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Mr. Laughlin, the prosperous manager of the extensive warehouses at Moss Landing, is a native of Ohio and about forty-five years of age. He is a gentleman of fine education, of rare purity of character, and of an exceedingly modest and unpretentious disposition. He possesses abundant means and owns about thirty thousand acres of land in this State and New Mexico.

At the age of eighteen he began teaching in an Eastern college that had an attendance of upwards of one thousand young men and boys. He continued teaching in the cities of Poughkeepsie, New York, New Haven, Connecticut, and San Jose and San Francisco, California, for about eight years.

In 1874 he came to this county, and ever since has been continuously one of Monterey County's most energetic and enterprising business men, and by his sterling integrity, urbanity of manners, and kindness of heart, has endeared himself to all with whom he has come in contact.

In 1884 he received, by acclamation, the Republican nomination for the Assembly, and although his time was so taken up with business matters as to prevent his making a thorough canvass of his candidacy, he was elected by the largest majority ever given a candidate in this county for that position.

His record as a representative is a good one. He labored zealously for what he conceived to be the best interests of his county and State, and was ever found on the side of the people, working energetically for a good and economical administration of public affairs. He was made Chairman of the very important standing committee of the Assembly, that of Roads and Highways, and was also made a member of the Committee on Countyand Township Governments and on Homestead and Land Monopoly.

Although he has since been earnestly urged by his party to either accept a renomination for the Assembly or a nomination for the State Senate, he has positively declined to do so. His retiring, modest, and unobtrusive disposition prompts him to decline further political honors. He is an ardent Republican and a zealous supporter of his party, but not an aspirer for public place.

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