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Napa County Query Archives - 2005

14 December 2005
My name is Jon Jessen and I am trying to find any information I can of my gr gr grandfather, Samuel W Gilbert. He lived in Napa City and had a Saloon in the 1860s and 70ís. Thanks.

Jon Jessen

Salvador Elementary School
3 December 2005
I'm interested in knowing when the original Salvador Elementary School was built and when the additional shool there was built. Also, any other unusual history w/ the school.


26 November 2005
I am conducting research on my great grandfather Peter F. McLaughlin who was listed as being a patient at the Napa State Hospital in the 1930 census. Would like to know how I can obtain records on him regarding his stay and if there is information on his death.

Steve McLaughlin

5 November 2005
I am searching for information about the life of Charles Horace SNOW - born May 1 1877 Lower Lake, Lake, CA - died Dec 1967 Napa, Napa, CA.

Charles was son of George Horace SNOW (born 1844-died aft 1936) and Annie Elizabeth Smith (born 1846 ,,MO)

Charles was married to Mable 'Halla' Nunley about 1900. Mable was born 1880 - died May 9 1939 Lower Lake, Lake, CA.

Charles & Mable had a daughter, Thelma J (SNOW) VANWINKLE born Dec 29 1900 - died Jun 27 1999 Sonoma, Sonoma, CA

Charles is my 1st cousin, 3 times removed. He was a blind author of over 400 western books mostly published in England. I can not find a biography on him.

Thank you for your time.

Darolyn (Marshall) Mason

29 October 2005
I was intrigued by the James H Francis house which is on the national register, and yet, can find NO history on him, or his house. Why is that?

Beth Seaward

Morel / Stone
16 October 2005
Any historical record of Dr Henri Auguste Morel or birth of son, Hollis Auguste Morel. Wife, Mabel Stone. Approx. date 1898-1906. Thank you for your help.

(Mrs.) Darleen M. Parker

6 October 2005
I was wondering if you have any family information for Eric James Barnett? children, marriages, etc. Thank you.


14 September 2005
I am trying to track down any living descendants of the Spotts family who lived in Napa County about a century ago and gave their name to St. Helena's Spottswoode Winery. I hope to discover the present location of the remains of Rear Admiral James Hanna Spotts, USN (1822-1882), the founder of the family. Admiral Spotts' body was cremated at Woodlawn Cemetery in Colma on 13 August 1921, and that is where the trail goes cold. Thank you very much!

Sebastian Nelson

13 September 2005
I am trying to locate descendants or relatives of Rexford Murray Kemp born April 14, 1950 in San Joaquin, CA -died March 17, 1975 in Napa. A copy of his obituary may have information. I believe he has a son, Rexford M. Kemp, who lives in Clearlake, CA but I have been unable to find an address or phone number. I have pictures and family items I would like to pass on to his son. Thanks for any help.

Fred Dorris

Soda Springs
24 August 2005
I'm interested in knowing about deaths that happened in the 1800s-early to mid 1900s in the soda springs rd area, more specifically the old resort and bottling plant. I have been up there three times and have seen sprits and images. Thanks for your time.

Joe Pickett

22 August 2005
Sylvester Mowry was on the 1880 census of the Napa State Asylum for the Insane. Before this he was a San Francisco Resident. He was suppose to have died there. How do I go about finding his records: Why he was there? His date of death? Any and all information on his stay there? Thank you.

D Jones

10 August 2005
I am looking for descendants of

a. George C. H. Rees and Sarah (Black) Rees came to Napa Co. in 1850s or 1860s from Iowa. They at one time lived in Pope Valley.

b. Mary Ann (Rees): 1869 married to William Connor; 1872 married to Thomas Roberts

If you are related, or know any information about these people I would love to hear from you

Carolin Rees

Frances Elizabeth HARRIS WALKER
21 July 2005
Frances Elizabeth HARRIS WALKER died in the fall of 1859, either in Yountville, Napa Co. or Sacramento. We have had lots of help trying to locate her place and exact time of death and where buried, for several years, but no luck so far.

She isn't buried in any of the cemeteries in Napa County. Her family has a large plot in Yountville (Presley F. Harris, etc.), so my question is:

Are there any funeral home records in Napa county or the Sacramento area for 1859? Or is there any other place to search?

The Sacramento Bee apparently never listed a death notice. Her husband Robert H. WALKER, moved to Oregon in 1860 with their children . I have been to the Napa County Genealogical Society, the California State Library and Tulcohey and Napa cemeteries.

Thanks for helping.

Sally J. Stacy in Oregon (her gg granddughter)

25 May 2005
Hello I am trying to get information on Louise EWER married in St Helena 1864 and google pointed me at ypur website.

My name is George Anthony Ewer (called Tony) and am part of the branch of the Ewer family who were shipbuilders in Burseldon, Hampshire, England in the 1700s but moved to Brighton Sussex in the early 1800s.

Some emigrated to USA, some to canada and some to Australia. My father emigrated to South Africa after the first world war and I was born out there in 1938. I now live in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

thank you

Tony Ewer

18 May 2005
I am looking for the graves of my grandparents who were married, lived & were buried in Napa.

Sara Louise Allen married Charles LARKIN @ Hollyhurst in a double wedding with her sister in the late 1800's.

My grandfather, Charles LARKIN died about 1910 & my grandmother, Sara Louise LARKIN, died in 1956.

Sara Spencer

10 May 2005

Does anyone know where this druggest was in Calistoga? thanks


20 April 2005
Im looking for PETSCH Clemens - August *1.11.1866 Elberfeld -Germany,my Grand-grand- Pa, + Californien? about 1930 during an accident .( Hurikan) ??????.

Irene Tausend

12 April 2005
I have an Original Warrant naming WILLIAM HARRISON ELDER, Second Sgt of the 2nd Brigade dated at Napa 5 Sept 1864. The Warrant says the Brigade is a California Militia. This W H Elder may be my greatgrandfather from Indiana. I am looking for any information about that Militia OR This man. Thank you.

Gordon Lockwood

29 March 2005
Seeking obituaries and/or information re Frank P. THOMPSON b. ca 1867 OR, died Mar. 10, 1942 Napa Co. Wife Theresa (DIXON) THOMPSON b. ca 1874 England. Children: Orville Clair THOMPSON b. Apr. 4, 1891, died Nov. 13, 1954 Napa Co.; Edna May THOMPSON b. Aug. 19, 1897 SD; died Mar. 30, 1957 Napa Co. (never married); William Wallace THOMPSON b. Apr. 20, 1905, died Aug. 6, 1944 Napa Co.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


House at 1 Reno Court
22 March 2005
I recently purchased a home located at 1 Reno Court in Napa (Browns Valley). I have been told that the home was built in the l890's by a member of the VALLEJO family. I would appreciate any information you can give me with regards to my home. thank you.


5 March 2005
I am looking for descendants of Alexander Scott and his wife Catherine P. Scott, listed in the 1880 census as living in Napa township. They immigrated from Scotland in 1869.

Tanja Scott

15 February 2005
Looking for anything on the family of John ERINGTON (ERRINGTON) born in England 1823, married Harriet SERVISS(SERVOS) in Dundas County, Ontario, Canada, ca 1850.Appear in 1880 Napa Valley census. John was a carpenter at that time, but had farmed in Canada.

They had possibly 13 children. most born in Canada before 1870: ...George; Simon E.; Lyman Aguila; Catherine; Ella; Cyrus (Syrus); William H.; Charles H; Jay Bidwell, Allen Centenial (born 1876 California); Thomas John; Anna (born 1872, California) and Precilla (married a HAMMOND in California and had a daughter Francis).

Daughter Ella was a dressmaker. She, brother george and sister Anna married in Napa. Any connection to this family out there? I have ERRINGTON in Canada and England information to share. John's brother William (married to Jane MUMBY) was my great great grandfather.

Maridel C Brown

13 February 2005
Need confirmation that Ester A. (no maiden name) MILLIKEN married second a ROSE. Ester is listed in 1880 Napa census as E. A. Rose, W, F, 55, widow b. PA. Also in household are two daus., Emma MILLIKEN age 20 and Lillian MILLIKEN.

You assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Revae Leppanen

13 February 2005
MILLIKEN/MILLIKAN family in Napa 1860 and 1870 censuses.
H. L. MILAKIN (sp) age 36 b. NC; wife Ester A. age 36 b. PA; Ester C. age 7 b. CA; Nancy age 4 b. CA; Andrew age 2 b. CA Henrietta age 3/12 b. CA

1870 census

H. S. Millikan, 47, farmer, b. NC
Mrs. Ester A. Millikan age 46 b. MD (conflict here)
Nancy age 14, F, W, b. CA
Andrew age 12, b. CA
Emma age 10, b. CA
Lillie (Lillian) age 8, b. CA

In the 1860 census listed is a dau., Ester C. b. ca 1853. I believe this may be my Carrie Milliken who subsequently married Elisha H. ROBISON April 11, 1870 Napa.

I am trying to confirm Carrie's parents and to possibly locate any Milliken relatives who may be able to supply me with more information.

Hopefully, the genealogy society may have something on this family.

I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

Revae Leppanen

12 February 2005
born 4 April 1873 in Napa or Mendocino county
died 31 March 1890 in Dayton County, Washington
Daughter of James A. and Ellen (SCOTT) EDDINGTON

I am looking into the possibility that EDDINGTON family members made a trip by train from Missouri to California in 1872 or 1873.

This article leads me to believe that such a journey would have been possible for them then.

Bob Shields

House at 1761 park ave
30 January 2005
I'm trying to find out what year the house on 1761 park ave in napa,ca was built? What style is it? What were the original colors? I hope you can help.

19 January 2005
Looking for information on William Alexander NELSON (NIELSEN). Have his online death information but need information on his wife and children if any.

Born 8 may 1890 Minnesota
Died 18 Mar 1957 Napa
Mother's maiden name is larson


17 January 2005
I am looking for information for my great uncle Adolph Haug who lived in Pope Valley until his death. His son Chester A. Haug was born on 7/3/14 and passed away on 1/28/04. My father, George King was Adolph's nephew.

14 January 2005
Death LOOKUP - I am looking for any information about Harry Herbert HARRISON in Napa, California. I have his online death record, but no information about his parents or wife or children.

California Death Index:
Birth Date: 1 Aug 1886
Birthplace: CALIFORNIA
Death Date: 12 May 1955
Death Place: NAPA
Mother's Maiden Name: OGDEN
Father's Surname: HARRISON

SCOTT, John B.
4 January 2005
California Assemblyman for Napa (10th District) during 1861-1862. Described as a Breckenridge Democrat (pro-secessionist). I am trying to identify this man from all the others with the same name. Any information on him will be appreciated.