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Hiram Corey

Submitted by Claire Martin ~ June 14, 2007

The Salinas Weekly Journal
Vol. 46 No. 48
Saturday, September 13, 1913
Page Five

From Wednesday's Daily Journal


Hiram Corey, one of the oldest and most respected residents of the county, passed away at the Lane Hospital in San Francisco yesterday morning. He had gone to San Francisco by automobile some time ago for medical treatment. For many months he had been in a delicate state of health.

Mr. Corey was an 1852 pioneer of California. He and his brother Noah came to this state from Quebec, via Nicaragua and went into the stock raising business in Marin County.

He was born in 1831 of parents who moved over from New England to Quebec when he was two years old. In 1856 his parents came to California and were farmers at Bloomfield in Sonoma county. His father entered military service in Canada and was captain of a company. He passed away in 1878.

In 1856 Mr. Corey married Miss Rose Frost, daughter of a prominent Vermont family. She passed away in 1900. In 1901 Mr. Corey married Mrs. Elfreda Eade-Johnson, daughter of Joseph Eade of King City. To them was born a daughter.

In 1862 he went to Virginia City and was superintendent of a mine there, but in a short time returned to Marin county.

In 1872 Mr. Corey came to the Salinas Valley and rented the Buena Vista rancho, where he established a prosperous dairy business and accumulated wealth. In 1890 he took his family with him and made the European tour. Returning he purchased Las Palmas rancho at Buena Vista and built a splendid mansion there, and continued to prosper up to the time of his death.

Mr.Corey was always a forward looking citizen and was a factor in developing and making known the great resources of this county. He was one of the founders of the Monterey county agricultural society and was interested in raising fine horses and cattle. He was one of the organizers of the Monterey County Bank and one of the directors until his infirmities prompted him to ask to be relieved of that responsability.

He was one of the pillars of the United Presbyterian church and very helpful in its management and support.

Of late years he went about in his automobiles with his wife and young daughters seeming to be happy and content with their society and they devoted to his comfort and happiness.

Mr. Corey left a brother, Rueben Corey of Pescadero, and sisters - Mrs. Wm. Felton of San Francisco, Mrs. Wm. P. Hall of Petaluma, and Mrs. Adelaide L. Case of San Francisco.

By his first marriage Mr. Corey had no children but they cared for three orphaned children of Mrs. Corey's sister until they grew to maturity - Mrs. B.V. Sargent, Mrs. G.A. Daugherty and E.E. Littlefield of Monterey. When he married Mrs. Eade-Johnson, who had a little daughter, Pearl, he adopted her as his own and there was born to this union another, Augusta Eleanor, to bless the closing years of his life.

Mr. Corey in his dairying and agricultural operations on the Buena vista did not require his hired men to bring blankets. He had good beds for them all and they were all looked after as if they were human beings - as men are when given good treatment.

The Rev. Geo. McCormick, D. D., will conduct the funeral of Mr. Corey.

Mr. Corey passed away as result of an abdominal obstruction. A surgical operation was resorted to, but it was found to have been too late to save him. He was surrounded by his family when the end came.

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From Friday's Daily Journal

The obsequies for the late Hiram Corey were largely attended from United Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon. Many relatives and friends from other places came to pay their last tributes of respect. There were many and beautiful floral pieces and the grave was covered deep with flowers.