Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: 1875 Directory

-- D --


Given Name


Place of Business



Daggett John A. Laborer Oak Grove House 28m SE Salinas Soledad
Dai Lee Co.
Fish & Abalone Shipping 8-M Portuguese Bay Monterey
Dailey H.T. Clerk Chualar Chualar Chualar
Dailey J. Farmer - - Castroville
Daley Mrs. Farmer Soledad Soledad Soledad
Daly J.E. Painter - - Castroville
Damas A. Barkeeper - - Salinas
Danford G.E. Searcher of Records - - Salinas
Daves J. Farmer - - Santa Rita
Daves V.B. Farmer - - Castroville
Davidson J. Farmer - - Salinas
Davies D.F. Farmer - Blanco Blanco
Davies W.H., Dr. Superintendent Presbyterian Church Central Avenue Salinas
Davis G. Dairyman - - Salinas
Davis J. Farmer - - Castroville
Davis J. Mason - - Salinas
Davis J.B. Farmer Slack Canyon Slack Canyon Slack Canyon
Davis J.J. Waiter - - Castroville
Davis M. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Davis M. Farmer - - Salinas
Davis Morris Farmer Slack Canyon Slack Canyon Slack Canyon
Davis S.O. Farmer - - San Antonio
Davis T. Dairyman Pelacetis Dairy 3m S Salinas Salinas
Davis T. Farmer - - Salinas
Day A. Farmer Oak Grove Ranch 30m SE Salinas Soledad
Day F.M. Farmer - - Monterey
De Witt C.C. Farmer Salinas Valley 1/2m W Salinas Salinas
De Witt William Farmer Monterey Road 2 m S Salinas Salinas
Dean S.L. Saloon Keeper - - Salinas
Dearth G.P. Blacksmith - - Castroville
Dee L. Farmer - - Castroville
Deleny Thomas Laborer San Antonio 65m SE Salinas Jolon
Delongy G. Farmer - - Monterey
Demarel F. Farmer - - Santa Rita
Dence W.W. Farmer - - Salinas
Denmark G.J. Farmer - - Castroville
Desouin Louis Stock Raiser 6m E San Antonio River 84m SE Salinas Jolon
Devoe A. Mechanic - - Castroville
Dewey P. Farmer - - Salinas
Dewitt I. Farmer - - Salinas
Dewitt N. Farmer - - Salinas
Dexter S.F. Merchant - - Castroville
Diaz B.L. - - - Monterey
Diaz R. Baker - - Monterey
Dikeman H. Plasterer - - Castroville
Dithemore J.W. Farmer - - Salinas
Dixon J.F. Farmer - - Salinas
Dixon T.V. Farmer - - Salinas
Doane A. Farmer - - Natividad
Doane Orson Dairyman Deadman’s Canyon 13m N Salinas Natividad
Dockery J. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Dockery John Sheep Raiser San Antonio 80m SE Salinas Jolon
Dodd W.W. Surveyor - Main Salinas
Dodge H.C. General Merchandise Jolon 70m SE Salinas Jolon
Dodge Susan G. Farmer Indian Valley 80m SE Salinas Slack Canyon
Dodge & Sanchez - Blacksmiths Alvarado Street - Monterey
Dollins R.C. Farmer - - Castroville
Doney C. Farmer - - Salinas
Donnovan J. Farmer - - Santa Rita
Donovan D. Bootmaker - - Castroville
Donovan Henry Farmer Deep Wells 12m SE Salinas Gonzales
Dosier A. Farmer - - Castroville
Dosier G. Farmer - - Castroville
Dosier J. Farmer - - Castroville
Doss G.W. Farmer - - Castroville
Doud F. Butcher Alvarado Street - Monterey
Doud F.N. Butcher - - Salinas
Douglass B.H. Farmer - 30m SE Salinas Soledad
Douglass J.A. Hotel Proprietor - - Salinas
Douglass John A Farmer Douglass Ranch 15m SE Salinas Gonzales
Downey J. Livery Stable - - Castroville
Doyle J. Farmer - - Castroville
Draper C. Stock Raiser - SE Salinas Cholame
Draper E.J. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Drarte R. Fisherman - - Monterey
Drassdoll J. Farmer Castro Ranch 8m NW Salinas Castroville
Drentwell Charles Saloon Spring Farm 2m S Salinas Salinas
Drentwell H.C. Grocer - - Salinas
Droge John C. Merchant Grant and Jackson Grant and Jackson Chualar
Drumm B.H. Farmer Cooper Ranch 7m MW Salinas Castroville
Drumm C.R. Farmer Cooper Ranch 7m MW Salinas Castroville
Drumm Clay Farmer Cooper Ranch 7m MW Salinas Castroville
Drumm J.H. Farmer - - Castroville
Drumm James Farmer Salinas Valley 5m NW Salinas Castroville
Drury A.J. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Duke J.R. Farmer Bardin Ranch 6m SW Salinas Blanco
Duke Thomas Milton Farmer Bardin Ranch 6m SW Salinas Blanco
Duncan C.W. Farmer - - Castroville
Duncan J. Farmer - - Salinas
Dunlap A.G. Dairyman - - Santa Rita
Dunn John E. Clerk Soto’s Store Santa Rita Santa Rita
Dunning R.B. Farmer - - Salinas
Durant J. Farmer - - Salinas
Durr J. Farmer - - Castroville
Durr J.M. Farmer - - Monterey
Dutra A. Dairyman - - Monterey
Dutra M. Dairyman - - Monterey
Dutra Manuel Saloon Monterey Saloon Pearl Street Monterey
Dutra W. Farmer - - Monterey
Dutton George Farmer Jolon 70m SE Salinas Jolon
Dye A.L. Farmer - - Salinas
Dyer D.A. Stove Dealer Main Main Salinas

Source: HAND-BOOK AND DIRECTORY OF SANTA CLARA, SAN BENITO, SANTA CRUZ, MONTEREY AND SAN MATEO COUNTIES. Compiled and Published by L.L. Paulson. Francis & Valentine Commercial Steam Presses, 517 Clay Street. © 1875.

Additional Source: THE HAND BOOK TO MONTEREY AND VICINITY: A Complete Guide Book For Tourists, Campers and Visitors. Published by Walton & Curtis. Bacon & Company Printers. San Francisco. © 1875.