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Napa County Query Archives - 2004

Chrisman, Kinser
18 December 2004
I need any information you might have on Ola (Chrisman) Kinser. Ola was born in Ohio in 1885 and died in Napa 2 July 1963. If there is an Obit available or cemetery information I would appreciate it. Ola was my grandfather's sister.
Stephen Chrisman

Tucolay Cemetary
18 December 2004
Can someone tell me about Tucolay Cemetary? I know I have at least one relative there. I would like to come and visit Napa to photograph the tombstone, but I don't know where the cemetary is. Specifically-- Joseph V. MARTON

12 December 2004
Looking for information regarding a Ely ROBINETT, b, abt 1829 TN., 1860 and 1870 Napa Co.,CA census, list Ely & Elizabeth 'Jane' (Tinker) Cunningham. The 1860 has three children listed, 1870 they have nine children listed. Would like to hear from any descendants of the above couple.

7 December 2004
I'm looking for any information about William I Edwards and his wife Loretta Edyth Edwards. They had one daughter named Margaret Edwards who married a man from Argentina named surname Romero. Loretta's parents by the name of Smyth/Smith also live with them, ( Charles and Margrit/Margaret?) They are listed on the 1920 census in Napa township. William Edwards was a farmer. If you have any information about any of these people could you please contact me. Thanks.
Joanna Ravlin Dye

Jack Glass
7 December 2004
I am also looking for my fathers obituary. His name is Jack Glass from Napa Ca. I have made some progress..may have information soon. Please contact me. I have tried to email you concerning this information, but your mail box is currently suspended. We may be related...I am a female, 36 years old...and have some information on Jack and his past..lets work together..

29 November 2004
My grandfather, Robert NELSON, was one of 8 children born to Florence DOMES and Paulus NELSON in Wild Horse Valley during the the 1890's. Florence was the daughter of Emily Kincaid GAUTHIER and arrived in Napa abt. 1870. Paulus arrived 1873. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. Sisters of Robert married FRISBY, SANTOS, SILVA, PARKES, and LAVERY.

Patchett, Crow
25 November 2004
I am looking for informatioin on Emma Jane Patchett who married Benjamin Crow. They lived in the Napa Valley. They had at least 300 acres at one time and a house in town.

They never had children but raised some nieces and/or nephews. I found a copy of her daly diary, but would like to find some photos. Any would be helpful and muchly appreciated. I would pay for any photos.

24 November 2004
I am trying to confirm that James Campbell and wife Emily were buried in the Tulocay Cemetery in Napa. He was born 15 April 1826 and died 6 Sept 1898. Emily ws born in 1836 and died 16 Nov 1938. Thanks.
Bruce Clarke

4 November 2004
I am looking for the family of McClellan Shideler who died in Napa Oct 2 1954. he had three children, Gladys who married a man named Betmon, Adah and a son Jennings Bryan.
Cindy Shideler Wise

28 October 2004
I am searching for info on Charles Edgmond/Edgeman/Edgman who was a Minister. He is listed in 1900 census Vineland, Napa Co., CA under Edgmond, 1910 cenus Napa, Napa Co., CA listed under Edgeman. Any info on where I might look for burial in Napa Co. would be a great help.
Linda Duncan

Old Adobe
25 October 2004
I'm interested in learning more about the 'Old Adobe' building located at the corner of Soscol Avenue and Silverado Trail in Napa. It was originally built in 1845 by Cayetano Juarez - CAYETANO JUAREZ. Are you familiar with this building, its history and heritage? Are there any reference materials available (most especially early photographs or drawings) of this building and/or the region known as Rancho Tulucay - RANCHO TULUCAY? Please advise.
Paul Ennis

21 October 2004
I am looking for information regarding my grandparents from Napa. He was Hans Heinrich (Henry) Conrad BORCHERS born in Hohnhorst, Germany in 1852 and married Anna Marie JACKEL in Minnesota . He died in Napa in Jan., 1927 and is buried in Tulocay Cemetery. I do not know the date of my grandmother's death in Napa, but assume she is also buried in the Tulocay Cemetery. Any information available will be greatly appreciated.
Ina Cannaday

14 October 2004
Hello: My name is Rick Tittle 1365 Missouri Ave. Dubuque IA 52001. E-mail address is Phone # (563)582-5256 I am looking for my relatives in Napa and Sonoma Ca. My Grandmother's name was Clara (Brandes) Wilson. Clara was first married to George Brandes. They had four children. Fred, Henry, Charles, and Sarah. Clara later married Tom Wilson and her step children's names were Sam, Virgil, Marvel and Nellie all last names were Wilson. The four Brandes children have all passed away. I don't know if Tom Wilson's children are still all alive. I do know that Marvel was married to Ed Lowery and Ed has passed away. Marvel I believe remarried. The only cousin I can remember is Ed and Marvel's daughter Jackie. I'm 56 years old so I think Jackie would be around 60 now. I remember that Ed and Marvel had a cabin up on Clear Lake north of Napa Ca. Sam Wilson owned a farm outside of Sonoma CA.
I have not seen any of the step family members since I was about 12 or 13 years old. I believe the last time was in, or around 1962.
If anyone knows any of the Wilson's or the Lowery families, PLEASE contact me or pass this along with the information to them to contact me.
Please know that there is no ill feelings in our families. Time and location just made it imposable to keep in touch. Addresses, phone numbers change over the years and I have been trying for so long to contact my cousins and family.
I pray that someone, somewhere in Napa or Sonoma will know one or more of these people.
Thank you for your time.
Rick Tittle

16 September 2004
In 1910 my grandmother Anna ANONTELLI was listed in the Napa census, ED 78, page 6A, in the Napa County Infirmary. That same year I believe she married my grandfather Charles MYERS. Are there any other records of them in Napa County? Were they married in Napa County? Thanks for your help.

15 September 2004
Looking for the decendants of Harvey Arthur MEYERS, died Oct 1964 in Napa
Married to Velma Glass in Minnesota June 6, 1938
Son Wayne MEYERS,
daughter Kaye L. MEYERS REED.
Vince Meyers

15 September 2004
BREWSTER, Royal Edward. I'm trying to locate an obituary for Royal Edward Brewster, died about March 13, 1947 in Nappy Co. and his wife, BREWSTER, Dora (date unknown). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ed Green

Jones, Hunley
2 September 2004
I am looking for realtives of Absey Jones and his wife, Celia Jones of McCreary/Whitley counties of KY. I especially would like to connect with the family of Roy Hunley who is deceased. I am the oldest daughter of James and Elsie Jones.
Wanda Jones Wensell

21 August 2004
I'm Looking for my fathers obituary his name is Jack Glass From Napa Ca. Thank You

19 August 2004
Iam looking for a death record for Mary Jane Reed. According to the 1910 census she lived in Napa, Co. in St Helena or St Helenstown. Her Civil War Widow's penison was cancelled as of 12/19/1910. Last check sent out 12/4/1910. Mary should have been 78 at the time of her death. Please e-mail if you find anything. Thank you.
Melodie Marion

31 July 2004
Looking for any information about Madison Spear, my great-great-great grandfather. He married Mary White, daughter of the Rev. Asa White of St. Helena. Also any other Spear family information, particularly of Asa Spear (married Margaret Howell), and White family info welcome too. thank you
Gem Spear

25 July 2004
I am in need of the Death Date and Burial place of Mariano G. BALE. I know that he was at the funeral of his mother (Maria Ignacia Soberanes - the wife of Dr. Edward T. Bale) on 15 Feb 1901. Mariano was born in 1849 in Napa.
Kergan Bruck in Tucson

23 July 2004
I am trying to locate an obituary for Edna Bruno, who died May 3, 1999 in Napa County. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

15 July 2004
I am compiling information on Seneca Ewer for a St. Helena Historical Society Cemetery Tour in November, 2004. I would like to have a photograph of Seneca and family members.
Gwen Becker

Ellis, Bradley
13 July 2004
I'm interested in any information regarding my father and his relatives in the Napa/Yountville area. His name was Ralph Ellis, born 11/04/1906, Yountville CA. His father was Fred Ellis, married to Ollie Bradley, both of whom were born in the Napa area. It is my understanding my great grandfather owned the Old Bale Mill for several years, and his name may have also been Ralph Ellis and he may have also been the sheriff of Napa in the middle 1800s. All of my closest relatives are deceased and I do not have a lot of information regarding relatives. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jerry Ellis

8 July 2004
Seeking information on the death and/or burial location of Nicholas Pickle/Bickle, believed to possibly have died in Napa County in 1887. He was found in the 1880 census of Tuolumne County, but no record of his death has been found there. His widow, Frances Bickle is found in the 1900 census of Napa County. Please cc home e-mail:
Carl L. Pickel

KEMP Obituary
22 June 2004
I am interested in finding the obituary for Ben Ray KEMP. I believe he died on Mar. 9, 2000 in Napa but his obit may be in the Lake County paper of Mar. 18, 2000. Thank you.
Fred Dorris

Lokoya Lodge
13 June 2004
I am interested in knowing the history of Lokoya Lodge. I lived there in 1970 and met and married my husband of 34 years there. We recently revisited the Lodge. I would like to know as much as I can find out about its history and the history of that area in the Mayacamas Mountains. Thank you.
Susan McCrea

Post-WWII Photos and History
8 June 2004
I will be directing a production of "The Most Happy Fella" by Frank Loesser in the fall. I am interested in obtaining pictures and info about the town of Napa in the years immediately after WWII so our sets and costumes will look authentic. Our group is a non-profit, headquartered in a historic restored theatre in Sanford, FL which was once the "celery capitol" of the east coast. We would be very grateful for any help. Thanx.
Pat Barker

5 June 2004
In 1944, my grandfather Arthur MCMONIGAL moved his family to temporarily live in Napa for war work. Is there an annual city directory for Napa and does it go back that far? Do they keep them in a branch of any of the Napa libraries? I would appreciate if someone would look up his street address for 1944 (or 1945). Thanks in advance.
Ken McM.

Brooks, Franklin, Grissom, Sensibaugh, Stubblefield, Williams
29 May 2004
I am searching for the grave site of :

WILLIAM MADISON WILLIAMS was born between 1803 & 1810 [either in TN or AR] going by his age listed in the AR 1850 census and the CA 1860 census:

I have found him listed in the 1850 AR census and the 1860 Napa CA census :


Listed in the Pope Co. Arkansas 1850 Census:
William M. Williams age 40, farmer TN
Martha A 25 AL
Rebecca 8 AR
Leroy 6 AR
Elizabeth 4 AR
William R 2 AR
Coleman 1 AR
Note: The children: William R. and Coleman were drowned Crossing a river, on way west to California in about 1852-3. They had more children in CA.

All the children of Martha A.Stubblefield & William Madison Williams:
(1) Rebecca WILLIAMS b: 04 Dec 1841 in TN d. June 01, 1917 CA
(2) Leroy Jefferson WILLIAMS b: 1844 in AR d:06 April 1883
(3) Elizabeth Williams b. 1846/47 Pope Co., AR,. d: ?
(4) William Riley Williams b. c 1848 Pope Co., AR d. 1853 on way to CA
(5) Coleman Williams b. 1849 Pope Co., AR. d: 1853 on way to CA.
(6) Melinda N. WILLIAMS b: abt 1855 CA d: 1880 CA
(7) James Williams, b. c 1857, in 1860 census, not in 1870 census?die?
(8) Winnie Ann WILLIAMS b: 27 Feb 1859 in Knight Valley, CA d:1947 CA
(9) Moses WILLIAMS b: 1862 CA d: 28 Jan 1908 CA
(10) James Madison(Matt) WILLIAMS b: 1862 in CA d: 14 Apr 1908 CA
Notice that William M. was 15 years older than Martha Ann. He came West to Sonoma Co., but have not found his grave up there. He did not come to Orcutt (in 1868) with his wife Martha A. Stubblefield-Williams and her brother Absolom Stubblefield's family.

I am interested in finding the grave of William Madison Williams (died after 1862 & before 1868) in Shasta Co., or Napa Co., CA. But there is a chance it was located under the Shasta Lake.

Search: William Madison Williams/ voters Register CA
Some volunteer sent this:
in the 1890 great register, the "cld" is cancelled before 1890 because he died.

1860 census in Sonoma-Napa counties CA lists our Stubblefield/Williams/Chappell families.
Hot Springs Township REEL NO: M653-61 PAGE NO: 1 (14-15)
REFERENCE: Enumerated on the 4th Day of June 1860 by Chas. Clarke
28 125 122 Williams W. M. 57 M Farmer Tenn
29 125 122 Williams Martha A. 40 F Ala
(daughter of Nancy Clorence Stubblefield)
30 125 122 Williams Leroy J. 16 M Ark
31 125 122 Williams Elizabeth 14 F Ark
32 125 122 Williams Flourinda 5 M Ark/CA (Melinda)
33 125 122 Williams James 3 M Ark/CA
34 125 122 Williams Winnie 1 F Ark/CA
Their oldest daughter Rebecca was living in the house next door.
35 126 123 Franklin Rebecca 19 F Tennessee
36 126 123 Franklin William Moses 1 M Cal

Rebecca Franklin above (daughter of Martha Stubblefield-Williams) was a widow in 1860, married LEANDER FRANKLIN in Napa Co. in Jan. 1856. She married GEORGE SENSIBAUGH Jan. 1862 in Sonoma Co., and he died in 1876, Sonoma Co., and she married in 1877 to SILAS BROOKS who died in Alexander Valley in 1908. In 1915 Rebecca was in Windsor, CA. Most of the Brooks and Sensibaughs are buried in Knights Valley Cemetery [Which I think is Calistoga Pioneer Cemetery now] on Highway 128, Napa Co. Perhaps that is where William Madison Williams is buried also?

The last two lines of the census page 14 have :
Edwin Manley
Jemmima Manley
The first two lines of the census page 15 have the two daughters Manley:
1. Sarah M.Manley, 4y fe, b.??
2. May E. Manley, 1y fe, b.?? unreadable
3 127 124 Boyce William R. 21 M Day Lab Ark
4 127 124 Strong W. 30 M Day Lab Georgia
5 127 124 Chappell Edwin 25 M Day Lab Conn
(grandson of Nancy Clorence Stubblefield)
6 127 124 Stubblefield A. 19 M Farmer 800 Tenn
(Absolom, son of Nancy Clorence Stubblefield)
7 127 124 Stubblefield Nancy 57 F Tenn
(Our matriarch Stubblefield herself)
8 127 124 G**ss** Nancy Y. 19 F Tenn
line 8..could be GRISSOM or Grissour

(interesting item turned up:
Malinda Stubblefield [d/o Nancy Stubblefield] married to Allen H Grissom 13 Jan 1848; Wilson County TN., married by D.B. Moore, Minister. Question: Is this Allen Grissom related to Nancy Y. G**ss**??) Sister?

Also it would be great to find living descendants of any of the husbands or children of REBECCA WILLIAMS-FRANKLIN-SENSIBAUGH-BROOKS, because they may have some of the puzzle pieces to this family's history.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome

Boltz, Graham
25 May 2004
I need help in locating 2 obituaries. I need:

  • Angie-Angelina BOLTZ who died Apr. 21, 1967 in Napa.
  • Florinda GRAHAM died Oct. 17, 1925 in Napa.

Can some one help or can the films be sent on Interlibrary loan? Thank you
Sally Staley

Old Map of Napa
27 April 2004
I am trying to find the date that an old map of Napa was printed. It is a brown map printed on one side. Produced with compliments of the Napa Chamber of Commerce. J.H. Behrens, was the secretary of the chamber at the time of printing. The map states that Napa Township had a pop. of 42,000 at the time of printing. The map also states that Napa had only two banks at the time of pub. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Carson, McQuaid
22 April 2004
I am searching for any information anyone has on James MCQUAID or any other McQuaid's. He is my great-grandfather and was married to Jennie CARSON who I know nothing about. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

13 April 2004
I am searching for ancestors Ephriam Elias MYERS and Hannah BUTTS and any family. They had lived in Middletown Clif. and died there. He died in 1902 and she in 1912. Ephriam was born in Indiana and Hannah from NY. They had four children that I know of - Charles, William, Clarence, Florence. Florence married Clarence COLVIN. Other family lines connected are HAMILTON, CRABTREE and BUTTS.

25 March 2004
Grace Pearl BARNETT & Gladys Eugene CROWDER were sisters, daughters of James C. BLACKBURN and Sarah Elizabeth WATSON. They were born in Nebraska, moved to Kansas, then on to Napa CA. Grace married James D. Barnett, had a son, Merle D. Barnett, lived in OK, Lawrence, Douglas, KS. Gladys married ? Wilson, had a daughter named Lola Blanche Wilson, 2nd marriage to Virgil B. Crowder in Leavenworth, KS. They had Clifford Eugene Crowder and Jesse Margaret Crowder. Gladys lived in Scott, KS and later Napa/Solano CA. Would like to find out more info about this family. Most of them are buried in Tulocay Cemetery. I have info going back to 1750's and info about James C. Blackburn's siblings.

23 March 2004
I am looking for any information on Judge Julia HAMM who was in Napa County between 1880 until the early 1900's. I am also looking for information on William Pierson CONN, her father, who died in Napa between 1890 and 1900. Thank you.

28 February 2004
Interested in sharing research data on these related families, who all settled in the Napa Valley in the mid-1800s. Please visit my web site to learn more about Napa Valley resident David FAIRFIELD.

1 January 2004
Could anybody help me please to look up a obituary for Doris Emma BLACK who passed away Nov.23 1985 in Napa Co Ca. Thank you for taking your time.