Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: 1875 Directory

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A la Torre





San Antonio

A la Torre S. Sheepshearer - - San Antonio
A la Torre Silverio Farmer San Antonio Mission 75m SE Salinas Jolon
Abbot C.S. Dairyman - - Salinas
Abbott A.B. Farmer Monterey Road 2m S Salinas Salinas
Abbott A.J. Farmer - - Salinas
Abbott E.K. Physician Main and Gavilan St. John and Pajaro Salinas
Abbott E.K. Secretary Salinas Lodge 204 F&AM Salinas
Abbott George Chaplain Salinas Grange 24 Patrons of Husbandry Salinas
Abbott John Farmer National Ranch 2m SW Salinas Salinas
Abbott O.J. Farmer - - Salinas
Abernethy E. Farmer Gonzales Ranch - Gonzales
Abernethy John Farmer Deep Wells 15m SE Salinas Gonzales
Abernethy Ralph Farmer - 16m SE Salinas Gonzales
Abloe H.P. Farmer San Miguel Canyon 10m N Salinas Castroville
Abrego A. Clerk - - Monterey
Abrego J. Merchant Pearl Street - Monterey
Aceda J.M. Vaquero - - Monterey
Acosta T. Farmer - - Monterey
Adair H.B. Carpenter - - Castroville
Adair H.B. Farmer Poole Ranch 8m NW Salinas Salinas
Adam A. Farmer - - Salinas
Adams H.N. Dairyman - - Salinas
Adams N.E. Saddler - - San Antonio
Adams N.E. Herder Stage Road 64m SE Salinas San Antonio
Adams S.A. Carpenter - - Castroville
Adcock R.J. Farmer - - Castroville
Addams G. Mac C. Farmer - - Salinas
Aice T. Farmer - - Salinas
Aiken M. Clerk - - Santa Rita
Ainsworth D.H. Druggist - - Salinas
Alcock R.J. Farmer San Miguel Canyon 9m N Salinas Castroville
Aldaco D. Farmer - - San Antonio
Alderman E.M. Druggist - - Castroville
Alderman G. Saloon Merritt Merritt Castroville
Alderman G. Constable - - Castroville
Alesworth O.W. Stock Raiser Slack Valley Slack Valley Slack Canyon
Alexander - Whaleman - - Monterey
Alexander - Clerk - - Salinas
Alexander J. Whaleman - - Salinas
Alexander L. Farmer - - Salinas
Alexander M. Farmer - - Monterey
Alexander M. Whaleman - - Monterey
Alexander Santos Vaquero Arroyo Seco 33m SE Salinas Soledad
Allen A.M. Carpenter - - Salinas
Allen B.G. Farmer - - Monterey
Allen C.C. Blacksmith Stedman Ranch 66m SE Salinas San Antonio
Allen G.W.L. Hotel Proprietor - - Salinas
Allen J.C. Farmer - - Salinas
Allen J.R. Carpenter - - Salinas
Allen T.A. Farmer - - Salinas
Allen W.H. Dairyman - - Salinas
Allen W.H. Farmer Long Valley 6m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Allen W.L. Miner - - San Antonio
Alpite M. Saloon Main Main Natividad
Altimareno J.A. - - - Salinas
Alvarez S.T. Vaquero - - Monterey
Alviso - Vaquero Arroyo Seco 33m SE Salinas Soledad
Alviso M. Farmer - - Natividad
Ambris Doroteo Priest San Antonio Mission 75m SE Salinas Jolon
Ames J. Stage Driver - - San Antonio
Ames Nicholas Stock Raiser Salinas Valley 20m E Salinas Gonzales
Anderson - Ship Carpenter - - Salinas
Anderson A. Clerk - - Salinas
Anderson Andrew Farmer Gavilan Creek 10m N Salinas Natividad
Anderson D.M. Teacher Santa Rita - Santa Rita
Anderson E.A. Farmer Salinas Valley 28m SE Salinas Soledad
Anderson W.J. Carpenter - - Castroville
Andrew H.L. Clerk - - Castroville
Angwe H. Miner - - Salinas
Anker L. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Anthony M.J. Superintendent Marble Lime Kiln 14m N Salinas Salinas
Aquila A. Sailmaker - - Salinas
Archer A.M. Farmer - - Salinas
Archer E. Farmer - - Salinas
Archer G. Farmer - - Salinas
Archer J. Farmer - - Salinas
Archer S.M. Physician - - Santa Rita
Archer S.M., Dr. Physician Santa Rita Santa Rita Santa Rita
Archer S.M., Dr. Physician County Alms House Santa Rita Santa Rita
Archer W.A. - Spring Road 14m S Salinas Salinas
Arcie Francis Farmer - Santa Rita Santa Rita
Arellano J.A. Vaquero - - Soledad
Armstrong J.D. Farmer Salinas Valley 3-1/2m W Salinas Salinas
Armstrong J.G. Farmer - - Salinas
Armstrong M.M. Bookkeeper - - Natividad
Armstrong W.J. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Armstrong W.T. Farmer Salinas Valley Castroville Salinas
Artagan P. Mariner - - Monterey
Artellan J. Vaquero - - Santa Rita
Ash George O. Reverend M.E. Church Gavilan Street Salinas
Ash J.O. Reverend M.E. Encampment Pacific Grove Monterey
Ashley Jas. H. Farmer Cooper Ranch 9m NW Salinas Castroville
Asworth R. Farmer - - Salinas
Atkin G. Laborer - 70m SE Salinas San Antonio
Atkinson J.R. Stage Driver - - Salinas
Atwell A.J. Attorney at Law - - Castroville
Auker L. C.R. Gabilan Tribe 44 Imp. Order of Red Men Salinas
Austin George Farmer - Monterey Monterey
Austin H.B. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Austin J.C. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Austin J.C. Stock Raiser - 95m SE Salinas Slack Canyon
Austin L.B. Merchant Alvarado Street - Monterey
Austin Minot Laborer Salinas Valley 3m SE Salinas Salinas
Averill J.H. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Averill J.H.M. Wheelwright Romolo Santa Rita Santa Rita
Avery E. Shipmaster - - Monterey
Avila F. Vaquero - - San Antonio
Avila V. Farmer - - San Antonio
Avilo Vicento Stock Raiser - 80m SE Salinas Jolon
Ayres W.W. Druggist - - Castroville

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Additional Source: THE HAND BOOK TO MONTEREY AND VICINITY: A Complete Guide Book For Tourists, Campers and Visitors. Published by Walton & Curtis. Bacon & Company Printers. San Francisco. © 1875.