Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: 1875 Directory

-- K --


Given Name


Place of Business



Kaler J. Farmer - - Salinas
Karl Jacob Saloon Castroville Castroville Salinas
Karramann A. Farmer - - Monterey
Kavanaugh M. Farmer - - Salinas
Kavanaugh W. Farmer - - Salinas
Keane H.A. Merchant - - Castroville
Kearny Michael Dairy San Miguel Canyon 7m N Salinas Castroville
Keating L.B. Clerk - - Castroville
Keeton C. Blacksmith - - Peach Tree
Keeton Charles Stock Raiser - Cholame Cholame
Keleher M. Hotel Proprietor - - Salinas
Keleher M.J. Farmer Santa Rita Ranch 2m NW Salinas Santa Rita
Kelley B. Moulder - - Salinas
Kellogg G.P. Dairyman - - Salinas
Kelly J. Porter - - Salinas
Kelly J.C. Foreman Salinas City Fire Dept. Excelsior Hose Co, 1 Salinas
Kelly John Laborer Oak Vale 92-1/2m SE Salinas Pleito
Kelly M.P. Farmer Gonzales Ranch 20m SE Salinas Gonzales
Kelly O.D. Reverend Union Church Watsonville Castroville
Kennedy James F. Farmer Gonzales Ranch 18m SE Salinas Gonzales
Kennedy T.F. Teacher - - Salinas
Kent G.W. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Kent J.T. Farmer San Antonio 56m SE Salinas San Antonio
Kenton Thomas Stock Raiser Indian Valley Indian Valley Slack Canyon
Keogh Patrick Farmer San Miguel Canyon 7m N Salinas Castroville
Kern Father Reverend Catholic Church - Castroville
Ketchum G. Miner - - Salinas
Keyse E.A. Farmer - - San Antonio
Kidd Hames E. Farmer San Miguel Canyon 8m N Salinas Castroville
Kilburn Paris Farmer San Juan & Castroville Central Ave. & Main Salinas
Kilburn & Carpenter Hardware Dealers Castroville & San Juan - Salinas
Killburn Mrs. Ceres Salinas Grange 24 Patrons of Husbandry Salinas
Killey T.N. Restaurant - - Salinas
Kincaid J.R. Farmer - - Salinas
Kincaird J.D. Farmer - - Castroville
King D.B. Farmer Natividad Main Natividad
King H.K. Farmer - - Salinas
King J. Whaleman - - Monterey
King J.H. Farmer - - Salinas
King Michael Farmer Castro Ranch 10m N Salinas Castroville
King N. Farmer - - Castroville
King N.H. Farmer Natividad Main Natividad
King N.H. Farmer - - Salinas
King W. Farmer - - Salinas
Kingsley A.W. Blacksmith - - San Antonio
Kinkead A. Farmer - - Castroville
Kinkead A.J. Farmer - - Castroville
Kinkead J.E. Farmer - - Castroville
Kinkead W.S. Boarding House Scott Scott Chualar
Kinkead William Boarding House Scott Scott Chualar
Kinkead & Son Boarding House Scott Scott Chualar
Kirk M. Farmer - - San Antonio
Kirtley E.B. Farmer - - Santa Rita
Kissel J.M. Shoemaker - - Salinas
Kite W. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Klapman F. Gardener - - Castroville
Klinger G. Farmer - - Salinas
Knight A.E. Farmer - - Salinas
Knight J. Hostler - - Salinas
Koffle S. Barber Pearl Street - Monterey
Kopman F. Farmer - - Castroville

Source: HAND-BOOK AND DIRECTORY OF SANTA CLARA, SAN BENITO, SANTA CRUZ, MONTEREY AND SAN MATEO COUNTIES. Compiled and Published by L.L. Paulson. Francis & Valentine Commercial Steam Presses, 517 Clay Street. © 1875.

Additional Source: THE HAND BOOK TO MONTEREY AND VICINITY: A Complete Guide Book For Tourists, Campers and Visitors. Published by Walton & Curtis. Bacon & Company Printers. San Francisco. © 1875.