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Madera County Births

This listing of births is a combination of three files (LDS Film #1305283).

Madera County Birth Register, July 1892 – 1905 with early entries. No entries February, March, April, or May of 1893.
Madera County Birth Index, 1893-1905. Index copied from a hand-written record on microfilm. The date of birth was often cut off and many fields were blank. Notes on death dates and some given names have been added by the Registrar at a later date.
Madera County Index to Delayed Births, 1878-1905.

The listing was transcribed from hand-written records on microfilm. The date of birth was often cut off and many fields were blank. The Registrar added notes on death dates and some given names at a later date. The listing is incomplete, as recording was not mandatory before July 1905. Births before 1893 were reported late. For most births before 1893 see Fresno County.  For births after July 1905 see the CA Birth Records HERE.

Recording was not careful. Duplicates, surnames with alternate spellings, wrong sex, wrong date, etc. occur.
Name Date  Father Mother Residence Notes
Acton, Edna May 1902, ? 29 Acton, Alvin M. George, Marguerite A. Madera Surveyor.
Akers, Female 1904, ? 20 Akers, Jasper Hunsaker, Ella Madera Co.  
Akers, Rowena Virgil 1905, Apr 20 Akers, Jasper Edmond Hunsaker, Rowena Eleanor (Ella) Madera Name added.
Alexander, Female 1904, Sept 14 Alexander, David George, Mary Knowles Father foreign.
Alexander, Male 1904, May 10 Alexander, David George, Mary Madera Co.
Alexander, Male 1904, May 10 Alexander, O. E. Heap, May Madera
Alinger, Male 1903, Oct 10 Alinger, C. F. - Daulton  
Allen, Joseph Hassell 1902, ? 19 Allen, Ethen Jervill, Etta Maybel    
Allen, Male 1895, Mar 4 Allen, Ethan Jewell, Etta Raymond Born dead.
Alley, Female 1896, Oct 2 Alley, Mack Knowles, Myrtle Madera  
Alley, Male 1898, June 29 Alley, Mack - Madera  
Alley, Male 1903, Apr 1 Alley, Mac Knowles, Myrtle Madera  
Alley, Willie Roscoe 1900, ? 29 Alley, Melansen Abigal, Myrtle    
Alviso, Ethel Mae 1903, Aug 13 Alviso, Theodore Simpson, Mary Fresno Flats Delayed entry records 1904.
Alviso, Etta Alice 1894, Dec 10 Alviso, Theodore Simpson, Mary    
Alviso, Mary Theodora 1887, Dec 12 Alviso, Theodore Simpson, Mary    
Alviso, Minnie Louise 1883, Dec 26 Alviso, Theodore Simpson, Mary    
Amer, Alvin A. 1893, Oct 24 Amer, George Wilson, Electra Madera Name added; date Sept 24 in Delayed Entries; farmer
Amer, Female 1898, Feb 1 Amer, C. Wilson Madera  
Anderson, Male 1903, May 2 Anderson, Frank Kast, Bessie Madera  
Anderson, Rolland 1904, Nov 6 Anderson, Frank Kast, Bessie Madera Co.  
Appling, Lula May 1902, Nov 27 Appling, William Edwin Sumner, Martha Doreen    
Argilla, Joseph 1904, Feb 17 Argilla, Albert Chiappini, Mary Madera Co. Parents foreign born; farmer.
Askew, Female 1897, Sept 9 Askew, J. B. Van… Madera  
Askew, Male 1892, Nov 25 Askew, John B. VanEppo, Nattie Madera  
Augustine, Clarence Jerome 1903, Oct 25 Augustine, John F. Huddy, May S. Madera Name added; date changed from 20 to 25.
Autrand, Albert Joseph 1904, June 5 Autrand, Thomas Babcock, Lillian Madera Co.  
Autrand, Anita H. 1901, ? 30 Autrand, Thomas Albert Coz, Josephine Madera Father foreign born; wholesale liquor dealer.
Autrand, Female 1899, Sept 24 Autrand, Thomas - Madera  
Autrand, Male 1898, Jan 17 Autrand, Joseph - Madera  
Babcock, Hugh R. 1904, June 9 Babcock, Chas. R. Halverson, Lucy M. Raymond  
Baird, Martha 1895, Mar 15 Baird, W. F. Abbey, Almina Madera Name added; mother’s name on delayed entries is Smith.
Baker, Male 1904, Sept 28 Baker, John S. Boring, Alpha Miama  
Ball, Susan Harriett 1893, Aug 31 Ball, Talcott Elarsen Adell, Lizzie    
Ballestrassi, Adelina Angelina 1901, ? 24 Ballestrassi, Giniani Tessagna, Emilia G. Raymond Quarryman.
Barcroft, David Peter 1897, Jan 30 Barcroft, Joseph Zoila Collins, Harriet Rosalie "Nattie" Madera  
Barcroft, Isabel Cecelia 1899, Aug 9 Barcroft, Joseph Z. Collins, Harriet R. Madera  
Barker, Beulah Bernice 1896, Mar 1 Barker, Delbert Arnello Footman, Annie    
Barker, Female 1896, Mar 1 Barker, Delbert C. Footman, Angelina Knowles Quarry Mother foreign.
Barrick, Dorothy 1900, July 11 Barrick Charles Cameron Converse, Nellie A.    
Basker, Phyllis Winifred 1895, ? 3 Basker, Delbert Ornello Footman, Angelina   Stonecutter; deceased 10-10-75, Cert. #2000-329
Bates, Raymond Richard 1889, July 22 Bates, George Osborne, Alvina Elizabeth    
Bean, Female 1894, Jan 20 Bean, James Coolidge, E. Edith Madera Nationality not given.
Bean, James Edwin 1896, Feb 16 Bean, James Edwin Coolidge, Edith    
Bean, Male 1898, Jan 13 Bean, J. E. - Madera  
Bean, Male 1899, Nov 3 Bean, J. E. - Madera  
Bearup, Female 1896, Feb 9 Bearup, James William  Crow, Alice Merilda Berenda  
Beauchini, Male 1894, Aug 2 Beauchini, Clemente Joseph Zander, Annie W. Madera  
Becktel, Cora Olive 1894, Dec 8 Becktel, William Morris, Alice Madera Carpenter
Beem, Male 1903, Aug 19 Beem, J. W. Payne, Fannie Madera  
Beggs, Female 1896, Nov 28 Beggs, Ed E. Stevens, Lottie Madera Stillborn.
Belcher, Female 1894, Nov 13 Belcher, James - Madera  
Bennett, Child 1891, Dec 9 Bennett, Russworth L. James, Sarah I.    
Bennett, Female 1893, Aug 22 Bennett, Russworth Lincoln James, Sarah I. Elisnore, CA  
Bennett, Kathryn Theresa 1895, July 15 Bennett, Russworth Lincoln Jamie, Sarah I. Madera Name added.
Berry, Male 1894, Jan 20 Berry, W. M. Not given Madera Race Black; nationality not given.
Bertachi, Lloyd Lapold 1898, Apr 27 Bertachi, James Lapold Lyon, Mollie Frances    
Bianchini, John Clement 1894 Bianchini, Clemente Sanders, Annie Wilhelminia Madera Father foreign born; ranch foreman.
Bigelow, Herbert Spencer 1904, Jan 8 Bigelow, Harmen McCreary, Leota Madera Affidavit attached.
Bigelow, Jessie Edward 1894, Sept 4 Bigelow, Harmon McCrary, Leota O’Neals Name added.
Bird, Female 1903, Jan 28 Bird, B. C. Connelly, Ava Raymond  
Bissett, Child 1893, ? 6 Bissett, Morris Gordon, Alice    
Bisson, Evelyn Marie 1897, Aug 13 Bisson, Peter MacNeill, Harriott Raymond Names added,
Blanchard, Gilbert Valentine 1905, Jan 7 Blanchard, R. N. Appling, Melissa Myrtle Madera  
Blanchard, Male 1903, July 16 Blanchard, D. H. Appling, Martha A. Madera  
Blanchard, Robert Everett 1902, ? 3 Blanchard, R. N.  Appling, Melissa Myrtle Madera  
Blazer, Child 1892, Feb 26 Blazer, John James Harbin, Addie St. Clair    
Blazer, Gracie Bell 1894, Nov 16 Blazer, John James Harbin, Addie St.Clair    
Blazer, Male 1896, May 10 Blazer, J. J. Harbin North Fork  
Blood, Male 1897, Mar 9 Blood, Ernest LeRoy Hardell, Carrie Adelaide Madera  
Bohrig, Hazel Elizabeth 1905, ? 26 Bohrig, A. Lewis, Kate Madera  
Bolt, Earl Leslie 1892, Oct 22 Bolt, William Dowell, Irene Violet Madera  
Boring, Walter Alonzo 1889, ? 16 Boring, William Franklin Gilbons, Nancy Adeline Grub Gulch Carpenter.
Boting, Female 1905, Feb 26 Boting, A. Lewis, Kate Madera  
Brady, Lieta 1905, June 7 Brady, Edward Dent, Florence Madera Name added.
Brainer, William 1895, ? 4 Brainer, Herman     Deceased 6-20-78, Cert #20-189
Bramer, Herman 1894, Apr 19 Bramer, Herman Kurns, Rose Madera Parents foreign.
Bramer, William Adolf 1895, Sept 4 Bramer, Herman Kierns, Rose Madera Name added; parents foreign born.
Bressett, Male 1893, Nov 6 Bressett, Morris Gordon, Alice Madera  
Brewer, George Willard 1901, Feb 23 Brewer, Willis F. Paine, Martha Frances    
Brewer, Vera Genevieve 1903, June 16 Brewer, Willis Paine, Martha    
Breyfogle, Female 1904, ? 17 Breyfogle Doper Madera **
Breyfogle, Female 1904, June 19 Brayfogle, Wm. Sofen Madera **
Breyfogle, Orman Soper 1905, Mar 20 Breyfogle, Wm. Soper, Daisey Madera **
Brimmer, Clara Roselyn 1902, Apr 12 Brimmer, Ernest Roscoe Larew, Clara Peters Madera Farmer.
Briscoe, Female 1903, Nov  Briscoe, Benj. Bryant, Clara Madera  
Bristol, Vernon 1905, May 19 Bristol, Joseph Jones, Mary Raymond Deceased 7-3-46, Cert. #2050-81.
Brocchini, John Alexander 1900, June 21 Brocchini, Silvio Fridiani, Maria    
Brocchini, Male 1904, Sept 30 Brocchine, Silva Fedoan, Mary Madera Father foreign.
Brooks, Male 1903, June 9 Brooks, A. H. Carl, Martha Raymond  
Brown, Female 1896, Mar 27 Brown, Isham Brown, Hannah Berenda Race Black.
Brown, Female 1903, May 1 Brown, Christopher Cunningham, Luella Madera  
Brown, Gertrude Helen 1897, Apr 17 Brown, Geo. Cunningham, Maud Madera Name added; sex changed.
Brown, Laurence George  1905, Apr 9 Brown, George Cunningham, Maud Madera  
Brown, Male 1896, Oct 19 Brown, Ed. Hanshaw, Anna A. Madera Father foreign
Brown, Male 1905, ? 27 Brown, Edgar McKinzie, Sadie Madera Farmer.
Brown, Marie Agnes 1894, Sept 4 Brown, Geo. Simpson, Lizzie Madera Listed as Male; female name added.
Brown, Vance Saunders 1891, Dec 11 Brown, Albert Beeson, Emma Jane    
Bryan, Male 1893, Oct 12 Byran, James Johnson, Luerelia Madera  
Buchanan, Mabel C. 1894, Oct 17 Buchanan, Earl  Harris, Annie Madera  
Buchanan, Male 1896, Sept 20 Buchanan, Errol Harris, Anna Madera  
Budge, Charles Frederick 1882, Oct 11 Budge, Henry Herrison Skaggs, Mary Alice    
Bulfinch, Male 1903, Sept 11 Bulfinch, Eugene E. Egaton, Ellen E. Madera  
Bullfinch, Male 1905, Jan 9 Bullfinch, Eugene E. Egton, Ellen E. Madera  
Burford, Ruby Dell 1904, Jan 30 Burford, Phillip Noyes, Emma Gertrude    
Burgess, Constance Margaret 1895, Mar 1 Burgess, Ernest James B. Sanderson, Eva Madera Parents English.
Burgess, Female 1892, Nov 3 Burgess, Ernest Sanderson, - Near Madera Parents foreign.
Burgess, Male 1898, Oct 27 Burgess, Ernest James Bramall Sanderson, Eva Madera Parents foreign.
Burgess, William Ernest 1896, Nov 9 Burgess, Ernest Sanderson, Eva Madera Name added; mother foreign.
Burk, Male 1905, Mar 1 Burk, Wm. Green, May Madera Born premature & alive.
Burnett, Howard Edmons 1897, Aug 16 Burnett, R. L. James, Sarah Madera Name added.
Burtchil, Male 1898, Apr 27 Burtchil, James Lyons Grub Gulch  
Buscoe, Child 1891, Oct 13 Buscoe, Frederic Eberhart Schad, Sara Melissa    
Butler, Female 1893, Dec 14 Butler, Robert McHenry, Kate Madera Parents foreign.
Butler, Kathleen Elizabeth 1890, Nov 19 Butler, Robert Patrick McHenry, Catherine    
Butler, Male 1904, Apr 19 Butler, Robert McHenry, Kate Madera Parents foreign.
Butler, Mary Elizabeth 1904, Mar 12 Butler, James McMillan, Lizzie Madera Parents foreign born.
Butler, Robert Henry 1899, Sept 4 Butler, Robert McHenry, Catherine Madera Name added.
Campbell, Female 1900, ? 18 Campbell, William Burnett, Janet   Parents Scottish.
Campbell, Howard Burnett 1893, Aug 29 Campbell, William Not given Raymond Parents Scottish; parents Scottish
Canon, Denzil Louis 1903, Oct 19 Canon, Harvey Elmer Humaker, Sadie Ette Madera Form attached adding all names. Father born in CO, a blacksmith, deceased. Mother born in OR.
Cardwell, Donnie Victoria 1895, Aug 2 Cardwell, William Daniel Johnson, Mildred May    
Cardwell, Female 1898, Apr 10 Cardwell, William Daniel Johnson, Mildred May Madera Co.  
Cardwell, Joesph Henton 1889, Oct 18 Cardwell, William Henton Rowe, Jane    
Cardwell, Lloyd Mann 1893 Cardwell, William Daniel Johnson, Matilda May Berenda Farmer.
Cardwell, Male 1904, July 21 Cardwell, William - Minturn  
Cardwell, Stella May 1893, ? 5 Cardwell, William Hinton Rowe, Jane Minturn Farmer.
Carrol, Male 1903, Apr 7 Carrol, Edward - Madera  
Carroll, Leland Paul 1904, Oct 7 Carroll, Eugene Townsend, Theodosia Sugar Pine Name added; mill laborer.
Carroll, Male 1902 Carroll, Eugene Tonwsend    
Carroll, Pearl Esther 1904, Aug 25 Carroll, H. L. VanCleave Madera  
Carter, Stella May 1887, Feb 12 Carter, Thomas Stephen Phillips, Mary Ellen    
Casepio, Male 1903, May 23 Casepio, F. - Madera Father’s last name uncertain.
Cosgrove, Male 1903, June 1 Cosgrove, Thos. Preciado, Lucy Madera  
Castro, Carrie Margaret 1903, Feb 17 Castro, Phillip Ohls, Emma Louise    
Cavin, Clyde Albertis 1903, July 12 Cavin, Thomas O. Vanderburgh, Carrie C. Madera Names added.
Child, Carl Fulton 1896, Feb 2 Child, Benjamin Wainwright Sanders, Adeline    
Chinaman, Child 1895, Dec Chinaman, Joe - -  
Clark, Adelbert Arthur 1897, July 30 Clark, Charles Bethur Martin, Lou Anna Madera Name added.
Clark, Arthur Stephen 1904, Dec 18 Clark, Geo. H. Waters, Mildred E. Madera Deceased 1-27-63, Cert. #2000-39.
Clark, Male 1893, Oct 23 Clark, Steven Gould, Edna M. Near Madera Father English
Clendenin, Elmer Simpson 1898, Apr 24 Clendennin, John William Rawlins, Laura Jane Madera Name added; date changed from Apr 23.
Cline, Ada 1892, Sept 13 Cline, John Wesley McCrory, Mary Frances Madera  
Cochran, Female 1895, ? 6 Cochran, Spurl Belcher, Cliffie    
Cochran, Female 1897, June 23 Cochran, Spunell Belcher, Cliffae Madera **
Cochran, Female 1897, June 24 Cochray, S. Y. Belcher Madera **
Coffee, Everett Lionel 1901, June 21 Coffee, Thomas Stock Crowder, Margaret Frances    
Coffee, Male 1898, Feb 6 Coffee, Alonzo Wilson Berenda  
Coffie, Male 1902 Coffie, Thos. Crowder   Father from TN, mother from CA.
Cohen, Dora Ruth 1896, June 12 Cohen, Abe Coffman, Rosa Madera Name added.
Cohen, Male 1892, Nov 21 Cohen, A. Kauffman, Rosa Madera Born dead.
Cohen, Marian R. 1894, Oct 21 Cohen, Abe Kaufman, Rosa Madera  
Cole, Female 1897, Aug 23 Cole, A. A. Darnold Madera Co.  
Colhran, Male 1895, Mar 6 Colhran,       
Compton, Anita Margaret 1899, Dec 8 Compton, Robert Bean, Charlotte Isabelle    
Compton, Female 1897, Dec 8 Compton, R. - Berenda  
Condes, Male 1903, Mar 7 Condes, Sam Hope, Edith Madera Stillborn; father’s last name uncertain.
Conley, Male 1903, Jan 7 Conley, John Galener, Maud Madera  
Conley, Matthew Maxwell 1897 Apr 17 Conley, W. M. Bedesin, Emma Madera Affidavit attached adds names and changes date from Apr 20.
Conley, Philip Raymond 1894, Oct 2 Conley, Wm. M. Bedesen, Emma Madera Birth cert. Attached.
Conn, Fred Henry 1904, June 13 Conn, Robert McArthur, Caroline Elizabeth Borden Name added.
Conn, James Arthur 1898, Mar 24 Conn, R. McArthur, Carrie Madera Name added.
Connor, Male 1903, Aug 25 Connor, James O. Breyfogle Madera  
Coogan, Female 1902 Coogan, P. H. Tuley, Amanda Madera  
Cook, Basil Albert 1905, ? 3 Cook, Amos Putnam Albert, Agnes Annie Hildreth Miner.
Cook, Loy Ellsworth 1899, Dec 18 Cook, Norman Crow, Hattie Saphronia Berenda Name added.
Coon, Irvin Raymond 1904, Nov 19 Coon, J. M. Lindsey, Mary Raymond Name added. Father foreign.
Copsey, Price Augusta 1897, ? 6 Copsey, Noble Brubaker, Margaret Augusta Madera Laborer.
Correll, Leslie Creed 1898, July 11 Correll, William Correll, Jessie Madera Name added.
Cotli, Vera Lillian Theresa 1895, Oct 12 Cotli, Arthur Sweet, Elvira    
Cox, Female 1902, ? 8 Cox, Jno.     Parents from Texas.
Cramer, Christina Leona 1892, Dec 25 Cramer, Frank Hensley, Mary Susan Madera Name added.
Cramer, Dolly Ann 1894, Sept 2 Cramer, Frank Hensley, Susan Madera  
Crawford, Female 1903, Sept 12 Crawford, Douglas Ford, Lola Madera Premature birth; parents African; race Black.
Crawford, Theodore E. 1904, Dec 20 Crawford, Fred Dougals Ford, Lulu Madera Race Black.
Crispin, George Milton 1903, July 15 Crispin, John W. Beal, Emma Madera  
Cronin, Female 1892, Nov 25 Cronin, S. J. Coop, Annie Madera Father foreign.
Crosswhite, Female 1904, July 3 Crosswhite Wainscote, Grace Madera  
Crow, Edith Marie 1901, Nov 14 Crow, Herman Laurence Phillip, Hettie Frances    
Crow, Guy 1895, May 9 Crow, Herman Phillips, Henrietta Berenda Farmer; deceased 4-2-78, Cert. #20-106.
Crow, Lillian Opal 1905, Nov 3 Crow, Adelbert Lafayette Townsend, Rosinah Amanda    
Crow, Lois Catherine 1903, July 9 Crow, Adelbert Lafayette Townsend, Rosinah Amanda    
Crow, Male 1895, Oct 27 Crow, Henry Montgomery, Kate Berenda  
Crow, Male 1895, Oct 27 Crow, Henry Montgomery, Kate Berenda  
Crow, Male 1896, Aug 30 Crow, Herman Phillips Leda Berenda Both names crossed out and changed.
Crowder, Female 1904 Crowder   Madera Co.  
Crowder, Female 1904, Aug 15 Crowder, Sidney - Borden  
Crowder, Kenneth Bennett 1905, ? 7 Crowder, R. Bennett, Miss Madera  
Crowder, Kenneth Bennett 1905, June 17 Crowder, Reese Bennet, Pearl E. Madera Name added.
Cruz, Lawrence 1904 Cruz, F. G. Madrid, Mary Madera  
Cruz, Male ? Illegitimate Cruz, Lola Madera  
Cruz, Male 1904, Oct 11 Illegitimate Cruz, Lola Borden  
Cruz, Pete 1897, July 1 Cruz, F. J. Madrid Madera Parents Mexican.
Culver, William Edward 1898, Oct 5 Culver, Francis Marion Skiles, Clara May    
Cumans, Child 1897, Apr 12 Cumans, James - Madera  
Curz, Male 1904, May 17 Cruz, J. G. Madrid, Mary Madera  
Dakan, Frank 1892, Dec 19 Dakan, Frank Green, Adelia Madera Parents Foreign. 

Name added.

Danlton, Male 1904 Danlton, John F. Hensley, Mary T. Madera  
Dapello, Charles David 1895, Dec 28 Dapello, Chas. McLane, Laura Raymond Name added.
Dapello, Charles David 1895, Dec 28 Dapello, Chas. McLane, Laura Raymond  
Dapello, Female 1905 Dapello, Chas.   Madera Stillborn.
Dapello, Female 1905, Feb 27 Dapello, Chas. - Raymond Stillborn.
Dapelo, Violet Mary 1888, Mar 27 Dapelo, Charles Laurence McLane, Laura Ellen    
Daulton, Erma 1895, Nov 26 Daulton, J. H. Raynor, Addie Madera Name added; parents foreign born.
Daulton, Erma 1895, Nov 26 Daulton, J. H. Raynor, Addie Madera Name added.
Daulton, Male 1904, May 28 Daulton, John F. Hurley, Mary T. Raymond  
David, Leslie Earl 1898, Apr 9 David, Lewis Edward Burford, Mary Belle    
David, Male 1893, Jan 28 David, Lumis Edward Bufford, Mary Belle Madera  
David, Male 1895, Jan 13 David, Luke Burford Madera  
Davidson, Male 1896, July 25 Davidson, Rudy Westfall, Matilda Grub Gulch Female crossed out.
Davidson, Male 1896, Oct 10 Davidson, David Gray, Belle Madera  
Davis, Male 1892, July 3 Davis, Wm. E. Williams, Lizzy La Vina  
Del Bono, Nello 1903, Feb 15 Del Bono, Andolfo Pistoresi, Christina Madera Names added.
DelBono, Albert Joseph 1904, Mar 11 DelBono, Cesare Filippi, Annita    
DelBono, Angelo 1905, Dec 6 DelBono, Rodolpho Pistoresi, Cherubina    
Delporte, Female 1903, Apr 21 Delporte - Madera Parents foreign.
Denison, Chester Las Rey 1895, July 30 Denison, Allen Oscar Perdee, Emma Preston Madera Name added; see Vol. 175 O.R., page 128.
Denny, Female 1904 Denny, Ira Dowell, Carrie Madera  
Denny, Female 1904, Sept 24 Denny, Ira Dowell, Carrie Madera  
Desmond, Female 1892, Sept 26 Desmond, Thomas Griffin, Marge A. Berenda Parents foreign.
Desmond, Male 1895, Mar 14 Desmond, Thomas Griffin, Mary Berenda Parents foreign born.
Desperati, Female 1904 Desperati Desota, Joseephine Madera Parents Italian.
Desperati, Female 1904, June 5 Desperati, E. Dessote, Josephine Madera Mother foreign.
Devine, Female 1893, Aug 1 Devine, James B. Russell, Elma La Vina  
Diamond, Male 1903, Apr 2 Diamond, Wm. - Raymond Parents foreign.
Dillon, Kate Carol 1904 Dillon, Wm. Sherman, Gertrude    
Dillon, Kate Carol 1904, Mar 28 Dillon, Wm. Sherman, Gertrude Sharon  
Dinwiddie, Female 1903 Dinwiddie, Jesse Franklin Nilson, Pearl Blanche    
Dinwiddie, Female 1903, Dec 30 Dinwiddie, Jesse Wilson, Pearl Madera  
Dobson, Raymond Dunn 1890, Nov 5 Dobson, Edwin Clare, Helen Esther    
Dodd, Lola May 1891 Dyer, Millard Franklin Dodd, Mary Lee    
Dodd, Walter Franklin 1894 Dyer, Millard Franklin Dodd, Mary Lee    
Dodd, William Benton 1901 Dyer, Millard Franklin Dodd, Mary Lee    
Dodson, Agnes 1896 Dodson, B. B. Brown, Alice Madera Mother foreign born.
Dodson, Agnes 1896, Feb 17 Dodson, B. B. Brown, Alice Madera Name added; mother foreign.
Dodson, Male 1894, Oct 20 Dodson, M. Blank Berenda  
Donahue, Ellamarie 1896, June 20 Donahue, George ? Alderson, Hannah Madera Premature; name added.
Donahue, Harry Edgebert 1903, Apr 2 Donahue, Edgebert Francis Fuguay, Delia Amanda    
Dougherty, Francis Michael 1897, Sept 12 Dougherty, F. M. Alley, Mary Madera Names added.
Douglas, Female 1894, Sept 21 Douglas, C. B. Boyer, Elizabeth North Fork  
Dowell, Oliver Theodore 1893 Dowell, Fred LeRoy Redfield, Etta Lena    
Downey, Vernal Lee 1893, Dec 24 Downey, James Henry Lewis, Annie Maria    
Drake, Male 1892, Nov 7 Drake, Z. E. Hanion, Nellie Madera  
Dreporli, Female 1897, Oct 25 Dreporli, L. Fratella Madera Name not clear.
Dresser, Female 1894, Apr 15 Dresser, Clarence Not Given Fresno Flats  
Driver, Male 1896, May 8 Driver, George A. - North Fork Race quarter breed mixed.
Dubray, Female 1904, Jan 31 Dubray, Jerry Emmet Murry, Clara Madera  
Dubray, Madge Dell 1904 Dubray, Jerry E. Murray, Clora Madera Mill foreman.
Duncan, Male 1896, June 20 Duncan, Thomas Gordon, Mary Elizabeth Madera  
Duncan, Male 1899, Aug 18 Duncan, Thomas Gordon, Mary Elizabeth Madera  
Dunham, Male 1894, Mar 10 Dunham, Wm. Smith, Mary Madera  
Dunham, Marion Orville 1903, Apr 6 Durham, William E. Bedford, Neva Lenore Madera Names added.
Dunham, William Summerlin 1904, Dec 13 Dunham, William Emory Bradford, Neva Lenora    
Dwyer, Male 1895, June 2 Dwyer, John Morrisy, Nellie Madera Parents foreign born.
Dyer, Male 1905 Dyer, R. C. Babcock, Winifred Madera  
Dyer, Male 1905, Apr 10 Dyer, R. C. Babcock, Winnifred Madera  
Eastin, Arethusa Ethel 1898, Feb 24 Eastin, Pulaski Clark Skaggs, Kathleen Cora    
Eastin, Female 1898, Feb 24 Eastin, P. C. Skaggs Borden  
Eastin, Marion 1900, Mar 16 Eastin, Pulaski Clark Skaggs, Kathleen Cora    
Eblen, Charles Carr 1895, Feb 19 Eblin, John William Hedrick, Belle    
Eblen, John Cecil 1893, Jan 11 Eblen, J. W. - Raymond Name added.
Edwards, Female 1893, June 10 Edwards, D. L. Watson, Eleanor Madera  
Ehat, Female 1903, Nov 1 Ehat - Madera  
Ehat, Hazel Ernistine 1904 Ehat, Casper Tinderburk, Jane Madera Laborer.
Elam, Grace Nelle 1893 Elam, John Henry Strombeck, Josephine, Holly    
Elam, Ruth Ann 1898 Elam, John Henry Strombeck, Josephine Holly    
Elam, William Cleveland 1888, Jan 21 Elam, John Henry Stroembeck, Josephine H.    
Elliott, Truman Wesley 1896, Oct 16 Elliott, Samuel Oscar Pomeroy, Gertrude Read Madera Names added.
Elmore, Roy O. 1896, Apr 23 Elmore, Ernest Henry Renfro, Martha Ola Madera Names added.
English, Male 1904, Aug 11 English, Robert J. Guest, Mary Madera  
English, Nykee C. 1906 English, Robert Guest, Mary Madera Male; laborer.
Eranghlio, Male 1903 Eranghlio, Jesse Susa, Mary    
Eubanks, Female 1895, Mar 16 Eubanks, Charles J. - Berenda  
Eubanks, Lloyd James 1892 Eubanks, Charles James Lomier, Louise    
Eustace, Maude Rea 1897, Mar 29 Eustace, Rev. Jonathan Lester, Catherine Florence Madera Name added.
Evangelho, Louise Marie 1901, July 5 Evangelho, Jarce Perry Souza, Maria Doue    
Evanjlho, Male 1903, Nov 26 Evanjlho, Jessie Susa, Mary Coarse Gold Father foreign.
Farina, Female 1899, Nov 6 Farina, J. F. - Madera  
Faust, Marion Gwendolyn 1900, Feb 14 Faust, James B. Niebel, Edith G.    
Fellows, Dorothy Elizabeth 1905 Fellows, Bert Tudie, Beatrice Merrill Madera  
Fellows, Female 1905, Jan 9 Fellows, Bert - Madera  
Femons, Leon Harvey 1899, May 18 Femons, Leon Lee Smith, Mary Hannah    
Fernando, Male 1894, Sept 27 Fernando, Charles Anderson, Christina North Fork  
Ferry, Female 1895, Jan 2 Ferry, Earnest -, May Madera Stillborn
Fissette, Charles Elijah 1895, Mar 25 Fissette, Gilbert Seaton, Eliza Jane    
Flato, Charles Leo 1897, Oct 4 Flato, F. H. Saunders, Nellie A. Madera Name added.
Flato, Female 1895, Oct 10 Flato, Frank Sanders Madera  
Flato, Female 1895, Oct 10 Flato, Frank Sanders Madera  
Floome, Female 1894, Apr 15 Floome, Peter Not Given North Fork Father foreign.
Floto, Female 1895 Floto, Frank Sanders North Fork  
Flum, Female 1903, June 5 Flum, Ulyssus Russel, Minnie Madera  
Flum, Joseph R. 1903 Flum, Ulysses Simpson Grant Russell, Mary Remenda    
Footman, Child 1890, Mar 28 Footman, Arthur Edwin Dovey, Elizabeth Raymond  
Footman, Female 1893, Jan 5 Footman, Wm. Mann, - Madera Parents foreign.
Footman, Lloyd Joseph 1904 Footman, George Marks, Mollie Raymond Stone cutter; deceased 8-9-76, Cert. #20-208.
Footman, Male 1893, July 20 Footman, Arthur Edwin Dovey, Elizabeth Raymond  
Footman, Male 1895, Mar 7 Footman, Wm. - Madera Parents foreign born.
Footman, Male 1904, Nov 14 Footman, Geo. Morris, Mattie Raymond  
Ford, Female 1903 Ford, Oscar Hughes   Born dead.
Ford, Female 1903, Aug 5 Ford, Oscar Hughes Madera Stillborn.
Ford, Stanley Livingston 1897, May 31 Ford, Oscar Hughes, Charlotte Madera Name added.
Fortune, Male 1895, Aug 23 Fortune, James Tarleton Madera  
Fortune, Richard Lawrence 1899, Aug 24 Fortune, J. P. Whistman, Della Madera  
Foster, Female 1903, Sept 1 Foster, Norman Ducker Raymond  
Foster, Norma Maxine 1903, Sept 25 Foster, Norman Harris Raines, Ida Virginia   Surname Ducher in Index.
Fowler, Helen Mae 1897, July 27 Fowler, Warren Wesley Foreman, Mattie North Fork Names added.
Fowler, Male 1895, Jan 7 Fowler, David B. Raish, Mary E. Madera  
Fowler, Robert Butler 1902, June 16 Fowler, Robert Roy Butler, Blanche Ellen    
Franchi, Male 1899, Oct 30 Franchi, Rocco - Madera  
Franchi, Margaret Josephine 1901, Mar 13 Franchi, Rocco Bellomo, Rosa    
Franchi, Nicholas 1890, July 9 Franchi, Rocco Bellomo, Rose    
Franchi, Rose Marie 1903, Mar 13 Franchi, Rocco Bellomo, Rosa    
Frederick, Mary Elizabeth 1902 Frederick, Aaron Hedgpeth, Caroline North Fork  
Freeland, David 1903, Dec 15 Freeland, David Ryce, Jeanie    
Freeman, Glen Montgomery 1904 Freeman, James Lemuel Montgomery, Mary Jane Madera Farmer.
Freeman, Glenn Montgomery 1904, Feb 28 Freeman, James Montgomery, Mary Sharon Name added
Fridley, Male 1893, Dec 17 Freidley, - Garner, - Madera  
Fuller, Male 1898, Feb 18 Fuller, Frank Fremont Kirby, Margaret North Fork  
Fuller, Male 1899, Aug 14 Fuller, L. A. - Madera  
Fuller, Merle L. 1898, Feb 8 Fuller, L. A. Vosberg, Maggie L. Madera Names added.
Gairn, Female 1894 Gairn, Henry Uppling, Josie    
Galbraith, Charles Alva 1904 Galbraith, William Garrett, Leona Madera Rancher.
Galbraith, Male 1904, Nov 9 Galbraith, Wm. Garrett, Leona Madera  
Gann, Female 1894, Jan 4 Gann, Henry Appling, Josie Madera  
Gann, Henry Wilson 1895, Sept 1 Gann, Henry Wilson Appling, Katie Ann    
Gannin, Male 1896, Jan 22 Gannin, Frank Lomban, Tonya Madera Stillborn; parents foreign born.
Gannin, Male 1896, Jan 22 Gannin, Frank Lomban, Tanya Madera Stillborn; parents foreign.
Gardner, Female 1904, Aug 21 Gardner, J. T. Snydam, Josephine Madera  
Gardner, Helen 1904 Gardner, J. T. Suydam, Josephine Madera Laborer.
Garland, Male 1905 Garland, M. T. Lilly Madera  
Garland, Male 1905, Feb 24 Garland, M. T. Lily Raymond  
Garlinghouse, Orva M. 1905 Garlinghouse, O. Ross, Violet Minturn Delivered by mother.
Garner, Alfred Chester 1895 Garner, John Fredley, Nota Eva Madera Farmer.
Glass, Ione 1904 Glass, Jefferson Bryant, Renny Madera Co. Laborer.
Glass, Male 1904, May 10 Glass, Jefferson - Madera  
Glock, David Charles 1894, June 23 Glock, Charles Albert Clark, Alice    
Glock, Male 1896, June 23 Glock, Albert Blaik, Alice Madera  
Goldsmith, Vera 1904 Goldsmith, Frank St. Clair, Annie Madera  
Goldsmith, Vera B. 1904, Aug 23 Goldsmith, Frank St. Clair, Amire Pearl Madera Name added.
Gordon, Catherine Lee 1898, Nov 2 Gordon, James Alexander Ward, Zettie Lee    
Gordon, Ella Mabel 1901, July 18 Gordon, James Alexander Ward, Zettie Lee    
Gordon, Frank P. 1894, Oct 10 Gordon, Frank Morton, Alice Madera Deceased 11-9-71, Cert. #2000-319.
Gordon, George Alexander 1903 Gordon, Frank Morton, Alice Madera Deceased 4-20-68, Cert. #2000-117.
Gordon, George Alexander 1903, July 11 Gordon, Frank Morton, Alice Madera Name added.
Gordon, James Carol 1897, Aug 30 Gordon, J. A. Ward, Lettie Lee Madera  
Gordon, Male 1903, Feb 3 Gordon, James Ward, Miss Madera  
Gordon, Millie Vebian 1903, Nov 19 Gordon, J. H. Perkins, Julia H. Madera Names added.
Goularte, Manuel Francis 1896, Nov 26 Goularte, Francis Millo, Belle Madera Name added; parents foreign.
Gould, Female 1896, Dec 29 Gould, L. F. - Madera  
Grace, James Leland 1903, May 14 Grace, James Thomas Gardyne, Sarah Jane    
Grace, Male 1903, May 14 Grace, James Gordyne, Sarah J. Fresno Flats  
Graham, Eleanor Hazel 1894, Aug 8 Graham, M. W. Robertson, - Madera Name added.
Graham, Female 1894, Apr 19 Graham, William Graham, Betsy Madera  
Graham, Female 1895, July 2 Graham, Mat Robenson, Jessie E. Fresno Flats Father foreign born.
Graham, Helen Dainty 1896, July 2 Graham, Matthew W. Roberson, Jessie E. Fresno Flats Names added.
Graham, Jefferson, Danl 1895 Graham, James Monroe Cowan, Rosie Ahwahnee Farmer.
Graham, Male 1903, Mar 26 Graham, John - Madera Stillborn.
Graham, Male 1904 Graham, John   Madera  
Graham, Male 1904, Nov 11 Graham, John McCord, A. Madera  
Graham, Thomas Henry 1891 Graham, James Monroe Cowan, Rosie Ahwahnee Farmer.
Grares, Male 1905 Grares, Charles Morgan, H. M. Madera  
Grattone, John 1902 Grattone, Mario Franchi, Virginia Madera Parents Italian; farmer.
Greely, Female 1898, Mar 1 Greely, Wm. - Madera  
Gregory, Benjamin Franklin 1896 Gregory, Henry Monroe Lewis, Mary Eliza Madera Rancher.
Gregory, Leland Scofield 1890, Aug 28 Gregory, George Henry Scofield, Edna Estelle Madera Machinist.
Griffin, Aileen Gertrude 1895, Jan 21 Griffin, John M. Carolau, Rose G. Madera  
Guderly, Male 1894, Oct 12 Guderly, Paul Blank Madera Nationality not given.
Gularte, Female 1894, Mar 7 Gularte, Frank Mellow, Belle Madera Parents foreign.
Hacker, Charles Arthur 1887, Jan 2 Hacker, James Madison Hudson, Clara Ellen    
Hahn, Female 1892, July 15 Hahn, Charles Heffner, Belle Madera  
Hall, Child 1902 Hall, Hubert Cramer   Both parents born in CA.
Hall, Female 1893, June 10 Hall, Frank P. Lufford, Adelia Madera  
Hall, Louise Lyon 1891, Aug 15 Hall, George Washington Lappley, Louise Lyon    
Hannah, Bernice Winifred 1903, Apr 21 Hannah, Joe Martinez, Frances Madera Names added.
Hannah, Male 1895, Sept 21 Hannah, H. D. Leslie, H. J. Madera  
Hansen, Marie 1897, Oct 14 Hansen, C. Brookins, Jennie Madera Name added.
Hansen, Mary Elizabeth 1904 Hansen, Charlie Hansen, Dorothy Antonia Madera  
Hanson, George Carl 1894, Dec 30 Hanson, George Stearns, Rose Raymond Father foreign born.
Harber, Female 1903, Oct 15 Harber, Wm. Hearford, Nova Course Gold  
Harbor, Female 1896, Sept 19 Harbor, Wm. Heartford, Nora Coarse Gold  
Harbour, Henry Leland 1901 Harbour, William Hereford, Nora Alice Coarsegold Farmer.
Harbour, Male 1899, Aug 26 Harbour, William Hereford, Nora Madera  
Harbour, Maude 1895, Jan 21 Harbour, William Heaford, Nora Alice Coarsegold  
Harbour, Sarah Agnes 1896, Sept 19 Harbour, William Hereford, Nora Alice    
Harbour, William Ralph 1902 Harbour, William Hereford, Nora Alice Coarsegold Farmer.
Hardell, Female 1894, Jan 28 Hardell, Mr. Not Given Madera Nationality not given.
Hargrove, Robert L. 1894, Sept 25 Hargrove, R. L.  Garland, Cora Wreath Madera Lawyer.
Harrington, Alice Marie 1898, Mar 13 Harrington, Milton Whitehead, Rose Alice Madera Names added.
Harris, Dan 1900, Oct 12 Harris, Thomas Harris, Nellie    
Harris, Female 1898, Mar 22 Harris, D. B. Wilbur Madera  
Hartwell, Lyla 1904 Hartwell, J. C. Eaton, Lottie Madera  
Hartwell, Lyla 1904, July 31 Hartwell, J. C. Eaton, Lottie Madera Name added.
Hartzel, Female 1904, ? 4 Illegitimate Hartzel, Bessie Madera  
Hartzel, Female 1904, Apr 4 Illegitimate Hartzel, Bessie Madera  
Hasfer, Female 1903 Hasfer, William Hereford, Nora   Both parents born in CA.
Hasie, Frederic Alexander 1903, Nov 15 Hasie, Thomas Carter, Thirza Rebecca    
Hastings, Philip Ernest James 1904 Hastings, Robert Jeran, Christi A. Madera  
Hastings, Philip Ernest James 1904, June 21 Hastings, Robt. Zeran, Christie Madera Name added.
Hawke, Hazel Victoria 1899, May 3 Hawke, Richard Cowling Wiese, Sarah    
Hayward, Male 1892, Dec 20 Hayward, Harry Smith, Mabel Madera  
Hazelton, Mary Esther 1899, Jan 21 Hazleton, George Washington Hall, Grace Estella    
Heiskell, Male 1894, Mar 9 Heiskell, William Daulton, - Madera  
Helm, Female 1894, Jan 25 Helm, R. Lewis, - Madera  
Hensley, Harold 1895, Jan 22 Hensley, G. W. Pennington, Anna Clara Madera  
Hensley, Leonard Martin 1904 Hensley, Charles Jewel, Olive Madera  
Hensley, Male 1904, Sept 1 Hensley, Chas. Jemela, Olive Raymond  
Hensley, Vermil Lawrence 1903 Hensley, Thomas Lawrence Jewell, Maude Estella Near Raymond Farmer.
Herford, Delphine 1882, Apr 13 Herford, Robert Prentice Gentry, Martha Ellen    
Herrick, Mary Elizabeth 1902, Jan 23 Herrick, Lincoln Hansen, Mary Alverda    
Hickcox, George Alen 1901, Dec 27 Hickcox, William Alen Johnson, Dollie Lucretia    
Hicks, Charles Fremont 1903 Hicks, John Ruben Briscoe, Nellie Mae   Salesman.
Hicks, Male 1903, Oct 26 Hicks Briscoe, Nellie Madera  
Hiett, Viola Mae 1895, Feb 28 Hiett, Sam - Madera  
High, Child 1893 High, John      
High, Male 1896, Oct 30 High, R. - Berenda  
High, Willis Russell 1895, Nov 5 High, John Teacher, Nancy S. Fresno Flats Name added.
High, Willis Russell 1895, Nov 5 High, John Teacher, Nancy S. Califa Name added.
Hillcourt, Carrol Winfred 1900 Hillcourt, Louis Peter Ranzan, Phoebe Ann Madera Carpenter.
Hinton, George 1904 Hinton, James Case, Carrie Madera  
Hinton, George Simison 1904, Aug 12 Hinton, James Mansfield Case, Carrie Elizabeth Raymond Name added.
Hoffman, Doris Eyma 1905, Apr 15 Hoffman, D. R. Thurman, Mayma Madera Name added.
Hoffman, Male 1905 Hoffman, Joseph   Madera  
Hogan, Male 1904 Hogan, G. M.   Madera  
Hogin, James Edgar 1903 Hogin, Grattin Maddux Dane, Katherine Sophia    
Hogin, Male 1904, Dec 18 Hogin, G. M.  - Minturn  
Hogir, Male 1903, Dec 17 Hogir, S. M. - Minturn  
Hogue, Ethel Marah 1883, Sept 18 Hogue, Alexander Hamilton Nichols, Ellen Flora    
Hollenbeck, Emily Jane 1892, Oct 25 Hollenbeck, E. G. Howard, Susan Madera Name added.
Hollenbeck, Howard Emey 1894, Nov 23 Hollenbeck, E. G. Howard, Susan Madera Name added.
Hollenbeck, Mary Leana 1897, Mar 9 Hollenbeck, Theodore Howard, Susie Manaret Name added
Holmes, Marjorie Belle 1904, Apr 6 Holmes, Joseph Showers, Bessie Elizabeth    
Honeycutt, Everett Elmer 1896, Sept 24 Honeycutt, E. S. Green, Ida Madera Name added.
Honeycutt, Ona May 1893, Nov 4 Honeycutt, A. S. Green, Ida Madera  
Honeycutt, Ritta L. 1895, June 3 Honeycutt, A. S. Green, Ida Melissa Madera  
Hope, Lawrence Edgar 1904 Hope, Frank Crowder, Lucy J. Madera  
Hope, Lawrence Edgar 1904, Oct 22 Hope, Frank Crowder, Lucy J. Borden Name added.
Hope, Pansy Roselle 1904 Hope, George Coleman, Edna Madera  
Hope, Pansy Roselle 1904, Sept 11 Hope, Geo.  Coleman, Edna Madera Name Added
Hosler, Frances John 1898, May 24 Hosler, J. H. Ralph, Belle Madera Name added.
Hosler, Ralph Henry 1896, Oct 2 Hosler, John Ralph, Belle Madera Name added; mother foreign.
House, Fred 1892, Jan 7 House, John Lewis, Sarah    
Houston, Donald Joseph 1902, Feb 28 Houston, Joseph Stonewall Jackson Sharp, Jessie Eleanor Madera Farmer.
Houston, Male 1896, Oct 10 Houston, Joseph Sharp, Jessie Madera  
Houston, Male 1903, Aug 20 Houston, Geo. Renfro Madera  
Houston, Rolla 1903 Houston, George Renfro, Nettie Madera  
How, Edith Jardine 1896, Aug 1 How, John E. - Daulton Name added; How changed from Howe; parents foreign.
How, Edith Jardine 1896, Aug 1 How, John Edwin Thomas Jardine, Mary    
Howard, Jessie Geneva 1895, July 14 Hoeard, William Alexander Lewis, Sally Eason    
Huddleson, Female 1894, Nov 21 Huddleson, - Blank Borden  
Hudson, Female 1904 Hudson, A. B. Epperson, Alice    
Hudson, Female 1904, Mar 28 Hudson, A. B. Epperson, Alice Madera  
Hudson, Male 1892, Sept 27 Hudson, Wm. H. Starr, Clara Madera  
Hughes, Male 1905 Hughes, Charles Gairns, Mary Madera  
Hughes, Male 1905, June 10 Hughes, Chas. Sams, Mary Raymond  
Hughes, Marshall Llewellyn 1898, May 31 Hughes, W. M. Ferguson, Corinne Madera Name added.
Humphrey, Andrew Jackson 1904 Humphrey, John Showers, Bertha Madera  
Humphrey, Male 1904, Oct 12 Humphrey, John Showers, Berth Madera  
Iane, Male ? Iane, Lee   Madera Both parents in China; restaurateur.
Ireland, Male 1903, Sept 7 Ireland, S. A. - Madera  
Irland, Male ? Irland, S. A.      
Isollenger, Female ? 1896, Nov 13 Isollenger, Joseph Lesnerat, Rosa ? Madera Co. Mother foreign.
Jacinto, Female ? Jacinto, Joseph Madrid, Minnie Madera Co.  
Jacinto, Female 1904, Oct 29 Jacinto, Joseph Madrid, Mamie Madera  
Jacobsen, Male ? Jacobsen O’Meara, Mary    
Jacobsen, Male 1904, Apr 15 Jacobsen, Z. O. O’Meara, Mary Madera  
James, Female 1893, Nov 14 James, Reuben Sterrett Alley, Harriet Madera  
James, Female 1897, July 1 James, Ruben Stittit Alley, Harriet Madera  
James, Female 1899May 10 James, Ruben Sterret Alley, Harriett Madera  
James, Male 1895, Nov 19 James, Reuben Sterrett Alley, Harriett Madera  
Jay, Female ? Jay, Richard Lurchn, Annie   Father foreign born.
Jay, Female 1894, July 3 Jay, Richard Swisher, Annie Madera Father foreign.
Johnson, Everett Irwin 1905, Nov 6 Johnson, George Peter Marcus Woodson, Mary Anne Madera Co. Laborer
Johnson, Female ? Johnson, J. B.      
Johnson, Frmale 1903, Oct 31 Johnson, J. B. - Raymond  
Johnson, Mabel ? Johnson, Ole Arnold, Minnie North Fork Laborer.
Johnson, Virgil Blackman 1904, Jan 25 Johnson, Jasper Blackman Bowman, Daisy Belle Madera Laborer.
Johnson, Vivian Irene 1903, Apr 27 Johnson, L. S. Stapp, Nancy Ann Madera Names added.
Jones, Franklin Fred ? Jones, Thomas Sanford, Ida Madera Co.  
Jones, Harried Winifred 1904, Dec 1 Jones, David Ross Whitfield, Daisy Victoria    
Jones, Male 1892, July 15 Jones, David Bohlin, Huldah Madera Child stillborn. 

Parents foreign.

Jones, Male 1904, Aug 3 Jones, Thos. Sanford Madera  
Jones, Orval Dave ? Jones, David Stewart Walker, Cordella Elizabeth Madera Co. Farmer.
Jones, Ruby Lee 1902, Feb 24 Jones, Thomas Strombeck, Mary    
Jones, Zella E. 1902, Feb 27 Jones, David Stewart Walker, Della Elizabeth    
Jump, Earl ? Jump, William Little Coates, Mary Jane    
Kalstan, Male ? Kalstan, J. Mgrdick, Elmas   Parents foreign born.
Kalstran, Male 1904, Feb 2 Kalstran, Joseph Mgrdich, Elmas Madera Parents foreign.
Kaplan, Male 1895, Mar 5 Kaplan, Herman Augusta Madera Father foreign born.
Kartright, Male 1894 Kartright, William Slavens, Rosa   Stillborn.
Kast, Fremont Hance ? Kast, Clinton Dent, Dora Madera  
Kast, Guynnie Ellen ? Kast, Clinton Dent, Clara Madera  
Kast, Guynnie Ellen 1905, Mar 24 Kast, Clinton Dent, Clara Hernden Name added
Kast, Harry R. ? Kast, Clinton Dent, Clara    
Kast, Harry R. 1903, Dec 12 Kast, Clinton Dent, Clara Madera Name added.
Kast, Male ? Kast, J. M.   Madera  
Kast, Male 1904, Nov 4 Kast, J. M. - Madera  
Kates, Francis Viola 1897, Jan 9 Kates, Elisha Franklin Boring, Luretta Jane Grub Gulch Name added.
Kaufman, Kenneth Frank ? Kaufman, Jospeh   Madera  
Kaufman, Male 1905, May 17 Kaufman, Joseph - Madera  
Keith, Eugene Frank 1895 Keith, Frank Forbes, Mary L.   Female; name added later.
Keith, Female 1895, July 17 Keith, Frank - Madera  
Keith, Henry Jay 1892, Nov 9 Keith, Will Spangler, Agnes    
Keltie, Marie Clennick 1892, Feb 15 Keltie, Franklin Pierce Scott, Mary Elizabeth    
Kendig, Male 1905, May 9 Kendig, E. L. Diffin Madera  
Kendig, Paul Leroy ? Kendig, E. L. Diffni, Sallie Madera  
Kennedy, Mary Margaret 1895, Mar 9 Kennedy, William Costello Kinsman, Nellie Ellen    
Kennedy, Vernie Elenn 1892, July 31 Kennedy, William Costello Kinsman, Nellie Ellen    
Kenney, George 1890, Dec 27 Kinney, George Walter Coulter, Annie    
Keyes, Female 1897, Oct 14 Keyes, Joe Mitchel Madera  
Keys, Female 1904, Apr 30 Keys, Joseph Mitchell, Gertrude Borden  
Keys, Lavinia Gertrude 1902, Jan 10  Keys, Joe Mitchell, Gertrude    
Keys, Male 1899, July 11 Keys, Joseph - Borden  
Keys, Tina Jeanette ? Keys, Joseph Mitchel, Gertrude Madera  
Kincheloe, Lorna Arvilla 1901, Feb 10 Kancheloe, John F. Lewis, Josephine Rebecca    
Kinchelor, Male 1905, June 14 Kinchelor, John Lewis, Josephine Madera  
Kinchlor, Male ? Kinchlor, John Lewis, Josephine Madera Laborer.
Kington, Byron Lloyd ? Kington, John Francisco, Mabel Madera  
Kington, Male 1904, Nov 12 Kington, John - Madera  
Kinsman, Maggie ? Kinsman, Joseph Hall, Lucy North Fork Indian; laborer.
Kinsman, Warren ? Kinsman, Joseph Hall, Lucy North Fork Indian; laborer.
Kirby, Emmett Bartley Kilgore 1899, Dec 27 Kirby, M. E. Cuddy, Rebecca Madera Names added.
Kirby, Male 1896, Nov 7 Kirby, M. E. Cuddy, R. J. Madera  
Kirk, Male 1903, Aug 22 Kirk, W. J. - Raymond  
Kirk, Robert James ? Kirk, William J. Niccum, Edith Raymond Stone cutter or miner.
Knowles, Male 1895, Jan 23 Knowles, Harry E. Holden, Jessie L. Raymond  
Knowles, Male 1895, Nov 13 Knowles, M. C.   Raymond  
Knowles, Male 1895, Nov 13 Knowles, M. C. - Raymond  
Knowles, Ralph Lawrence ? Knowles, M. C. Twitchell, Ella Lena Knowles Butcher.
Knowlton, Male ? Knowlton, J. J. Johnson, Alice    
Knowlton, Male 1895, Nov 18 Knowlton, J. J. Johnson, Alice Fresno Flats  
Knowlton, Male 1895, Nov 18 Knowlton, J. J. Johnson, Alice Fresno Flats  
Koontz, Cecil Millard ? Koontz, Alias Dodd Madera  
Koontz, Female ? Koontz, Singleton Dick, Emma Coursegold  
Koontz, Female 1903, Aug 15 Koontz, Singleton Dick, Emma Fresno Flats  
Koontz, Male 1904, May 1 Koontz, Alias Dodd Madera  
Koontz, Mildred A. 1905, May 5 Koontz, S. N. Dick, Emma Raymond Name added. Listed twice – Course Gold.
Koontz, Virgil 1903, May 8 Koontz, Alius Dood, Annie E. Madera Name added.
Kortright, Male 1894, Mar 25 Kortright, Wm. Slavens, Rosa Madera Twin born premature and stillborn.
Kortright, Male 1894, Mar 25 Kortright, Wm. Slavens, Rosqa Madera Twin born premature and stillborn.
Krebs, Charles Herman ? Krebs, Francis Joseph Hock, Elizabeth    
Krebs, Clarence Edward ? Krebs, Frank Joseph Hock, Elizabeth Knowles Quarry Supt.
Krebs, Male 1895, Feb 8 Krebs, Francis Joseph Hack, Elizabeth Raymond Father foreign born.
Krohn, Antonette V. 1878, Feb 18 Krohn, John F. Reese, Louise    
Krohn, Female ? Krohn, Ford W. Drake, Lulu    
Krohn, Female 1895, Sept 16 Krohn, Ford W. Drake, Lula Coarse Gold Parents foreign born.
Krohn, Frederick William 1881, Dec 25 Krohn, John Reese, Louise    
Kugle, Female 1897, June 8 Kugle, C. - Madera  
Laddler, Male 1894 Laddler, James      
Latham, Florence Irene 1894, July 1 Latham, James H. Drinkwater, Jane Madera Parents foreign; father listed as William and changed on attached birth certificate. Deceased 11-10-74.
Latham, Male 1894 Latham, William   Madera Parents foreign born; dairyman.
Latham, Naomi Grace 1897, Oct 18 Latham, James Hitchin Drinkwater, Jane    
Lauck, Carl Homes 1905, May 6 Lauck, Simon Christman, Mattie    
Lawson, Ruth Beatrice 1895, Mar 19 Lawson, James L. Christensen, Mary North Fork Miner.
Lawyer, Male 1894 Lawyer      
Lecara, Male 1894 Lecara, J. A.     Parents foreign born.
Lee, Harry Francis 1904 Lee, George Lee, Elizabeth Madera  
Leeland, Female 1904, Dec 25 Leeland, C. E. Hoffman, Annie Madera  
Leighton, Male 1904 Leighton, H. E. Kast, Bessie Madera  
Leighton, Male 1904, Oct 21 Leighton, H. E. Kast, Bessie Ahwahnee Stillborn.
Leland, Lois Lenora 1904 Leland, C. E. Hoffman, Annie Grub Gulch  
Lenz, Carl P. 1892, Sept 5 Lenz, C. L. Payne, Lilly Madera Name added.
Leonard, Olive Agnes 1891, Feb 15 Leonard, Thomas Henry Beevers, Martha    
Lester, Edward Mills 1902, Oct 30 Lester, James Henry Mills, May    
Lester, Myrtle May 1901, Aug 31 Lester, James Monroe Harbison, Myra Frances    
Leverts, Male 1895 Leverts, Samuel Johnson, Mary    
Lewis, Edna Myrtle 1904 Lewis, Frank  Garner, Adelia Near Borden Both parents born in CA; rancher.
Lewis, Elvira Ann 1899, Sept 3 Lewis, F. J. Lewis, Adelia Madera Name added.
Lewis, Female 1893, Sept 19 Lewis, William Carter, Anna Borden  
Lewis, Female 1895, June 3 Lewis   Borden  
Lewis, Female 1895, Sept 24 Lewis, John Jones, Caroline Coarse Gold Mixed race.
Lewis, Female 1897, Oct 26 Lewis, Wm. - Madera  
Lewis, Female 1904, Dec 7 Lewis, W. L. - Madera  
Lewis, Male 1897, July 14 Lewis, F. Garner Madera  
Lewis, Male 1897, Oct 20 Lewis, Frank Garner Madera  
Lewis, Male 1904 Lewis, W. J.   Madera  
Lims, Female 1895 Lims   Borden  
Locke, Male 1895, Feb 12 Locke, Walter Preston Seabrook, Alma Stella Raymond  
Locke, Wilbur Dee 1892, May 19 Locke, Walter Preston Seabrook, Alma Estelle    
Lockwood, Female 1895, Sept 19 Lockwood, Alfred Tennyson Simpson, Anna Lee Madera  
Lockwood, Male 1899, July 18 Lockwood, A. T. Simpson, Annie Madera  
Locton, Male 1904 Locton, David Vignolo, Beatrice Madera  
Locton, Male 1904, July 4 Locton, David Vignolo, Beatrice Raymond  
Lomier, Henry 1900, Nov 21 Lomier, Frederick Henry Brown, Martha Ann    
Long, Rheccey Roberta 1902, June 3 Long, Charles William Brown, Mary Susan    
Longatti, Alma 1902, Feb 5 Longatti, Louis Franchi, Matilda    
Longatti, Female 1903 Longatti, Louis Fanchi, Matilda    
Longatti, Female 1903, Nov 8 Longatti, Louis Franchi, Matila Madera Parents foreign.
Lorentzen, John 1895, May 20 Lorentzen, Christian Rasmussen, Emma    
Lorin, Female 1895 Lorin, John Jones, Caroline   Mixed race.
Lornaz, Female 1904 Lornaz, P.   Madera Both parents born in CA.
Lusk, Aubrey Cecil 1901, Oct 17 Lusk, Aubrey Phelps, Nellie Warren    
Lusk, Gladys 1899, June 30 Lusk, Aubrey Phelps, Nellie Warren    
Lusk, Violet Marie 1903, Sept 8 Lusk, Aubrey Phelps, Nellie Warren    
Lyerio, Male 1896, Oct 11 Lyerio, Chas. Snell, Naomi Grub Gulch  
Lyman, Female 1895, Oct 26 Lyman Alfred West, Jennie Madera Premature and stillborn.
Lyman, Female 1895, Oct 26 Lyman, Alfred West, Jennie Madera Premature & stillborn.
Lyon, Barbara Naomi 1902, Aug 21 Lyon, Charles David Snell, Agnes Naomi    
Lyon, Beatrice Eleanor 1904 Lyon, Samuel Edward Hawke, Phoebe Grub Gulch  
Lyon, Frank Edward 1895, Jan 28 Lyon, Charles David Snell, Agnes Naomi    
Lyons, Female 1904, Dec 6 Lyons, Ed Hawke, Phoebe Grub Gulch  
Macan, Female 1892, Sept 15 Macan, H. G. Elmore, Ida Borden  
Machan, Female 1904, Aug 31 Machan, Horace Elmore, Ida Borden  
Machan, Male 1893, Nov 21 Machan, Horace Elmore, Ida Borden  
Mackey, Female 1904 Mackey Eaton, Minnie Madera  
Mackey, Male 1904, May 8 Mackey, Frank Eaton, Mammie Madera Attending physician Mrs. G. R. Eaton.
Mackie, Florence Irene 1903 Mackie, David McKenzie, Irene Grub Gulch Father born in Scotland.
Mackie, Florence Irene 1903, Nov 30 Mackie, David McKenzie, Irene Grub Gulch Father foreign, name added and changed from Maclain.
Mackie, Male 1899, Aug 16 Mackie, David - Grub Gulch  
Macon, Elton Charles 1904 Macon, Horace Elmore, Ida Madera  
Macon, Female 1898, July 10 Macon, Horrace Elmore, Ida Madera  
Madden, William Edward 1896, Mar 16 Madden, W. A. Masis, Anna Madera Name added.
Madrid, Child 1896, Jan 18 Madrid, Baggio - Madera Stillborn; parents foreign.
Madrid, Child 1896, Jan 18 Madrid, Baggio ?   Madera Stillborn; parents foreign born.
Mallo, Female 1903, June 29 Mallo, Frank Sivils, Rose Madera  
Mann, Male 1892, Dec 8 Mann, Alex Emelie, Bella Raymond Parents Foreign.
Marsh, Female 1893, Nov 22 Marsh, Runyon Lewice, Mary Madera  
Marsh, Male 1893 Marsh, Burryon Lerna, Mary    
Marshal, Male 1905 Marshal, Leroy Smith, Grace Madera  
Marshal, Male 1905, June 9 Marshal, Leroy Smith, Grace Madera  
Martin, Erven Dale 1901, Jan 8 Martin, Frank Wilson Mitchell, Irma Della    
Martin, Estella Bell 1884, July 17 Martin, Thomas Hamilton, Matilda    
Martin, Evelina Leonora 1889, Apr 29 Martin, Frank Chapman Mann, Leonora Almeda    
Martin, James Elmer Thomas 1902 Martin, Robert Fulton Rustar, Elsie Maude Madera Farmer.
Martin, Male 1903 Martin, Robert Riecker, Maud    
Martin, Male 1903, July 10 Martin, Robt.  Rucker, Maud Madera  
Martin, Male 1903, May 31 Martin, Frank Mitchel, Emma Madera  
Martin, Male 1904 Martin, Frank Mitchell, Emma Madera  
Martin, Male 1904, Dec 20 Martin, Frank Mitchell, Erma Madera  
Martin, Nellie 1887, Oct 20 Martin, Thomas Hambleton, Matilda    
Martin, Wesley 1883, Mar 14 Martin, John Wesley Neal, Vienna    
Marty, William Emery 1901, Sept 10 Marty, George Walter Ryan, Annie Daulton Mine caretaker.
Mascarro, Ygnacio Mata 1905, July 31 Mascarro, Nieves Mata, Dolores    
Mason, Male 1892, Oct 13 Mason, Arthur Faulkner, Lucy Raymond  
Mathews, Benjamin Clay 1902, June 14 Mathews, George William Dwyer, Eleanor Elizabeth    
Mathews, Male 1904, Sept 11 Mathews, G. W. Dwyer, Nellie Borden  
Matteson, Lois L. 1904 Matteson, Albert H. Connor, Mae Alice Madera Female; name added later.
Matteson, Lois L. 1904, Nov 20 Matteson, Albert H. Connor, Mae Alia Madera Name added.
Matthews, Male 1904 Matthews, G. W. Dwyer, Nellie Madera  
Matthews, Male 1904, Sept 11 Matthews, G. W. Dwyer, Nellie Borden  
Mattison, Female 1903 Mattison      
Mattison, Female 1903, Nov 8 Mattison - Madera Alive, premature.
May, Female 1895, Oct 8 May, C. B. Green, H. G. Fresno Flats  
May, Female 1895, Oct 8 May, C. B. Green, H. G. Fresno Flats  
Mayfield, Mattie Baker 1894, Jan 28 Mayfield, James Jeter, Caroline    
McCann, Cline Thompson 1893, Feb 10 McCann, Robert William McPike, Ida Mae    
McClaron, Arthur Albert 1903, Feb 27 McClaron, Ed Bennett, Della Raymond Name added
McConnell, Leland W. 1894 Meadows, Sam F. McConnell, Elizabeth Edith Fresno Flats Name added at a later date with surname McConnell.
McConnell, Lucille Francis 1890, June 2 McConnell, J. B. Britton, Ella B.    
McConnell, Luella Edith 1890, June 2 McConnell, J. B. Britton, Ella B.    
McCumber, Child 1904 McCumber Stapp Madera  
McCumber, Clarence Albert 1899, Oct 10 McCumber, A. A. Stapp, Frances Madera  
McCumber, Female 1898, Feb 16 McCumber, A. - Madera  
McCumber, Female 1904, Dec 26 McCumber, H. A. Stapp Madera  
McFaul, Cleo B. 1903 McFaul, Ralph R. Baker, Della Madera  
McFaul, Female 1903, Sept 2 McFaul, Ralph A. Baker, Della Madera  
McGarvin, Peggy Nora Willara 1905, May 18 McGarvin, Edgar Belau, Amanda    
McGowan, Edgar 1896, Nov 16 McGowan, Wm. J. Hatch, Alice Fresno Flats Name added.
McIntire, Male 1904 McIntire Ward Madera  
McIntire, Male 1904, Oct 4 McIntire Ward Madera  
McKee, John 1895, Dec 29 McKee, John Rea Madera  
McKee, Male 1895, Dec 29 McKee, John Rea Madera  
McKune, John Fillmore 1891, Mar 18 McKune, John Fillmore Lewis, Emma Louise    
McMann, Shirley Mae 1899, Apr 25 McMann, Rueben James Aiken, Mary    
McSweeney, Female 1896 McSweeney, Dan Grant, Nettie Madera Father foreign born.
McSweeney, Female 1896, Feb 27 McSweeney, Dan Quant, Nettie Madera Father foreign.
Meadows, Male 1894, July 18 Meadows, Sam F. McConnell, - Fresno Flats  
Medill, Tempest Mary 1888, Aug 24 Medill, Marty Burns, Anna Madera Stage driver.
Medina, Lula Dolores 1904, Feb 9 Medina, Matilda Acuna, Josefa Madera Parents foreign. Names added. Date and sex changed.
Medina, Male 1904 Medina, M.     Parents foreign born.
Medjica, Female 1892, Nov 10 Medjica, Ned Ollara, Nora Madera Parents foreign.
Medjika, Female 1895, Nov 15 Medjika, Fred   Madera Parents foreign born.
Medjika, Female 1895, Nov 15 Medjika, Fred - Madera Parents foreign.
Meilike, Male 1904, Aug 6 Meilike, Frank - Madera  
Mejica, Marguerita Josephine 1895 Medjike, Fred (Mejica, Edward) Resheau, Josephine Madera Parents foreign born; names added later.
Melika, Male 1903, Jan 16 Melika, Frank Deistch, Marie Madera  
Melike, Child 1900 Melike, Frank R. Bertsch, Marie    
Melike, Joseph F.  1904 Melike, Frank Mertsch, Marie Madera Parents born in Germany; merchant.
Melvin, Male 1894, June 19 Melvin, Charles Krohn, Mary Coarse Gold  
Mendosa, Clara Frances 1896, Mar 8 Mendoza, Eugene Machado Amaronte, Josephine Bettencourt    
Merino, Male 1897, May 3 Merino, Reynaldo Montagne, Annie Madera  
Merrial, Female 1898, May 25 Merrial, William Cardnell, Maggie Jane Madera  
Messmrma, Male 1902 Messmrma, Henry J. Meza, Lola Madera  
Metcalf, Edwin G. 1905 Metcaff, Cliff Martin, Maude Madera  
Metcalf, Male 1895, Mar 11 Metcalf, T. L. - Madera Stillborn
Metcalf, Male 1905, June 26 Metcalf, Edwin Martin Madera  
Metcalf, Pearl Agnes 1896, Mar 17 Metcalf, George Stephen Balzer, Agnes Barbara    
Metcalf, Sidney Allen 1900, June 3 Metcalf, George Balzer, Agnes    
Metz, Male 1904, Oct 21 Metz, Harry Humphrey Madera  
Metz, Raynor Clifford 1904 Metz, Harry Humphrey, Doris Madera  
Meyers, Male 1903 Meyers, John      
Meyers, Male 1903, July 4 Meyers, John - Madera  
Mideiros, Marian 1903, Aug 24 Mideiros, Frank Joaquin Fraga, Maria    
Miller, Female 1892, Aug 24 Miller, M. E. Crampton, Harriet A. Madera Mother foreign.
Mills, Male 1903 Mills Dick, Ella    
Mills, Male 1903, Nov 25 Mills, Walter - Sugar Pine  
Miner, Female 1903, Oct 31 Miner, David Alexander Appling, Venna May Madera Names added; changed from male to female.
Miner, Female 1905 Miner, B. F.   Madera  
Miner, Female 1905, Jan 10 Moner, B. F. - Madera  
Miner, Ila Fern 1903 Miner, David Alexander Appling, May Madera  
Moline, Ruth Constance 1904 Moline, Andrew Johnson, Clara Madera  
Molino, Female 1904, June 5 Molino, Andrew Johnson, Clara Raymond Mother foreign.
Monges, Manuel Raymond 1895, Feb 28 Monges, Juan Lugo, Jessie Maria    
Monje, Male 1903 Monje      
Monje, Male 1903, Dec 2 Monje, A. P. - Madera  
Monkers, Male 1895, Mar 1 Monkers, John Lou, Jessies Madera Parents foreign born.
Moor, Male 1893, Oct 15 Moor, Walter Falcouer, Jeanette Madera  
Moore, Charles A. 1897, July 6 Moore, Walter A. Falconer, Jeanette Madera  
Moore, Estella Jane 1895, Oct 27 Moore, Walter A. Falconer, Nettie Madera Name added.
Moore, Estella Jane 1895, Oct 27 Moore, Walter A. Falconer, Nettie Madera Name added.
Moore, Female 1903, Jan 27 Moore, Walter Kicker, Fredrika Madera  
Moore, Male 1897, July 6 Moore, W. A. - Madera  
Mordecai, Louise 1880, Jan 19 Mordecai, George Washington Dixon, Louise Hunter    
Morgan, Male 1892, Dec 3 Morgan, Robt. Milton Augusta, Clara La Vina  
Morris, Letitia Pearl 1892, Aug 7 Morris, John Houston Williams, Laura Elizabeth    
Morton, Female 1895 Morton, J. R. Payne, L. S.    
Morton, Female 1895, Oct 6 Morton, J. R. Payne, L. J. Fresno Flats  
Mugler, Female 1899, Sept 9 Mugler, F. W. - Madera  
Mulike, Carl William 1897, Aug 26 Mulike, Frank Bertsch, Marie Madera Names added.
Muller, Eleanor Madeline 1904 Muller, George Aranciba, Madaline Madera Father foreign born.
Muller, Female 1904, Jan 8 Muller, George Arancibia, Madaline Madera Mother foreign.
Murray, Male 1895, Oct 23 Murray, Walter Ray, Lula Buchanan  
Murray, Male 1895, Oct 23 Murray, Walter Ray, Lula Buchanan  
Murry, Female 1903, Feb 18 Murry, James A. Chronstone, Elizabeth Madera  
Neigh, Male 1895 Neigh, John      
Nelson, Edward Carl 1901 Nelson, Erar Erickson, Hadda Louise Knowles  
Nervhonzer, Male 1905 Nervhonzer, John Baker, Mary Raymond  
Newhauser, Male 1905, June 23 Newhauser, John Baker, Mary Raymond  
Newkirk, Cyrus Dewey 1900, Aug 17 Newkirk, George Franklin Philips, May    
Newkirk, Ellen Harriet 1903, Mar 1 Newkirk, George F. Philips, May Raymond Names added; sex changed from male to female.
Newkirk, Ethel May 1895 Newkirk, George Phillips, May Raymond  
Newkirk, Female 1895, July 20 Newkirk, Leo Phillips Raymond  
Newkirk, George 1896, Oct 20 Newkirk, Leo ? Phillips Raymond  
Newkirk, Male 1896, Oct 26 Newkirk, George Phillips Raymond  
Nichols, Male 1904 Nichols, William F. Taft, Minnie Madera  
Nichols, Robert Lindsay 1890 Nichols, John Morgan West, Sarah Elizabeth Fresno Flats Lumberman.
Ninnis, Albert 1905 Ninnis, Albert Jones, Alice Dolly    
Ninnis, Josephine Annabella 1890, July 12 Ninnis, William John Strombeck, Annie    
Noble, Clinton Allen 1901 Noble, Joseph Henry Becker, Harriet Amelia Madera Farmer.
Noble, Cornelius C. 1901 Noble, John Noble, Adelia Preslin    
Noble, Edith Isabelle 1904 Noble, Thomas Lorenzo Thornton, Mirtia Edith Madera Farmer.
Noble, Eva Pearl 1899, Sept 11 Noble, Thomas Thomton, Mirtia Edith Madera Names added.
Noble, Everett Lorenzo 1901 Noble, Thomas Lorenzo Thornton, Mirtia Edith Madera Farmer.
Noble, Female 1893, Jan 15 Noble, Joseph Becker, Harriet La Vina Child stillborn.
Noddin, Hector McDonald 1894, May 28 Noddin, John Theodore McDonald, Myrtle Lena    
Nodding, Female 1896, May 14 Nodding, John McDonald North Fork  
Noreaga, Female 1896, July 16 Noreaga, Andreas Watts Madera  
Noreaga, Male 1893, July 24 Noreaga, Andreas Watts, Amelia Madera  
Norris, Jay Eugene 1896, Aug 3 Norria, Jean Spear, Clara L. Madera Name added
Norris, Raymond S. 1896, Mar 15 Norris, Benj. Dewick, Letitia North Fork Name added.
Norwood, Jack Edwin 1894, Nov 14 Norwood, William Lincoln Myers, Almina Madera Name added.
Not Given 1894, Jan 15 Not Given Not Given Madera Nationality not given.
Noyes, Female 1904 Unknown Noyes, Gertie Fresno Flats  
Noyes, Female 1904, Jan 31 Unknown Noyes, Gertie Fresno Flats  
O’Brien, Male 1904 O’Brien, Joseph   Madera  
O’Brien, Male 1904, Oct 4 O’Brien, Joseph - Madera  
O’Conner, James Wallace 1903 O’Conner, James Breyfogle, Lillie    
O’Conner, Olive Inez 1901 O’Conner, James Edward Breyfogle, Lillian Rebecca Madera Attorney at Law.
O’Donnell,William Albert 1902, Feb 13 O’Donnell, William George, Mary Anne    
O’Neal, Margaret Rebecca 1896, Apr 27 O’Neal, William Washington Oyler, Josephine    
O’Neal, William Spencer 1894, July O’Neal, Chas. Douglas O’Neals  
Olinger, Male 1903 Olinger, C. F. Tompkins, Alice    
Oliva, Female 1895, Oct 18 Oliva, Louie Creghino, Louisa Madera  
Oliva, Josephine Anna 1899 Oliva, Louie Cereghino, Louisa Madera Farmer.
Oliva, Mayrne Mary 1898 Oliva, Louie Cereghino, Louisa Madera Farmer.
Oliva, Rosaline Mary 1904 Oliva, Louie Cereghino, Louisa Madera Farmer.
Olive, Female 1895, Oct 18 Oliva, Louie Cereghino, Louisa Madera  
Oliver, David Stewart 1893 Oliver, David Stewart   Father Canadian.
Oliver, Donald Stewart Moss 1893, May 30 Oliver, David Stuart, Sarah Louisia    
Ollara, Child 1892, Dec 25 Ollara, John Thompson, - Madera  
Orrick, Sadie Arderine 1891, Jan 17 Orrick, Henry Washington Dinwiddie, Lucy May    
Osborn, Female 1903, Sept 3 Osborn, Clarence Jordan, Leita Madera  
Osborn, George Albert 1904, Mar 1 Osborn, Albert Henry Gregory, Helen    
Osborn, Shirley Sylvina 1903 Osborn, Clarence Jordan, Lela Madera  
Ospital, Jean P. 1904 Ospital, Peter Biscay, Grace Madera Farmer.
Ospital, Male 1904, June 11 Ospital, Peter - Madera  
Ospital, Male 1904, May 4 Ospital, John - Madera Parents foreign.
Owens, Clinton Davis 1892, May 27 Owens, Samuel G. Owens, Francesca Raymond Name added.
Owens, Elma Irene 1896, Mar 4 Owens, Sam Shelton, Francena Madera Co. Name added.
Owens, Female 1894, Mar 22 Owens, Sam Shelton, - Not given  
Owens, Female 1899, Sept 30 Owens, Samuel G. Oqens, Fransina Madera  
Owens, Male 1897, Aug 9 Owens, S. G. Skelton Madera  
Oyler, Female 1903 Oyler, Frank Sivila, Nellie    
Oyler, Female 1903, Oct 8 Oyler, Frank Sivils, Nellie Fresno Flats  
Pacter, Male 1893 Pacter, J. G.  Watts, M. R.    
Page, Female 1902 Page, B.   Madera  
Paine, Harry Frederick 1896, June 7 Paine, James Cooper Jefferies, Fannie Humphries    
Palydina, Female 1896, Dec 3 Palydina - Madera Father foreign.
Paolini, Mary 1896, Jan 14 Paolini, Paolo Rossetti Chicca, Caterina    
Parker, Female 1903, Dec 20 Parker, Wm. - Madera  
Parker, Nancy Leah 1903 Parker, William Hamilton Burroughs, Maude Delilah Madera  
Parsons, Female 1903, Nov 3 Parsons, W. H. Sanford, Emma Madera  
Parsons, Isabella Gerturde 1903 Parsons, William Henry Sanford, Emma L. Madera  
Passley, John Monroe 1899, May 31 Passley, William Allen, Frances Amanda    
Patterson, Albert Leroy 1896 Patterson, John A. Geppord, Rosa May Madera Farmer.
Patterson, Female 1897, Feb 20 Patterson, W. S. Hope -  
Patterson, Male 1902 Patterson, Harry   Sharon Father born in CA.
Payne, Male 1897, July 13 Payne, C. - Madera Born dead.
Peck, Female 1903, Jan 29 Peck, Chas. E. Stillwell, Anna North Fork  
Peck, Female 1903, Oct 8 Peck, Chas. - North Fork  
Peck, John William 1900, Feb 28 Peck, Charles Edward Stillwell, Anna Josephine    
Peck, Ruth 1903 Peck, Chas. Stillwell, Anna J. North Fork  
Peckenpah, David E. 1895, July 18 Peckenpah, Chas. M. Toner, Isabelle J. Peckenpah Miles Name added.
Peckinpah, Charles Lincoln 1896, Dec 5 Peckinpah, Charles M. Toner, Isabelle J. Peckinpah Mt. Name added.
Pederino, George 1904 Pederino, George Bratten, Florence Madera Father foreign born.
Pedras, Male 1904 Pedras, Manuel Joseph Andre, Anna Madera Parents Portuguese; deceased 8-3-64.
Pedras, Male 1904, May 5 Pedras, Manuel Joseph Andre, Anna Madera  
Pedras, Male 1904, May 7 Pedras, George - Madera Parents foreign.
Pedrina, Male 1904, Jan 27 Pedrina, George Bratten, Florence Madera Mother foreign.
Pelley, Male 1896, Jan 26 Pelley, Charles M. Connor, May Madera  
Pennell, Lilian Jessie 1898 Pennell, John Burchard Montgomery, Effie Edna Fresno Flats Blacksmith.
Pennice, Female 1898, Mar 4 Pennice, Wiley Montgomery Fresno Flats Name not clear.
Perkins, Male 1902 Perkins, S. J.   Madera Parents nationality unknown.
Pettey, Male 1896, Jan 26 Pettey, Charles M. Connor, May Madera Stillborn crossed out and listed alive.
Pettit, Female 1898, Jan 9 Pettit, James - Madera  
Pettit, Ralph Irvin 1903, Apr 25 Pettit, James Libhart, Mary Ella Borden Names added.
Pettite, Asa James 1894, Aug 25 Pettite, James  Not given [Ella Pettit] Soquel Mill Name added
Pettitt, Female 1896, July 12 Pettitt, James - Madera Premature and stillborn.
Petty, Female 1898, May 18 Petty, C. M. Conner, Sarah May Madera  
Petty, Samuel Willis 1896 Petty, Charles Mathew Conner, Sarah May Madera Deceased 5-7-68, Cert. #2000-141.
Phillips, Alfred Vance Jr. 1903, May 11 Phillips, A. V. Inman, Delia Madera Parents foreign, names added.
Phillips, Madeline Irene 1898, May 22 Phillips, Sterling Clark Beevers, Cornelia    
Phillips, Male 1895, Jan 12 Phillips, Mathew Crow, Lida Berenda  
Phillips, Male 1898, Jan 20 Phillips, Mat - Berenda  
Pinkham, Bertha 1903, Dec 6 Pinkham, Michael Cale Johnson, Louina    
Pinnell, Peyton Lloyd 1895, Mar 22 Pinnell, Wiley Montgomery, Addie Buchanan Parents nationality unknown.
Pistoressi, Female 1895 Pistoressi, Settiano Greuffe, Gile Madera Father Italian, farmer.
Polkenhorn, Mae Elizabeth 1899, Nov 16 Polkenhorn, Samuel Coontz, Molly    
Porter, Female 1896 Porter, Charlie Givard, Dora L. Raymond Laborer.
Porter, Male 1893, Oct 9 Porter, J. G. Watts, M. S. Madera  
Porter, Male 1895, Aug 14 Porter, Grant Watts Madera  
Prewett, Male 1895, Dec 20 Prewett, Henry Jackson Corington, Sarah Isabell Bates Station  
Prewett, Male 1895, Dec 20 Prewett, Henry Jackson Corington, Sarah Isabel Bates Station  
Price, Frances Pearl 1891, Sept 20 Price, Thomas E. Latta, Johanna    
Prosser, Male 1895, Sept 10 Prosser, Fred Fissant, Mildred F. Madera Parents foreign born.
Pruitt, Elva  1905, Mar 15 Pruitt, David Archibald Thede, Ethel Madera Name added.
Quesenberry, Clarence Gordon 1894, Dec 7 Quesenberry, I. A. Mason, Winnie Near Madera Farmer.
Quysenberry, Male 1896, Sept 11 Quysenberry, J. A. Munson, Winnie Madera  
Ra….iona, Male 1898, Mar 20 Ra….iona - Madera Name not clear.
Raddock, Male 1894, Jan 13 Raddock, Robert Ure, Maggie Raymond Parents foreign.
Rariscioni, Female 1902 Rariscioni, G.   Madera Co.  
Raw, Male 1895 Raw, W. H. Seal, Laurie    
Ray, Mabel Mary 1891, Sept 12 Ray, Samuel Melbourne Hilderbrand, Melsina    
Rea, Male 1895, July 17 Rea, Jonathan Jr. Lester Near Buchanan  
Reid, Female 1905 Reid, W. C. Storrer, Emma Madera  
Reid, Female 1905, Jan 4 Reid, A. C. Storrer, Emma Madera  
Reid, Mahalla Evelyn 1902 Reid, W. C. Storrer, Evelyn Madera Father from KY, mother from CA.
Reid, Male 1892, Nov 20 Reid, A. A. George, Kate Madera Nationality not given.
Renfro, Bessie Irene 1904 Renfro, D. B. Bugg, Mary Madera  
Renfro, Child 1891, Dec 30 Renfro, Columbue G. Chapman, Vina P.    
Renfro, Ernest Dan 1902, Mar 16 Renfro, Dan Briggs Bugg, Addie    
Renfro, Female 1904, Apr 29 Renfro, Dan T. Bugg, Mary Madera  
Reynolds, Female 1899, Dec 24 Reynolds, S. B. - Madera  
Rhodes, Welton C. 1894, Jan 24 Rhodes, Raleigh Welton, Lillian Madera Deceased 1-27-43, Cert. #2001-5.
Rich, Ralph 1897, May 16 Rich, Vincent Barnes, Carrie Madera Name added; father foreign.
Rickets, Female 1904, Aug 26 Rickets, Bertram James, Margurite Madera Father foreign.
Ricketts, Agnes Lilian 1896, Apr 6 Ricketts, Harry Rodrick Gorden, Franci Lillian Madera Name added.
Ricketts, Elizabeth Rebecca 1904 Ricketts, Bertram James, Margaret Madera  
Ricketts, Ruth Isabelle 1899, Dec 7 Ricketts, B. A. - Madera Name added.
Ring, Lueille 1896 Ring, W. C. Zurer, Laura Madera  
Ring, Male 1894, Oct 18 Ring, Wm. Suver, Laura Madera  
Ripperdan, Kenneth 1904, May 3 Ripperdan, George Edwin Drake, Effie Cora Madera  
Ripperdan, Male 1904, May 3 Ripperdan, G. e. - Borden  
Ripperdan, Theresa Gertrude 1898, Aug 9 Ripperdan, George Edwin Drake, Effie Cora    
Rivas, Cornelia Merina ? Rivas, Jose Simpson, Alice O’Neals Farmer.
Rivas, Lettice Ludena ? Rivas, Jose Simpson, Alice O’Neals Farmer.
Rivas, Margaret Beatrice ? Rivas, Jose Simpson, Alice O’Neals Farmer.
Robbins, Asie George  1895 Robbins, George Parker, Emma Madera  
Robbins, Everett 1893 Robbins, George Parker, Irma    
Robertson, Mary Camille 1902, Mar 11 Robertson, Wm. Lacy Allen, Bessie Nancy    
Robins, Male 1893, Nov 7 Robins, George Barker, Emma Madera  
Robins, Male 1895, Nov 5 Robins, George Parker, Emma Madera  
Robins, Male 1895, Nov 5 Robins, George Parker, Emma Madera  
Robison, Myrtle May 1905, Oct 13 Robison, David Calhoun, Hattie Leona    
Roddock, William Ure 1894 Roddock, Robert Ure, Maggie   Parents foreign born.
Rogers, Male 1904 Rogers, Ebb Pickett, M.    
Rogers, Male 1904, Dec 25 Rogers, Ebb Pickett, M. Madera  
Romero, Marie Gloria 1900, Jan 3 Romero, Bart Lewis, Jane Amanda    
Rosa, Male 1904 Rosa, Ed Taylor, Lilly    
Rosa, Male 1904, Oct 30 Rosa, Ed Taylor, Lilly Madera  
Row, Louis Dewey 1898 Row, William Harris Seal, Louisa Madera Farmer; deceased 12-2-72, Cert. #2000-371.
Row, Male 1892, Sept 20 Row, William Leul, Luiza Madera Parents foreign.
Row, Male 1895, Jan 5 Row, W. H. Seal, Louie Madera  
Row, Male 1898, July 1 Row, William Harris Seal Louisa  
Ruiz, Female 1896, Sept 10 Ruiz, Wm. Turner, Laura Madera  
Ruiz, Female 1905 Ruiz, Antonio Feliz, Adela Madera  
Ruiz, Female 1905, May 17 Ruiz, Antonio Feliz, Adela Madera  
Ruiz, Male 1903, Jan 3 Ruiz, Antonio Felles, Della Madera  
Russell, Dean Hardin 1890, Oct 22 Russell, Albert Eli Bonnett, Minnie Marcelia    
Russell, Elvira Minerva 1891, Dec 11 Russell, Albert Eli Bonnett, Minnie Marcelia    
Russell, Male 1897, July 20 Russell, F. C. Coughlan Raymond  
Russell, Ruby Ellen 1894, Feb 6 Russell, Allen Jerome Briggs, Floris Belle    
Ruth, Delbert Mills 1898, Jan 21 Ruth, James Oscar Bethel, Viola Edna    
Ruth, Male 1899, July 10 Ruth, J. O. - Berenda  
Rutherford, Florence Mae 1900, Apr 7 Rutherford, Oliver Perry, Clara May    
Ryan, Edith 1892, Mar 26 Ryan, James R. Coombs, Annie    
Rymer, Male 1896, Mar 1 Rymer, Geo. C. Wilson, Lettie Madera  Stillborn.
Saddler, Male 1894, Nov 25 Saddler, James Not Given Berenda  
Sai, Male ? Sai, Christian Dalton, Ida    
Sam, Female ? Sam, Lee   Madera Parents foreign born; race Yellow.
Sam, Female 1905, Feb 28 Sam, Lee - Madera Born dead; race Yellow; parents foreign.
Sanderson, Female 1903, June 13 Sanderson, Arthur Galeener, Iva Madera  
Sanderson, Female 1904, Oct 4 Sanderson, Wm. Martin, Stella Madera  
Sanderson, Irene Matilda ? Sanderson, Wm. Martin, Stella Madera  
Sanderson, Male ? Sanderson, Wm. Martin, Stella Madera  
Sanderson, Male 1903, July 9 Sanderson, Wm. Martin, Stella Madera  
Sawyer, Westfall 1894, Nov 4 Sawyer, John McSwain, Deborah Madera Names added.
Saxe, Barbara Naomi 1897, Dec 11 Saxe, C. Daulton, Ida Madera Name added.
Saxe, Male 1893, Oct 18 Saxe, Christian Daulton, Ida Madera  
Scheffing, Rosa Elizabeth 1895, Aug 20 Scheffing, Charles Fredrick Gallenback, Elizabeth Madera Deceased 8-20-95, Cert. #20-42, under Payne.
Schmidt, Helen Elizabeth ? Schmidt, Frederick Cardwell, Ruth Madera  
Schmidt, Helen Elizabeth 1904, Oct 16 Schmidt, Fredrick  Cardwell, Ruth Madera Name added.
Scott, Leo Herbert ? Scott, Herbert Leonider Wilson, Saisy Alberta    
Scott, Leo Herbert 1904, Jan 24 Scott, Herbert Leonidas Wilson, Daisy Alberta Madera Names added.
Secara, Delbert Imus 1893, July 14 Secara, J. A. Cavin, Sarah Nevada Berenda Birth certificate attached.
Secara, Nellie Maud 1896, Sept 9 Secara, J. A. Cavin, Sarah Nevada Madera Co. Record correction attached. Mother’s name changed from Miranda Cavine
Secara, Ray Victor 1894, Aug 27 Secara, J. A. Cavin, Sarah Nevada Madera Parents foreign. Birth certificate Attached.
Serpa, Manuel Frank 1902, June 17 Serpa, Hilario, Frank Mattos, Mary    
Severts, Male 1895, Oct 5 Severts, Samuel Johnson, Mary Fresno Flats  
Severts, Samuel 1895, Oct 5 Severts, Samuel Johnson, Mary Fresno Flats  
Seymour, Caroline 1904, Feb 22 Seymour, Felix Maxwell, Annie    
Shaw, Freda Mary 1899, Sept 12 Shaw, F. M. Boyle, Katherine G. Grub Gulch Names added.
Shaw, Male 1896, Feb 14 Shaw, A. C. Watkins, Elizabeth Raymond  
Shaw, Male 1898, July 30 Shaw, David S. Fletcher, Kate Buchanan  
Shaw. Male ? Shaw, A. C. Watkins, Elizabeth Raymond  
Shearer, Vida Darling 1888, Dec 1 Shearer, Arthur Benton Kalfna, Anna Johnson    
Shedd, Merritt Elmore  1899, Sept 22 Shedd, George Elmore, Susie Borden Names added.
Sheffing, Female 1903, Feb 7 Sheffing, C. F. - Madera Twin.
Sheffing, Male 1903, Feb 7 Sheffing, C. F. - Madera Twin.
Sherman, Lee Bill 1898, Jan 1 Sherman, Bill Toup, Neice    
Short, Male ? Short, Can McKenzie   Parents nationality unknown.
Short, Male 1895, Aug 30 Short, Dan McKenzie Soquelle Mile  
Silva, Female ? Silva, Frank   Madera Stillborn.
Silva, Female 1903, May 6 Silva, Emanuel Silva, Josephine Madera Parents foreign.
Silva, Female 1904, Dec 20 Silva, Frank - Monte Ranch  
Silva, Female 1905, Mar 1 Silva, Emanuel - Madera  
Silva, Male ? Silva, Antonio Baptiste, Mary Madera  
Silva, Male ? Silva, Emanuel   Madera Parents foreign born.
Silva, Male 1904, Oct 8 Silva, Antonio Baptiste, Mary Madera  
Simi, Albert 1905, Sept 15 Simi, Annibale DelCerro, Costanza    
Simpson, Richard Birdsong 1879, July 18 Simpson, Richard Birdsong, Mary Agnes    
Sivils, Male ? Sivils, Samuel Johnson    
Skaggs, Female 1894, Nov 18 Skaggs, Sam Not Given Borden  
Skaggs, Fern ? Skaggs, Sam Ritchey, Myra Madera Parents both born CA; farmer.
Skaggs, Male ? Skaggs, Binj. Briggs, Ruth    
Skaggs, Male 1892, Sept 29 Skaggs, Sam Ritchy, Myra Eastin  
Skaggs, Male 1893, Sept 21 Skaggs, Benjaman Briggs, Rugh Borden  
Skaggs, Perle ? Skaggs, Sam Ritchey, Myra Madera Farmer.
Skelton, Charles Albert 1903, June 17 Skelton, Thomas Walter Sage, Dora Raymond Names added; last name changed from Slaton.
Slase, Mirian ? Slase Hale   Father English.
Small, Gerald Orme 1900, Nov 1 Small, John Gerrard Dempsey, Elizabeth    
Small, John G. ? Small, J. G. Dempsey, Elizabeth Raymond Parents Canadian; teacher.
Smith, Edward William 1905, May 22 Smith, W. S. Thomas, Clara Grub Gulch Name added.
Smith, Ernest Delford ? Smith, Albert   Madera Deceased 3-23-51, Cert. #0050-45.
Smith, Fannie Jean Estella 1904, Jan 17 Smith, Sidney Earl Graham, Lula Caroline    
Smith, Female ? Smith, G. H. Smith, Agnes M.    
Smith, Female ? Smith, Henry Ininla, Susie    
Smith, Female ? Smith, W. E. Thomas, Clara Madera  
Smith, Female 1894, Aug 22 Smith, George Smith, Agnes M. Madera  
Smith, Female 1894, Mar 13 Smith, Henry Quinla, Lucie Berenda  
Smith, Female 1895, May 10 Smith, Albert   Madera  
Smith, Female 1904, July 9 Smith, W. E. Thomas, Clara Grub Gulch  
Smith, Howard Dixie 1888, Apr24 Smith, Washington Lafayette Crowell, May    
Smith, John Wesley 1890, Dec 19 Smith, Walter Appleton Bradford, Daisy Olive    
Smith, Male ? Smith , Beatel Schigla, Laura    
Smith, Male ? Smith, Lee Pratt    
Smith, Male 1893, Aug 6 Smith, Bertel Schingle, Laura Madera  
Smith, Male 1894, Mar 20 Smith, Lee Pratt, - Fresno Flats  
Smith, Male 1895, July 13 Smith, Jas. D. Hensley Madera  
Smith, Robert Jefferson 1888, Jan 27 Smith, Frank Benjamin Heacox, Mary Etta    
Smith, Rosella 1897, Aug 18 Smith Roan McClure Cripe, Rosella Celesta    
Smith, Zerifa Roann 1901, Oct 26 Smith, Fountain Randolph Russell, Elsie Josephine    
Speckerman, Dewey Albert 1899, July 6 Speckerman, Thomas Goodeye, Hannah    
Spindle, Female 1897, May 21 Spindle, Manuel Madin, Tonya Madera Father foreign.
St.Martin, Letitia Martha 1903, Nov 13 St.Martin, John Victor Rueseggu, Martha    
Stall, Daniel Otis ? Stall, Danl. Preston, Dora L. Madera  
Stall, Male 1904, May 22 Stall, Dan’l - Madera  
Stappe, Male 1893, July 20 Stappe, - Not given Minturn  
Stark, Carrie Constance 1892, May 28 Stark, Fred Lewis Corrick, Sarah Jane    
Stark, Clara Belle 1893, Dec 18 Stark, Fred Lewis Corrick, Sarah Jane    
Stebbins, William Floyd 1894, Jan 5 Stebbins, Homer C. White, Ida F. La Vina  
Steele, Mary Ellen 1896, Aug 17 Steele, John James Wren, Celesta Jane (Jennie)    
Steenson, Male 1898, Dec 16 Steenson, James Henry Toner, Sarah. North Fork  
Steenson, Ronald John ? Steenson, James Henry Toner, Sarah North Fork Lumberman.
Stein, Evelyn 1904, June 2 Stein, Herman Louis Pollard, Rose Lee    
Stein, Female 1903, Feb 26 Stein, H. L. - Madera  
Stein, Male 1898, Jan 29 Stein, Herman Pollard, Rosa Madera  
Stevens, Florence Alfreda 1899, July 30 Stevens, J. E. McDonald, Mary C. Madera Names added.
Stitt, Claude Mervin 1902, Jan 13 Stitt, Joseph Fredrick Garner, Clara May    
Stitt, Daniel ? Stitt, Joe Garner, Clara Madera Farmer.
Stitt, Elmer Clair 1899, Jan 3 Stitt, Joseph Fredrick Garner, Clara May    
Stitt, Male 1903, Nov 24 Stitt, Joe Garner Madera  
Stymans, Male ? Stymans, W. V. Faster, Ella Madera  
Sumner, Male 1899, Sept 17 Sumner, W. F. - Lankershim  
Sunia, Edward Lawrence 1887, Oct 26 Sunia, Victor Valenzuela, Eloise    
Swain, John Byron 1895, May 13 Swain, Thomas Wiley Swain, Maletha Alice    
Sweeney, Agnes Helena 1905, Dec 10 Sweeney, Jeremiah Synch, Ellen Agnes    
Sweeney, Male 1892, Nov 5 Sweeney, J. J.  Sams, Carmelita Madera Parents foreign.
Syler, Female 1896, Mar 24 Syler, Frank Sands, Nellie Fresno Flats  
Tabor, Betty Vettelena 1904, Oct 1 Tabor, Otis Ward, Maud Madera Name added and changed from m to f.
Tabor, Betty Vettelene 1904 Tabor, Otis Ward, Maude Madera  
Taft, Russell Lewis 1897, Aug 2 Taft, F. w. Slover Madera Name added.
Tawk, Female 1895 Tawk, Oben      
Taylor, Evelyn Irene 1902, Apr 17 Taylor, Frank Otto Skelton, Emma Elizabeth    
Taylor, Female 1896, Jan 10 Taylor, B. Onell, Ella Fresno Flats  
Taylor, Female 1896, Jan 10 Taylor, B. Onell, Ella Fresno Flats  
Taylor, Male 1904, June 1 Taylor, F. O. Slaton, Emma Raymond  
Taylor, Walter Irving 1904 Taylor, F. O. Shelton, Emma Madera  
Taylor, William Raymond 1897, July 31 Taylor, William Bluford Sulle (Onell), Ella Fresno Flats Name added.
Terry, Female 1904 Terry, Homer Smith Madera  
Terry, Female 1904, Aug 4 Terry, Homer Smith Madera  
Thayer, Clarence Maurice 1897, Sept 14 Thayer, Ernest Forsyth, Norabelle Madera Names added.
Thayer, Female 1896, Mar 22 Thayer, E. - Madera  
Thayer, Female 1904, Dec 1 Thayer, Frank McCord, B. Madera  
Thayer, Male 1904 Thayer, Frank McCord, B. Madera  
Thede, Everett Porter 1901 Thede, Everett Porter Carson Miller, Amy Evelyn Madera Mgr.
Thede, Harry Carston 1902 Thede, Harry Martin, Adaline Madera  
Thede, Male 1903, Aug 1 Thede, Porter Miller, Amy Madera  
Thede, Male 1904, June 23 Thede, Harry Peter Martin, Adeline Bessie Madera  
Thomas, Claribel 1883, Feb 26 Thomas, William Edward LaGrue, Mary    
Thomas, George Edgar 1905 Thomas, W. H. Peterson, C. Madera Farmer
Thomas, Male 1905, Feb 21 Thomas, H. W. Peterson, C. Madera  
Thompson, Female 1897, Oct 20 Thompson, Wm. - Madera  
Thompson, Male 1903, May 11 Thompson, Edom Clifford, Ada Madera  
Thompson, Robina Ellen 1903, June 29 Thompson, Lyonel L. Dwyer, Irene Madera Names added.
Thurman, Etta May 1891, Sept 21 Thurman, James William Coleman, Emma Price    
Thurman, Female 1894, Jan 6 Thurman, Mr. Not Given Madera Twin stillborn.
Thurman, Male 1894, Jan 6 Thurman, Mr. Not Given Madera Twin stillborn.
Thurman, Male 1898, Apr 5 Thurman - Madera  
Tidley, Child 1891, Aug 28 Tidley, William Andrew Garner, Mary    
Tighe, Vivian 1895, Oct 8 Tighe, W. C. Casey, Catherine Madera Name added.
Tighe, Vivian 1895, Oct 8 Tighe, W. C. Casey, Catherine Madera Name added.
Tighe, William Charles 1897, Apr 16 Tighe, W. C. Casey, Catherine Madera Name Added
Tipton, Harvey John 1895 Tipton, John Simpson Millard, Fannie Florence Raymond Farmer.
Tisnerat, Bess Rose 1898, Aug 10 Tisnerat, Zacharie Cordu, Emma May    
Tissette, Charles Elijah 1895 Tissette, Gilbert Seaton, Eliza Jane Hildreth Miner.
Tissette, Myrtle Ethelyyn 1893 Tissette, Gilbert Seaton, Eliza Jane Fresno Flats Miner.
Tobit, Female 1896, Sept 30 Tobit, George Willett, Ida Madera  
Toby, Female 1892, Oct 1 Toby, Charles Holcomb, Emma Madera  
Towh, Female 1895, Jan 14 Towh, Obin Webster, Julia Mary Madera  
Townsend, Female 1905, Feb 3 Townsend, Frank - Madera  
Townsend, Katherine Cecila 1905 Townsend, Frank Welch, Elizabeth Lane Madera Deceased 4-26-73, Cert. #2000-1127, under Donovan.
Tubbs, Charles Elmer 1904 Tubbs, Chas. Walsh, Lizzie Madera Laborer.
Tubbs, Male 1904, Dec 23 Tubbs, Charles Elmer Walsh, Lizzie Madera  
Tulley, Male 1903, Jan 19 Tulley, Eugene Searles, Mary M. North Fork  
Tully, Dorothy Leota 1899, July 24 Tully, Eugene F. Searles, Mary Madera Names added.
Tully, Dulce A. 1903, June 10 Tully, Eugene Searls, May North Fork Name added.
Underwood, Elmer Sylvester 1893, Feb 16 Underwood, Charles Alrisa Beck, Ida May    
Underwood, Female 1896, Aug 6 Underwood, H. - Berenda  
Valenzuela, Beatrice 1903 Valenzuela, Joseph Valenzuela, Teresa    
Valenzuela, Female 1903, Nov 25 Valenzuela, Joseph Valenzuela, Teresa Minturn  
Valenzuela, Helen M. 1906, Oct 14 Valenzuela, Raphael M. Casio, Gregoria    
Valenzuela, Jessie Edelaudi 1888, Mar 28 Valenzuela, James Lee, Silveria    
Valenzuela, Male 1899, July 30 Valenzuela, Joe - Madera  
Valenzuela, Male 1902 Valenzuela, Silberio Lares, Mary Madera  
Valenzuela, Male 1905, Feb 20 Valenzuela, Henry Romera, Eduarda Madera Parents foreign.
Valenzuela, Philip 1905 Valenzuela, Henry Romero, Eduardo Madera Premature; parents foreign born, laborer.
Valenzuella, Male 1892, Nov 26 Valenzuella, Mike Baca, Celia Madera Race Mexican.
Valle, Adele  1903 Valle, Joseph N. Moore, Madge L. Madera  
Valle, Adele Valle 1903, Nov 14 Valle, Joseph W. Moore, Madge L. Madera Name added.
VanNess, Ray Delvin 1896, May 8 VanNess, William Henry Lewis, Emma Frances    
Vanturi, Female 1903, June 5 Vanturi, Antonio Mosano, Josephina Madera Mother foreign.
Vatson, Female 1894, June 30 Vatson, - Not Known Madera Parents foreign.
Vignolo, Carol 1894, Aug 18 Vignolo, John Bufford, Alice Berenda  
Vignolo, Dolly Frances 1887, June 13 Vignolo, Angelo Laveroni, Marguerite Louise    
Vignolo, Dorothea Verna 1904 Vignolo, Emilio T. Barry, Emily Verna Berenda  
Vignolo, Female 1904, Sept 13 Vignolo, E. J. Barry, Emma V. Berenda Mother’s name added. Attending physician Mrs. U. N. Boring.
Vignolo, Florence Cecilia 1890, May 22 Vignolo, John Joseph Burford, Alice    
Vignolo, Male 1904 Vignolo, E. S.  Barry, Emma Berenda  
Vignolo, Male 1904, Sept 13 Vignolo, E. S. - Berenda  
Wagner, Millard Filmore 1897, July 31 Wagner, Joseph Henry Lomier, Louise    
Wainscoat, Lloyd Hayden 1898, Jan 6 Wainscoat, Alex Nurour (?), L. A. Madera Co. Middle name same as delivering physician.
Walch, Female 1904, Jan 2 Walch, Patrick Lehr, Annie M. Madera Parents foreign.
Walker, Child 1889, Apr 5 Walker, George W. Bethel, Susie    
Walker, Frank Herman 1904, Sept 6 Walker, Charlie Frank Brown, Mary    
Wallace, Female 1897, Jan 4 Wallace, Miles Dickenson, Anna Madera  
Walsh, Margary 1896, Dec 4 Walsh, Patrick Sehr, Marh Madera Parents foreign.
Walsh, Mary Agnes 1904 Walsh, Patrick Lehr, Mary   Parents foreign born.
Ward, Male 1898, Mar 17 Ward, W. S. Trigg Gold  
Warner, James R. 1903, Feb 4 Warner, James R. Hazenzahl, Kittie Raymond Mother foreign?
Washburn, Billie K. 1903, June 26 Washburn, W. W. Bowman, Kittie Laura Madera Names added. First name of son uncertain in the margin.
Washburn, Edna Mae 1901, Oct 8 Washburn, Walter Wilshire Lawman, Kittie Laura    
Washburn, Female 1904 Washburn, C.      
Washburn, Female 1904, Jan 7 Washburn, Columbus - Madera  
Waterford, Male 1902 Waterford, Saml. Brown, Alice Madera Race Ethiopian.
Watkins, Clara Alta 1898, Sept 10 Watkins, Francis Marion Whiting, Winifred May    
Watkins, Female 1899, Sept 11 Watkins, F. M. - Madera  
Watkins, Walter Stacey 1886, Aug 5 Watkins, John Wellesley Fox, Mattie Wallace    
Webb, Female 1904 Webb, Wm. Willit Madera  
Webb, Lois, Marie 1904, Sept 18 Webb, Wm. Willett, Julia Eva Madera Name added.
Welch, Grace Electa 1902, Oct 21 Welch, William Samuel Frickstad, Segrie Caroline    
Wells, Male 1905 Wells, Oscar Kast, Cora Madera  
Wells, Vernal Belle 1899, July 23 Wells, George Willett, Cora Belle Madera Names added.
Welsh, Male 1905 Welsh, W. S. Frickstadt, Sigreid Madera Stillborn.
Welsh, Male 1905, Mar 5 Welsh, A. S. Friekstadt, Segreid Fresno Flats Born dead.
West, Zena Viola 1903, Apr 24 West, Thomas Compton Ninnis, Nora    
Westfall, Alice 1896, Feb 29 Westfall, Leonard Green, Amanda Fresno Flats "2" written under "female"
Westfall, Female (twin) 1896 Westfall, Leonard Green, Amanda Fresno Flats  
Westfall, Female (twin) 1896 Westfall, Leonard Green, Amanda Fresno Flats  
White, Alexander Ernest 1898, Jan 12 White, Abe  Cruz, Domitila Madera Names added.
White, Cathleen Elvira 1892, Apr 14 White, Abe C. Cruz, Donitila    
White, Cora Olive 1902, May 19 White, Edward, Alfred Thomas, Cora Alma    
White, Elviria Geraldine 1902, Apr 25 White, Abe C. Cruz, Domitilia    
White, Hermelinda Marie 1896, Apr 2 White, Abe C. Cruz, Domitilla    
White, Male 1894 Feb 21 White, Abraham Cruz, Domitila Madera  
Whitfield, Ellamae 1899, Nov 17 Whitfield, William Jones, Nell    
Whitfield, Female 1903, Mar 17 Whitfield, Wm.  Jones, Nellie Coarse Gold  
Whitmer, Raymond Edward 1901, Mar 9 Whitmer, Elmer Conelly, Anna    
Wierhman, Female 1894 Wierhman, Otto Buden, Bertha   Parents foreign born.
Wierhman, Female 1894, Aug 11 Wierhman, Arthur Buden, Bertha Madera Parents foreign.
Wilburn, Child 1894, July Wilburn, Oscar Grace, Libbie Madera Sex and nationality blank.
Wiles, Female 1896, June 11 Wiles, James Stewart, Lygra ? Madera  
Williams, Bessie May 1902, June 27 Williams, Ruben Baldwin, Lena May    
Williams, Cecil John 1899, July 29 Williams, J. B. Smith, Jessie F. Madera Names added.
Williams, Male 1904 Williams, John Smith, Jessie Madera  
Williams, Ruth W. 1896, Oct 24 Williams, J. B. Smith, Jessie Madera Name added; father foreign.
Williams, Wayne O. 1904, Jan 12 Williams, John Smith, Jessie Madera Name added.
Wills, Male 1905, Feb 6 Wills, Oscar Kast, Cora Madera  
Willson, Sara Cynthia 1888, Apr 22 Willson, Louis Ungewitle, Sara    
Wilson, George Lacrett 1893, May 22 Wilson, Sherman Tom Willett, Lula Eva    
Wilson, Ruby 1897, Sept 7 Wilson, Andrew Jackson Strinens, Annie Amelia    
Witburn, Child 1894 Witburn, Oscar Libbie, Grace    
Wofford, Dona Pearl 1892, Feb 14 Wofford, Louis Joseph Fread, Mattie Maria    
Wofford, Elva 1897, Mary 19 Wofford, Joe Lewis Fread, Mattie Lorena    
Wofford, Viola Alice 1895, July 24 Wofford, Joseph Lewis Fred, Mattie Lorena    
Wood, Bertha Ella 1903 Wood, Andrew J. Beard, Annie Rachel Raymond Farmer.
Wood, Eva May 1880, Jan 15 Wood, George Wasthington Meyers, Nettie Maria    
Wood, Female 1903, Aug 12 Wood, A. J. - Raymond  
Wood, Male 1895, June 18 Wood, Homer S. Jones, Hattie J. Raymond  
Wood, Percy Nicholas 1903, Feb 6 Wood, Robert Nicholson, May Raymond Name added.
Wood, Samuel Hopkins 1885, July 17 Wood, Samuel Hopkins Mitchell, Elizabeth Emily    
Woods, Female 1904, Sept 25 Woods, Robert Nicholas, Mae Raymond  
Woods, Male 1893, Oct 2 Woods, Edward Hensley, Alice Madera Co.  
Woods, Male 1904 Woods, Robert Nichols, Mae Raymond  
Woodson, Kermet 1905 Woodson, John Jerant, Josephine Madera  
Woodson, Male 1902 Woodson, John Quant Madera Mother born in CA.
Woodson, Male 1905, May 10 Woodson, John Quant, Josephine Madera  
Worford, Female 1896, July 17 Worford, Anderson Messersmith Madera  
Wren, Child 1896, July 16 Wren Martin, Tellie Madera  
Wren, Dora Beck 1893, May 10 Wren, Leander Owen Dunn, Mary    
Wren, Female 1890, May 14 Wren, George Johnson Musick, Cornelia Jane Madera  
Wren, Female 1892, May 23 Wren, George Johnson Musick, Cornelia Jane Madera  
Wren, Genevieve 1900, Sept 29 Wren, Leander Owen Dunn, Mary    
Wren, Georgia Marie 1897, Jan 10 Wren, Geo. Musick, Cornelia Jane "Jennie" Madera Name added.
Wren, Male 1904, Jan 17 Wren, Lee Dum, Mary Madera  
Wren, Mary Ellen 1902, Apr 19 Wren, Leander Owen Dunn, Mary    
Wren, Philip 1894, Oct 5 Wren, Lee Dunn, Mary Madera  
Wren, Thomas Leander 1904 Wren, Lee Dunn, Mary Madera Laborer.
Wren, Vera 1899, Aug 4 Wren, Thomas Joshua Hambleton, Matilda Madera Names added.
Wright, Helen Josephine 1899, Nov 2 Wright, W. H. Slonicker, Sarah Madera Names added.
Wynn, Anna Laurel 1901, Sept 9 Wynn, Harmon Russell Helm, Anna Davis    
Wynn, Child 1883, June 28 Wynn, Harmon R. Helm, Anna D.    
Wynn, Child 1891, Nov 20 Wynn, Harmon R. Helm, Anna D.    
Wynn, Female 1904, July 18 Wynn, Harmon R. Helm, Anna Knowles  
Wynn, Male 1895, Aug 5 Wynn, Harmon R. Helm, Anna D. Raymond  
Wynn, Vera Crystal 1904, July 18 Wynn, Harmon Russell Helm, Anna Davis Madera  
Yanch, Female 1904 Yanch, T. M.      
Yannke, Female 1902 Yannke, Frank Weber, Marie   Mother German.
Yauch, Frances Mae 1904, Jan 15 Youch, Thomas M. Lundstrom, Lula Madera Names added.
Yocum, Earl S. 1897, Dec 4 Yocum, J. B. Shidd, Lelia Borden Name added.
Young, Male 1905 Young, Oscar Hartman, Anna May    
Zamora, Marcus Victor 1903, Mar 23 Zamora, Marcos G. Cosio, Manuela Madera Names added; last name changed from Samara; mother changed from Marina Corsea; date changed from 20 to 23.
Zeorb, Female 1905 Zeorb, Geo. George, Kate    
Zeorb, Female 1905, Apr 30 Zeorb, Goerge George, Kate Madera  

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