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Among the most popular hotels in Santa Cruz county may be rated the well appointed Hotel Capitola, at Capitola-by-the-Sea, under the able management of its owner, E. V. Woodhouse, a native of Queensland, Australia. He was born July 8, 1879, and as a veritable soldier of fortune, made three trips around the world. He has been an actor, a miner, a sheep-shearer, a newspaper man, and a gold-miner, and he has prospected for the shining yellow metal in various sections of Australia. All in all, he has acquired a wonderful experience that has proved a kind of capital.

In 1905 Mr. Woodhouse arrived at San Francisco and since that time he has been identified with the management of hotels in California. He was first associated with the old Russ House at San Francisco, before the fire; and then he has had a part in the conduct of the Paso de Robles Hot Springs Hotel, the Arrowhead Hot Springs Hotel, near San Bernardino, and the Byron Hot Springs Hotel, at Byron, California. He was proprietor of the Hotel Bardin in Salinas, and the Minster Hotel in San Francisco.

For the past eleven years, Mr. Woodhouse has leased and operated the Hotel Capitola, at Capitola-by-the-Sea, and in the Spring of 1924 he purchased the property. He is the only man who has made this hotel a paying proposition. He has spent fifty thousand dollars in improvement of the popular resort and hotel, installing a new elevator at a cost alone of seven thousand dollars, and instead of the four bathrooms previously there, he has had thirty-five put in. He has also installed hot salt baths, and has added ten rooms. By temperament most genial and experienced as a judge of human nature, Mr. Woodhouse is an ideal host, and easily makes his guests feel at home. Golf, swimming, horseback riding, dancing, fishing, hiking and other out-of-door sports are added attractions, and no one appreciates the advantages of the Hotel Capitola more than those who have sojourned here, and then tried some other resort.

Mr. Woodhouse was married to Miss S. Egeberg, a daughter of Dr. Sigmund Egeberg, of Norway. She shares her husband's social popularity, and they have many friends in this county as well as among those who have been their patrons. Mr. Woodhouse has passed through many and varied experiences and is numbered among those who regard life as well worth living for he early learned to place a true valuation upon opportunities and obligations and to discard the trivial and non-essential things, while choosing those that are worth while.

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