AZ
B78Bear River Gold Mining Co.11-8-1908Grass Valley
B79Buena Vista Mining Co.11-24-1903Grass Valley
B80Banner Ridge Drift Mining Co.12-24-1908Grass Valley
B81The Boca Mill Co.5-19-1909San Francisco
B82Blue Lead Consolidated Gravel Mining Co.7-17-1911Nevada City
B83Bear River Gold Mining Co.2-10-1912Grass Valley
B84Boca Land Co.9-11-1912San Francisco
B85Blue Hill Gravel Gold Mines11-9-1912Nevada City
B86[a]Brunswick Consolidated Gold Mining Co.1-7-1890San Francisco
B86[b]Brunswick Consolidated Gold Mining Co.12-31-1915Grass Valley
B87Barnes Lumber Co.10-9-1916Grass Valley
B88, B89Bank of Italy
B90Ben Hur Divide Mining Co.3-27-1918Tonopah, NV
B91, B92Bank of Italy
B93Beauty Mining Corp.9-19-1925Park City, UT
B94Belmont Uncle Sam Mining Co.7-3-1926Reno, NV
B95-B99Blue Lead Consolidated Mining Co.6-23-1930Not stated
B100-B102Bank of America
B103Homestake Gold Mining Co./Bradley Mining Co.1-28-1931San Francisco
B104Bradley Mining Co.3-23-1931San Francisco
B105Bank of America
B106Blue Lead Consolidated Mining Co.11-4-1929San Francisco
B107Bank of America
B108Brunswick Consolidated Gold Mining Co.10-31-1933Not stated
B109Brunswick Consolidated Gold Mining Co.10-20-1933Not stated
B110, B111Bordenís Farm Products Co/Bordenís Dairy Delivery Co.Delaware
B112Bolsa de Oro, Inc. Reno, NV
B113Bank of America
B114Butler Gold Mining Co.Esmeralda County, NV
B115Beverly Hall FoundationBucks County, PA
B116Benday, Inc. Reno, NV
B117Basic Mines, Inc.Nye County, NV
B118Bethel Church, Assemblies of God6-17-1947Grass Valley
B119Bret Harte Lumber Corp.4-27-1948Nevada County
B120Bear River Pines Association8-28-1948Nevada County
B121Bret Harte Inn, Inc.12-1-1949San Francisco
B122Beauchamp Religious Affiliates3-16-1950Nevada County
B123Berliner & McGinnis4-13-1951Nevada City
B124Banner Mountain Products, Inc.6-27-1951Nevada County
B125Banner Mountain Post No. 2655 VFW US3-2-1951Nevada County
B126Beacon Hill Lodge3-27-1956San Francisco
B127Beck Investment Co.5-21-1957San Francisco
B128Broel Corp, Inc.7-25-1957Grass Valley
B129Bahama Mines, Limited2-5-1958Nevada County
B130Sacramento Full Gospel Assembly/Best Established Truth Christ OverallCarmichael, Sacramento County/Nevada County
B131 Boyce Thompson Inst. For Plant Research, Inc.10-27-1924New York
B132Boyce Thompson Inst. for Plant Research, Inc.6-1-1936New York
B133Bert Burns & Co.3-30-1959Reno, NV
B134Best Established Truth Overall10-28-1959Grass Valley
B135Bonnie Braes, Inc.7-1-1960Nevada County
B136Brewer-Gibson Ranches, Inc.9-24-1952Not stated
B137Bear River Lumber Co.3-14-1961Grass Valley
B138Brunswick Timber Products Corporation3-31-1961Nevada County
B139Blackwood Lumber Co.6-6-1962Nevada County
B140Berliner & McGinnis, Inc5-4-1962Nevada County
B141Braemar Land Corporation3-1-1965Sacramento County
B142B-Wise Distributors, Inc./Vita-Bark, Inc.7-21-1958/4-10-1962Sacramento County
B143Boreal Ridge Corporation8-21-1964San Francisco
B144Boreal Ridge Corporation6-15-1965San Francisco
B145Boreal Ridge Corporation10-17-1965Nevada County
B146Beacon Hill Subdivision Inc.7-18-1966Nevada County
B147Bear River Construction Co.3-24-1966Nevada County
B148Beltone of SacramentoSacramento
B149Bonzo Oil Co., Inc.11-6-1967Placer County
B150Boreal Ridge Ski Patrol11-17-1967Nevada County
B151Bay Tree PropertiesNot stated
B152Billings and Ruff Development, Inc.Not stated
B153, B154Bonnie Braes, Inc.3-27-1970Not stated
B155Banderas Inc.Not stated
B156Bay Tree Properties, Co.Not stated
B157Bergemann & Son11-9-1970Nevada County
B158Boise Cascade Recreational Properties, Inc12-28-1970Lake of the Pines
B158ABreuner Land Company10-6-1969Alameda County
B160Boise Cascade Recreation Communities
B161Boise Cascade Recreation Communities
B162Boreal Village Homeowners Association1-20-1972Nevada County
B164Brunswick Timber Products Corp./Cal-Pacific Redwood Co.6-9-1972Not stated
B165Boise Cascade Recreation Communities
B166Breuerís Menís Wear10-19-1973Nevada County
B167, B168Bear River Lumber Co., Inc.10-10-1974Not stated
B169Bath Industries, Inc9-10-1975Nevada County
B170Bear Development Corp.6-14-1976Nevada County
B171Bainbugle, Inc.10-28-1976Nevada County
B172Bartmuller Corporation1-29-1977Not stated
B173Wm. Dennis Bellew, M.D., Inc.6-1-1978Not stated