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An electrical concern that has won its way to popular favor through honest, dependable service is that of John Stanovich, known as the Central Electrical Company, at 318 Main street, Watsonville. Mr. Stanovich is a Dalmatian by birth, and finds himself in a section where many of his fellow countrymen have made good in the Golden state of their adoption. He was born on the 2nd of August, 1876, the son of Joseph and Mary (Bakich) Stanovich. The father was originally a sailor, but from 1882 to 1890 was engaged in fishing off New Orleans. He died in 1910. The mother is still living, enjoying life in modest comfort.

John Stanovich pursued his studies in the public schools of Dalmatia, but at the early age of sixteen came to the United States. Some uncle had preceded him to America, and he visited them for awhile in Pennsylvania. Then he worked for a year or so in a restaurant, and after that he tried his hand at various things in New York city and other towns, being for fourteen months in the Lorraine Hotel at New York city. For the next three months he was at a summer resort in New York, and at the Garden City Hotel for two summers. He was next with a fashionable club as a caretaker for half a year and returning to New York, he worked as handy man in a large apartment house, where he had the chance to learn plumbing and wiring, and he continued there for nine years. He also attended night school, to pursue electrical courses and to supplement his practical knowledge and in bustling New York he continued until October, 1910, when he came west to California.

Mr. Stanovich lived for a year in San Francisco, but in June, 1912, he came to Watsonville, where he started, in a modest way, his own electrical concern. He now has one of the most modern stores in this part of the state, and some idea of the importance of his trade and patrons may be gathered from the fact that he did the electrical work for the California Spray Chemical and the Stroesser buildings, and many other modern structures, including the Jones Vinegar and Drying House. He employs six people, and none are ever worrying what to do. He is a republican in national political affairs, beliving in the G. O. P. as the promoter and protector of trade. Mr. Stanovich married Miss Edith Constable of New York.

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