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Monterey County: Biographies


CHARLES FRANCEE, one of the leading furniture dealers of Salinas City, was born in Sweden, June 5, 1853. His father was a landscape painter of Ystad, and Charles, early in life, was apprenticed to learn the trade of wood and carriage painting and fresco work. After serving his apprenticeship of seven years, and improving, in the meantime, the opportunities for education which were at his disposal, he came to the United States in 1871. Settling in Illinois, he worked four years at his trade, his specialty being carriage painting and fresco work. In 1875 he came to Virginia City, where he remained three years, coming then to Yuba County, California, where he followed his trade. He came to Salinas, in 1880, for his health, and opened a paint shop, working at his business about five years, when, acting upon the advice of a physician, he abandoned painting, and went into the furniture business with S. J. Burkman. The business has grown to be the leading one of the kind in the county, the firm importing its goods directly from the East. Mr. Francee was elected coroner and public administrator in i888, by a majority of one hundred and eighty-six,running ahead of his ticket one hundred and seventy-nine votes.

Source: Monterey County : its general features, resources, attractions, and inducements to investors and home seekers. Salinas, Calif.: E.S. Harrison, 1889, 89 pgs.