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Index to Wills

(LDS microfilm #1305284)

Name Age Written Place Filed Executor Heirs
Barisich, Steve 34 1902, Jan 6 Madera 1902, Jan 27 Barisich, Bert, brother Barisich, Bert, brother, of Fresno
Bazinet, Peter   1913, Feb 5 Hildreth 1919, Mar 22 Ryan, James R. Ryan, William Henry of Hildreth
Brassil, Timothy E. 48 1898, Dec 22 Madera Co. 1899, Feb 13 Casey, Mary Casey, Mary, sister and wife of Edward Casey
Brown, Joseph   1897, July 21 Buchanan 1897, July 28 Loinaz, Peter H. Loinaz, Peter H. of Berenda
Cereghino, J. A. 29 1899, Nov 11 Madera 1900, Feb 20 Oliva, Louis Oliva, Louis
Croll, S. G. 34 1903, Apr 1 Borden 1903, Apr 11 Fowler, R. R. Croll, Lizzie M., wife
Croucher, William   1894, Jan 5 Madera Co. 1894, Jan 24 Not named Metcalf, Moses
David, Lyman P. 76 1903, Mar 2 O’Neals 1903, June 29 Douglas, George E. Andrews, Mrs. Susan E., sister of Bangor, ME
Davis, Augusta H., sister of Bangor, ME
Spring Valley School, his library
Douglas, George E., his dictionary
Dillon, Martin 82 1901, Nov 12 Madera 1902, May 10 Brislin, Connell
Bean, J. E.
Noble, John
Noble, Dilia, wife of John Noble
Hansen, Robert     Raymond 1906, Nov 7   Letter from American Consular Service in Stavanger, Norway
Hassaurek, Frank   1899, June 20 Hamilton Co., OH 1899, Sept 25 Littleford, William
Morris, R. Froome
Markbreit, Leopold, uncle
Shoenle, Jennie, aunt
Shoenle, Victor, if aunt Jenny deceased
Downes, Francis, nephew
Downes, Margaret, niece
Kautz, Austin, cousin
Kautz, Navarra, cousin
Keltie, Frank   1893, May 3 Fresno Flats 1893, Dec 12 Keltie, Mary E., wife Keltie, Mary E., wife
MacDonald, Joseph J. 60? 1894, Jan 1 Fine Gold 1895, Jan 23 Titcomb, Henry D. MacDonald, Mary, wife
McPhee, Angus J., nephew
Mantanya, Isaac L. 46 1899, Feb 2 McDonough Co., IL 1903, Feb 21 Mantanya, Mary E., wife Mantanya, Mary E., wife
Mathew, Elizabeth   1894, Jan 8 Madera Co. 1894, Feb 20 Mathew, George W., son Mathew, Benjamine, husband
Mathew, Winnie A., daughter
Mathew, George W., son
Mathew, Walter C., son
Minturn, Abby W.
(Replaces 1892 will)
75 1895, Apr 27 Madera Co. 1899, Dec 25 Not stated Dyer, Madeline M., daughter, wife of Lt. Alexander B. Dyer at West Point
Minturn, Abby W.
Wife of Jonas (dec.)
  1892, Mar 29 Madera Co. 1899, Apr 21 Minturn, James W., son
Dyer, Alexander B., SIL
Minturn, James W., son
O’Mara, Sarah   1894, Mar 15 Madera C. 1894, June 18 Not named Cocoran, Father, Priest in San Francisco
O’Mara, Margaret Agnes, daughter
O’Mara, Sarah Jane, daughter
McNamara, Margaret, sister
Connolley, James, brother
McNamarra, Sarah Elizabeth, niece
Shallman, Hazel, daughter of Niece Mary Shallman
Patterson, Hiram S. 70 1898, Jan 24 Madera Co. 1898, Mar 21 Dowder, G. W.
Patterson, W. S.
Patterson, Fannie, wife
Three children (unnamed) by first wife Maredian
Five children (unnamed) by 2nd wife Fannie
Two children (unnamed) by William Newbell, first husband of Fannie.
Newbill, Pearl and Robert B., children of Thomas J. Newbell, deceased son of Fannie.
Rollison, Jacob   1901, Sept 20 Raymond 1902, Apr 7 Appling, Joshua C. Appling, Mary Snell
Searles, Mary A. 73 1894, Jane 25 Madera 1894, Mar 12 Searles, William S. Mrs. Meridian Searles, daut-in-law
Smith, John W. 62 1891, June 23 Grub Gulch 1894, Feb 17 Smith, Ada B., wife Smith, Ada B., wife
Smith, Walter A., son
Smith, George W., son
Statz, Bernard 70 1893, Sept 7 Buchanan 1897, May 8 Myer, Jake
Rea, Johnathan
Daulton, H. C.
Brown, Joseph of Brenda
Statz, Frederick W., brother’s son
Cram, Bartell of San Francisco
Theis, John   1899, May 15 Madera 1899, May 16 Bremer, N. Theis, Chatherine, sister, of Mosbuch, Germany
Webster, James   1919, Apr 10 Madera Hospital 1919, June 30 Not named Webster, Robert, brother in Barre, VT
Reid, James of Knowles
Wells, William H. 59 1905, Apr 27 Madera Co. 1905, June 15 Westfall, S. W. Wells, Mary Mabel, daughter
Wells, Maude Alice, daughter
Wells, Oscar, son
Wells, George A., son
White, Joseph 36 1899, June 22 Madera 1900, Jan 30 Bonner, C. F. White, Esther L., sister
Young, William J.   1893, Sept 27 Madera 1893, Oct 6 Ring, W. C. Mabel Young, daughter
Alfred Young, son
Mrs. Laura Walker, daughter
Mrs. Belle Orth, daughter
Mrs. Georgia Badger, daughter

Transcribed by Ken Doig

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