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    Dr. Lee A. Stone is the director of the Madera County Health unit, and as such is the head of the Madera government's responsibility for promotion of public health.
    Lee A. Stone was born at Louisville, Kentucky, February 21, 1879, the son of Walter Scott and Mattie Belle (Liter) Stone. His father was in the fire insurance business. His grandparents lived for a period in San Diego.  During the Eighties and returned to Kentucky in the Nineties.
    He attended the Louisville schools, graduated in medicine from the University of Louisville in 1902, and practiced for a time in Louisville; later in Memphis, Tennessee, then in Chicago, Illinois. Enlisting in the Spanish American war, he was a private in the hospital service in the First Army Corps. During the World war, Dr. Stone joined the Medical Corps, and was commissioned captain, and was a lecturer on health to the troops. Later he attended the U. S. Army war college, and he is now a lieutenant colonel in the Chemical Warfare Reserve.
    After the World war, Dr. Stone settled at Chicago. He became head of the department of public health and professor of medical sociology at the General Medical College, Chicago. He was later professor of social hygiene at the Chicago Training School of Home and Public Health Nursing. He was also instructor in social hygiene for the Illinois Bell Telephone Company's training school. For some time he was lecturer on social psychology in Sullin 's College, at Bristol, Virginia.
    Dr. Stone is the author of a number of books, including: ''Eugenics and Marriage'', 1915; ''Woman of the Streets'', 1919; "An Open Talk With Mothers and Fathers'', 1920; ''Sex Searchlights'', 1922; ''The Power of a Symbol'', 1925; ''Emerson Hough, his Place in Literature'', 1925; ''Story of Phallicism", 1927. During the last twelve years he has lectured all over the United States on public health subjects. Because of his civic conscience Dr. Stone has interested himself in many civic and national enterprises. He wrote three short histories of Chicago while representing the Century of Progress Exposition. He has been prominent in the war on Communism.
    In 1930 Dr. Stone came to California, stopping first at San Francisco. He soon moved to Madera, where he became the full time health officer for the county. In his work since that time, he has done much to improve health conditions. Ninety percent, or 2120 of the children of the county less than twelve years of age have been immunized against diphtheria; 2,800 have received small pox vaccinations and 754 typhoid treatments. Besides all of this he has brought about better sanitation through inspection and regulation.
    Dr. Stone is a member of the Episcopal Church. He is also a member of the Phi Chi Medical fraternity, the Alpha Mu Pi Omega graduate medical fraternity; Rotary Club. He is also a member of the Masons, the Scottish Rite Consistory, the Shrine and the American Legion.

From the History of Fresno and Madera Counties, 1933, Joseph Barcroft, editor for Madera County

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