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Edward H. Cawley
Mary Olmsted Cawley

Submitted by Sue Tayor ~ November 21, 2007

Monterey American
October 3, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Cawley Pass Away
Die Within a Few Hours of Each Other

Two rather remarkable deaths have just occurred in the Grove. Mr. Edward H. Cawley passed away yesterday afternoon at four o'clock, presumably of heart disease. He had been around during the day, and the end came suddenly. When undertaker Paul visited the house at 218 Fourth street to make arrangements for the funeral, Mrs. Cawley told him that he might also make arrangements for her funeral, as she felt that she was going to die soon. Strangely enough, at three o'clock this morning she passed away, her death being evidently due to the excitement incident [sic] to the death of her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Cawley had no relatives here except Mrs. Daniel Leroy, who is a cousin of Mrs. Cawley. A son from San Francisco will arrive this evening, and also a granddaughter from Los Gatos, and until they come no arrangements can be made for the funeral. (Mary Olmsted Cawley) (buried in El Carmelo cemetery)