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Madera Biographies: GAUMNITZ


Carl Gaumnitz is the owner of two large ranches in Madera county on his own account, and has been for the last ten years manager, for the Carleton College of Northfield, Minnesota, of fifteen dairy ranches in this county owned by the college.

Mr. Gaumnitz was born at St. Cloud, Minnesota, August 10, 1885, the son of Herman and Anna (Gazette) Gaumnitz. His father was born in Germany, but left that country, because he was out of sympathy with its compulsory army service. Soon after coming to the United States he joined the Union army and served for three years in the Civil war. Later settling in Minnesota, he took an active part in politics and held a number of public offices. He died in 1926.

Carl Gaumnitz attended the public schools and the University of Minnesota, from the agricultural college of which he was graduated with the degree of Master of Science in 1908. For two years he was engaged in university extension work among Minnesota farmers. Later he managed two ranches, one of 6,000 and the other of 18,000 acres. He was also for a time in the banking business, and subsequently he became manager of the Land Department of Carleton College.

This institution, founded in 1866, was the beneficiary of a large gift of land from Frederick G. Barrows, who bought a considerable area of land in the Chowchilla district with the intention of developing it as an endowment for the college. Before this development was completed, however, Mr. Barrows died, and the college sent Mr. Gaumnitz out in 1924 to handle the gift, and he has lived in Madera county ever since.

Among other activities, Mr. Gaumnitz is president of the Midway Milk producers association, a cooperative institution.

Mr. Gaumnitz was married, April 7, 1933, to Gayle Falk Whittaker. He is a member of a North Dakota Lodge of Masons, of the Shrine and of the Chowchilla Lions Club.

From the History of Fresno and Madera Counties, 1933, Joseph Barcroft, editor for Madera County.

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