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Widely famous among the most beneficial natural attractions of Santa Cruz county is undoubtedly the wonderful Waukesha Water of California, discovered and developed by George W. Hawes, a native of Connecticut, who came west to Iowa and then to Dakota, and from the latter state he continued on until he reached Santa Cruz about 1904. For a number of years he was prominent as a real estate operator here, and then it fell to his good fortune to discover the qualities of a health-giving water whose properties are such that many have journeyed from far to enjoy the benefits available here.

The Breakers, at Bonanza Beach-the finest beach, by-the-way, on the Pacific coast, where there is no undertow and children of eight are safe without attendants- is the home of the Golden Waukesha Water of California, the mythical fountain of youth, a subterranean stream discovered, as has been said, by Mr. Hawes of 28 Wood street, when boring through the rocky crust near the bay. Soft as the snow water lakes at its source, this subterranean stream flowing from high mountain lakes through the deep caverns of the earth and through mines of pitch blend, radium, carbonates, and many other undiscovered curatives, enters the bay of Monterey under a ledge of rocks one hundred feet below sea-level. At that depth, the rock was broken through, and the water came bubbling up away above sea-level. Subsequent use of this water proves it to be a substantial remedy for all microbe or intestinal germ diseases, from drinking poisonous running waters and seepages from pools, with their millions of germs to the inch, causing eczema, stomach troubles and all sorts of diseases. Just what this marvelous water contains may be seen from the official, scientific analysis made by Abbott A. Hanks, chemist, assayer and metallurgist, of 624 Sacramento street, San Francisco, who says that radium causes the water to be sufficiently radio-active to produce favorable results. The water is, therefore, valuable as a therapeutic agent, according to Dr. Horace T. Dodge, of 608 Fifty-sixth street, Oakland. Chemist Hanks says that there are 2,886 grains of insoluble silica, 0.087 grains of ferrie and allumine oxide, 1.189 grains of calcium sulphate, 0.215 grains of magnesium sulphate, 2.507 grains of calcium carbonate, 2.600 grains of magnesium carbonate, 0.513 grains of calcium chloride, 1.487 grains of sodium carbonate, 4.717 grains of sodium chloride and 1.178 grains of organic and volatile matter. The radium in solution being natural in this water, it is the finest table water on earth, and may safely be taken in quantity.

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