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Madera County War Memorial

"Lest We Forget"
This Memorial is dedicated by the grateful citizens of Madera County to the memory of those who gave their lives that freedom and justice shall not perish from the earth.

World War I

Macon, Herbert E. Montanya,, Lynton
Macpherson, William Tyrrell, Harold F.

World War II

Ables, Hubert A. Killingsworth, Elvin R.
Abundis, Chello J. Kimes, Kelley
Aguirre, Tommy G. Kohen, Louis
Albright, Leilan Lamberson, Melvin
Arneberg, Harold Lawler, W. Jennings
Avalos, Manuel F. Lester, Elmer
Ball, Roy M. Lewis, James
Baze, Buster Lewis, Leland
Baumgartner, Chester Loveall, Jasper S.
Bedford, Stephen Lovell, I. B.
Begley, Tommy Lowrey, Harold E.
Belyeu, Euell H. Luther, Thomas
Beltran, Pedro Maclean, Gordon L.
Bohner, Theodore  Manis, Ralph G.
Bonds, Utah F. Manriquez, Guilermo
Bounds, Alfred Mayer, Stanley E.
Boyle, Joseph H. McCready, Burton D.
Brennan, John V. Jr. Mealley, Coleman R.
Brinkley, John W. Mendoza, Lorenzo S.
Brown, James N. Miner, Jack
Brown, Ray Montana, Lupe M.
Brown, Richard C. Muehler, Jack
Bryan, William T. Murphey, Francis A.
Burciaga, Manuel Murray, Irwin R.
Burgess, Arthur H. Jr. Naranjo, Tony V.
Burns, William R. Neal, Eldon W.
Bynum, Oscar Orrell, F. B.
Cain, Warren M. Palacioz, Gonzalo L.
Cannaday, Edward A. Paris, Maurice
Chepo, Walter, N. Porter, Allen
Church, Nelson E. Porter, Osbun A.
Clark, Arvel B. Powers, Rufus
Cloyd, Wayne Prouty, William 
Coen, Harold Ramsey, L. W.
Cole, Robert Redding, Kenneth C.
Coltra, Paul Robbins, James C.
Contreras, Peter G. Roberts, Marion A.
Cox, Oscar F. Romero, Thomas B.
Crawshaw, Keith Saling, Charles O.
Cunningham, Patrick Sampaulesi, Fred D.
Curutchet, Francis Satterfield, Curtis L.
Daily, Stanley Satterfield, Dale
Delgadillo, Theodore Schmidt, Arthur L.
DeLuna, Ralph Schneider, Frank
Ellison, Wyatt Senn, Edward
Espe, Melvin Shauback, Sheldon M.
Ewing, Wallace Sherman, Ray
Faso, Anthony F. Shields, John
Ferretti, Nello Simon, Gary C.
Fischer, Daniel Smith, Charles C.
Flores, Felix R. Smith, Harold W.
Flores, Tony R. Smith, Ivan T.
Fontamillas, Ben Smith, Wallace A.
Forrest, Newell Solari, David
Frazier, Raymond E. Spera, Anthony
Garcia, Lupe M. Spera, Louie N. Jr.
Gazaway, Kenneth F. Spring, Gordon N.
Gendron, Morris J. Sublett, Lloyd D.
Georges, Alois M. Tabor, Virgil H.
Giaccani, Floyd Tole, Carl C.
Gonzales, Ruben Tolladay, Conrad G.
Graham, Delmar VanBuskirk, Loren A.
Graham, Robert D. Wadeley, Doanld L.
Grimes, Delbert L. Walters, Clarence
Hall, Neil L. Ward, Joseph H.
Hansen, Carl W. Washburn, Jack
Harkins, Tommy M. Weimer, Ray
Hayes, Ross Wetter, Burl E.
Higgins, Montell C. Wetter, Forbes
Hill, Robert K. Wiegand, Jack A.
Ibbetson, Howard Williams, Loren A.
Johnson, Clifford R. Wood, Robert
Johnson, Thomas J. Wuggens, Jack
Justice, Carroll E. Young, Harley
Kast, Edward Zamora, Antonio

In Memoriam
Dedicated by the grateful people of Madera County in honor of all members of the Armed Services who fought in the Korean and Viet Nam Wars, with special remembrances of those gallant residents of this county who made the supreme sacrifice. May we ever safeguard the freedom for which they died.

Korean War

Alexander, James Thomas Martinez, Juan J.
Bebee, Evert H. MacDowell, Clayanon G.
Coleman, Blaine Milton McGregor, Milton Lee
Cowger, Donald C. McMasters, Eugene
Cox, James Garrett McWhirter, Alfred C.
Deloney, Charles Edward Montgomery, Freeman O.
Edding, Jesse James Montgomery, Harold W.
Evans, Everette R. Parksion, Harold
Ferguson, Sam W. Penland, Thomas W.
Floyd, Jack Ramsey, Noaln R.
Ford, James E. Resch, Loyd Arthur
Iverson, Alfred J. Smith, Clifford Harold
Lacey, Haden Ray Summers, Cordell L.
Lewis, Eugene David Tavares, Tony
Long, William Monroe Tiller, Horace Nelson
Luna, Edward C. Valorosi, Nello
Marney, Henry A. Yslas, Martin O.

Viet Nam

Allred, Frank L. Hensley, John
Alvarez, Michael B. Hinton, Rodney G.
Brumley, Bob Incrocci, Richard L.
Carter, Wendell L. Lovenguth, Terrance
Daulton, James T. Mitchell, Daniel W.
Dickerson, Donald E. Pierce, Loy W.
Ewing, Jerry L. Richmond, Charles E.
Forster, Ronald E. Sr. Schmitz, John W. IV
Gonzales, Jimmy Trevino, Juan R.

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