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Walker Cemetery
Burials on private property require the owner's permission to visit!

About 1 mile off the North Fork Road on "Klippart’s Lane," at the bottom of Walker Grade.
Two gates and a running stream during the rainy season.

Six graves with white, wooden markers but no inscriptions.

Name Birth Death Notes
---, Pete 1925 1941 Broken concrete has only name Pete and 25 41 (presumed dates).
Castro, Bessie T. 1910, Feb 8 1997, Jan 29  
Castro, Chris 1903 1978  
Castro, Fred A. 1905 1976  
Helms, Gertrude Jones 1916 2004 Inscribed: "Hope Perches in the Soul" and Eastern Star symbol.
Smith, Earl H. 1910, Oct 19 1949, Feb 25 Alabama. Pvt. 4513 AAF BU, WWII.
Walker, Frank Herman 1904, Sept 6 1969, Oct 5 Pvt. US Army, WWII.
            Surveyed by Ken Doig on March 22, 2000

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