Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: 1875 Directory

-- J --


Given Name


Place of Business



Jacks D. Capitalist - - Monterey
Jacks M. Miner - - Salinas
Jacks P.M. Farmer - - Salinas
Jacks R.E. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Jackson A.B. Merchant - - Salinas
Jackson C.H. Stock Raiser Overland Stage Road 65m SE Salinas San Antonio
Jackson C.W. Stock Raiser Pleito Ranch 90m SE Salinas Pleito
Jackson J. Dairyman - - Soledad
Jackson J.P. Farmer - - Monterey
Jackson R. Cook - - Monterey
Jacobson H. Farmer - 75m SE Salinas Jolon
James J. Farmer Carmel Valley - Monterey
James W.W. Tinsmith Pearl Street - Monterey
Jameson T.B. Farmer - - Salinas
Jarrett J.G. Stock Raiser Rock House Ranch 60m SE Salinas San Antonio
Jarrett William Farmer Safaque Valley 85m SE Salinas Santa Rita
Jefferson J.W. Farmer - - Castroville
Jeffries B.F. Physician - - Salinas
Jenkins E.P. Carpenter - - Salinas
Jenkins P. Farmer - - Castroville
Johnson A.J. Farmer - - Monterey
Johnson A.L. Farmer - - Salinas
Johnson A.S. Farmer - 80m SE Salinas Slack Canyon
Johnson C. Carpenter Salinas 2-1/2m NW Salinas Salinas
Johnson C.H. Miner - - Salinas
Johnson C.W. Stock Raiser - 105m SE Salinas Cholame
Johnson F. Farmer - - Castroville
Johnson F. Farmer - - Salinas
Johnson F. Lecturer Salinas Grange 24 Patrons of Husbandry Salinas
Johnson H. Baker - - Salinas
Johnson Henry Barber Main Gavilan and Soledad Salinas
Johnson Israel Post Master - - Castroville
Johnson J. Stage Driver - Salinas Salinas
Johnson J.O. Farmer - Salinas Salinas
Johnson J.S. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Johnson J.V. Carpenter - - Monterey
Johnson K.B. Farmer Harris Valley 42m SE Salinas Pleito
Johnson L.W. Carpenter Merritt - Castroville
Johnson W.C. Clerk - - Salinas
Johnson W.H. News Agent SPRR Salinas District Salinas
Johnson W.L. Dairyman - - Salinas
Johnson W.S. Conveyancer - - Salinas
Johnson W.T. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Jolly F.M. Farmer - - Salinas
Jones H. Van B. Farmer - - Salinas
Jones J.P. Farmer - - Castroville
Jones John Farmer - - Salinas
Jones L. Farmer - - Natividad
Jones M. Farmer - Salinas Salinas
Jonson R. Painter - - Monterey
Joseph M. Dairyman - - Monterey
Josephis L. Whaleman - - Monterey
Joslin H. Hotel Proprietor Front and Encinel Front and Encinel Soledad
Joy C. Farmer Sausal Ranch 3m N Sausal Salinas
Joy J.G. Farmer Sausal Ranch 3m N Sausal Salinas
Joyce W.W. Farmer - - Salinas
Joynes G.F. Farmer - - Salinas
Jull W. Miner - - Monterey

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Additional Source: THE HAND BOOK TO MONTEREY AND VICINITY: A Complete Guide Book For Tourists, Campers and Visitors. Published by Walton & Curtis. Bacon & Company Printers. San Francisco. © 1875.