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A man well posted on one of the most important of the later-developed industries of California is Charles A. Varien, the efficient secretary of the Monterey Fish Products Company, of Monterey. He is a native son, his birth having occurred in Amador county, November 18, 1890. His father was William H. Varien, a native of Iowa, who came to California in the gold-rush days. He married Miss Marina Seoble and the family came to Monterey in 1891. Mr. Varien is a barber and conducts a shop at Pacific Grove, while two sons-for there were nine children in the family-have shops in Monterey.

Charles Varien attended the grammar and the high schools of Pacific Grove, and then went to a business college in San Francisco, from which he was graduated in 1912. Filled with a young man's ambition, he went to eastern Oregon and for five years was on a homestead, but on his return to Monterey engaged in the fish business. For the past six years, he has been with the Monterey Fish Products Company, and for three years he has been interested financially in the enterprise, filling the responsible position of secretary. His company is engaged in the manufacture of poultry food, and from the standpoint that all such service to the poultrymen is today of the highest importance, the many details requiring attention in a single day's operations by the Fish Products Company make Mr. Varien's post hardly a sinecure, and yet one affording him zest, as the late Peter Clark McFarlane would have put it, to "attack" the day's program. The Monterey Fish Products Company uses for its poultry-food, much of which is shipped to Petaluma, the by-products of the fish; they also manufacture an oil that is used extensively in the automobile business, and much of the output is shipped to Petaluma.

Mr. Varien makes his home in Pacific Grove. He married Miss A. Piazzoni and their children are Charles Louis, Alice Marina and Esther Anita. Politically Mr. Varien is a democrat but is not active to the extent of seeking office. He is fond of hunting, is well acquainted with Monterey county and its resources, and is happy that he is living in the California commonwealth.

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