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Napa County Query Archives - 2006

21 May 2006
West family history in Napa Valley. Thank you.

Bill West

15 May 2006
I am looking for Charles Joseph Larkin Born in Los Angeles on July 23 1947 Married Shiela M Shanks in Tejuana in 1968 An had a son born on August 26th 1968 Their home address at the time was 7535 Cartwright Ave. any help would be much apprecated


Napa State Hospital
8 May 2006
I have a great uncle who spent 42 years in napaState Hospital.He had only been in canada and America for about two years.No family knew what had happened to him until i had done my research. He died in 1946 and i would like to know who I would contact to find out where he is buried.i think he would be at the Chapel of Chimes but i would like to know for sure.Thanks Tamah


24 Apr 2006
Would you happen to have a photo of horse thief and cattle rustler, L.H. Musgrove? Thanking you in advance for your response

Keith C. Mollohan

8 Mar 2006
I am looking for information about John A. Fuller, elected Mayor of Napa in 1899. Thank you very much.

John Waite

5 Mar 2006
GREENWOOD & RANEY of Napa County. F. D. Greenwood (my 2X great grandfather) and his son, Calvert, and daughter, Mary(my great grandmother's sister) along with her husband, Cornelius Raney, left MO and came to Napa, Yount, CA sometime between 1851 and 1860. (F.D. had previously been to California during the war with Mexico in 1846 as a member of the Missouri volunteers with Alexander Doniphan.) Land records show Cornelius getting the following patent: Accession/Serial #: CACAAA 004450 BLM Serial #: CACAAA 004450 of 160 acres 5/15/1862. The household appears in the 1870 Census without Cornelius so he was gone before then. By the1880 Census F. D. is gone and so is Calvert and the family is in Monticello, Napa. CA. I would love to find any records...cemetery, wills, of this family. I believe that Cornelius had other Raney relatives in the area. Fauntleroy's name is misspelled many ways, Fontleroy, Pontheroy, etc. by transcribers.
1 Fauntleroy Dye GREENWOOD b.1806 KY - d.after 1870 CA
.. +Martha SUTTLE/SETTLE b.1809 KY - d. aft 1850 MO
..... 2 Mary C GREENWOOD b.1830 KY -d. CA
......... +Cornelius RANEY 1822 -d. aft 1862
............. 3 Catherine RANEY b. 1856 CA
............. 3 Amelia RANEY b.1858 CA
............. 3 William G. RANEY b.1860 CA
............. 3 James M RANEY b.1871 CA- 1940
............. 3 Gerome L. RANEY b.1862CA -
..... 2 Calvert GREENWOOD b.1838 KY - d. ? CA

Suzee Oberg

5 March 2006
JOHN JACOB BUHMAN and his family came to the Napa Valley in 1873 from San Francisco. They purchased 100 acres on what is today Redwood Road (3104 Redwood Road). Sometime between 1873 and 1884, the Buhmans built a large, two story home on the Redwood Road property. Today, that property is owned by George Hendry.

Can any one suggest how I could find out when that house was built? The "Assessors Estimate" is 1881 but I have not been able to find any actual evidence of the construction date.

Andrew M. Hendry

22 February 2006
i am searching for information on william dirk ivanich 12/1/54, his parent were angelo and joan.

julie ivanich

12 January 2006
I am searching for the Kincaid/Kingcade/Kinkaid/Kinkade family that migrated from Napoleon, TN to Napa Valley CA in about 1856-7-8,

William J. Kincaid & Mary/Polly Stubblefield-Kincaid
Screen 68 of 132
K523 KINCAID, William J. S314 STUBBLEFIELD, Mary 05 Dec 1847

In 1850 TN Census
Gibson Co Tn

William J KINKAID 21 TN
Polly 25 Ala
Martha 2 TN
James 2/12 TN

Also there was a third child Martina Kingcade born in CA about 1856.
But that is the last indication of this family being in CA.
William J. Kincaid remarried sometime about 1860 & relocated to IL.

My primary search is for what happened to Mary/Polly Stubblefield-Kincaid/Kingcade/Kinkaid/Kinkead after 1856.
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


5 January 2006
You have recently helped us to research our Scott family with great results, and we are hoping that you will be able to help again. This time we are looking for information on the Brickler family. The Brickler family lived in St. Helena in the mid 1800s. The only name we have is that of Mary A. Brickler who came to California from Ohio at age 16 around 1868. She married Henry William Helms, and they lived in San Francisco. We don't know her parents' names but we do know that they came from Alsace Lorraine where they owned vinyards. Other surnames in that family according to a family burial plot in S.F. are Wiese and Bauer.Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

Tanja and Ursula Scott