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Madera County Hospital Register 1911-1914
14201 Road 28, Madera, California

Reprinted from
The Heartland Quarterly
Genealogical Society of Madera
(Used by permission)

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Postcard used on April 18, 1910

The Historical Society of Madera gave us some old items that they no longer had room for.  In these items there is an old hospital ledger, we are going to print the names in this ledger.  The reason for hospitalization is mentioned in some cases. If you are interested contact the Genealogical Society of Madera.
Editor's Note: The handwriting in this old register is often difficult to read, and errors could have been made in extracting this information.
[The location of the ledger today is unknown.]

ANDERSON, Andrew; Male; Age: 56; Father: ANDERSON, Pete; Birth Place of Father: Germany; Birth of Mother: Denmark; Nativity: German; Dismissed: 11/24/1911.

ARNOLD, W.D; Male; Age: 79; Occupation: Farmer; Birth Place of Father: MO; Dismissed: 11/18/1912.

ADAMS, Samuel; Male; Age: 40; Dismissed: 12/21/1912.

ASHWORTH, Mrs.; Female; Age: 42; Dismissed: 11/14/1912.

ALLAN, Mrs.; Dismissed: 7/6/1913.

ALANERDOFF or ALAVERDOFF, John; Male; Age: 45; Birthplace of Father: VA; Maiden Name Mother: Mary WOOLCOT; Birthplace of Mother: New York City.


ANDREW, G.; Mal e; Age: 64

BECK, John Nelson; Male; Age: 50; Born: 1860; Occupation: Winer; Dismissed: 12/4/1912.

BERNHARDT, -; Female; Age: 32; Born: 1879; Occupation: Maid; Place of Birth: France; Resident: Raymond; Dismissed: 2/6/1912.

BARNEY, Finley; Male; Born: 9/1830; Place of Birth: Canada; Father: John; Father's Place of Birth: Ireland; Mother's Maiden Name: GROGEN, Ellen; Mother Place of Birth: Ireland; Dismissed: 12/12/1912.

BRADLEY, Antonia; Male; Age: 89; Born: 1822; Father: BRADLEY, Patrick; Birth Place of Father: Ireland; Mother: MCDONALD, Julia; Birth Place of Mother: Ireland; Nativity: Irish; Dismissed: 4/27/1913.

BRIMMERS, Louis; Male; Age: 44; Born: Jan. 14, 1868; Father: BRIMMRS, Lridi or Tridi; Birth Place of Father: Germany; Mother: BOHLEN, Doris; Birth Place of Mother: Germany; Nativity: German; Died: Jan. 12, 1913.

BUCKLEY, George; Male; Age: 37.


BAKER, F. L.; Male; Age: 62; Dismissed: 3/21/1912.

BUTLEY, L. D.; Male; Age: 28.

BRONO, Joe; Male; Age: 62; Dismissed: 10/9/1912.

BAINCHI, Frank; Male; Age: 60; Occupation: Labor; Place of Birth: Italy; Birth Place of Mother: Italy; Nativity: Italian; Admitted: 10/14/1912.

BOSS, J. H.; Age: 50 (Died ? 8/3/1913).

BRUM, Antonia.

BARLOW, William; Age: 54.

BAILEY, Thomas; Age: 74; Dismissed: 2/14/1913.


BERG, Kline.

BAINCHI, Raffaollo; Male; Born: Oct. 26, 1852; Place: Italy; Father: BAINCHI, Annesnzeato; Birth Place of Father: Italy; Mother: ANRICKETTO; Kindi; Birth Place of Mother: Italy.

BEAN, Lucy; Female; Indian Girl.

BEANNO, Frank; Male; Age: 42; Died: 2/3/1913.

BABCOCK, Bert; Male; Age: 21; Dismissed: 3/1913.

BAKER, Thomas; Male, Dismissed: 4/8/1913.

BARSOCCHI, Albert; Male.

BUCK, Robert; Male; Age: 35; Born: June 18; Occupation: Labor; Place of Birth: England; Father: BUCK, Robert; Birth Place of Father: England; Mother: MARSHALL, Dorothy; Birth Place of Mother: England; Dismissed: 6/24/1913.

BRASHERS, Coleman: Male; Age: 84; Born: Mar. 13, 1829; Place of Birth: MO; Father: BRASHERS, William; Birth Place of Father: S. C.; Mother: WOODS, Rasanna; Birth Place of Mother: S.C.; Dismissed: 7/22/19l3.

BOLTON, A. W.; Male; Age: 83; Dismissed: 10/20/1913.

BURNS, Joe; Dismissed: 11/6/1913.

BALDWIN, Collins H.; Age: 69; Nativity: Russia.

CONROY, Mrs.; Female; Admitted: 11/28/1911.

CHINA, Mary; Female; Nativity: China; Admitted: 2/27/1912.

CONNOR, James; Male; Age: 28: Admitted: 3/12/1912.

CHEE, Ah; Male; Age: 56; Admitted: 3/26/1912.

CONNOR, Edward; Male; Age: 68; Admitted: 6/30/1912.

CRAWFORD, Sadn; Female; Age: 12; Admitted: 6/23/1912.

CULP, George; Male; Age: 22; Resident: Ventura; Admitted: 7/1912.

CARDWELL, R.; Male; Age: 73; Born: 1839; Place: Tenn.; Father: L. J. CARDWELL; Born: N. C.; Maiden Name Mother: L. ROBINSON; Born: VA.

COOPER, Thomas; Male; Age: 70; Born: Mar. 26, 1844; Place: Scotland; Father: John Cooper; Born: Scotland; Maiden Name Mother: Emily McDIRVILL; Born: Scotland.

CURRIER. Serth; Male; Age: 80; Admitted: 2/3/1913.

CLOUSE, James; Male; Age: 33; Admitted: 2/6/1913.

CLEO, Jim; Male; Age: 28; Admitted: 2/20/1913.

COSAREY, Rifiyio; Admitted: 2/26/1913.

CAREY, Oliver James: Male; Age: 29; Born: 5/3/1883; Place: Australia; Father: James CAREY; Born: Australia; Maiden Name Mother: Mary MITCHELL; Residence: Raymond, CA; Admitted: 5/26/1913.

CARKEN, Mrs.; Female; Age: 32; Born: Aug. 8, 1881; Place: Fresno, CA; Father: Jewel HASSEN; Place: Texas; Maiden Name Mother: Mary MITCHELL; Residence: Raymond, CA; Admitted: 5/26/1913.

CORNORS, Dan; Male; Age: 41; Born Aug. 8, ; Place: MO; Father: P. CORNORS; Place: Scotland; Maiden Name Mother: Katharine SHINE; Place: Ireland; Admitted: 6/26/1913.

CORI, Caesar; Male; Age: 65; Born: July 6, ; Place: Italy; Father: Joe CORTI; Place: Italy; Maiden Name Mother: Seraphine ALBINO; Place: Italy; Residence: Raymond; Admitted: 7/1913.

COOPER, Thomas; Male; Age: 70.

CRAWFORD, -; Boy; Age: 2; Died 3/10/1914.

DOUGHERTY, James; Male; Age: 52; Born: 5/14/1859; Occup. Blacksmith; Place Born: Penn.; Name of Father: C. DOUGHERTY; Place Born: Ireland; Maiden Name Mother: Kate BARR; Place Born: Ireland; Admitted 3/1/1911.

DEVINE, Charles; Male; Age: 64; Born: 1859; Occup. Labor; Place Born: LA; Maiden Name Mother: DAFFNEY; Admitted: 2/1912.

DUCAN, Thomas; Male; Age: 70; Born: Ohio; Father: Andrew Jackson DUCAN; Place Born: Penn.; Maiden Name Mother: Lavina BAXTER; Place Born: Ohio; Admitted: 4/26/1912.

DOYLE, Theardor; Male; Admitted: 5/15/1912.

DORN, G., Male; Admitted: 5/3/1912.

DAULTON, Jack; Male; Admitted: 8/21/1912.

DUNLAP, Thomas; Male; Born: 5/29/1828; Occup. Farmer; Place Born: MO; Father: David DUNLAP; Place Born: N.C.; Maiden Name Mother: Mary GUDGEE; Admitted: 12/1/1912.

DEVCHO, Carlo; 74; Father: Paschal DEVCHO; Place Born: Italy; Died: 12/1/1912.

DAVIS, Mrs.; Female; 22; Admitted: 12/31/1912.

DROHU, Pat; Male; 50; Place Born: Ireland; Father: Andy DROHU; Place Born: Ireland; Admitted: 12/13/1912.

DECOSTIN, H.; Admitted: 1/17/1913.

DEE, John; 47; Born: 5/28/1862; Occup. Labor; Place Born: Penn.; Father: Harry David DEE; Born: Ireland; Maiden Name Mother: Kate DALEY; Born: Ireland; Admitted: 3/26/1913.

DAY, Sarah May; Died: 3/22/1913.

DEYER, Mrs. M.

DAVIS, David D.; 89; Admitted: 10/23/1913; Died: 1/27/1914.

EDDY, John; Admitted: 4/24/1912.

ENGLISH, John; Male; 57; Admitted: 10/31/1913.

FISH, John; Male; 75; Born: 1836; Occupation: Blacksmith; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 11.15.1812; Dismissed: 12/11/1912.

FARRAR, Edward; Male; 72; Occupation: Laborer; Birthplace: Illinois; Nativity: US; Residence: Madera; Father: J. FARRAR; Born: England; Maiden Name of Mother: Susiana BORUN; Born: England; Admitted: 10/21/1911. Re-entered: 7/17/1913; Died: 7/18/1913; Brother: Richard FARRAR.

FOX, Pat; Male; 26; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 2/26/1912; Dismissed: 2/27/1912.

FRAZIER, Ben W.; Male; 25; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 3/19/1912; Dismissed: 3/26/1912.

FORRESTER, Luther; Male; Age: 20; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 3/28/1912.

FORT, Charles; Male; 67; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 4/18/1912; Dismissed: 4/1912.

FELLOWS, Mrs.; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 7/12/1912.

FRIES, William; Male; 34; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 8/24/1912; Dismissed: 8/31/1912.

FLORES, Mrs.; Female; 32; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 3/2/1912; Dismissed: 4/13/1912.

FRANCIS, E. J. Male 64 Residence: Madera Admitted: I O/ 1 4/1 9 1 2 Dismissed-. 10/28/1912

FARWORTH, William; Admitted: 11/5/1912; Dismissed: 6/4/1913.

FINDLAY, Barney; 83; Born: 9/11/1830; Birthplace: Canada; Father: John FINDLAY; Born: Ireland; Maiden Name of Mother: Ellen GROGAN; Born: Ireland; Dismissed: 7/18/1913.

FULLER, Beatrice; Female; 5; Born: 11/11/1907; Birthplace: Santa Barbara Co.; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Russell FULLER; Born: Canada; Maiden Name of Mother: Ethel SEED; Born: Canada; Admitted: 5/13/1913; Dismissed: 6/6/1913.

FULLER, Grace; Female; 3; Born: 5/13/1910; Birthplace: Santa Barbara Co.; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Russell FULLER; Born: Canada; Maiden Name of Mother: Ethel SEED; Born: Canada; Admitted: 5/13/1913; Dismissed: 6/6/1913.

FILLIPONI, Tony; Male; 10 mos.; Born: 7/7/1912; Birthplace: Madera; Residence: Madera; Father: Eugene FILLIPONI; Born: Italy; Maiden Name of Mother: Josephine MALONI; Born: Italy; Admitted: 5/30/1913; Dismissed: 6/8/1913.

FLORES, Mrs. L.; Female; 29; 5/7/1884; Birthplace: Mariposa Co.; Residence: Madera; Father: Frank SHELL; Born: Germany; Maiden Name of Mother: Emma LAVORENE; Born: California; Admitted: 6/13/1913.

FARINAELLI, Ova; Male; 15 mos.; Born: 4/1 4/1912; Birthplace: Madera; Residence: Madera; Father: V. FARINAELLI; Born: Italy; Maiden Name of Mother: Lucia BARLDI; Born: Italy; Admitted: 6/11/1913; Died: 6/20/1913.

FARRAR, Edward; Male; 72; Birthplace: Illinois; Residence: Madera; Father: J. FARRAR; Born: England; Admitted: 7/17/193 (Re-entered); Died: 7/17/1913.

FINLEY, Mrs. William; Female.

FINLAY, Barney; Male; Admitted: ?/6/1913.

GALLAHER, J. P.; Male; Born: 3/9/1884; Birthplace: Penn.; Nativity: US; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: J. P. GALLAHER; Born: Ireland; Maiden Name Of Mother: Mary NEUNENAN; Born: Ireland; Admitted: 12/13/1911.

GARCIA, U.; Male; 42; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 1/5/1912; Dismissed: 2/1/1912.

GIP, Ah; Male; 79; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 3/26/1912; Dismissed: 5/1912.

GEOFFREY, Fred; Male; 51;  Residence: Madera Co.;  Admitted: 4/5/1912.

GO…LOCK, -; Male;  Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 4/5/1912.

GRIFFIN, C.; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 4/8/1912; Dismissed: 8/4/1912.

GOUGH, Judge L. F.; Male; Born: 1840; Birthplace: England; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Thomas  GOUGH; Born: England; Maiden Name of Mother: Hanna SLEPTHUES; Born: England; Admitted: 4/3/1912.

GAINES, M. B.; Male; 82; Born: 1 /3/l 830; Birthplace: N.Y.; Residence: Madera; Father: Egbert GAINES; Born: Conn.; Maiden Name of Mother: Marcia BEEBE; Born: Conn.; Admitted: 7/16/1912; Dismissed: 9/12/1912; Re-entered: 1/14/1913.

GREEN, Mrs. I. J. & Baby; Female; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 7/30/1912; Dismissed: 8/8/1912.

GIBSON, -; Male; 47; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 10/24/191?; Dismissed: 1/3/1913.

GRIFFON, James; Male; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 12/3/?.

GOLDEN, Alfred; Male; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 12/8/1912; Died: 12/12/1912.

GOLDEN, Mrs.; Female; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 12/16/1912; Dismissed: 3/16/1913.

GEOVANNI, Cordana; Nativity: Italian; Admitted: 10/11/1912; Died: 12/25/1912.

GOKEY, John; 15; Admitted: 4/16/1913; Dismissed: 4/27/1913.

GALINDO, Molly; Female; 50; Nativity: Indian; Admitted: 4/26/1913.

GORE, Thomas; 76; Birthplace: Alabama; Father: Solomon GORE.

GORDON, George; Male; 77; Born: 11/1836; Birthplace: Tenn.; Father: John GORDON; Born: Tenn.; Maiden Name of Mother: Matilda HAYIER; Born: Tenn.; Dismissed: 6/3/13.

GAYARDINNI, Italia; Female; Born: 7/5/1912; Birthplace: Madera; Father: Cesere GAYARDINNI; Born: Italy; Maiden Name of Mother: Mary CATALIA; Born: Italy; Admitted: 7/5/1913.

GALINDO, Nick; Male; 35; Birthplace: San Jose; Residence: Madera; Father: L. GALINDO; Born: San Jose; Maiden Name of Mother: Ramona ROBERTSON; Born: San Jose; Admitted: 7/10/1913; Dismissed: 7/14/1913.

GUFF, -; Male; Admitted: 8/26/1913.

GIL…OSLY, Philip; Admitted: 8/11/1913.

GORDON, George; Admitted: 11/4/1913.

GORE, Thomas A.; Male; Born: 1835; Occupation: Farmer; Birthplace: Alabama; Father: Solomon GORE; Born: Georgia; Maiden Name of Mother: Susiana CHRISTIAN; Born: Tenn.; Registered: 12/11/1913; Died: 1/14/1914.

GORDON, George W.; Male; Born: 7/4/1836; Occupation: Labor; Nativity: US; Residence: Madera; Father: John H. GORDON; Born: Tenn.; Maiden Name of Mother: Matilda HOPPER; Born: Tenn.

HOLLAND, Pete; Male; 38; Occupation: Farmer; Birthplace: Kentucky; Nativity: US; Residence: Raymond; Father: W. C. HOLLAND; Born: Kentucky; Maiden Name of Mother: Maria KLEMMENTS; Born: Alabama.

HIGHLAND, Charles; Occupation: Farmer; Birthplace: Mississippi; Nativity: US; Residence: Raymond; Father: Louis HIGHLAND; Born: Ohio; Maiden Name of Mother: Sefonia MOORE; Born: Ohio; Date of Death - 2/5/1913.

HAWKINS, Richard; 52; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 12/25/1911; Dismissed: 2/5/1912.

HADLEY, George; Male; 60; Born: 2/15/1833; Birthplace: Ohio; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: John HADLEY; Born: Massachusetts; Maiden Name of Mother: Rhonda RANKINS; Born: Wales; Admitted: 1/30/1912 Dismissed: 4/11/1912.

HARDY, Doc; Male; 38; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 2/20; Dismissed: 3/21/1912.

HOGUE, P.; Male; 27; Admitted: 2/28/1912; Dismissed: 3/22/1912.

HUNT, William; Male; 50; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 8/7/1862; Birthplace: California; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: D. F. HUNT; Born: Maine; Maiden Name of Mother: Josephine CONANT; Born: Mexico; Admitted: 3/30/1912; Date of Death: 6/13/1913.

HALLEEN or HALLEM, Mrs. L.; Female; 37; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 3/16/1912; Dismissed: 3/301912.

HARRIS, John; Male.

HOGAN, D. U.; Male; 54; Admitted: 11/13/1912; Date of Death: 11/1912.

HANDY, Mrs. E.; Female; 53; Admitted: 11/15/1912; Dismissed: 11/1912.

HOLLISTER, -; Dismissed: 1/25/1913.

HOWE, George; Male; 65; Admitted: 2/8/1913; Dismissed: 2/17/1913.

HOLMES, Mary; 9; Admitted: 3/20/1913.

INRIGHT, John; Male; Born: 12/26/1854; Occupation: Plumber; Birthplace: Massachusetts; Residence: Madera; Father: John INRIGHT; Born: Ireland; Maiden Name of Mother: Mary BARRY; Born: Ireland; Registered: 12/5/1912.

JAMES, Mrs. W.; Female; 25; Occupation- Housewife; Born: 3/16/1886; Birthplace: Florida; Residence: Raymond; Father: Robert BROWN; Born: South Carolina; Maiden Name Mother: Minnie ROUSE; Born: Georgia; Admitted: 11/25/1911.

JONES, Mrs.; Female; Nativity: Indian; Residence: Raymond; Admitted: 3/21/1912; Dismissed: 4/1912.

JONES, Mrs.; Female; 22; Admitted: 8/31/1912.

JACOBSON, Jacob; Male; 41; Admitted: 3/19/1913; Dismissed: 5/14/1913.

JONES, Baby; Female; 2; Admitted: 3/14/1913; Dismissed: 4/667/1913.

JACOBSON, Jacob; Male 41; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 12/13/?;  Birthplace: Denmark; Residence: Madera; Father: J. J. JACOBSON; Born: Denmark; Maiden Name of Mother: Judith IPSEN; Born: Denmark; Admitted: 5/25/1913; Dismissed: 6/6/1913.

JONES, Jerry; Male; Admitted: 10/23/1913.

JOHNSTON, Oliver; Admitted: 10/31/1913; Dismissed: 11/5/1913.

KURSTEAD, James H.; Male; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 7/7/1838; Birthplace: Michigan; Residence: Madera; Father: Daniel KURSTEAD; Born: New Jersey; Maiden Name of Mother: Sarah ?; Born: New York; Registered: 12/1911; Date of Death: 11/13/1912; Buried: Nov. 16, 1912 by Grand Army.

KEEFE, Tom; Male; 72; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 12/6/1911; Dismissed: 4/15/1912.

KUCHLES, William; Male; 50; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 1/23/1912 Dismissed: 2/12.

KINSLEY, Frank; Male; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 2/3/1912; Dismissed: 2/9/1912.

KINSMON, Oliver Allan; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 2/27/1912; Date of Death: 12/10/1912.

KENNEDY, Thomas; Male; 16; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 4/19/1913; Dismissed: 4/27/1913.

KING, James; Male; Admitted: 7/25/1913; Dismissed: 8/7/1913.

LANTANA, Chodoni-?; Male; 63; Occupation: Miner; Birthplace:  Chile; Residence: Madera; Father: Joseph Maria LANTANA; Born: Chile; Mother: Favia NORANUS (Sp?); Born: Chile; Registered: 12/1911.

LANG, W. A.; 36; Admitted: 3/15/1912; Dismissed: 5/7/1912.

LANCE, Laura; Female; Admitted: 5/23/1912.

LAVERA, R.; Male; 38; Admitted: 7/22/1912; Dismissed: 7/29/1912.

LEE, George; Male; 68; Admitted: 7/30/1912.

LENARD, Mrs.; Admitted 1/27/1913; Dismissed: 2/13/1913.

LYANS, Edward; Male; Admitted: 2/20/1913; Dismissed: 3/20/1913.

LAYMAN, G. W.; Male; 49; Admitted: 4/10/1913; Dismissed: 4/19/1913.

LARNHAM, William; Male; 73; Born: 2/3/1840; Birthplace: Maine; Father: William LARNHAM; Born: Maine; Maiden Name of Mother: Lithia EMERSON; Born: Maine.

LAWLOR, Thomas; Male; 39; Born: 10/19/1874; Birthplace: Rhode Island; Residence: Madera; Father: James LAWLOR; Born: England; Maiden Name of Mother: Fanny EVERETT; Born: England; Admitted: 7/16/1913; Dismissed: 7/21/1913; Returned: 8/28/13.

LONG, G. S., Male; 47; Admitted: 9/27.

LEWIS, Joseph; Male; Admitted: 10/31.

MAXWELL, Kennedy; Occupation: Carpenter; Born: 6/12/1840; Birthplace: Scotland; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Walter MAXWELL; Born: Scotland; Maiden Name of Mother: Mary CAMBELL; Born: Scotland; Registered: 12/1911; Date of Death: 2/1912.

MOSHER, A.; Male; 59; Born: Canada; Father: Nelson MOSHER; Born: Canada; Maiden Name of Mother: Katherine MURPHY; Born: Canada; Admitted: 11/23/1911; Dismissed: 3/18/1912.

MALLADY, Tom; Male; Born: 1840; Occupation: Bricklayer; Birthplace: Massachusetts; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Mike MALLADY; Born: Massachusetts; Maiden Name of Mother: Ellen BURK; Born: Massachusetts; Registered: 12/1911.

MURRAY, John; Male; 68; Born: 1843; Occupation: Laborer; Birthplace: Canada; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Edward MURRAY; Born: Ireland; Maiden Name of Mother: Jennie BELL; Born: Ireland; Admitted: 1/29/1912.

MOBSBERGER, Dick; Male; 23; Born: Holland; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 1/13/1912; Dismissed: 4/25/1912.

MURPHY, Thomas; Male; 54; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 1/27/1912; Dismissed: 2/5/1912.

MILLER, John; Male; 82; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 2/22/1912; Dismissed: 5/21/1912.

MITCHELL, William; Male; 52; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 2/5/1912.

MULLEY, Polly; Female; Residence: Madera Co.; Admitted: 6/15/1912; Re-entered: 8/8/1912.

MANDISH, Sam; Male; 15; Admitted: 7/15/1912.

MURPHY, William; Male; 52; Born: 4/11/1861; Birthplace: California; Father: James MURPHY; Born: Scotland; Maiden Name of Mother: Mary BRANIGAN; Born: Ireland; Admitted: 8/21/1912; Dismissed: 10/10/1912.

MEJIA, Pete; Male; 47; Born: Mexico; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Lantago MEJIA; Born: Mexico; Maiden Name of Mother: Januna REGNDES; Born: Mexico; Admitted: 10/17/1912.

MAY, William; Male; 35; Admitted: 12/11/1912; Dismissed: 2/16/1913.

MARTIN, John; Male; 78; Admitted: 12/3/1912; Dismissed: 1/3/1913.

MADISON, A. H.; Male; Admitted: 1/24/1913.

MELICO, Americo; Male; Italian; Admitted: 2/12/1912; Dismissed: 2/12/1913.

MONRI, Antonio; Male; 42; Admitted: 2/18/1913; Dismissed: 2/25/1913.

MARY, China; Female; Admitted: 2/16/1913; Date of Death: 2/17/1913.

MURPHY, Jerry; Male; 68; Born: 12/26/1844; Occupation: Laborer; Birthplace: Ireland; Residence: Miller; Father: Michael MURPHY; Born: Ireland; Maiden Name of Mother: Katherine CONNERS; Born: Ireland; Admitted: 4/15/1913; Dismissed: 5/13/1913.

MARTINI, Petro; Male; 66; Italian; Admitted: 4/25/1913; Dismissed: 4/30/1913.

MILO, Lewis; Male; 16; Indian; Admitted: 4/8/1913; Dismissed: 5/15/1913.

MARTIN, George, Male; 59; Born: 4/15/1854; Birthplace: Maine; Father: Alfred MARTIN;
Born: Maine; Maiden Name of Mother: Alamina CARR; Born: Maine; Date of 
Death: 5/29/1913.

MUGGET, Nelson; Male; 86; Born: 4/10/1827; Birthplace: Michigan; Father: Mirum MUGGET; Born: Vermont; Maiden Name of Mother: Electra Ann UNDERWOOD; Born: Penn.; Admitted: 6/1912; Dismissed: 6/23/1912.

MORIARTY, Thomas; Male; 33; Born: 10/13/1879; Birthplace: Santa Barbara; Residence: Santa
Barbara; Father: James MORIARTY; Born: San Francisco; Maiden Name of Mother: Katherine STEVENS; Born: San Francisco; Admitted: 5/24/1913; Dismissed: 5/26/1913.

MARVIN, William; Male; 46; Born: 7/6/1867; Occupation: Laborer; Birthplace: New York State; Residence: Madera Co.; Father: Robert MARVIN; Born: New York State; Maiden Name of Mother: Jenny BABCOCK; Born: New York State; Admitted: 7/l/1913.

MILLER, Marie; Female; 17; Born: 4/16/1896; Occupation: Housework; Birthplace: South Carolina; Residence: Madera; Father: Will MILLER; Maiden Name of Mother: Annie Bell MILLS; Born: South Carolina; Admitted: 7/2/1913.

MAMIAS, M.; Male; Admitted: 7/30/1913.

MERRILL, Glen C.; Admitted: 7/30/1913; Dismissed: 8/3/1913.

MELLAN, William; Admitted: 9/l/1913.

MATHEWS, Mrs. and Baby; Admitted: 10/30/1913; Dismissed: 11/19/1913.

MARTH, William; Admitted: 11/17/1913.

MITCHELL, W. E.; Admitted: 11/1/1913.

MILTON, Edward; Male; 14; Admitted; 11/22/1913; Dismissed: 12/15/1913.

McGORTY; Male; 47; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 1864; Birthplace: Penn.; Father: Patrick McGORTY; Born: Ireland; Mother: Mary McCAIG; Born: Mass.; Admitted: 11/10/1911; Dismissed: 12/11/1911.

McDOWELL; Male; 30; Admitted: 1/26/1912; Dismissed: 3/2/1912.

McHENRY, William; Male; Admitted: 4/4/1912; Dismissed 4/14/1912;

McCLEARY, James; Male; 82; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 5/9/1912; Date of Death: 5/16/1912.

McIVORY, J.; Male; 36; Residence: Raymond, CA; Admitted: 5/17/1912; Dismissed: 5/22/1912.

McSHEA, James; Male; 63; Admitted: 12/30/1912; Dismissed: 3/13/1913.

McCALLAN, Collabe; Male; 32; Admitted: 3/30/1913.

McALLER, William; Admitted: 11/15/1913.

NELSON, Tom M.; Male; 86; Occupation: Laborer; Born: July25, ?; Birthplace: Mass.; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: T. M. NELSON; Born: Mass.; Mother: Susian MARCH; Born: New Hampshire; Admitted: 9/1910.

NEWMAN, Dennis; Male; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 8/14/1831; Birthplace: Ireland; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: John NEWMAN; Born: Ireland; Mother: Hannah DUFF; Born: Ireland; Registered: 12/1911.

NORRIS, Smitt; Male; 75; Residence: Madera Co., CA; Admitted: 10/15/1912; Date of Death: 11/2/1912.

NORTHFIELD, Joseph Robert; Male; Born: 10/21/1841; Birthplace: England; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: Robert NORTHFIELD; Born: England; Mother: Sarah BAKER; Born: England; Admitted: 10/31/1912.

NEWTON, George; Male; Admitted: 1/15/1913.

NORTHCLIFF, Harry; Male; 20; Admitted: 2/9/1913.

O'NEAL, John; Male; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 12/8/1837; Birthplace: Louisiana: Residence: 
Madera, CA; Father: J. O'NEAL; Born: Georgia; Mother: Lucy HAMBRICK; Born: Georgia; Registered: 12/11/1912; Dismissed 7/20/1913.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Joseph; Male; 42; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 3/5/1912; Dismissed: 6/10/1912.

OALSON, Tony; Male; 54; Residence: Fresno Co., CA; Admitted: 10/14; Returned: 10/31/1912.

ORLANDO, Centon; Male; 25; Admitted: 9/14/1913.

POOLE, George; Male; 82; Born: 11/1831; Birthplace: Tenn.; Father: Mastan (or Marton?) POOLE; Born: North Carolina; Mother: Lucinda GILEY; Admitted 12/22/1911.

PETERS, John; Male; 51; Admitted: 6/16/1912.

PETERSON, Augusta; 54; Admitted: 9/10/1912; Shipped to Fresno: 9/28/1912.

PACHAUX (Spelling?), Frank; Male; Admitted: 8/13/1913; Dismissed: 8/30/1913.

PHENSTY, C.O.; Male; 66; Admitted: 9/15/1913.

QUEAL, Roxy; Male; 52; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 4/5/1857; Birthplace: Iowa; Residence: Madera Co., CA; Father: Paul QUEAL; Born: New York; Admitted: l/9/1912.

QUIHNEZ, Jesus; Male; 74; Admitted: 11/15/1912; Date of Death: 2/15/1913.

QUARTS, George; Admitted: 11/19/1913.

ROBINSON, E.; Male; 56; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 1/21/1912; Dismissed: 2/3/1912.

RYAN, John; Male; 65; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 3/10/1912; Dismissed: 12/30/1912.

RADCLIFFE, William; Male; 62; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 4/8/1912; Dismissed: 8/13/1912.

RUBEN, Henry; Male; 64; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 7/7/1912; Dismissed: 7/1912.

RUSSELL, Melbourne; Male; 57; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 8/24/1912; Dismissed: 8/25/1912.

REIES, Lewis; Male; 37; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 9/1912.

RANDA, Sam; Male; 50; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 10/14/1912; Dismissed: 2/13/1913.

ROBINSON, Jim; Male; 56; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 10/28/1912; Dismissed: 2/19/1912; Re-entered 3/21/1913 and died.

ROAN, Mrs. Jim; Female; Indian; Residence: Madera Co., CA; Admitted: 11/14/1913, Dismissed: 1/6/1913. (Editor's Note-Error in year of admittance?)

RODGERS, Frank; Male; 77; Born: 12/25/1836; Birthplace: Tenn.; Father: Withfield RODGERS; Born: Alabama; Mother: Mary LEWIS; Born: Miss.; Admitted: 1/23/1913; Dismissed: 6/26/1913.

ROMEIS, Frank; Male; 28; Admitted: 2/16/1913.

REAVIS, H. H.; Male; 23; Admitted: 4/20/1913; Dismissed: 4/30/1913.

RENNICKE, Christopher; Male; 58; Occupation: Tailor; Born: 12/8/1834; Birthplace: Germany; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: Frederick RENNICKE; Born: Germany; Mother: Louise RENNICKE; Born: Germany; Admitted: 3/25/1913.

RUSSELL, Frank; Male; 33; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 3/8/1880; Birthplace: Mass.; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: Frank RUSSELL; Born: Scotland; Mother: Edith JOHNSON; Born: Scotland; Admitted: 6/12/1913; Dismissed: 6/23/1913.

RITCHIE, W. R.; Male; 60; Born:11/30/ ?; Birthplace: Illinois; Residence: O'Neals; Father: Obe RITCHIE; Born: Tenn.; Mother: Articia FRANCIS; Born: Virginia; Admitted: 7/7/1913; Dismissed: 9/3/1913.

ROSSELL, Pete; Male; Admitted: 8/2/1913; Dismissed: 8/8/1913.

RENEGAMINI, Avina; Admitted: 11/24/1913.

SAVOY, Charles A.; Male; 61; Occupation: Painter; Born: 1850; Birthplace: Indiana; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: Greenberg SAVOY; Born: Maryland; Mother Born: Ohio; Admitted: 11/1/1911; Dismissed: 12/11/1911.

SMILEY, G. W.; Male; Occupation: Farmer; Born: 2/2/1822; Birthplace: Penn.; Residence: Madera Co., CA; Father: David SMILEY; Registered: 12/12/1911; Dismissed: 1/15/1912.

ST. CLAIR, Donald; Male; Occupation: Farm Hand; Born: 1855; Birthplace: Canada; Residence: Madera Co., CA; Father: Archaball ST. CLAIR; Born: Scotland; Mother's Maiden Name: McINTYRE; Born: Scotland; Dismissed: 4/1/1912 (Shipped to Canada).

SMITH, J. M.; Male; 26; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted:1/9/1912; Dismissed:2/3/1912.

SEVAIN; Male; 73; Admitted: 1/15/1912; Date of Death: 1/1912

SANCHEZ, George; Male; 35; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 3/14/1912; Dismissed: 3/19/1912.

SHANNON, George; Male; 50; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 4/18/1912.

SIMMONS, George; Male; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 7/15/1912; Dismissed: 7/1912.

SMITH, Charles; Male; 65; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 8/28/1912; Dismissed: 10/4/1912.

SHELLY, Tom; Male; 48; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 8/5/1912; Dismissed: 8/10/1912.

SWIFT, Milton; Male; 40; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 10/12/1912; Dismissed: 10/1912.

SCOTT, Charles; Male; 40; Residence: Madera, CA; Admitted: 12/18/1912; Dismissed: 1/11/1913.

STAFFORD, Mike; Male; 52; Born: 1/15/1861; Birthplace: Canada; Father: James STAFFORD; Born: Canada; Admitted: 1/17/1913; Dismissed: 6/19/1913.

SODEGREW, Lawrence P.; Male; 71; Born: 5/20/1842; Birthplace: Sweden; Father: Sam SODEGREW; Born: Sweden; Mother: Anna LARSON; Born: Sweden; Dismissed: 5/12/1913.

SANFORD, H. W.; Male; 65; Born: 2/29/1848; Birthplace: Illinois; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: James L. SANFORD; Born: Vermont; Mother: Mary BARTLETT; Born: Kentucky; Admitted: 1/27/1912.

SILVA, Clyde; Male; 29; Occupation: Laborer; Born: 3/5/1884; Birthplace: Portugal; Residence; Madera, CA; Father: Lloyd SILVA; Born: Portugal; Mother Born: Portugal; Admitted 6/23/1913 Dismissed: 6/25/1913.

SMITH, M. Eli; Male; 27; Born: 3/13/1886; Birthplace: Los Angeles County, CA; Residence: Madera, CA; Father: James M. SMITH; Born: Ohio; Mother: Charlotte RICHARDSON; Born: San Bernardino Co., CA; Admitted: 6/28/1913; Dismissed: 8/2/1913.

STORM, William; Male; 70; Admitted: 9/15/1913. 

TURNER, B.; Male; 40; White; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 1/6/1912; Dismissed: 3/18/1912.

TARRIS, E.; Male; 63; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 1/9/1912.

TING, James, Male; 72; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 10/1/1912.

TYANS, Thomas; Admitted: 1/28/1913.

TERRIER, Mrs. Clemens; Female; 73; Date of Birth: 30 Aug 1840; Birthplace: France; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 5/12/1913; Dismissed: 7/15/1913.

TURNER, S. V.; Male; 84; Residence: Raymond; Admitted: 6/17/1913; Dismissed: 6/21/1913; Grandson: E. E. Koutz [Koontz], Raymond

TAYLER, William; Male: Admitted: 6/1920.

VISKEY, -; 52; Admitted: 4/28/1912; Dismissed: 5/8/1912.

VUCASOVICH; Tom; Admitted: 4/19/1913; Date of Death: 5/4/1913.

WRIGHT, Robert G.; Male; Occupation: Labor; Date of Birth: 22 Jan 1849; Place of Birth: Iowa; Nativity: US; Residence: Madera; Father: James WRIGHT; Birthplace: Ohio; Mother: Elizabeth GARETT; Birthplace: England: Registered: 12/1911.

WILSON, B. F.; Male; 68; Residence: Berenda; Admitted: 1/5/1912; Dismissed: 2/6/1912.

WEALKLEY, Edward; Male; 65; Admitted: 1/29/1912; Date of Death: 2/1912.

WEST, John; Male; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 2/15/1912; Dismissed: 3/8/1912.

WILLIAM, Curly; Male; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 4/25/1912.

WILSON, Logan; Male; Residence: Madera; Admitted: 6/7/1912.

WEHRMEN, Herman; Male; 62; Residence: Male; Admitted: 8/2/1912; Dismissed: 8/12/1912.

W?ISTZ, -; Male; Nativity: Russian; Admitted: 1912.

WHITE, Pat; Male; 28; Admitted: 1/23/1913; Date of Death: 2/1913.

WHEATLEY, H. H.; Male; Admitted: 1/17/1913; Dismissed: 1/22/1913.

WOOD, J. R.; Male; 61; Admitted: 1/15/1913.

WETMORE, Alfred; Male; 51; Admitted: 3/6/1913; Dismissed: 4/11/1913.

WELLS, Joe; Male; 28; Admitted: 4/16/1913; Dismissed: 5/16/1913.

WELL, John; Male; 60; Admitted: 4/30/1913; Dismissed: 5/4/1913.

WARD, John Fisk; Male; 77; Date of Birth: 7 Mar 1836; Birthplace: Switzerland: Father: Frederick WARD; Born: Switzerland; Mother: Anna Katherine ROTHPLETE; Born: Switzerland.

WHALON, John; Male; 63; Date of Birth: 25 Mar 1849; Birthplace: Ireland; Father: John WHALON; Born: Ireland; Mother: Mary KELLEY; Born: Ireland; Admitted: 5/23/1913; Dismissed: 5/28/1913.

WHITMORE, Alfred; Admitted: 7/12/1913.

WAGNOR, -; Male; Admitted: 8/26/1913.

WILSON, Franklin; Male; Occupation: Labor; Birthplace: MO; Residence: Madera; Father: John WILSON; Born: MO; Mother: Sarah HOWE; Born: Maine; Admitted: 11/1912.

YOUNG, Charles; Male; 63; Date of Birth: Oct 1850; Place of Birth: Penn.; Residence: Coarsegold; Father: William YOUNG; Born: Penn.; Mother: Fanny PEARCE; Born: Penn.; Dismissed: 5/24/1913.

ZOLOTOFF, Peter; Male; 15; Date of Birth: 13 Sept 1898; Birthplace: Russia; Residence: San Francisco; Father: John ZOLOTOFF; Born: Russia; Mother: ?; Born: Russia; Admitted: 6/11/1913; Dismissed: 7/5/1913.

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