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Bordon Chinese Cemetery
Road 28¼ and Avenue 12
Madera County, California

This one-acre cemetery was created in 1872 by and for the 2,500 Chinese laborers building the Central Pacific Railroad (later renamed the Southern Pacific). The tent town beside the tracks was named for Dr. Joseph Borden, a prominent settler in the surrounding Alabama Colony. Many of the men buried here were, according to custom, removed and reburied in their home village in China. Those remaining were either unidentified or their home village unknown.

A monument has been erected at the site. Only seven graves are marked by modern cement with inscriptions in Chinese. One grave bears the name, Lee Lung. The following list was prepared from death certificates, newspaper articles, and funeral records. * = Marital status, Single, Married, Widower.

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Name Date of Death Birth Occupation * Parents Cause of death
Cet, Woo Wah 1922, Apr 21 1856 Hog raising M   Broncho pneumonia
Chong, Ah 1908, Oct 9 1840 (approx)       Pulmonary consumption
Chong, Chew Kin 1908, July 29 1839 Gardener W   Heart exhaustion
Choy, Woo Wah 1924, Oct 13 1858 Merchant   Cheung, Woo Chick/ Shee, Guan Acute indigestion
Chung [Chong], Yee 1902, Apr 26  1844, Jan  Merchant, orchard farm  M   Apoplexy due to alcohol
Doo, Chang 1932, Aug 9 1865 (approx) Laundryman M   Arteriosclerosis
Duck, Leong 1903, Feb          
Hock, Woo Que 1933, June 13 1913, Mar 21 Student S Wint, Woo Tue/ 
Shee, So Ho
Tuberculous meningitis
Lee, Sam 1917, Dec 25 1847 (approx) Laundryman S   Pulmonary tuberculosis
Lee, Woo 1905, Nov 24 1860, Apr Cook S Wah, Chuny Pneumonia
Louie, Quong 1917, Dec 24 1872 (approx) Laundryman S   Tubercular peritonitis
Lui, Woo 1916, Apr 24 1858 Cook W   Acute nephritis
Ngong, Heong 1923, Aug 26          
Pet, Cho 1910, May 1 1837 Gardener     Pulmonary tuberculosis
Sing, Lee 1922, Feb 24 1842 Cook     Arteriosclerosis
Toi, Lou 1915, Oct 2          
Toy, Woo 1918, June 11          
Wah, Yeng Sing 1912, Oct 4 1854 Cook M Way, Sing Burned to death in his restaurant
Young, Fong Foo 1917, May 6          
Yuen, Chun 1916, June 21          
Yuen, Wo 1908, Jan 12 1823 (approx) Laborer S   Old age

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