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Ernest Doelter of Monterey, one of the most experienced and enterprising chefs and caterers of the Pacific coast was born in Germany, the son of Carl and Louisa (Yackers) Doelter, the former a contractor who operated rather extensively. The parents have long since gone to their eternal rest.

Reared in a comfortable home, Ernest Doelter profited by the excellent schools of the Fatherland. Leaving home at the age of eighteen-when so many young men are filled with wanderlust, the desire to roam and see the wide, wide world-he made his way to various foreign countries and finally sailed for New York, where he arrived in 1880. Five years later, he became a citizen of the United States, and after that he visited and worked in many different localities before he came to California in 1886. A year after he had reached the Golden state, Mr. Doelter came to Monterey with General Miles, for whom he was caterer, and in 1906 he returned to the historic old town resolved to establish himself permanently here. He has made tha abalone his specialty, for previous to this time the public generally did not consider it fit to eat. As the result of his experiments he now produces some of the most appetizing and attractive dishes and his place is extensively patronized by those who desire the delectable abalone as well as the many other foods deliciously served. He is anxious to build a station below the new highway for the purpose of further propagating the abalone, which is very fertile, giving out some two million eggs at the first spawning. He has succeeded in interesting the biological department of the United States, and he is. so enthusiastic about the matter that he has consented to furnish the station.

Mr. Doelter was married to Miss Vera Schmolke, the ceremony taking place in Portland, Oregon, and five children have blessed their union: Carl, Ernest, Mrs. Vera Stokes, Mrs. Minnie McMurray and Otto. There is also another group, two grand-children, to give joy to Mr. Doelter and his wife. In politics a republican, aside from exercising his right of franchise for those measures which he deems of greatest value to the community, he is not active in political affairs but finds his chief satisfaction in attending strictly to his rapidly-growing business and in the enjoyment of his comfortable home.

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