Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: Biographies


W. T. CRUIKSHANK is a native of Troy, New York, and came to California in 1849. He moved with his family to the southwestern part of Monterey County, about ninety miles from Monterey, in 1872. Here, in a little valley of these rugged mountains, he built himself a home, and passed a comparatively uneventful life until his son discovered a gold mine in the neighborhood. This mine is one of the most valuable in the State, as a tunnel four hundred and sixty feet long, and reaching a depth of one hundred and fifty feet below the surface, has encountered five veins, the first fourteen inches, the second eighteen inches, the third six feet, the fourth ten feet, and the fifth eighteen inches and not yet through it, the whole aggregating more than twenty feet of vein matter, which mills on an average $200 per ton. On page 47 will be found some views of the mines and surroundings, and a more complete description of their great wealth, etc.

Source: Monterey County : its general features, resources, attractions, and inducements to investors and home seekers. Salinas, Calif.: E.S. Harrison, 1889, 89 pgs.