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Benjamin Artellan

Submitted by Gary Carlsen ~ September 4, 2007

Monterey Peninsula Herald
January 7, 1944


Benjamin Artellan, 47, member of a well known Monterey Peninsula family was instantly killed last midnight when he was struck down by a speeding automobile on Carmel hill. Driver of the death car failed to stop and today members of the California highway patrol were engaged in what they expect to be a successful search for the hit-run driver. The story of Artellan's tragic death, as pieced together by investigating officers is as follows; Accompanied by his wife Mrs. Louise Artellan and their 15 year old son Gerald, the unfortunate man was returning from Monterey to his Carmel home late at night. They had trouble with their car which stalled at the foot of the Carmel hill.

Artellan and the boy finally started the motor by pushing the car and Mrs Artellan drove it to the top of the hill where she waited for her husband and son. The procedure had been agreed upon because they were afraid the motor would stall if the car was stopped to pick up Artellan and the boy.

Father and son were near the top of the hill, walking along the highway, when the speeding death car overtook them from behind. Artellan was hurled 50 feet by the force of the impact and died instantly. The boy was uninjured but suffering from severe shock when a passing motorist stopped to investigate and spread the alarm.


Mrs. Artellan who had noticed the speeding death car as it roared toward Carmel had no inkling of the tragedy until to late to make an effort to identify the car or driver.

Sgt. Andy Martin of the highway patrol who investigated the accident reported today that his office has sufficient evidence to apprehend the driver of the hit-run car. Several parts of the car, which struck Artellan, were found near his body, Martin said, and their identity has been practically established.

He described the tragedy as one of the worst to happen in this area. It was also the first fatal accident of the new year.

A native of Monterey and gardener by occupation, Artellan was an enthusiastic amateur musician and played the accordion for informal parties on many occasions.

In addition to his wife he leaves four sons, Cpl. Martin Artellan U S Marine Corps now home on furlough after duty in the South Pacific, Gerald 15, Paul 12, and Benjy 9; seven sisters Mrs Anthony Barbie, Mrs. Frank Silva, Mrs. Allen Bergquist, Mrs. Robert Wolter, Mrs. Walter Smith, Mrs. Lollie Silva, and Mrs. Mary Souza; two brothers James and Manuel, and an aunt Mrs. Manuel Silva. All are residents of this region.

The Dorney funeral home is in charge of arrangements, which will be announced later.