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Christopher B. Lansdown, secretary-treasurer of the Monterey Products Company of Monterey and formerly connected with the operations of the Santa Clara branch of the Bank of Italy, has had a wide, varied and interesting experience in business affairs and has come to be recognized as one of the real alert promoters of the growing interests of this section of the coast country. Mr. Lansdown is a native of England but has been a resident of the United States for about fifteen years and thus has become thoroughly familiar with conditions and methods here. Trained to the banking business in London, he was for some time engaged in banking in Tacoma and in Seattle and in 1921 became connected with the Bank of Italy, serving that great banking institution's interests at Santa Clara until the organization of the Monterey Products Company in 1923, since which time he has been serving as its secretary and treasurer, giving to the development of its interests his best care and attention.

Mr. Lansdown was born in Acton, a suburb of the city of London, January 15, 1883, and is a son of Professor Henry and Mary (Pusey) Lansdown, the latter of whom, a kinswoman of the Rev. Dr. Edward Bouverie Pusey, is still living. The Rev. Dr. Pusey, one of the most eminent theologians of the past generation in England, was born in the vicinity of Oxford in 1800 and when twenty-eight years of age was made regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford and canon of Christ church. In 1835 he took part in the tractarian movement and later was suspended for three years from preaching for publishing "The Holy Eucharist a Comfort to the Penitent." The movement thus started took the name "Puseyism" and the practice of confession among the extreme ritualists of the Church of England dates from his two sermons on "the entire absolution of the penitent" in 1846. In ecclesiastical and theological circles this is regarded as a most important stage in a great movement within the Church of England, known as the Oxford movement, which was simply an informed uprising against the Erastianism and liberalism of that day and in behalf of the conservative, patristic, sacramental form of piety and theology dominant in the seventeenth century. With the movement, mainly a theological one, were associated the restoration of symbolism and ceremonial known as ritualism and a revival of conventual life in the church. Dr. Pusey's name originally was Bouverie. The family, of Huguenot origin, became lords of the manor of Pusey, near Oxford, and it took that name. He died in 1882, and his works in the realm of theology live after him. Professor Henry Lansdown was a member of a well established and substantial family in England and was a technical instructor of something more than local note in London. He is deceased but his wife is still living.

Reared in London, Christopher B. Lansdown finished his schooling in the Latimore school, Hammersworth, and early took up accountancy, becoming an expert in that field. He was chief accountant in the offices of the Great Western Railroad, for five years, and was clerk in the Bank of Adalaid, London, for two years. For the same length of time he was connected with the Bank of Africa in the metropolis, and was in the office of the Studevant Engineering Company of London for two years. From that connection was called to an executive position as manager in the great banking house of Farrows (Limited) in London, remaining there for five years.

In 1913 Mr. Lansdown came to the United States and for four years was with the Wheeler Osgood Company at Tacoma, Washington. For one year he was auditor of the Puget Sound Bank & Trust Company of Tacoma and from 1918 to 1921 was connected with the Canadian Bank of Commerce at Seattle and was then made assistant cashier of the Bank of Italy at Santa Clara, California. In December, 1923, he took part in the organization of the Monterey Products Company and was made secretary-treasurer of that now flourishing corporation, a position to which he since has been giving his earnest attention, his wide experience in business affairs giving a very real value to his services in this behalf.

Mr. Lansdown married Miss Winifred M. Strachan, of England, and they have three sons, Ian S., Bernard H. and Eric I. Mr. and Mrs. Lansdown are members of the Episcopal church. For the advantage of their sons in the way of schooling they now are making their home in Fruitvale, Oakland, where they are very pleasantly situated. Mr. Lansdown has a brother, who is the general traffic manager of the London Auto Bus Association and who is recognized as an authority in England on the growing business of motor transportation.

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