Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: 1875 Directory

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Given Name


Place of Business



Taft W.H. Farmer - - Salinas
Tai Go Laundry California Street - Monterey
Tally J. Boarding House Mansion House Mansion House Salinas
Tally & Scott Boarding House Mansion House - Salinas
Tanner C. Farmer Peach Tree Peach Tree Peach Tree
Tash G.A. Farmer - - Salinas
Taylor A., Sr. Postmaster Slack Canyon Slack Canyon Slack Canyon
Taylor G.W. Butcher - - Monterey
Taylor J.B. Stock Raiser - - Salinas
Teeling John Farmer Santa Rita Ranch 3m NW Salinas Santa Rita
Telford A.R. Farmer - - Monterey
Telford J. Stage Driver - - San Antonio
Telford John Laborer Robson’s Ranch 2-1/2m S Salinas Salinas
Thielman M.C. Architect - - Salinas
Thomas H.A Hotel Proprietor Oak Grove House 28m SE Salinas Soledad
Thomas L. Farmer - - Salinas
Thompson A. Poultry Dealer - - Castroville
Thompson C.D. Farmer - - Salinas
Thompson G. Stock Raiser Indian Valley Indian Valley Slack Canyon
Thompson J. Sheep Raiser - - San Antonio
Thompson M.B. Harnessmaker - - Salinas
Thompson P. Farmer - - Salinas
Thompson P. Farmer Thompson’s Ranch 2m S Santa Cruz Salinas
Thompson W. Plasterer - - Salinas
Thompson W. Miner - - Salinas
Thompson W.L. Farmer - - Salinas
Thompson William Farmer Bardin’s Ranch 5m SW Salinas Salinas
Thompson Z. Hotel Proprietor - - Salinas
Thornton J. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Thornton N.J. Farmer - - Salinas
Thoroughman J. Cooper - - Salinas
Throp J. Carpenter - - Castroville
Throp J.M. Printer - - Castroville
Thurber J.B. Poultry Dealer - - Castroville
Thurston N.G. Farmer - - Salinas
Tidball J.G. Farmer - - Castroville
Tidrow Joseph Farmer Salinas Valley 1-1/2m S Salinas Salinas
Tidrow R. Farmer - - Castroville
Titibaugh A. Farmer Cooper Ranch 5m NW Salinas Castroville
Titibaugh G.T. Farmer Cooper Ranch 5m NW Salinas Castroville
Todd W. Stock Raiser - 100m SE Salinas Cholame
Tolman D.C. Carpenter - - Castroville
Tolman G.A. Shoemaker - - Salinas
Tolman G.A. Common Council Salinas City - Salinas
Tolman G.A. N.G. Alisal Lodge 163 I.O.O.F. Salinas
Tomlinson S.A. Carpenter - - Castroville
Tompkins H. Farmer - - San Lorenzo
Tompkins Heman Farmer Peach Tree 60m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Tompkins J. Sailor - - Salinas
Tongate E. Farmer - - Castroville
Toothacher A. Blacksmith - - Monterey
Torres F. Saloon - - Salinas
Towle W.J. Farmer - - Salinas
Town J. Miner - - Salinas
Townson J.H. Hotel Proprietor Gavilan House 10m N Salinas Natividad
Treat W.F. Farmer - - Salinas
Tretzel J.H. Farmer - - Salinas
Trinidad M. Whaleman - - Monterey
Triplett A.J. Farmer - - Salinas
Triplett J.R. Farmer - - Salinas
Triplett S.D. Assistant Steward Salinas Grange 24 Patrons of Husbandry Salinas
Trope F.H. Hotel Proprietor Castroville Salinas Hotel Salinas
Truesdell H.V. Farmer - - Salinas
Truxillo Celestino Silversmith Alvarado Street - Monterey
Tucker Ira Farmer Spring Ranch 1-1/4m S Salinas Salinas
Tucker J. Farmer - - Salinas
Tucker J.G.B.P. Farmer - - Salinas
Tucker W.J. Plasterer - - Salinas
Tullar J.H. Dairyman - - Castroville
Tully E.C. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Tully E.E. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Tully L.B. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Turner N. Stock Raiser Indian Valley Indian Valley Slack Canyon
Tuttle H.C. Upholsterer Salinas Salinas Salinas
Tuttle H.P. Physician - - Salinas
Tuttle H.P. Coroner County Courthouse - Salinas
Tuttle S.E. Grocer Jackson Jackson Chualar
Twisselman H. Store Keeper Chualar Chualar Chualar
Tynan M. Hotel Proprietor - - Salinas
Tynan Mrs. A.F. Hotel Proprietress Sausal Diamond Hotel Salinas

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Additional Source: THE HAND BOOK TO MONTEREY AND VICINITY: A Complete Guide Book For Tourists, Campers and Visitors. Published by Walton & Curtis. Bacon & Company Printers. San Francisco. © 1875.