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Napa County Query Archives - 1996 thru 2002

21 December 2002
My grandchildren are 6th generation born in Napa on my side. On my fathers side: William Stratton born 1835 came from Scotland to New Jersey to Napa with his wife Dorothy, and children: George, Margaret, William Jr. (he owned the California bakery on Main St. which became Napa City Bakery), Mary, Ross, and Dennis. William, Dorothy, and son Ross are all buried at Tulocay Cemetary. William Jr. my great grandfather married Catherine Maguiness at the Prysb. Church on Third St. One of their children, George William was my grandfather and he was the father of my dad, George F. Stratton all of Napa.

On my mothers side. Jesus Ybarra (spelling changed to Everra in later years)was born at the Sonoma Mission in Sonoma in 1850 , married Pauline Cota of Napa. Their daughter Mary Ybarra was my grandmother born in Napa in 1900. She married Edward McMackin. My mother, born in Napa in 1919 and married George F Stratton (the family above). I was born in 1942, Carol Stratton and married Charles Patrick. We had 3 children born in Napa, Charles Jr. Carol J. and Amy Marie. We have 6 grandchildren some born in Napa and some at Kaiser in Vallejo. There are not too many families that can boast of their family heritage with such long roots in Napa. Just wanted you to know of this family. I have much info on this family and still searching for more. Carol Patrick

9 June 1997
I am seeking information on a William Ellery who lived in Napa, by the Trubody train station, around 1905 through 1920. He had a business in San Francisco called Ellery Arms, but he resided in Napa. He had a dog farm and raised Collies. I would like information on him regarding birth, death, marriage, children, surviving relatives, etc. He had a brother named George. Please advise. Thanks!

12 May 1997
Searching for decendants of Samuel Croce. Known to have been in Butte Co., CA around 1850 and had a son named John Samuel, born in Napa Co. John Samuel married in Tulare Co. If anyone has information on the Croce family, please write.

17 February 1997
I am researching all Chenette families. They were of Acadian descent. Joseph Chenette, his wife Louisa Virginia Bullock Mc Lin, and their family lived in Napa beginning in the late 1870s. Carrie married Alfred Fancisco, Viola married ____ Giauque, Etta married William H. Giauque, Emma Lou married Manuel Brazel. Gerorge married Rose ____ .
Rose Marie

31 January 1997
Seeking more info on Family in SF. I have a John L. Mc Laughlin who was b. 1829-35 in Ireland, married a girl Elizabeth Scranton of IN, PA or MO. she was born 1840. They had two girls in MO (St. Louis maybe) 1861 & 1863. Mary Matilda and Emma. They made there way to West to SF around 1865. John L. Mc Laughlin worked as a diary man out on Old Santa Jose Rd. , they lived in the Noe Valley area on Chenery St. Then my gggf then became a builder may have built some of the houses they lived in along Chenery St. I have city directories listing 111-up the street. I even have old photos of some of the houses that are still there.

Anyway they continued to have more kids: Annie, Robert Emmett, Lizzie, William, Olive and Ester. The mother Elizabeth died 3 months after her last child was born 1880. All the kids grew up and married (except Emma I can't find her or William). I can not find also were the mother is buried. I know there was a small grocery store at 200 Chenery that the oldest girl owns after she marries a Albert Johnson he also owns small saloon near by. I'm looking for old photos of 1880-1920 of this block, or any historical info on their businesses.

Kids get married to: Mary Matilda Mc Laughlin to Albert Johnson (1879 aprox.) they have 9 kids who all go to fairmont School. I have one very neat old school photo. Annie to William Dean 1898, Elizabeth or Lizzie marries Joseph Regan 1886, Robert Emmett marries Christina Knight, Olive marries John Kraft. This was a big catholic family and they all lived around each other. Since they were there in the beginning of when theses houses were all being built I feel that I do have important info for that area but I'm also searching for more info. Please contact me if you know anything about my family or the area.

Note other surnames connected are: JOHNSON, CONDON, WALSH, DEAN, REGAN, SCRANTON There also maybe other Mc Laughlin Brothers or sister-laws that came to SF from records I've found, am interested in other McLaughlins of SF, especially Michael Mc Laughlin who owned Mc Laughlin Electric's in 1904, there maybe a connection not sure.

8 January 1897
Looking for information on the BARTOW family in Humboldt County, Napa County, and Mendocino County. My earliest ancestor of this name is John H. BARTOW, who came to Humboldt County via the OR Trail in 1850. He d. in 1862 and had a number of children by Sophronia WHITE, daughter of Asa Preston WHITE. I am descended from his son, John Alfred BARTOW, who married Elizabeth MCCOMBS in Napa Co. His daughter, Josephine Laura BARTOW, was b. in Napa, but she lived in Arcata at the family home. She married my great grandfather, George Arthur PALMER, (son of Zachariah Taylor PALMER) in 1905 before moving to Tulare,Tulare, CA. Any information about this family or any of its branches in any county is welcome. Thank you.

8 December 1996
Emerson Byrney TAYLOR (son of Charles TAYLOR & Katie TREADWELL) b 1 Oct 1860 in MO? or MI? Died 11 May, 1928 in Ordbend, Glenn County, CA. Buried 14 May, 1928 in Chico, Butte Co., CA. He married Elsie "Ella" O. DENNEY. Elsie b 28 July, 1868 in Howard Lake, Wright County, MN; d 3 May 1950 in Chico, Butte Co., CA. Children: (1) Maurine, (2) Eva L. b bef Aug 1887; d 29 July, 1934 in Chico, Butte County, CA; married R.E. BENNETT, and (3) Jesse TAYLOR (b abt 2 Aug 1890 in CA; d July 1971 in Napa County, CA. When did Emerson and Elsie marry and did they have other children? Also need obituary on Emerson TAYLOR.