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A representative of the Italian people, and especially of those who have had the hardihood to cross the seas in quest of a larger field of usefulness and its accompanying rewards of fortune is Vincenzo Gracchiolo, well known barber of Monterey. He was born at Palermo, January 19, 1884, the son of Vincenzo and Kate (Randazzo) Cracchiolo, and he was fortunate in attending the schools of Italy. Then he engaged in the fishing industry in his native country and when he had made a good start in the world, that is at the age of twenty-five, he came to the United States in 1909, and lived for a while at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, working in the Union Iron Works, at ship construction.

Mr. Gracchiolo's next move was toward the Pacific and soon he was walking the streets of Monterey, as happy as he had ever been in sunny Italy. In 1915 he became interested in the barber shop he has since made so widely known, although he continued fishing. For eight years he followed fishing in Alaskan waters, notwithstanding the fact that on the first trip he made to that northern country, on the Columbia, the boat was wrecked, and being cast, with all the other passengers, upon the rocks, Mr. Gracchiolo suffered untold hardships and privations. Finally, the party was rescued and brought back to San Francisco. Misfortune also followed him on the second trip he made to the north, and less courageous hearts than that of Vincenzo Gracchiolo would have turned to other games for a livelihood for the second ship he was on was rammed by an old tanker and cut almost in two. He has had many interesting experiences, but he is now well established in a paying business in Monterey, where he is now well known and esteemed. Mr. Gracchiolo, who is one of the most progressive of the Italian colony, is a member of the Italian Citizenship Club, and in matters of national political moment he is a sturdy republican.

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