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December 25, 1998 from Bonny McDaniel
Would like to contact desc. of the BERRY and SHERWOOD families of Salinas. My great grandmother's brother, Duncan BERRY, died in Salinas in 1915 and his obit says his surviving children were a Mrs. Stansfield SHERWOOD and a William E. BERRY. I have a lot of info to share on the BERRY family from Scotland.
December 17, 1998 from Peter Castro
Can anyone find a Rosa ALVISO b. Aug. 1850-51 in Monterrey Co., Calif.? Probably in Gonzales, Calif. The ALVISO may be a marriage name, I know she marr. a Robert WHITE in abt. 1886. Thanks, you people are life savers!
December 4, 1998 from PA Osborn
DANFORD, Robert E. died 1979 in Monterey Co...had 2 known children. Are there more?? Who is Robert's parents?? Robert was known, possibly, as the 'Phantom Burgler' in the 1950's.
November 25,1998 from Sharon Cheney
Looking for the family of Jack McClay who died 7 Oct 1992 in Salinas. Would pay for the obit if someone would be kind enough to look it up. He was a cousin of my fathers. Thank you for your help.
November 11,1998 from Patty Milich
Looking for information about Rebecca Louisa (maiden name?). As Rebecca Wilkins, she married William Dunlap in Santa Cruz Co. in 1870. As Rebecca Dunlap, she married Charles Rossi in Santa Cruz Co. in 1878. She died in 1897. Before being married to William Dunlap, she was married to a Mr. ? Mitchell. They had her first child, George E. (Elmer?) Mitchell around 1866 in Monterey Co., I believe. George, a resident of Monterey Co. in 1897, was the person who petitioned the court to serve as executor of her will. Her husband at the time of her death Charles Rossi. Any clues?
November 3, 1998 from Anne Wilson
I am looking for any information on JUAN BAUTISTA ROGER COOPER of Monterey, CA., also his first wife JOSEFA ESPONOZA SOTO or IDUVIGEZ E. SOTO. They would have been married in 1857, possibly in Castroville. I will take ANY INFORMATION, small or big!!!!
November 1, 1998 from ALELFLJE
Seeking relatives of Alfred and Eldora Griffin. Alfred was born 28Sep1871 in Huntington England. Died 9Jan1929 in California (possibly San Francisco). Worked for US Customs Service from 1903-1929. Wife Eldora's last known address after Alfred's death was SEASIDE CA.
September 29, 1998 from Kathy Oates
Seeking information on Jesse Edward TURNER was born on Jan. 27, 1896 possibly in AL.? His parents were Alex J. TURNER and Katherine MCGUIRE/MAGUIRE or MCTWINER; I believe? They were born in Ireland? This information is on Jesse's death Certificate. Jesse married my mother Grace May LAUDERDALE on Oct. 23, 1930 in Trigo, Madera Co., CA. Jesse died on Oct. 23, 1941 in King City, Monterey Co., CA.  They had seven children, Alexander Jefferson TURNER, Kathryn TURNER, Jesse Patrick TURNER, John Clinton TURNER, Bertha Bernice TURNER, Jerry Lee TURNER and Barbara Jean TURNER. There have been family rumors that Jesse was married and had two daughters before he married my mother in 1930?  My uncle remembers that Jesse and Grace met in Turlock, CA. And that Jesse was in the Army and had a Mexican Pass Port and could speak Spanish fluently, he said that Jesse had several brothers. My older brother John remembers the rumors that they may have been from Texas or Louisiana, we just don't know? Any help that you can give me would greatly be appreciated, Thank you, best regards.
November 1, 1998 from Gloria Weiser
Maytie E.LAMMON, born 1885 in San Francisco. Married TODD between 1830-1837 in Monterey Co. Worked as Assistant Secretary for the Chamber of Commerce in Monterey.CA in 1937. Lived at 480 Watson Street. Monterey. Does anyone have any information on this?
October 15, 1998 from Paul DeBelling
In Monterey Co. in 1872, Laura Adeline Compton m. William Irwin Tucker. They had 1 child, Laura Belinda Tucker, in 1873. They div. and she remarried to an Ira Tucker and had several more children. Who knows the relationship of these 2 Tucker men, and what became of them?
October 20, 1998 from Bill Arnolfo
I am looking for information regarding my family that was centered in Monterey County. First, the Marbach family that I believe once lived in Prundale in the late 1800's. My grandfather Fredrick Marbach eventually moved to Salinas. He once owned the Bonton Chop House (not real certain of the restruant name). His wife was Ellen O'Brien who immegrated from County Waterford Ireland with her sister Alice (Hall?) and they worked on a ranch in the Greenfield/Soledad area to pay for their passage. I recall a story that they were at the ranch and felt the earthquake of 07 that his the bay area.  My other grandfather was an Italian immegrant that came to Calif. after WWI. He first located in Lodi and eventually ended up in Castroville with his wife Stella. He went by the name of Joe Arnolfo.  Any assistance or thoughts or direction you can provide or offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
October 27, 1998 from Linda Leathley
I am looking for Victor Graves or his family as he would be 100 years old! All I know about him is that he lived in Salinas, CA in 1927, he was 29 and worked in a Gas Station. He was born in CA. He and Iris Margaret Gill who lived in Salinas according to the birth certificate, who was 17 and worked as a Waitress had a child 5-5-1927 in the Salvation Army Maternity hospital in Oakland, CA. Her name was Jacqueline Jean Gill. All this info is from the birth certificate, I have nothing else. Please, can you help me? The only other thing I know is that Iris's family lived in Atascadero, CA. Thanks
September 14, 1998 from Mary Feliz
My name is Mary Feliz, and I'm trying to locate more information about my husband's family. We know that his great-great grandfather was FP Feliz, who was mayor of Salinas, and whose mother was Martina Feliz, who married Jules Simoneau after FP was born. We believe FP's father was a man named Gregory, but have no more information than that. We'd like to locate sources that could tell us who Gregory was, and what brought Martina to this country at the age of 19 from somewhere in the state of Sinoloa, Mexico.
September 10, 1998 from Alan Himmah
I would appreciate any information you can obtain concerning the origions of Thomas J. Himmah. He lived in the King City area in the late 1800's. He was a barber in King City. His children were born in Monterey County; Edith about 1889 per the 1890 census and my father, Arthur T. Himmah on Oct 23, 1893. He married Johanna Greve on Jan 30, 1888. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.
September 10, 1998 from Bettie Dall
Looking for information on the family /descendants of Maria Teresa Perera CASTRO, born 24 March 1871 and baptized 8 Apr 1871 in San Benito Co, She was believed to be married to a Carmel MARTIN and had several children. Maria Teresa was the youngest child of Jose Maria castro and Maria del Refiugio Aselma Escobar Castro.
September 4, 1998 from Sammie Leap
I am looking for information on (and descendants of) Gus ESCOBAR b: 14 Mar 1894 d: Apr 1970 and Zora Edna (Southard) WILLIS ESCOBAR b: 16 Feb 1903 d: Dec 1995. Both lived and died in Salinas, Monterey, CA. Would be pleased to hear from anyone knowing of this Family.
August 20, 1998 from Clayton B. Shaffer
I am looking for information on Randolph Susanna Reggily and Sarah Sophia Cleveland Clayton, who settled in the Priest Valley area of Monterey Co.,CA about 1871. I believe Randolph came to CA about 1865, met Sarah and were married in 1869 in Santa Clara Co.,CA. Sarah is the daughter of Willliam Cleveland. It is said," that their daughter Lucy was the first white girl born in Priest Valley. They are related to the Meads that marriled a Cleveland. Randolph and Sarah are my GGparents.
August 19, 1998 from Kerry Butler
My aunt, Kathryn (Catherine?, Kate?, Margerite?) PEIPER (nee BUTLER) was listed as residing with her husband Ernest in Monterrey in May 1954 by her father's obit. I am unable to find either Kate or Ernest in any kind of record. Can anyone help me here? Thanks.
June 19, 1998 from Ernie Smith
can you help? Uncle's name: Edgar Claude Smith killed in motorcycle accident 1944 or 1945 was a police officer for Salinas at the time, killed on duty buried in Salinas, would like to visit grave if can locate prior to leaving this area. Thanks.
August 14, 1998 from Thomas Thayer McGregor
Many of my relatives came from Monterey. I would like to find any information about anyone before my grandfather Col. Thomas McGregor.  General Thomas McGregor - Jennie (Woodburn) McGregor (both buried in Precidio natl. cemetery in SF.) I have an old (1900's) newspaper clipping from Monterey newspaper about the 50th wedding aniversary that they had in Monterey area. It stated he retired and was involved in California for the last sixty years. He was in civil war 1st Cavalry penna. (rolls list him has LT. Thomas C. McGregor 1862) I think he came over from Scotland but not sure. He was also in Rouge River war 1858 and built fort church hill on carson river in Nevada.  Jennie Woodburn McGregor - Major Paul Shillock (something happened here, he ran off, died, or something my great grandmother and grandfather and his brother all took and legally changed names back to McGregor. My father said his father would never speak about it except that he had to raise and support the family since he was a small boy. Col. Thomas McGregor (deputy commander of Fort Ord) - Freda (Treat) McGregor , father was Superior Judge Treat (have old newspaper clipping of car accident and his death) and back to James Watson one of the first four non-spanish or indians to be settled in monterey. He ran the customs house at the Bay in monterey.  My father Col. Thomas McGregor - Collette (Thayer) McGregor Me (I was born in Fort Ord)
August 8, 1998 from Mary Simonson Karr
My great grandmother Mathilde Nielsen Hynding died in Gonzales on December 11, 1935. Is there anyway I could get her obituary from the newspaper there? Any information you can send me will be greatly appreciated.
August 4, 1998 from Charlene Chambers
I am trying to find a copy of the obit for Texanna Slavens Rico. She was born April 19, 1870 in Carroll Co, MS and came to california with her husband,William J. Rico. Texanna died in Salinas, CA on January 30, 1939. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
July 7, 1998 from Bernard Holmes Bernard Holmes
Seeking information about Haywood, Benjamin- born in Georgia in 1916, son of Acie and Lillie Haywood. Supposedly live in Seaside, CA, died in October 1976. Worked for the Railroad. Is he related to Vera Haywood and Terrie Haywood of Seaside? Thanks for your help.
July 7, 1998 from J. Swartz
Am trying to find my father....Frank Swartz...last known address was in the Salinas, Monteray Bay area......late 70's. Had a son named Frank as well in the area. Can you give some suggestions? Thanks
June 15, 1998 from James A. Nethery
Seeking information on a Connie and Evelyn CLARK. They lived in Monterey, CA in October 1957 according their Uncle John E. SOLISS obituary. Their mother could be Mrs. Mildred Soliss Clark. Their father is unknown at this time. They also had an aunt Mrs. Eva Soliss COOPER. She may have lived there also. Thanks for any information.
June 15, 1998 from Debbie Boronda
I am trying to find some family info on the Boronda family of Monterey, CA. I live in Tennessee but I was born in Monterey California. My father, Johnny Boronda has been dead for about 36 years. His mom was Balvina Gamponia. Need Death Dates and Obituaries. Thanks.
June 23, 1998 from Jan Starks
I am looking for a rootsweb site with the name of De LA Torrie, I am trying to do my genealogy and my roots stem from Jose Joaquine De La Torrie he was here in Monterey County California , he was Married to Maria de Los Angeles Cota and they produced 12 children , can you help me please...thanks
June 25, 1998 from S. Elder
Henry Lee Elder, b. 1886 d. 1965 m Ethel (maiden name unknown). Grandpa Lee was a barber in Salinas for many years and prominent in the Masons and the community. Ethel passed away in the 40's and Grandpa Lee's third wife was "Bina" (maiden name unknown). I would like to know the date Ethel died and also if "Bina" is still living. Bina would be quite elderly by now if still living. She too was involved in the Masons but can't remember what the women's organization is called. We don't even know if Bina was her given name. I did not have the privledge of knowing my husband's Grandpa Lee and only met Bina once --the family has very fond and wonderful memories. Grandpa Lee had a grand Masonic funeral in 1965 and perhaps there is some newspaper record of it. Thanks for any help.
June 9, 1998 from James Burrow
Looking for information about John McGinnis died 4/16/1907, and Elizabeth A. McGinnis died 2/1/1904. These two individuals are buried in a plot labeled Brady, Garden of Memories (Odd Fellows Cem. Salinas CA)
June 9, 1998 from James Burrow
Searching for information on Abram Martin Tomasini b. 2/11/1882, d. 2/3/1922. Buried in Odd Fellows Cem. Salinas CA. Also searching his parents, Peter Antonio Tomasini, and Almanda Soberanes Tomasini.
June 9, 1998 from James Burrow
Searching: James L. Brady, b.12/4/1818, d. 11/14/1891. Harriet Ogden Brady, b. 4/12/1834, d.12/18/1876. William V. Brady, b. 2/10/1853, d. 6/16/1914. Cora E. Whaling Brady, b. 2/22/1858, d. 1/19/1945. James, William, and Cora are buried in Odd Fellows Cem. Salinas CA.
June 7, 1998 Kathy Byers
I wish to hear from any descendants of Jose Antonio Ramon ESTUDILLO, who was born 1801-1805 in Monterey, CA, and died in 1853. He was the son of Capt. Jose Maria ESTUDILLO, born abt. 1772 in Antequera, Baja Andalucia, Spain, the father of the ESTUDILLO family in Baja California, and Maria Gertrudis HORCASITAS, who was born in Clayacapan, Mexico. Jose Antonio's wife was Maria Victoria DOMINGUEZ, born 1801, died 1873 CA, the daughter of Jose Cristobal DOMINGUEZ. They lived in the San Diego, San Jacinto, and Los Angeles, CA, areas. Their children were: Maria Francisca, born Dec. 1824; Maria Antonia, born Oct 1826; Maria del Rosario, born Sept. 1828; Maria Luisa, born Aug. 1830; Jose Maria Hilario, born Oct. 1831, twins Maria Antonia de los Dolores and Maria de los Reyes, born May 1834; Salvador, born May 1836; Jose Guadalupe, born Feb. 1837; Jose Antonio, born Aug. 1840; Maria Concepcion, born abt. 1842; Francisco, born 1844. <Lenore Glancy, P.O. Box 233, Beatty, OR 97621>
June 7, 1998 from Lynne Folks Steinfeld
I am searching for two families, both of whom moved to Monterey from Guerneville in Sonoma County, California. John FOLKS moved in the spring of 1887. Nathaniel E. MANNING moved with his wife and child in the fall of 1889. Their children had married in 1885 and were homesteading a ranch in Priest Valley. It is about half way between King City and Coalinga. I imagine that the parents probably moved somewhere close to their children. I am looking for any information on these people. I am searching for John FOLKS' parents. I am hoping that there might be some reference on the death certificate. Family lore says John FOLKS was buried in Colma, but I can't prove that. Thanks, in advance, for your help.
May 27, 1998 from Le Lena M. Winn
I am looking for information on my great-grandfather Manuel Catano FRATERS, also known as M.C. FRATERS. According to the family bible, he was born 22 Apr 1870 in Castroville, Monterey Co., California. Known siblings are Delfina FRATERS (married a GRACIA) and Frank FRATERS. M.C. married Mary Conceicao MARTIN from Pico, Azores Island, Portugal. The marriage took place in Ballard, Santa Barbara Co., California, date unknown. Their four children are listed as being born also in Ballard. Children include: Mary Alice FRATERS b: 07 Oct 1895 d: 23 Nov 1990 in Ballard, Santa Barbara Co., CA. married a PETERSON. Frank FRATERS b: 14 Jan 1906 d: 14 Aug 1975 buried in the Dailey Ranch Cemetary, Denny, Trinity Co., California next to wife Dorothy (known as Dora). Manuel Catano FRATERS b: 07 Sep 1911 d: 28 Jan 1984 in Weaverville, CA of Lung Cancer; also buried in the Dailey Ranch Cemetary, Denny, CA next to his widow Nellie DAILEY. Johnny Catano FRATERS b: 18 Mar 1914 married Estelle Gloria MENDEZ (b: 11 Mar 1913) on 28 Sept 1935 in Lompoc, CA. Both are still living. Any information on these people wouldbe gratefully appreciated.
May 17, 1998 from rbinla
I am researching my husband's family. His ancestors owned a whaling station in Monterey, and had something to do with Point Lobos in Carmel.
John Lawrence Bishop b. 6 March, 1884 in Monterey d. July, 1975 (est.) Norma Edna Dailey b 3 January, 1892 Douglas Kansas d 24 January, 1969 - San Louis Obispo   Have been told several of the Bishops changed their name from Bispo to Bishop. Supposed to be fishing boat captains from Portugal - Antonio Bispo married Adelaide Freitas. Thank you again for your time.
May 15, 1998 from M. Hall
I am looking for records and descendants of Gilbert Livingston MEAD and Mary Elizabeth CLEVELAND. The children of this union were all born near Gilroy Calif, as follows: Gilbert Livingston MEAD born March 27, 1867, Emma Frances MEAD born Jul, 20, 1868, Jessie May MEAD born May 12m 1870, and William Price MEAD born Oct. 19, 1871 died Lewis Creek, Monterey Co, Ca. Dec. 17, 1883. The mother died in Wheatland, Yuba Co, Calif in Dec. 1872. It is believed the father and his children moved to the Lewis Creek area of Monterey Co, sometime after the mother's death. Please email me if you have information or questions.
April 28, 1998 from Noel Beddow Marcy
I am looking for information relating to Justine Victoria Johnson Truewren (Truwren, Trewren). Her husband's name was Jack. She lived in Monterey in the 1930's and 40's. Jack committed suicide after World War II. She was born in Iowa in 1906, and grew up in Minneapolis, MN. I have no information on Jack's family. Her parents were Zora Violet Winslow JOHNSON and Albert Kanzi JOHNSON.
April 26, 1998 from Ken Bauer Ken Bauer
We are trying to find information about my wife's father, Robert Armstrong, whose last known residence was Pebble Beach. According to social security records he was born 11 Jan 1907, and died June 1972. Any information would be appreciated.
April 19, 1998 from Muriel Reynolds
Requesting any information about this individual. Name is listed in the index for the reference book, History of Monterey and San Benito 1910. Thank you.
May 10, 1998 from Marvin Daniels
I have the decendants of LUKE RIST b. 15 Mar 1812 at Newfane, VT d. 16 May 1887 at Salinas, CA married Mary Louise Gates b. 12 April 1836 at Windham Co. VT d. 28 Feb 1926 at Watsonville CA married at Brookline, VT 27 August 1853, nearly complete, but lack spouses information. John Rist b 28 Mar 1855 at VT d. 8 Jul 1916 at Alemeda, CA married Emma J. Nattrass b. in 1876. I would like her birthdate, and place, her death date, and place, and their place and date of marriage. They had no children. I'd like the parents names of Susana Ellen "Ella" Matthis. d. 8 Jul 1934 at King City, CA She married Henry Martin Rist at Hernandez, CA 3 Jul 1878. Thank you
March 28, 1998 from Ginger Lane Taylor
My father, Joseph A. Lane, is listed according to the SS# index as died in May of 1981. Need Obituary. I was wondering if there are any family left in the area. I know he remarried and possibly had a son,who would be my half-brother. Thank you.
April 6, 1998 from Lisa Mann
Searching for any information about my g-grandfather Andrew J. Triplett, apparently born in Salinas somewhere around 1875. He married Grace Thomas Gutteridge, also of Salinas in about 1896. Their families were both said to have come to CA together in covered wagons from the Missouri territory in 1852, by way of Sonoma County. He died in Paso Robles, CA in the 1930s. He was a blacksmith and a tavern keeper, and died as a mechanic. Any info on he or his family would be much appreciated. Thanks!
April 10, 1998 from John McKenzie
Looking for information on Mathis and Maria Ellgaard (AKA Johanna Maria Ellgaard) who immigrated from Denmark in approx. 1890. Mathis and Maria had three children: Harry, Walter and Helena which were born between 1898 and 1904. Mathis died in approx. 1909 and Maria married Jacob Nissen on November 11, 1911. Walter had three children; Terry who married Peter Ulrick, Louis and Warren. Thank you for your assistance.
April 17, 1998 from Charles F. Osgood
HI!! I'M CHARLES F. OSGOOD and I would like any info on the CARLON FAMILY from there arrival to California to present times. My great-great grandfather & great grandfather married into the families. Their names were HENRY OSGOOD 1828-1879 & HENRY MERRIL OSGOOD (1848-1910) who married MADELINA CARLON about 1870. THANK YOU
March 27, 1998 from Jan Roach
I'm searching for Charley and Bill Holt, one of whom lived in the Monterey area between 1930 - 1950's. Charley's wife was named Mary; Bill's wife was named Ann. The father of these Holt men was Drury Holt of Daviess Co., IN. One of their sisters was Lora Jane Holt, b. Mar. 26, 1893. She married James Ernest Ingersol abt. 1910. Thanks very much.
March 9, 1998 from Kate Knox
I've just received a list which includes my illusive ancestor for delinquent taxes that was published in the San Jose Daily Morning Times dated 4 Feb 1882. I phoned the Santa Clara County Recorders Office to order a search by his name between the years 1870 and 1898. I know that he was in Minnesota for at least part of 1870 where a fourth child was born, then he shows up on the 1880 US Census for Gilroy Township ("outside of town") having a fifth child born in 1875 in your area. He moved to WI by 1898. This is what the 2/4/1882 article states:
Township of Gilroy
KNOX, W.F.B.--272 acres [William Franklin B. KNOX]
bounded N by land of VAUGHN
bounded E by land of THOMAS
bounded S by land of BAGLEY
bounded W by land of VAUGHN
and improvements and personal and poll taxes............14.?? [end quote]

A check of the Great Registers for Santa Clara County did not surface him, which might suggest he was not a registered voter and possibly did not obtain US Citizenship. He was born in New Brunswick in 1829. WFB's son was Perry Comodore KNOX b 8 Aug 1875 with one source listing birthplace as Watsonville and another listing it as Monterey.
March 15, 1998 from Karell
I am trying to sort out the GARCIA families in Monterey County. I am particularly interested in the GARCIAs that lived near Mission San Antonio. I am actually seeking a Jesus GARCIA born around 1850, but I believe he may be the son of or related to Antonio GARCIA, the Major Domo for Watson's Rancho San Benito there in South Monterey County. Also, anyone with a fairly good description of the location of the Ranch would be helpful...Did it back up against or become part of Hearst's holdings in San Simeon? or did it run up into the Corral de Tierra area with the Underwood holdings on El Tulocitos? 
March 24, 1998 from Petrina Fennell
I am looking for information about my grandma's family: her father was Andrew Buelna (he apparently had numerous "love children")married to Marie Sonnikson, his parents were Martin Buelna and wife's name Amelia Sobranes married and possibly born in Monterey County. I was told that Amelia left her husband to be with a local Indian named Black Joe and worked down on Cannery Row in the local *****house. If this story is familiar to anyone I would love to hear from you. His father was Joseph Buelna, and wife's name is unknown. I know I have numerous cousins out there, but don't know of any because of the stigma attached to out-of-wedlock children. Please Help. My grandma's maternal side which is Danish also has a long history of tradition in San Juan Bautista, Aromas, Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Monterey. I believe most are buried out at the San Juan Bautista Mission with the surnames of Anderson, Sonnikson, Peterson(Pederson). Thank you.
December 3, 1998 from Mike Riley
James S. McGowan was born 1833 in Tyrone County, Ireland. Baptized in the Parish of Urney. I do believe it was a protestant Parish. He came to America in 1849, went to Jubilee college in Jubilee, Illinios. He married Julia Narcissa Moss in Illinios and at this time he had 5 motherless children. We only know of the one, James Louis McGowan, who became a dentist in Monterey County. James Shannon and Julia Narcissa's graves are in the Cententario El Encinal (Cemetary). Buried along with them is the son, James Louis, James Louis' wife Helen Lacy Hoge, their two sons, James Louis Jr. and Harold "Doc" McGowan. Doc's wife is buried in King city, her name is Mildred Lorraine Long McGowan. James Shannon had 5 motherless children that Julia raised. We only know of one, but we have a diary of a relative of Julia's stating that one of his children became a lawyer and the youngest became an Epscopal Minister. James Shannon McGowan built 7 churches and organized 4 missions in the Monterey area, according to the Diocese of California records. If ANYONE could give us information to fill in the blanks, please, please contact us.
February 12, 1998 from Nancy Sieck
I am seeking information on John Francis Ingersoll who was in 1890 a lighthouse keeper at Point Reyes in Marin Co., CA. According to the soundex to the 1900 CA census, a John Ingersoll was residing in Monterey Co. His family as enumerated "fits" with that I know about John Francis Ingersoll. According to family tradition, Grandpa Ingersoll was a lighthouse keeper at the lighthouse in Monterey. Any data to prove (or disprove) this tradition would be appreciated.
February 9, 1998 from D. Sullivan
Looking for relatives of George W. MESERVE and Bessie (HALEY) MESERVE who lived in Watsonville. Both were born in Warwick, RI and I do not know when they moved to CA, probably 1920? They had a son named George O. MESERVE who, if he was still alive, would be 75 or older. Also looking for information on Bessie's brother William HALEY who worked as a policeman. It's possible he lived in Soquel. If you can help, please e-mail D. Sullivan at
January 24, 1998 from Margaret Hohimer
Would like to locate descendants of my G.G.Grandparents (Eugene Upton & Minne Pitts Zellers). Dau Ruth Zellers Barnes b. 27 June 1886. She & her husband Joseph Barnes moved from Menard Co., IL to CA and in 1949 when her father died, they were in Watsonville, CA. Ruth & Joseph Barnes had 4 children Lynall, Layman, Cecil & Margaret. I have been told that Lynall was working for the R.C. Cola Co. & was high in position. Any information will be highly appreciated.
December 26, 1997 from Bill Tampa
Looking for the family of Otho Hinton (b 1863) and Minnie (b 1875) and family in the 1900 US Census of Monterey Co. May have been living in Salinas, CA.
December 16, 1997 from Frank Alger
Looking for the descendents of a Paul Douglas Alger and Anges (Hemmings) Alger, who moved to California from the area of Oneonta, Milford, or Otego, Otsego Co., NY. Paul was born 9-1-1909, possibly in Oneonta, NY. Also looking for Paul's father and mother, Alonzo Alger and Letitica (Brooks) Alger.
November 17, 1997 from Cathie Wilson
I am from the family of HARTNELL-DE LA GUERRA-ARELLANES and I am attempting to find out about the death of my gr grandfather PABLO EDUARDO HARTNELL. This is a snippet from an old Salinas newspaper mentioning the incident...
NEW REPUBLIC 1873 - 10 - 30
the Salinas City Index, Thursday, Vol. 2 No. 34
Death by violence inquest... evening of 12/13 October. Pablo Hartnell, a young man well known, quiet well-behaved... fight with JOSE MARIE ESPINOSA and struck with picket... Hartnell died.

I am attempting to obtain further information regarding the incident. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
November 19, 1997 from Keith Cunday
John RAINES, born 2-21-1897 Linn County Iowa; died October 1974 in Del Monte Park, Monterey County, CA. Father was Geroge Raines; Mother was Hattie Romig Raines. Both parents ar buried in Center Point, Iowa. John Raines had the following brother and sisters: George; Robert C.; Ella; Ruth. Will share information on the family.
September 2, 1997 from Phil Stokes
Alberto Soler married to Francesca Gomes(z) ? perhaps some connection to the Gomes Land Grant married in Monterey County, I presume daughter Elena Soler married Achilles Chaine Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote poem about Elena Soler called "The White Rose of Monterrey" Elena Soler planted oak tree in front of the Monterey firehouse children of Achilles Chaine and Elena Soler: Albert, Charley, ? male, Alice, Rose?, ?. Any info on SOLER/GOMES line would be appreciated
September 2, 1997 from Beverly Portlock
Searching for family of Charles C. Portlock who died in Salinas May 1, 1937. Wife: Anna Wiggins; children Florence, born abt. 1930; George Leroy, born 28 Dec. 1932; and Lydia Earl, born in Salinas May 12, 1936. I would like any additional information about this family, including current married names and addresses. We have no idea how long before or after these dates they lived in Salinas. Thank you very much.
August 20, 1997 from Doreen Dishman.
I am researching the following family names: Weathers, William m Nancy Carolyne Orr. Migrated from Sweetwater TN in 1867 first settling in Santa Clara then Hollister and finally in San Luis Obispo in 1876. Servin (Cerbino) first found in Santa Barbara mission census in 1842. Procopio and Froilin Servin are of special interest. Fonseca: husband Hermenejildo married to Maria Antonia J Villavicencio 4 Dec 1856. Any and all help welcome.
August 20, 1997 from Ellen Espinosa.
Trying to locate info on ESPINOSA brothers Trinidad (b. 1826) and Jose Miguel who married ROBLES sisters (Guadalupe and Maria Jesusita) from Santa Clara. From info I have found their father was Prudencio ESPINOSA y Higuera and mother, Maria Antonia Francisca Ramona BUELNA y Rodriguez. According to an article the Espinosa family owned the land where the Hotel Demonte was later built. Trinidad married Guadalupe Robles and they had 19 children, one of which was Felipe Espinosa, b. 1858. Felipe married Emma ARMIJO and I have been unable to find any information other than this name I was given by family. Felipe and Emma Espinosa were my husband's great grandparents. Any info greatly appreciated.
August 20, 1997 from Anita C. Mason.
Any information regarding the Feliz family, originally from Miraflores, Baja—Mariquita (1795-?), Domatila (1828-1909), and Martina (1831-1909); the Lisk family, originally from Peoria County, Illinois—Myron (1820- 1885), John Henry (1828-1897), and Hannah Caroline (1831-1907); Francis Logan Ripley (1817-1979), originally from Georgia. Thank you.
August 03, 1997 from Gary Carlsen.
Looking for information on, or descendants of, Felipe Santiago GARCIA, born Monterey 4 Dec 1781, married (1) Maria Ygnacia NEOFITA San Francisco 8 Jul 1813, died Santa Clara 27 Nov 1823. Five children: Maria Francisca Xaviera, Maria Gracia, Concordia Clara, & Maria Concepcion. Married (2) Jacinta HERNANDEZ, Monterey 4 Jun 1824, died San Juan Bautista 2 Jun 1838. Four children Maria Antonia Dominga, Manuel Esteban, Maria Encarnacion, & Felipe.
August 03, 1997 from Gary Carlsen.
Looking for information on, or descendants of, Jacinta HERNANDEZ, born about 1888 Mascota Guadalajara Mexico, died San Juan Bautista 2 Jun 1838, married (1) Juan Bautista CANTUA, Monterey 17 Mar 1805. Eleven children Raimundo, Geromina Antonia, Julian, Dominga tomasa, Maria Sebastina, Jose Manuel Candido, Jose Lazaro, Pablo, Jose Francisco, Jose Esteban, & Maria Refugio. Married (2) Felipe Santiago GARCIA, Monterey 4 Jun 1824, 4 children Maria Antonia Dominga, Manuel Esteban, Maria Encarnacion, & Felipe.
August 03, 1997 from Gary Carlsen.
Looking for information on, or descendants of Maria Antonia Dominga GARCIA, born 12 Jun 1825, San Juan Bautista, died 31 Aug 1872, Monterey, married Pierre ARTELLAN 1 Jul 1842 Monterey. Fifteen children all born Monterey, Santiago, Jose Augustin, Maria Josefa, Miguel, Juan silvestre, Juanita Juana, Pedro, Pablo, Francisco Pancho, Manuel Antonio, Jose, Maria, Julio Andros, Eldafonjo, & Norato.
August 03, 1997 from Gary Carlsen.
Looking for information on or descendants of Juanita Jauna ARTELLAN, born 14 Feb 1852, Monterey, died 7 Dec 1934, Watsonville, married John Albert LEONI 1 Feb 1868, Monterey. Ten children, Serafina, Eugenia, Juan John, Manuela Nellie, born Monterey, Mary, Emma, Ida, Jennie, Rose, Albert born Salinas.
July 27, 1997 from Robert Becklund.
I am seeking information on (Note: all spellings are uncertain): Francisco (de) Vargas, originally a ship's Captain from Mexico resident in Monterey, (Mission) San Jose, Gilroy, and/or Hollister prior to and subsequent to the US seizure of CA. His wife's name is unknown to me. His children were, Francisco, Baldemero, Narcissa, Josepha, Gumesinda, and Solidad. Narcissa operated a millinery shop in Gilroy late in the 19th C. Josepha married a Scotts mining engineer who superintended a quick silver mine either at New Almaden or New Idria ... given name unknown at the moment but surnamed Stephenson. They were I have understood resident in Monterey at the time of the seizure but left town with a neighbor rather than stay for the 'festivities of acquisition. It was Narcissa who married an Anglo named Snibley I believe. Where do I turn to begin to sort all of this out? Josepha was my maternal great grandmother ... following the death of Stephenson in a mine accident she married a Rockwood ... her children were Robert Stephenson (one time editor and publisher of the local newspaper in Hollister) and Josephine Rockwood Winn. I believe part of the family is buried in a family plot at Mission San Jose but the map of burials and other information is lost I gather.
November 8, 1998 from Marling McReynolds.
I am still looking for my CLEGG/DOSIER connection. On the 1870 census of Monterey county I found in San Antono Twsp George Dosier age 29 b.IL, and in Castroville John Dosier age 31 b.KY with Andrew Dosier age 25 b.IL and James Dosier age 22 b.TX and in another home Malvina Dosier age 20 b.TX with a 3 year old child, Robert Wyckoff jr.I believe these represent 4 brothers and a sister of the Dosier family, but need more info. Thanks
July 2, 1997 from Bettie Dall.
I am looking for information of the descendants of Ramunda Castillo and Juan Bautista Alvarado, also descendants of Ramundo Castillo and Mariano DeJesus Soberanes. Will also exchange information on families of Ignacio Vallejo, Juan Bautista Roger Cooper, Ramondo Estrada, and other prior 1850 California Families.
June 15, 1997 from Jane Tripodi.
I am seeking information on any Brown in Pacific Grove in the 1872-1925 time period who might be linked to John P. (Pember) Brown. He had a sister, Mary, who died in 1926. While her maiden name was Brown, we don't know what her married name was (husband was George) . She may have lived in Pacific Grove, but died in San Francisco. Other related family names are: George and Lucretia (Brown) Stevens, Cyrnen(i)us Brown, Daniel Brown, Cyrus Brown, Charles E. Brown. . The Brown family originated in CT & VT, traveled across s.w. NY and n.w. PA to MI. John P. Brown served in the Civil War from Chicago and was married there. John spent much time in both Pacific Grove and Sacramento; his wife (Catherine/Kate died in Pacific Grove in 1906, and he was there just before he died in Sacramento in 1925.  His daughters were Alice M. and Jane/Jennie/Jeane.
May 30, 1997 from Ray & Bettie Dall.
Compiling a history of descendants of Francisco Marcelino Escobar and Maria Antonia Garcia, married 18 Nov. 1819, Monterey. Children Francisco Agusta Escobar,Juan Bautista Escobar;Maria Josefa Perfecta Escobar : Jose Maria Escobar; Nicholas Antonio de Jesus Escobar; Maria Christina Jacoba Escobar, Maria de los Sampus Ampara Escobar; Maria del Rufugio Anselma Escobar and Fernanda Luisa Escobar.  These families include the Castro's, Bravos, Boronda's Alvarado's, Gutierrez, Artellan, and other prior 1850 families.
April 24, 1997 from Donna Pierce.
Seeking descendants of Fred Workman of Pacific Grove, believed to have died sometime during the 1960's.
April 15, 1997 from Mark Kennedy.
Am looking for information on my great grandparents Neil Kennedy and Annie Quinn (Kennedy). I know they homested land near Lake San Antonio in 1884. They had a son (Edgar Kennedy) in 1890 who died in 1948 in Los Angeles, and a daugther (Veratina Kennedy), year of her birth is unknown and her death at a young age is unknown. there is a record in the Monterey County Place Names book of a Veratina Post Office that had it's name changed from Nasimento on Nov. 7, 1888, it also list Annie Kennedy as the Postmaster.It may be that the rename was in memory of their Daughter. Neil and Annie were both school teachers that built a one room school house in the area. Neil died in 1902 (do not know his burrial site). After his death Annie and Edgar moved to San Fransico and some time in the 1910's they moved to Los Angeles. Neil may have come to Califorina from Canada, not sure if his generation had come from Ireland or the one before. Annie may have been of Califorina birth. Any information that can be added to this would be deeply appreciated.
April 10, 1997 from M. Ketelsen.
Looking for any information about the McClellan/McClelland and Pruitt family(s) in the Monterey area around 1963. I believe they were Seventh Day Adventists. I would like to know their first names and whereabouts at this time and in 1963. Any information is highly appreciated!!!
February 26, 1997 from Richard Finn.
I am looking for any information on great grandparents, John Edward and Caroline (Kitchingham) Finn. They went from England to Lake County Jan. 1903. Leaving Lake County for Prunedale abt 1910. John was a preacher in the Prunedale Methodist Church (perhaps also Watsonville) for some years leaving Caroline to tend to their chicken ranch. John's brother James Albert Finn may have also lived and died in the area. I do not know if James had a family. I beleive that Caroline died on their farm. John died in Berkeley 16 April 1931 and was buried in Watsonville. A Rev. James Phillips conducted the service. Was he from Prunedale?
February 6, 1997 from Ken Tessendorff.
I would like to make contact with anyone who has researched the family of William E. Mann who lived in Monterey County in 1900. We may be able to help each other.
February 2, 1997 from Kim Tappmeyer.
I am looking for information on my Great-Grandfather and Grandfather; Henry Eitzert, Sr. b: 1-3-1869 ,d: 12-1923 and Henry Eitzert, Jr. b: 4-27-1885 in San Lucas, CA , d: 5-1981 in San Jose, CA. Henry Jr. also had a brother named Andrew Eitzert b: 7-10-1844 in San Lucas, CA. If you could help me find any information on the above names or any other Eitzerts in Monterey County, I would be greatly appreciative.
January 22, 1997 from T. Bunnell.
Would like to trace my family heritage in Monterey County. I know I am related to Luis Estrada from the Mexican era in Monterey. My grandmother's maiden name was Juanita Ysabel Estrada born May 16th 1908 to Luis Rafael Estrada and Rose Garcia on a ranch in Gonzales, California. She had, I believe, four sisters one of whom was a Monterey socialite by the name of Delphine Estrada Loudon. Delphine's husband was named Lester and they lived, I recall, near Munras Avenue in Monterey. I would like to trace my granmother's line as far back as possible. Thank you for your help.
December 16, 1996 from Glenda F. Moser.
Searching for ancestor and desc. of John Talbott MASENGILL (1849 TN - 1926 Oakland, CA) who m. Mary Amanda FAW (1850 NC - 1929 Oakland, CA - dau. of George Parks FAW). This family moved to Salinas, Monterey Co., CA bef. the 1900 U.S. Census. Their issue: Laura Deborah, b. 1874; Wiley Thomas; Lily Flora, b. 1879; Ben Paul, b. 1881; Ruby Gertrude, b. 1885 - d. 1887 TN; Henry Cloyd, b. 1887; Ramona Gilbert MASENGILL, b. 1891. All children b. in Sullivan Co., TN. Ramona m. Frank Joseph HART circa 1912. Please E-Mail if you have any connections with these families - THANKS!
December 08, 1996 from Patricia Rowell.
Looking for information on my ggf Samuel SCOTT who supposedly died in Monterey County CA, possibly Morro Bay, in Feb 1899, while visiting at the home of a son (per family tradition). Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.
November 20, 1996 from Glenda F. Moser.
Searching for ancestors and desc. of John RUSH (1799 PA - 1850 CA), who m. 1819 OH to Elizabeth TATMAN (1803 OH - 1850 CA). Their issue: Charlotte, b. abt. 1832; Julia Ann, b. 1833 IN; Pheobe Ellen, b. 1837 IN; and James L. RUSH, b.1844 IN. John & Eliz. RUSH were running a hotel in Sacramento with their cousin Hiram RUSH in the 1850 Census. John & Eliz. TATMAN RUSH both d. of cholera in Sacramento in the Fall of 1850. Their dau. Julia Ann RUSH m. 28 Jan 1851 to William Lovet EARL (b.1830 MI - d.1909 CA). They lived in Jolon, Monterey Co., CA and had 7 issue. Please E-Mail if any connection with these families - THANKS!

October 29, 1996 from Ron Pyle.
Susan (Roche) Pyle, b Feb 28, 1865, Sargents Station, Monterey County, dod March 18, 1938, San Francisco, Ca.  Her Brothers were Father James Roche, Catholic Priest, and Billy Roche, cattle buyer for Allen & Pyle and Sons, San Francisco, Ca.