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GEORGE B. RICHMOND, JR., was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1856. His education was obtained principally at the New Bedford Academy, though he also attended the public school a short time. After completing the Academic Course he entered the University of the city of New York, where he graduated in medicine in 1879. Immediately after graduating he substituted several months in Bellevue Hospital for one of the regular physicians who was absent on a vacation. While there he was offered the position of Ship Surgeon on the Veronica, bound to the Western Islands. He accepted this offer, and in the spring of 1879 sailed from Boston to Madeira and the Azore Islands. Returning home the same summer, he began the practice of medicine in the town of Dighton, between Boston and New Bedford, where he remained two years and a half. Excessive hard work in his profession brought on nervous prostration, and he was advised by Dr. Beard, of New York, an eminent authority upon nervous diseases, to take a long sea voyage. Acting under this advice, he gave up his practice and sailed to Valparaiso, Chili, where he remained a short time, and, feeling no better in health, embarked on another voyage and sailed up the coast to British Columbia. After spending a few months there and on Puget Sound, he came to San Francisco, intending to return home. There his health began to improve, and after spending a few months in Lake County he concluded to remain in California. As health was paramount with him, he selected Salinas City as most conducive to that object, and located here three and a half years ago, resuming the practice of medicine. In May, 1888, Dr. Richmond's professional services were required in attendance upon a lady who had come, with friends, to California on an excursion from Boston. Her health failing, thev concluded to return home with her, and the doctor accompanied them in a special car to that city. After making a short visit to his parents, and viewing the principal points of interest along the route, he returned to Salinas City, the trip having consumed but a month of time. The doctor, though young in years, has had a very eventful life, as well as a wide and varied professional experience. Naturally talented and observant, he has improved his opportunities, and his life gives promise of a bright future.

Source: Monterey County : its general features, resources, attractions, and inducements to investors and home seekers. Salinas, Calif.: E.S. Harrison, 1889, 89 pgs.