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PRICE $5.00

R. L. POLK & CO.
P. 0. Box 687, SACRAMENTO, CAL.
Member of the Association of American Directory Publishers

Copyright 1914 by R. L. Polk & Co.

    In presenting this, the first edition of the Madera City Directory, we feel that to the citizens of Madera as well as to ourselves, the work represents a source of some pride.
    All information for the city has been secured through personal house to house canvass by men carefully trained in this work. Names, initials, occupations and other data ‘have been thoroughly verified in every possible way and every effort made to avoid errors and omissions.
    Particular attention is directed to the Directory of Householders, or House Guide.  We feel that in placing this information at your disposal we have made the directory invaluable to everyone in every kind of business in Madera.
    We extend our thanks to the people of Madera for their uniform courtesy to our solicitors in quest of information and to the merchants for their generous advertising patronage, which we trust is well deserved and will prove a good investment.
R. L. POLK & CO.
May 1, 1914.

Section 28, Copyright Law, in Force July 1, 1909.
“That any person who willfully and for profit shall infringe any copyright secured by this Act, or who shall knowingly and willfully aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars, nor .more than one thousand dollars, or both in the discretion of the court.”

    Madera is the county seat of Madera County, it is located on the main line of the Southern Pacific, 185 miles south of San Francisco, 299 miles north of Los Angeles. The main line of the Santa Fe Railway runs within two miles of the business section of the city, the Santa Fe station being Storey.  The State Highway follows one of the city streets through the city and crosses Madera County from the northwest to the southeast. The scenic stage road to the Yosemite Valley and the “Mariposa Big Trees” originate at Madera.  Madera County is noted as one of the largest and the most productive of the grain growing sections of California.  It is famous for its lumbering, forests and quarries.  Many of the finest buildings of the State being built with Raymond granite.
    The City of Madera is located in the center of the valley section of the County and very near to the geographical center of the State.  Its lumbering, farming, fruit growing and manufacturing industries are important.
    The Madera Sugar Pine Flume is the second longest in the world.
    The Thurman Door Factory at Madera is the most extensive lumber manufacturing plant in the San Joaquin Valley.
    The Italian Swiss Colony winery near Madera is one of the largest sweet wineries in the world.
    Since the taking of the last census three years ago Madera’s population has increased over thirty per cent.
    Building improvements have kept pace with the growth of business and population.
    The City of Madera has its own water and sewer systems.
    The Madera schools are not excelled by those of any city in the State.  The Lincoln Grammar School at Madera was recently awarded first prize over all school buildings west of the Rocky Mountains in a contest conducted by State Superintendent Hyatt.
    Nine of the leading religious denominations have churches at Madera. Ten of the principal lodges are represented.
    The city is well built and attractive. It furnishes exceptional opportunities to home seekers and investors.

acct ---  accountant
add --- addition
adv --- advertisement
agrl --- agricultural
agt --- agent
appr --- apprentice
apts --- apartments
archt --- architect
assn --- association
asst  ---  assistant
av --- avenue
b ---  boards
bet ---  between
bkbndr --- bookbinder
bkpr --- bookkeeper
bldg --- building
blk  --- block
blksmth --- blacksmith
boul --- boulevard
brklyr --- bricklayer
brkmn --- brakeman
brtndr --- bartender
carp --- carpenter
cashr --- cashier
cbtmkr --- cabinetmaker
civ eng --- civil engineer
clk --- clerk
clnr --- cleaner
coll  ---  college
colr --- collector
comn --- commission
comnr --- commissioner
comp --- compositor
cond --- conductor
conf --- confectioner
contr --- contractor
cor --- corner
ct  --- court
ctr  ---  cutter
dep --- deputy
dept  department
dist  --- district
div --- division
dom --- domestic
E or e  --- east
elec --- electrician
elev --- elevator
emp  ---  employee
eng --- engineer
es --- east side
est ---  estate
exp --- express
expmn --- expressman
frt  ---  freight
ft  ---  foot
ftr  ---  fitter
fur rms --- furnished rooms
furn --- furniture
furngs --- furnishings
gds --- goods
gen --- general
h --- residence or house
hdw --- hardware
hlpr --- helper
implts --- Implements
ins --- Insurance
inspr --- Inspector
lab --- laborer
lithogr --- lithographer
lndy --- laundry
maach --- machinist
mcht --- merchant
mdse --- merchandise
messr --- messenger
mfg --- manufacturing
mfr --- manufacturer
mgr --- manager
mi --- mile
mkr --- maker
mkt --- market
N or n --- north
ne --- northeast
nr --- near
ns --- north side
nw --- northwest
opp --- opposite
opr --- operator
pass --- passenger
photgr --- photographer
phys --- physician
pk --- park
pkr --- packer
pl ---  place
pres --- president
prin --- principal
prop --- proprietor
pub --- publisher
r --- rooms
R F D --- rural free delivery
R M S --- Railway Mail Service
rd  --- road
repr --- repairer
ret --- retall
S or s --- south
salsn --- salesman
se --- southeast
sec --- secretary
smstrs --- seamstress
solr  --- solicitor
spec --- special
ss --- south side
sta --- station
stmr --- steamer
stngr --- stenographer
supt --- superintendent
surg --- surgeon
sw --- southwest
tchr --- teacher
tel  ---  telephone
telg --- telegraph
tkt  --- ticket
tmstr --- teamster
tndr --- tender
trans --- transfer
trav --- traveling
treas --- treasurer
trmr --- trimmer
undtkr --- undertaker
uphlstr --- upholsterer
vet --- veterinary
v-pres --- vice-president
W or w --- west
whol --- wholesale
whsmn --- warehouseman
wid --- widow
wkr --- worker
wks --- works
ws --- west side
yd --- yard
The word street is always understood

Acton Alvin M surveyor h 217 So K
Adams Annie C (wid J S) b 918 Bridge
Adams David (Adams & McBratney) h 801 Dworack
Adams John M cement contr h 25 Front
Adams Preston elk Madera Hdw Co b 918 Bridge
Adams Ray biksmth Adams & McBratney b 801 Dworack
Adams & McBratnev (David Adams L A McBratney) blksmths 124 SoC
Addison Geo brtndr r 214 E Yosemite
Aiken John S marble ctr h 209 So I
Aiken Wm F mach opr T D Co b 204 So J
Albino Augusto h 625 So B
Alien Jas F lab h 836 Washn
Alien J Wyatt rancher h 733 Bridge
Alien Thos W watchmn T D Cob 836 Washn
Alley M L stockmn M SP Co
Alsup Rebecca (wid David) h 125 No L
Alvarado Gilbert lab h 507 So B
Alves John barber 225 E Yosemite h 433 E Central
Alviso Albert lab b 618 W Olive
Alviso Frank M lab h 618 W Olive
Amaro Jas F barber 210 E Yosemite h 217 No D
Amer Wm M hostler G Kenney h 204 So J
Amiel Louis waiter J Gemnas r Yosemite Hotel
ANDERSON ALBERT A Supt R L Polk & Co PO box 687 Sacramento
Anderson Frank G cementwkr h 204 W 8th
Anderson Jas W h 214 W 8th
Anderson John rancher r 104 No B
Anderson Justin W lab h rear 218 W 8th
Anderson Nels foreman M SP Co h 729 Lily
Andrade Manuel gardener R Roberts h rear 301 No C
Appling John D tmstr h 216 Vineyard
Arbor Vitae Cemetery D F Edwards supt w end Central
Armstead Chas rancher b 601 E Yosemite
Armstead Mrs Etta cook h 601 E Yosemite
Armstead Jonnie M clk G C Hopkins b 601 E Yosemite
Armstead Mack rancher b 601 E Yosemite
Arnold Reuben G rancher h 305 So I
Arradondo Josh 218 So 0
Asencio Jose O benchmn T D Co h 517 So B
Asimakis Andrew cook J Gemnas r 209 E Yosemite
Asunyea Octavius lab h 508 So G
Austin Geo H saloon 228 E Yosemite h 801 Austin
Autrand Antonio millman b 815 Front
Autrand Emile lab b 318 No B
Autrand Jos mach opr T D Co H 815 Front
Autrand Jos C saloon 107 No D b 213 No B
Autrand Thos V brtndr J C Autrand h 213 No B
Autrand T mach opr T D Cob 815 Front
Avery Mrs Jane h 500 So F
Avritt C D lineman P T&T Co r 113 No A
Ayala Mrs Francisca b 121 No C
Ayars Wm M hostler W B Coffman
Bacon lrving dep Co Surveyor b 510 So C
Badella Michael lab h 504 So U
Bagnelle Ray L peanut vender D cor Yosemite r 209 E Yosemite
Bailey Arthur E elk R-K Co h 901 E Yosemite
Bailey LeRoy E elk H Preciado b 812 Bloker
Bailey Thos gardener 325 Clinton
Bailey Wm B lab h 812 Bloker
Baker Chas E carp h 719 Nebraska
Baker Harry H (Bennett & Baker) r 105 No E
Baker Jane b 501 Front
Baker John h 501 Front
Baker Oscar F solr Moore-Plate Co h 210 No N
Baldwin Nathan gunsmth h 715 Bridge
Ballard Clarence R clk Tighe-B Co b 418 W Olive
Ballard John R (Ballard & Nelson) h 418 W Olive
Ballard & Nelson (J R Ballard C W Nelson) pool 225 E Yosemite
Balarta Maria (wid Louis) b 112 W4th
Ballenger Percy F brtndr Jas Haley h 512 Vineyard
Balm Irene milliner r Hotel Alta
Banti Armondo lab b 218 No F
Banzi Fifo lab h 924 So C
Baraldi Pietro lab h 700 So D
Baraldi Turn lab b 700 So D
Baratta Jos lab h 605 So B
Barbini Luigi lab b 218 No F
BARCROFT FREDK I Hardware Plumbing & Tinning 216 E Yosemite h 116 No C
BARCROFT JOS Lawyer 1st Nat Bk Bidg 107 So D Tel 941 h 503 No D Tel 171
Barker Mrs Anna h 221 No K
Barnes Harry r 104 No B
Barnes J W Harry civ eng 113 So D b 208 N Lake
Barnett Frank F farmer b 100 No A
Barnett John H City Marshal h 116 So B
Barnett John R h 100 No A
Barsotti Domenico (Barsotti Hotel) h 218 No F
Barsotti Hotel (Domenico Barsotti) 218 No F
Barsotti Nello clk Barsotti Hotel
Base Ball Park 5th cor Flume
Bastien Geo P b 625 S Lake
Batchelder Mrs Ella b 220 So J
Bates Clark lab b 710 Columbia
Bates Harvey lab b 710 Columbia
Bates John lab b 710 Columbia
Bates Jos lab b 710 Columbia                           ‘
Bates Mary (wid O J) h 710 Columbia
BAY ROBT A Watchmaker and Jeweler Phonographs and Records 
     111 E Yosemite h 200 No A
Beals John F mgr Madera Gas Co h 316 E Yosemite
Bearrup Julia (wid Jas) b 221 So L
Beck Adolph G benchmn T D Co h 300 Park
Becker Clarence G salsn r 208 No D
Been John W lab h 718 Cross
Beland Ralph A watchmkr R A Bay r Hotel Alta
Belcher Arthur F drayage 130 E Yosemite h 500 W Yosemite
Belcher Mary S (wid J S) b 500 W Yosemite
Belden Chas W brtndr G H Austin r 228 E Yosemite
Bennett Francis mach opr T D Co h 424 South
Bennett Isabel asst D H Ransom b 404 No B
Bennett John L lab b 801 Cutting
Bennett John M C tmstr b 801 Cutting
Bennett R L (Bennett & Baker) h 404 No B
Bennett & Baker (R L Bennett H H Baker) painters 105 No E
Benninger S Walter real est h 301 So J
Benson Arthur C chauffeur r 104 No B
Bentley Geo lab b 600 No I
Bernachi Dante lab h 602 So A
Berrier L Bethel stngr J T Conley b 209 E Yosemite
Berrier Mrs Margaret E (Rosedale Rooms)  h 209 E Yosemite
Berry Thos R rancher h 218 No B
Bertossi Theresa (wid Diego) h 600 So B
Bethards Ezra well borer h 427 W Olive
Bethards Zearl A well borer h 601 So E
Birner John J carp h 908 Garden
Black Alex gatemn S P Co h 220 So H
Blood Mrs Carrie h 926 Dworack
Blowers Rev Frank L (First Baptist Ch) h 205 So I
Blowers H Milnor b 205 So I
Blowfield Liilu M (wid J A) b 418 W Olive
Boekenoogen Egbert P foremn Tribune b 305 No D
Boitano Ernest lab h 400 Fig
Bonner Cicero F County Assessor b 409 No D
Bonsi John lab h 425 Fig
Borba Arthur barber J Alves h 116 So A
Borden Nathan L County Treas h 224 No O
Borden Rhodes bkpr b 224 No O
Boreldi Bert mach h 619 So A
Boring Nancy A (wid Wm) nurse h 818 Cross
Botto Lorenzo lab b 218 No F
Bowlin Frank porter J W Linville b 922 Cross
Boyd Jas N photgr 201 No D h 601 Front
Bozeman E Edw mgr Yosemite Cyclery h 216 E 9th
Bradford Hattie A (wid Wm) b 1315 Lincoln
Bradford John S mach opr T D Co h 510 S Lake
Bradley Alfred A dept mgr Tighe-B Co h 513 E 5th
Bradley Frank lab h 721 Washn
Bradley John cementwkr h 415 Front
Bradley John P cementwkr h 312 Magnolia
Bradley Thos W clk W & Mh 219 So B
Bradley Walter b 228 Vineyard
Bradley Wm L mach opr M S P Co h 228 Vineyard
Bradley Wm M lab b 228 Vineyard
Brammer Herman C E shoes 219 E Yosemite h 329 E Central
Brammer Jas F (Brammer & Price) r Hotel Alta
Brammer & Price (J F Brammer G E Price) clothing 306 E Yosemite
Branch Wm A lab h 808 Bloker
Brandon Clara B h nr Arbor Vitae Cemetery
Branson Henry J mach b 832 Washn
Branson John S tmstr h 832 Washn
Branson Jos W lab h 828 Washn
Brashears Coleman gardener h 808 Fresno
Brazier Sami carp h 1010 Clinton
Breitweiser W J lab M S P Co
Breslin Connell ins agt h 220 No C
BREYFOGLE WM R V-Pres Tighe-Breyfogle Co h 205 No A
Briggs Donald A lab h 711 Nebraska
Brizzolinni Frank lab b 700 Vineyard
Brocchinni Mary (wid Silvia) h 615 So D
Brockman C Conner clk Madera Drug Co h 119 No Q
Brooks lrwin D clk R-K Co h 301 No B
Brown Christopher E farmer h 507 Sunset
Brown Geo (Brown & Stahl) h 401 No C
Brown Isaac K btblk 136½ E Yosemite h 524 So F
Brown Judge D rancher h 931 Nebraska
Brown Matilda A (wid C E) h 120 No D
Brown Walter chauffeur r 104 No B
Brown Walter M h 100 No A
Brown Wilbert C farmer h 801 So D
Brown Wm A ditch tndr h 124 No L
Brown Wm M benchhd T D Co h 205 No M
BROWN & STAHL (Geo Brown Mrs F L Stahl) Real Est and Ins 119 E Yosemite
Browning Thos lab h 221 So B
Bryan Alma A bkpr b 419 W Yosemite
Bryant Jas D mach Freeman & Wootten h 109 So P
Buhlman John G h 220 No J
Bulfinch Claude E mach opr M S P Co b 325 So I
Bulfinch Eugene E mach opr M S P Co h 325 So I
Bulfinch Fred E mach opr M S P Co b 325 So I
Bulfinch Glenn E rancher b 325 So I
Bulfinch Mearl E b 325 So I
Buoncristiani C lab b 218 No F
Burch E Lee phys 107 So Dh 107 No N
Burch Marcus L clk b 107 No N
Burgess Mac clk R-K Co b RFD 1
Burk Wm clk h 212 So H
Burke Edmond b 318 No C
Burton Frank E turner T D Co b 625 S Lake
Butin John L pres First Nat Bk h 209 No B
Butler Frank P opr S P Co h 621 E Yosemite
Butler Jas saloon 202 E Yosemite h 221 No D
Butler Kathleen asst Wm Wing b RFD 1
Caione Sabatino lab b 218 No F
California Restaurant 304½ E Yosemite
Campbell Edith tchr Lincoln sch b 305 W Yosemite
Campbell Mrs Elinor dermatologist 318 No C
Campbell Mary (wid Duncan) b 124 No L
Campigli G Beppe lab h 620 Lily
Camy Henry washer Madera Lndy
Caneda Sylvester A lab b 812 Bloker
Cannon Harold lab b 311 Vineyard
Cannon John L miner h 311 Vineyard
Cantua A J mach opr T D Co
Cardosa Peter lab h 408 No A
Cariton Jas C h 128 No B
Carmassi E lab M S P Co
Carroll Jos baggageman S P Co h 214 So G
Carroll Victor A asst agt S P Co h 212 So G
Carstons Wm T lab b 920 Garden
Carter Amos cementwkr h 901 Washn
Carter Herman orderman h 934 Garden
Casey Jerry blksmth h 217 So G
Cast Alvin repr Virgil Gordon
Castiglioni P lab S P Co b rear 215 No F
Castillo Felipe shoemkr h 112W 4th
Castillo Petra (wid Delphino) h 228 No F
Cathilla Espierre lab h 824 Bridge
Cavallero A lab b 218 No F
Cavezud Joaquin tailor H Flores h 302 No H
Centoni Orlando lab b 218 No F
Cerbone Mary (wid Jos) h 311 E Central
Cerbone Wm bkpr b 311 E Central
Cereghino Emilio lab h 725 Vineyard
Cereghino Louis lab h 618 So B
Cereghino Stephen J mach opr M SP Co b 707 Vineyard
Cereghino Teodoro lab h 707 Vineyard
Cereste Ceriani lab b 311 No F
Cerione Giovanni lab b 218 No F
Cerioni Wm b 311 No F
Chabrouillaud Jennie M (wid John) h 208 So C
Chamber of Commerce G A dark pres W C Maloy sec 4 E Yosemite
Chamberlain Bertha tchr East Side Sch b 208 No D
CHAMBERLIN LLYOD H Adv Mgr Tighe-Breyfogle Co r Hotel Alta
CHAMBERS F WYMAN Painting and Paper Hanging Paints Wall Paper Pictures
     319 E Yosemite h 124 S Lake
Chase Geo benchhd T D Co h 824 Cutting
Child Stamford O elk R-K Co h 321 No D
Chimenti Aleardo lab h 901 So C
Christiana Albert E (Madera Hdw Co) h 918 Bridge
Christmas & Orvis Co W S Orvis mgr real est 118 E Yosemite
City Attorney R E Rhodes 120 So D
City Clerk W C Utter 130 E Yosemite
CITY DIRECTORY R L Polk & Co Pubs P 0 Box 687 Sacramento
City Engineer P M Stafford
City Hall 130 E Yosemite
City Marshal J H Barnett 130 E Yosemite
City Supt Streets H M Cunningham 130 E Yosemite
CITY TAILOR (Hilarion Flores) 106 No D (See Cleaners)
City Trustees L A Danielson pres 130 E Yosemite
City Water Wks D cor 7th
Clanducci C lab S P Cob rear 215 No F
Clapp Henry O rancher h 224 No C
Clark Chas County Supervisor 3d Dist h RFD
Clark Geo A mgr Madera Tribune h 924 Bridge
Clark Howard A lino opr Tribune h 206 So J
Clark I Eimo stngr F A Fee notary public 126 E Yosemite b 208 So I
Clark Stephen rancher h 208 So I
Clark & Sharp (G A dark L W Sharp) (Taft) propr Madera Tribune 110 E Yosemite
Clendenin John W lab h 831 Nebraska
Coffee R E lab T D Co
Coffman Wm B livery 205 No Eh 308 No D
Colbra Antonio lab h 626 S Lake
Collins Gladys B (wid Wm) b Clara B Brandon
Collins John W clk H C E Brammer h 318 No C
Colte Maria dom 422 No C
Colthar Harley F elk W & Mh 720 Dworack
     V-Pres J G Roberts Cashr J E Newman Asst Cashr 234 E Yosemite 
Conley Jos T Court Reporter b 421 No C
Conley Wm M Judge Superior Court h 212 No C
Conner Wm S farmer h 120 Cypress
Centura Jacob lab h rear 618 W Olive
Cook Amelia F (wid W P) h 221 So L
Cook Arthur D h 124 So A
Cook Arthur D Jr grader MS P Cob 124 So A
Cook Chas J lab h 206 No 0
Cook Earl C lab b 206 No 0
Cooper John H carp h 716 Nebraska
Coppellotti Giovanni boarding 700 Vineyard
Copper Mrs Mary b 214 W 8th
Copus Chas H carp h 601 So B
Copus Jos S lab h 319 Magnolia
Copus Sanford cementwkr h 331 Magnolia
Corpi Jos lab h 705 So D
Cosgrave Thos P Under Sheriff h 429 E Central
Cosio Philip lab h 800 Columbia
County Assessor C F Bonner Court House
County Auditor A S Honeycutt Court House
County Board of Education C A Cunningham sec Court House
County Board of Supervisors J P Galener 1st Dist Frank Brown (Chowchilla) 
     2d Dist Chas dark 3d Dist Robt Wood 4th Dist Wm Ellis (North Fork) 
     5th Dist chairman Court House
County Clerk W R Curtin Court House
County Coroner R C Jay Court House
County Jail 201 W 6th
County Public Administrator R C Jay Court House
County Recorder W A Smith Court House
County Sheriff S W Westfall County Jail
County Supt Schools C A Cunningham Court House
County Surveyor F E Smith Court House
County Tax Collector C FPreciado Court House
County Treasurer N L Borden Court House
Court House 210 W Yosemite
Court Reporter J T Conley Court House
Cox Evelyn M (wid W H) h 120 Vineyard
Cramer J Jas carp h214 No N
Crane Earl mach r 104 No B
Crane Emma dom 309 No B
Crane Geo cinr 319 E .Central
Crappa Frank lab h 719 Bridge
Crawford Douglas janitor h 211 So P
Crawford Edw trmr b 620 Vineyard
Crawford Eliza J (wid Theo) b 211 So P
Crawford Fred D porter h 211 So P
Crawford Theodore btblk 115½ E Yosemite h 201 Grove
Creighton Johnson I whsmn S P Co h 224 No B
Creighton J M h 331 So D
Crosson A Lynn grader M S P Co h 732 Cross
Crow Adelbert L farmer h 826 Dworack
Crow Guy cementwkr b 1019 W Yosemite
Crow Herman L (Crow & Lightner) (Crow & Gendron) h 1019 W Yosemite
Crow Lillian D bkpr Rochdale Co b 1019 W Yosemite
Crow & Gendron (H L Crow and Armini Gendron) cement contrs 711 No F
Crow & Lightner (H L Crow and F L Lightner) well borers 605 No F
Crowder Martha E (wid J G) h 118 So J
Crowder Nell G clk Tighe-B Co 118 So J
Crowell  Elizabeth nurse b 312 So J
Cunningham Craig A County Supt Schools h 124 So B
Cunningham Frank M printer Tribune b 215 So L
Cunningham Henry M Supt Streets h 735 Sunset
Cunningham John b 735 Sunset
Cunningham Margaret tchr Lincoln Sch b 401 No C
Cunningham Mary (wid A G) h 215 So L
Cunningham Thos b 507 Sunset
Currans Sarah (wid Jas) h 409 No C
Curtin Cornelius livery 301 E Yosemite b 126 No C
CURTIN WM R County Clerk h 126 No C
Dabney Robt J rancher h 100 W Olive
Dallas Geo M brtndr L Robertson h 600 No D
Dalton Tandie h 208 So J
Damon Frank O brtndr Eversoll & Queresma r 104 No B
Danielson Leo A vet surg h 224 So F
Daniri John lab h 934 Cross
Daulton Nancy P (wid H H) h 210 No B
Davis Harry C mach opr T D Co h 316 Magnolia
Davis Henry B lab h 325 So H
Davis Jennie L (wid A H) b 916 Bridge
Deacon Jas mach opr T D Co r Hotel Alta
Deacon Thos R rancher h 310 So N
Dean Am C carp h 204 No B
Dean Burch carp r 214 E Yosemite
Dean Ethel (wid B S) b 107 No B
Dean Jemima N (wid John) b 204 No B
Dean Susie A (wid Sidney) h 505 E Central
Dearborn Ray R phys 106 So D h 608 W Yosemite
Decesari Giulio lab b 218 No F
Del Bono Antonio h 115 So L
Del Bono Argia mens furngs 300 E Yosemite b 115 So L
Del Cerro Amadea lab h 525 Vineyard
Del Debbio Angelino lab b 218 No F
Dellavalle Natale lab h 525 So B
Delmonte Pasquale lab b 218 No F
Del Porto Lazaro lab h 800 So G
Denney Arthur B lab h 218 Flume
Desanti Alberto lab b 218 No F
De Silva John blksmth M SP Co h 428 Fig
Dillon Wm F stockmn h 412 No A
DIRECTORY (Merced-Madera Cities) R L Polk & Co PO Box 687 Sacramento
District Attorney W H Larew Court House
Dixon Alonzo M bkpr Madera Abs Co b 125 No L
Dixon Earl clk R-K Co b 125 No L
Doglio Giuseppe lab h 624 Lily
Donahue Geo W agt W F & Co Exp h 420 No D
Donavan Geo clk Madera Hdw Co r 120 So D
Donnell Wilmot M bottler J G Porter
Donovan Michael sec foreman S P Co h 219 No F
Dooley F L lab T D Co
Dorn Martin H mach F Barcroft h 1120 Daulton
Dowell Edgar W lab h 730 Bridge
Dowell Wm H rancher h 224 So F
Dromey Michael J rancher h 800 Bridge
Dubray Jerry E expmn Yosemite cor D h 600 No I
Duffy Bridget maid Yosemite Hotel
Dugan Frank J blksmth b 217 So G
Dumont Fred mach opr M S P Co b 620 Vineyard
Duncan Clarence R chf clk S J L & P Corp b 718 W 5th
Duncan Wm C h 204 N Lake
Dunham Harry F foreman T D Co h 414 No 0
Dunham Robt S mach opr T D Co h 300 No M
Dunham W E mach opr T D Co
Dunn Clarence A furn 218 E Yosemite h 400 No D
Durgin Chas C h 108 W 4th
Dusthimer Elmer J tmstr b 324 So H
Dusthimer Jas A stage driver h 324 So H
Dwart Michael W mach opr T D Co h rear 618 W Olive
Dworack Mrs Adelia (Park Hotel) h 129 W Yosemite
Dworack Chas A harnessmkr h 129 W Yosemite
Dyer Jos A h 800 So F
Dyer Robt C real est 130 E Yosemite h 125 No K
Dyer Wm H cement contr r Hotel Alta
East Side Grammar School Mrs  ML Egenhoff prin Yosemite cor Flume
Eastin Jas T b 222 No D
Eastin Pulaski C rancher h 222 No D
Eaton Angeline (wid G R) b 236 Vineyard
Eaton Orie A clk Rochdale Co h 232 Vineyard
Edwards David F supt Arbor Vitae Cemetery h 301 So I
Edwards Eleanor I opr P T&T Co b 301 So’l
Edwards Ellis M elk 1st Nat Bk h 204 No A
Edwards Elise M tchr Lincoln Sch b 301 So I
Edwards Jas r 104 No B
Edwards John F lab b 301 So I
Edwards John G woodwkr L Serrano h 226 So D
Egenhoff Mary L (wid W D) prin East Side Sch h 425 E Central
Elmore E May bkpr Moore-Plate Co b 305 No D
Ely Carl D (Yosemite Garage) r 100 No F
Emerson Richd r 104 No B
Emerson T M mach opr T D Co
Engler John B porter Jas Butler b 604 E Yosemite
Etter Albert J dry goods 117 E Yosemite h 409 No D
Eubanks Lloyd J ctr H C Knowles b 113 No A
Eubanks Louisa (wid C J) h 113 No A
Everett Dean mgr b 113 No A
Eversoll Mrs Alice A (White House) h 105 No A
Eversoll Sami L mgr Eversoll & Queresma h 105 No A
Eversoll & Queresma S  L  Eversoll  mgr  saloon  208  E Yosemite
Ewy Henry clk r Hotel Alta
Fair Wiley F lab h 516 Vineyard
Farinelli Silvistani lab h 925 So D
Farinelli Venutto lab h 800 So B
Farkoni Settimo farmer h 518 So B
Farries Cesaria (wid Rafael) h rear 320 No L
Faust Jas B lab h 925 Front
Fee Francis A lawyer 126 E Yosemite h 300 No D
Feliz Edw carp b 1000 Clinton
Feliz Frank R elec h 1000 Clinton
Feliz Mauro carp h 1024 Clinton
Figarato Minnie dom 301 No C
Firpo John lab h 224 Fig
First Baptist Church (Rev F L Blowers) I cor 6th
First Christian Church A cor 6th
First Church of Christ 214 So I
First M E Church (Rev Wm Reberger) G cor 6th
First National Bank J L Butin pres F E Osterhout cashr H G Johnson asst cashr 
     200 E Yosemite
Fisher Benj C foremn T D Co h 412 No C
Fisher David L carp h 112 Flume
Fisher Lee T farmer b 826 Dworack
Fletcher John steward Madera County Club
Flores Atonaco lab h 704 So B
FLORES HILARION (City Tailor) h 225 No G
Flores Louis plumber h 911 Bridge
Flores Paul lab h 708 So B
Flum Clyde A mach opr T D Co h 718 Nebraska
Flum Mrs Minnie h 102 Cypress
Foltz Hudson elk M SP Co r Hotel Alta
Footman Bertha G stngr Madera Abs Co b 124 So N
Footman Gladys tchr h 124 So N
Ford Benton W lab h 109 So K
Ford Stanley clk P O b 116 No I
Ford Wm O carp h 116 No I
Fortune Lucille dep Co Tax Colr
Foster Ed ins r Yosemite Hotel
Foulks David T opr S P Co h 221 N Lake
Foulks Mary A (wid D E) b 221 N Lake
Fouts Oral E bkpr W & Mh 201 No P
Franchi Augustine grocer 114 E Yosemite h 425 So C
Franchi Chas lab M S P Co
Franchi Nicholas clk M S P Co
Francis Robt L lab h 101 Grove
Francsico Le Roy lab h 206 So K
Franklin Alex B clk Moore-Plate Co h 221 So I
Franzoia Giuseppe mach opr M S P Co h 500 So B
Freeland David farmer h 718 W 5th
Freeman Jas L (Freeman & Wootten) h 919 W Yosemite
Freeman & Wootten (J L Freeman S O Wootten) garage 115 SoD
Frey Wm F grain buyer 123 E Yosemite h 209 So J
Fridborg Hildur M tchr Lincoln Sch b 124 So B
Fridley Ethel I opr P T & T Co b 118 So K
Friedberger Leo (Friedberger & Harder) v-pres Chamber of Commerce h 325 No C
Friedberger & Harder (Leo Friedberger R D Harder) grocers 109 No D.
Frimbres Simon lab F Barcroft
Froom A Peter foremn M S P Co h 117 So K
Froom Mary C opr P T & T Co b 117 So K
Fruits Ernest E clk M S P Co h 511 E 5th
Galeener J P County Supervisor 1st Dist h RFD 1
Galeener Lida elk R-K Cob RFD 1
Gamora Marcus lab h 1005 Lincoln
Garavello Giulio lab h 508 So F
Garland Birdie (wid M T) music tchr b 305 So I
Garner Clinton farmer b 118 So K
Garner Ray painter b 118 So K
Garrison Lawrence R barber H Lecussan h 212 So J
Gemnas Christ hipr J Gemnas r 209 E Yosemite
Gemnas Jas restaurant 103 E Yosemite r Yosemite Hotel
Gemnas Nicholas cook J Gemnas r Yosemite Hotel
Gendron Armini (Crow & Gendron) h 711 No F
George Albert carp b 904 Garden
George Bridget (wid John) h 904 Garden
Gertsen Chris M clk R-K Co h 217 No C
Gibson Frank fireman M S P Co h 111 No A
Gilmer Chas A lab h 312 Vineyard
Gilmer Elmer E foreman T D Co h 225 No A
Gilmer Mrs Mary E b 225 No A
Glas Frank gardener h 1205 W Yosemite
Glas Frank Jr r 908 Garfield
Glas Wm H real est h 218 So G
Gleason Robt H clk Friedberger & Harder h 717 Dworack
Glock David C clk W F & Co Exp b RFD 1
Glock Fred C driver S O Co h Madera av
Glock Mary E asst libr Madera Co Free Library
Gobber Felix carp b 218 No F
Gongoni Pio lab b 218 No F
Goode Emma (wid J N) h 726 Garden
Goode Jos E lab b 726 Garden
Goodrich Doney H carp h 507 E Central
Goodwin Henry K ctr H C Knowles r 104 No B
Gordon John B searcher Madera Abs Co b 421 Clinton
Gordon J lrl clk 1st Nat Bk b 421 Clinton
Gordon Mrs May waiter Hotel Alta
Gordon Sarah J (wid Edw) b 201 Cypress
GORDON VIRGIL (Madera Cyclery) h 421 Clinton
Gould Lotfield F h 225 Fig
Grace John H (Peerless Saloon) r 209 E Yosemite
Graham Geo W brkmkr h rear 320 So J
Graham Henry E brkmkr h 320 So J
Graham Isabel b 320 So J
Graham Jas E brkmkr b 320 So J
Graham Wilford S brkmkr b 320 So J
Grassi Enrico lab h 627 So A
Grassi Vincenzo b 627 So A
Graves Mrs May maid 700 W Yosemite
Greeley Frank L carp h 220 N Lake
Green Harry J barber b 405 E Central
Green J Wm horseshoer h 405 E .Central
Green Marguerite milliner b 405 E Central
Gregori Alfonso lab h 628 Vineyard
Gregory Gust farmer h 107 No A
Griffin Catholic Club 201 No C
Griffin Tohn M (Griffin Land Co) h 401 W Yosemite
GRIFFIN LAND CO (W A and J M Griffin) 104 So E
Griffin Patrick J lab bill No B
Griffin Susan (wid Michael) hill No B
Griffin Wm A (Griffin Land Co) h 122 No B
Griffing Wilford A civil eng h 800 So F
Gross Wm (Gross & Vogel)
Gross & Vogel (Wm Gross Fred Vogel) meats 201 E Yosemite
Grubbs Wm H blksmth 123 So C h 205 Vineyard
Guglielmo Marco lab b 700 Vineyard
Guilmette Jos R brtndr Jas Butler h 604 E Yosemite
Guntoli Giulio lab b 218 No F
Haley Jas J saloon 212 E Yosemite h 527 E Central
Halford Jos P bkpr Tighe-B Co h 208 N Lake
Hall Clarence J carp h 900 Dworack
Hall Edith L tchr b 900 Dworack
Hall Edw L carp h 207 No J
Hall Herbert M mach Freeman & Wootten
Hall Le Roy B carp h 215 N Lake
Hall Sarah J (wid Jos) h 201 No J
Hall Sherman millmn h 522 S Lake
Hall Thos mach opr T D Co
Hall Wm B porter h 512 So F
Hall Wm C h 206 No N
Halleen Swan lab h 430 W Olive
Hambleton Edw lab b 309 So I
Hambleton Jas S lab h 309 So I
Hambleton Lee eng Saunders Bros h 601 E Yosemite
Hampton Wade dept mgr Tighe-B Co h 224 N Lake
Hannah Jos E foreman M S P Co h 112 No A
Hansen Chris tailor P A McDonald b Hotel Alta
Hardell Frank T carp h 930 Dworack
Harder Richd D (Friedberger & Harder) h 320 No D
Hargrove Robt L lawyer 113 So D h 700 W Yosemite
Harel Jas W fireman b 601 E Yosemite
Harell Mable mangler Madera Lndy b 601 E Yosemite
Haring John C salesmgr Thurman Door Co r Hotel Alta
Harris Adam farmer h 316 Lily
Harris Andrew J b 722 Garden
Harris Clarence E candymkr Preciado Co h 722 Garden
Harris T G h 722 Garden
Hartwell John C grader M S P Co h 224 Vineyard
Harvey Lewis W music tchr Pub Schs h 600 W Yosemite
Haskell Wm K park supt Court House r 201 W 6th
Haver Wilbur L photgr h 612 Clinton
Hayes Edwin B lab h 711 Columbia
Hayes Fred lather b 711 Columbia
Haynes Freeman h 916 Bridge
Haynes Jas porter h 314 So H
Healey Rev Jas (St Mary's Methodist Ch) h 121 No B
Healey James G music tchr b 121 No B
Heavenrich Arthur W asst mgr Madera Sugar Pine Co b 221 No B
Heavenrich Sarah C (wid Carl) h 221 No B
Heiskell Lucile tchr b 900 Dworack
HELY L ST JOHN Physician and Surgeon 133 E Yosemite Tel 71
Hendricks  Lucetta Z (wid S B) h 901 W 4th
Henry Le Roy J lab h 618 So A
Hensley Arthur M foreman  S JL&P Corp r Yosemite Hotel
Hern Margaret (wid Levi) h 421 No C
Hickcox Wm A painter h 419 W Yosemite
Hicks Frank W proprietary medicines h 605 So D
High Chas D clk Comi Nat Bk b 801 E Yosemite
HIGH JOHN B V-Pres Commercial National and Madera Savings Banks 
     h 801 E Yosemite
Higuera Wm carp h 1110 Lincoln
Hill Gilmer E jeweler 125 E Yosemite h 315 No D
Hilmer Wm A ctr H C Knowles h 207 No D
Hinman Geo M mach opr T D Co h 500 So D
Hobbs Chas lab M SP Co
Hobbs Henry C blksmth h 614 So A
Hoffman David R (Hoffman & Stephenson) h 120 So B
Hoffman John bidg contr h 400 No C
Hoffman & Stephenson (D R Hoffman Durward Stephenson) plumbers 115 So C
Hollister John K clk Moore-Plate Co h 121 No I
Hollister John M Constable 117 W Yosemite h 120 Flume
Hollister Paul lab T D Co b 120 Flume
Hollister Wm C lab b 120 Flume
Holm Jas mkr F W Mugler h 120 So B
Honeycutt Andrew S County Auditor h 208 So H
Honeycutt Una M tchr East Side Sch 1) 208 So H
Hoover Elmer L farmer b 20S So J
Hoover E Clyde driver b 208 So J
Hoover Mattie M (wid M D) dressmkr h 208 So J
Hope Elizabeth (wid Edw) h 205 So K
Hope Geo W mens furngs 132 E Yosemite h 110 SoJ
Hope John B janitor Court House h Dworack nr Cleviand
Hope Thelma mangler Madera Lndy b 205 So K
Hopkins Geo C conf 101 E Yosemite h 717 W Yosemite
Hornick Paul mach F Barcroft r 209 E Yosemite
Horning Wendell cementwkr b 1019 W Yosemite
Hosier H Belle tchr Lincoln Sch b 305 W Yosemite
Hosier Isabelle H (wid J H) h 305 W Yosemite
Hosier Lydia R tchr Lincoln Sch b 305 W Yosemite
Hotel Alta (John Jordan) 110 No C
Howard Mrs Anna b 934 Cross
Howe Mary (wid John) b 1910 W Yosemite
Hubbard Edgar rancher h 601 E Yosemite
Hudelson Jas T furn 113 No D h 121 No A
Hughes Andrew Z lab h 827 Cross
Hunt Danl F lab h 305 So L
Hunt Ernest L clk W & M h 124 No N
Hunt Frank A (Hunt & King) h 205 So J
HUNT & KING (F A Hunt F M King) Plumbers and Tinners 121 So D
Hunter Drug Co W W W Hunter pres Lena L Hunter sec 127 E Yosemite
Hunter Gladys H (Hunter Drug Co) b 416 No C
Hunter Lena L sec Hunter Drug Co b 416 No C
Hunter Wm W W pres Hunter Drug Co h 416 No C
Huse Bert B real est r Yosemite Hotel
Hussey Bridget (wid John) h 1001 E Yosemite
Hussey Jas (Williams & Hussey) b 1001 E Yosemite
Husted Otto janitor Hunter Drug Co
Hutchens A S clk M S P Co
Hutchison Dempsey L clk A J Etter r 409 No D
Ireland Leonard I drayman h 312 So I
Isackson Wm J bkpr Tighe-B Co
Italia Hotel (Adolfo Pistoresi) 311 No F
Italian-American Hotel (John Paravagna) 301 No F
Iverson Iver J lab h 920 Garden
Jacker Leo A watchmn S P Co h 215 No F
Jacobsen Geo carp M S P Co h 818 Washn
Jacobsen Jacob lab T D Co b 818 Washn
Jacobsen Selma opr P T & T Co b 818 Washr
James John lab b 905 Front
Jameson Wm R h 1220 E Yosemite
Jay Mary E opr P T & T Co b 220 So J
Jay Mrs Minnie clk Tighe-B Cob 113 No A
JAY RICHD C (R C Jay & Son) County Coroner & Public Administrator h 220 So J
JAY ROBT S (R C Jay & Son) b 220 So J
JAY R C & SON (R C and R S Jay) Funeral Directors 115 E Yosemite 
Jensen Fred lab b 206 So K
Johnson Alonzo L cook b 405 Vineyard
Johnson Chancy P b rear 500 So D
Johnson Darwin E carp b 225 No K
Johnson Harold G asst cashr First Nat Bk h 225 No B
Johnson Lee G (McCollam & Johnson) b 217 No B
Jones Matilda (wid Jas) h 109 Clinton
Jones Thos E rancher h 712 Garden  .
Jones Wm H rancher h 711 Washn
Jordan Hugh R mgr Hotel Alta
Jordan John (Hotel Alta) h 110 No C
Jordan Thos mach opr T D Co h 1109 Daulton
Judd Lee clk R-K Co r Hotel Alta
Kahl Geo G tchr High Sch r 124 No K
Kast Alvin mach b 318 No B
Kast Bert millmn b 318 No B
Kast Clinton S farmer h 208 Vineyard
Kast Florence (wid Jas) h 318 No'B
Kast Herbert L farmer b 208 Vineyard
Kasten Hugo lab b 800 So F
Kaufman John W carp h 810 W 4th
Kaufman Jos C lab h 201 No O
Keays Wm J (Madera Brick Co) h 224 W Olive
Keltie John A mach opr T D Co h 609 Clinton
Keltie Marie bkpr C A Dunn b RFD 1
Kemp Jas lino opr Mercury r 119 So D
Kenney Anna M (wid G W) h 404 No C
Kenney Elbert R carp b 204 So J
Kenney Elmer W carp b 204 So J
Kenney Geo livery 104 No Eh 122 So I
Kenney Mildred O (wid C A) h 204 So J
Kidder F N glazier T D Co r 104 No B
King B lab r 129 W Yosemite
King Fred M (Hunt & King) r 304 No D
King Harry carp r 214 E Yosemite
King Jas M lab b 206 No B
King Saml elec r 105 No A
KING REV THOS F (St Joachim Catholic Church) h 121 No C
Kingston Mabel (wid John) h 210 So K
Kinski Julia dom 1115 W Yosemite
Kirkland Kate J bkpr Hunt & King b 218 No B
Kirkland Mattie A (wid B S) h 218 No B
Klein Henry C tinner F Barcroft h 416 No A
Klingenberg Wm estimator T D Co h 715 Washn
Knauth Geo E foreman Tribune h 825 So F
Knowles Ann R (wid Wiley) h 219 No P
Knowles Harvey C meats 112 E Yosemite h 116 No A
Koenigstein Philip M clk R-K Co r 105 No A
Kong Wo Laundry 112 No F
Koonce Jas A janitor h 1119 W Yosemite
Kraus Michael lab b Clara B Brandon
Krough Jack L carp h rear 909 E Yosemite
Labbe Jos P mkr F W Mugler b 217 No B
Ladd Arthur mach opr T D Co h 706 S County Rd
Ladd Geo A carp h 812 Bridge
Land Oscar M lab h 1108 E Yosemite
Land W C lab M S P Co
Landucci Carlo lab b 218 No F
Lane Andrew W blksmth h 401 So D
Lane Viola (wid C C) b 605 Vineyard
Larew Jas W clk T D Cob 112 No C
Larew Mrs Jane E h 315 E Central
LAREW WM H District Attorney b 209 E Yosemite
Larson Jas lab h 909 So F
Larue Robt lab b rear 215 No F
Lasater I B elk W & M
Latham Jas H foreman M S P Co h 216 No A
Law Joseph carp r 105 No A
Lawler J Sanford (Southern Hotel) h 104 No B
Layne Edw I carp h 818 Bridge
Lazzari Adolfo lab h 215 E 9th
Lazzari Lorenzo lab h 600 Lily
Leal Jos A barber J F Amaro b 714 Garden
Leal Minnie A (wid Antone) h 714 Garden
Lecussan Henry barber 116 E Yosemite r Yosemite Hotel
Lee Geo T ins agt h 118 So K
Leech Matt lab h 516 So G
Leggett Chas H h 615 E Yosemite
Leggett Wilbur H bowling 110 So D b 615 E Yosemite
Leidig Chas sta eng h 224 So K
Leland C Raymond h 118 No K
Leming Walter L brklyr h 114 No H
Leonard Edw E opr S P Co r Hotel Alta
Lesan C Karr bkpr M S P Co b 409 No C
Lewin Stephen h 1021 E Yosemite
Lewis Darwin S lab h 301 So H
Lewis Douglas D clk Friedberger & Harder b 301 So H
Lewis Floyd S lab b 301 So H
Lewis Johnson W carp b 301 So H
Lewis J Frank clk h 308 W Olive
Leyvas Mrs Mary h 318 So H
Lightner Frank L (Crow & Lightner) h 707 Dworack
Lincoln School M M Whiting prin Yosemite cor G
Lindrose Arthur E elk W & Mh 125 So P
Linningham Jas grader M SP Co b 620 Vineyard
LINVILLE JOHN W Saloon 220 E Yosemite h 200 No C
Lippi Guido whol liquor 325 No F
Little Zavin L carp h311 So J
Littlefield Hulda cook W & M r Hotel Alta
Lombardi Antonio lab b 218 No F
Lombardi Louis mach opr T D Co
Lomier Fred H elk R-K Co h 225 So I
Long C Fred filer M SP Co h 119 No L
Longatti Louis carp h 225 So C
Lorri Jos lab h rear 215 No F
Loveland Chas H notions 119 E Yosemite h 216 No J
Lucchesi Lawrence lab h 621 So C
Lucchetti Louis lab h 611 Vineyard
Lucchi L lab S P Co b rear 215 No F
Ludders Henry musician h 212 N Lake
Lunetti Arzellio lab b 218 No F
Lyons Clarence W (Yosemite Hotel) h 103 E Yosemite
Lynch Lemuel L carp h 125 No A
Lyster Hans J cementwkr b 415 Front
McBratney Lawrence A (Adams & McBratney) h 303 E Central
McCabe John W fur rms 214 E Yosemite
McCall Alex (McCall Elec Co) h 314 E Yosemite
McCALL ELECTRIC CO (Alex and E C McCall) Electrical Contractors 
     314 E Yosemite
McCall Elmer C (McCall Elec Co) b 314 E Yosemite
McCapes & Miner real est 127 W Yosemite
McCardle Edwin M sec-mgr Madera Abs Co h 200 So K
McCartney Wm carp h 304 So K
McClellan Benj F lab h 401 Fig
McClendon Mrs Adeline b 801 So D
McCluskey Bernhard h 117 No B
McCluskey Ernest B clk R-K Co b 117 No B
McCollam Thos J (McCollam & Johnson) b 217 No B
McCollam & Johnson (T J McCollam L G Johnson) vulcanizers 314 E Yosemite
McCullagh Rev David (Presbyterian Ch) h 412 No B
McCumber Albert A (Peerless Saloon) h 211 No C
McDonald Peter A tailor 328 E Yosemite b 110 No C
McFadden Geo E dep Co Assessor h 309 No D
McFadden Isabel tchr East Side Sch b 309 No D
McGuire Thos cook r 214 E Yosemite
McHaley Jas carp h 211 No L
McHenry Denis brtndr B Taplin r 104 No B
McKearnan John waiter P Powers
McKee Chas E rancher b 831 Lincoln
McKee Francis M rancher b 831 Lincoln
McKee Jas B mach Yosemite Garage b 831 Lincoln
McKee John G rancher h 831 Lincoln
McKee Ray mach b 831 Lincoln
McKee Saml O rancher b 831 Lincoln
McKee Stanley S rancher b 831 Lincoln
McKenzie Bethel M J b 500 No D
McKenzie Donald C farmer h 500 No D
McKinley Mary L asst libr Madera Co Free Library b 601 W Yosemite
McMann D J mach opr T D Co
McMullen Patrick h 1019 W 3d
McMULLIN SMITH Physician and Surgeon Rms 53-56 Mace Blk 113 
     E Yosemite Hours 10-12 AM 1-4 and 7-8 P M Office and Residence Tel 861
McNEEL ROY D Field Supt R L Polk & Co P 0 Box 687 Sacramento
McPherson Edw ironer Madera Lndy b 429 No B
McPherson John F lab h 429 No B
Mace Jennie C (wid R P) h 120 No D
Machetti Manuel peddler h 501 So C
Mackey Archie lab b 615 Moore
Mackey Clarence lab b 615 Moore
Mackey Cora waiter b 615 Moore
Mackey Frank lab h 615 Moore
MADERA ABSTRACT CO E M McCardle Sec-Mgr 129 So D
Madera Brick Co (W J Keays) 302 W Olive
MADERA CITY DIRECTORY R L Polk & Co Pubs PO Box 687 Sacramento
Madera City Restaurant 111 No D
Madera County Chamber of Comemrce G A Clark pres W C Maloy sec 
     4 E Yosemite
Madera County Club 126 E Yosemite
MADERA COUNTY FREE LIBRARY Maude L Mast Librarian 124 So D
MADERA CYCLERY (Virgil Gordon) Bicycle and Motorcycle Sundries 
     Agent for Indian and Excelsior Motorcycles 308 E Yosemite
MADERA DRUG CO (J N Walling) 135 E Yosemite
Madera Gas Co J F Beals mgr 316 E Yosemite
Madera Hardware Co (A E Christiana) 116 So D
Madera Ice Delivery C H Toby mgr 124 No E
MADERA MERCURY THE (Weekly) (G L Olds) 119 So D
Madera Opera House (A A Richards) 330 E Yosemite
Madera Restaurant 206 E Yosemite
Madera Rochdale Co C M Petty Mgr 231 E Yosemite
Madera Rooms (Mamie Madrid) 226 E Yosemite
MADERA SAVINGS BANK Return Roberts Pres J B High V-Pres J G Roberts 
     Cashr J E Newman Asst Cashr 234 E Yosemite
Madera Steam Laundry (Martin Pickett) 511W 6th
MADERA SUGAR PINE CO A W Heavenrich Asst Mgr 122 E Yosemite
MADERA TRIBUNE (Clark & Sharp) G A Clark Editor-Mgr 110 E Yosemite
Madera-Yosemite Big Tree Auto Co C W Lyons agt 103 E Yosemite
Madrid Mamie (Madera Rooms) h 226 E Yosemite
Maher Jas brtndr J R Warner b 125 No L
Maiocchi Antonio lab b 218 No F
Malagna Leonardo lab h 815 Madera
Mallory Sue (wid Roy) b 301 So J
Maloy John W reporter Tribune r 212 No D
Maloy Walter C sec Chamber of Commerce r 212 No D
Manasse Arthur J mgr Rosenthal-Kutner Co b 509 No D
Marbach A Earl machhd h 823 Clinton
Marchbank Geo horticultural commr h 124 No K
Mariscotti Angelo lab h 824 So B
Mariscotti Rasmao carp b 824 So B
Marita T noodles 121 W Yosemite
Marks Marcus clk R-K Co h 116 No J
Marquis John A baker Friedberger & Harder h rear 614 W Olive
Mai-tin Dwight W storekpr S J L & P Corp h 124 No B
Martin Geo U lab h 201 Cypress
Martin Henry H lab h 207 Cypress
Martin H Wesley watchmn h 1001 Washn
Martin Sarah J (wid Wilson) h 204 Vineyard
Martin T F plumber F Barcroft r 209 E Yosemite
Martinelli Anchise lab h 626 Vineyard
Martinelli Domenico lab h 626 Vineyard
Martinelli Ezio rancher b 626 Vineyard
Martinetto Tresa maid 200 So K
Martinez Rachel mangier Madera Lndy
Martini Louis bottler J G Porter b 205 No B
Massano Carlo carp b 218 No F
Massano Louise dom 225 No D
Massasso Victorio lab h 608 So B
Mast Maude L libr Madera Co Free Libr b 208 No D
Mattarocci Andrew lab h 508 E Yosemite
Matteson Albert H cigars 204 E Yosemite r 209 same
Matteson Edna E (wid C A) h 216 W 6th
Matthews Geo W farmer h 730 Canal
Maxwell Jay elk R-K Co b 301 Magnolia
Mechetti Arturo lab b 218 No F
Medina Alex A mach opr T D Co b 111 W Central
Medina Florentine P plumber Hoffman & Stepheiison b 900 Bridge
Medina Gonzalo S lab b 111 W Central
Medina John C lab b 111 W Central
Medina Mrs Josie h 900 Bridge
Medina Matilda clk R-K Co b 900 Bridge
Medina Victor lab h 111 W Central
Medina Victor P lab b 111 W Central
Meilike Frank R (Wehrmann & Meilike) h 400 So F
Melendrez Alfred mach opr T D Co b 105 W Central
Melendrez Mrs Jesusita h 105 W Central
Melesani G lab b 218 No F
Mello J Frank brtndr Peerless Saloon h 211 No A
Mello Manuel J barber H Lecussan h 206 No B
Mendoza Ida R stngr W H Larew b 205 No B
     P 0 Box 687 Sacramento
Merino Clara (wid Chas) h 112 No C
Merino Ray elk Murphy Bros b 208 So G
Merino Reynaldo foreman T D Co h 208 So G
Merritt Benj F lab h 401 No D
Merritt Virgil (Merritt & Rowe) r 300 E Yosemite
Merritt & Rowe (Virgil Merritt John Rowe) 2d hd gds 300 E Yosemite
Metcalf True h 916 Dworack
Metcalf Wm E mach opr T D Co h 515 Vineyard
Mickel Geo N bkpr F Barcroft h 304 No L
Middleton Elizabeth (wid Geo) housekpr 805 E Yosemite
Miller Mrs Bessie lndywkr h 514 So F
Miller Cibba I (wid T A) h 706 S County Rd
Miller Claude W (Miller & Rodman) h212 Vineyard
Miller Henry O carp b 204 Vineyard
Miller Hubert blaster h 905 Front
Miller Reno P mach opr M S P Co h 822 Clinton
Miller Robt D lab b 209 So J
Miller Saml carp h 609 W Yosemite
Miller Wren H tmstr h 800 Dworack
Miller & Rodman (C W Miller F E Rodman) cigars 230 E Yosemite
Mills Mrs Alice h 504 So F
Millward Ida A (wid W J) h 612 W Yosemite
Millward Myrtle I tchr dom science Pub Schs b 612 W Yosemite
Milton Wm B farmer h 700 Columbia
Mirier Benj F carp h 206 Cypress
Miner David A lab h 701 Front
Miner Harry carp b 206 Cypress
Miner Henry H lab h 615 Front
Miner & McCapes real est 127 W Yosemite
Minshall Thos lab h 715 Cross
Minshall Wm E firemn T D Co h 620 E 9th
Modeste Emit lab b 909 So F
Moisling Fred lab b 701 Lily
Monges Geo lab h rear 618 W Olive
Monges Juan lab h rear 618 W Olive
Moni Agostino lab b 218 No F
Montague Jas W Justice of the Peace 117 W Yosemite h 224 So I
Montgomery Robt b 919 W Yosemite
Moody Robt b 825 So F
Moore Alien barber H Lecussan h R F D I
Moore Chas E janitor Coml Nat Bk h 405 Vineyard
Moore Edw carp r 104 No B
Moore Elizabeth (wid T N) b 112 Flume
MOORE-PLATE CO W A Moore Pres-Mgr Groceries and Hardware 
     128 E Yosemite
MOORE WALTER A Pres-Mgr Moore-Plate Co h 200 No N
Moorhead Lydia M (wid Jos) h 900 Garfield 
Moreno Frank lab b 618 W Olive
Moreno Jos M lab h 304 So H
Morgan Jos whsmn M S P Co h 506 Vineyard
Morgan Lovell P lab b 506 Vineyard
Morgan Simeon A cementwkr h 415 Front
Morris Saml porter Yosemite Hotel
Morrow Chas lineman S J L & P Corp b 419 Clinton
Morton Jas A benchmn TD Co h 305 So I
Mower Francis O prin High Sch h 200 No K
Mugler Frank W harness 224 E Yosemite h 308 No C
Mullen Harry L eng b 711 Nebraska
Munter Harry cashr R-K Co r 321 No D
     129 E Yosemite Tel 162 W
Murphy Edmund V (Murphy Bros Smoke House) clk P O b ll2 No C
Murphy John F gasmkr Madera Gas Co b 214 W 8th
Murphy John L (Murphy Bros Smoke House) clk P O b .112 No C
Murphy John R watchmn Court House h 112 No C
Murray Hanley clk J T Hudelson
Murray John H mach opr T D Co h 201 Front
Murray Stanley notary public 113 So Dr 105 No A
Muti Chas barber 304 E Yosemite
Muti Frank barber C Muti
Muti Mike fishermn h 718 Washn
Myers Geo lab T D Co
Nasha Lizzie (wid Jos) h 926 Cross
Nearry Edw M bkpr b 1016 W Yosemite
Nearry Margaret opr P T & T Co b 1016 W Yosemite
Nearry Mary (wid Mathew) h 1016 W Yosemite
Nelson Chas W (Ballard & Nelson) b 418 W Olive
Nelson Emil E barber L J Silva r 110 No C
Nelson Fred carp r 115 No D
New York Restaurant 229 E Yosemite
Newman Carl E clk Comi Nat Bk b 619 W Yosemite
NEWMAN JOS E Asst Cashr Commercial National and Madera Savings Banks 
     h 619 W Yosemite
Nicholas Rev Jonathan (Trinity Episcopal Ch) h 421 E 4th
Nicholas Wm F carp b 715 E Yosemite
Ninnis Delia maid 525 E Yosemite
Noble J Clair clk W & M h 911 Columbia
Nohrnberg John C carp h 202 So J
Noriega Andreas lab h 927 E 5th
Noriega James P mach opr T D Co h 228 So F
North John C civ eng b 319 E Central
Northern A Ray carp h 609 So D
Oak Anna M (wid J H) b 200 No A
Oates Emma (wid Wm) b 124 W 8th
Oberti Louis clk M S P Co h 421 So C
Oddi Angelo shoemkr 201 So D
Oddou Steve h rear 500 So F
O'Donnell Wm eng M S P Co h 812 Garden
Ogden Carroll F comp Mercury r 110 No C
Oglesby Harvey brtndr L Robertson
O'Hare Wm H clk R-K Co h 709 W 4th
Ohl Fred shoemkr b 117 Fig
Olds Gorham L pub Madera Daily and Weekly Mercury r 110 No C
Olds Tryphena (wid A J) h 304 So K
Oliva Mary maid 124 So B
Olson Olga elk r 104 No B
O'Meara Mary (wid John) li £04 Bridge
O'Meara Stephen rancher b 804 Bridge
Opie Geo D clk M S P Co h 216 No Lake
Orvis Wm S mgr Christmas & Orvis Co r 212 No D
Osterliout Frank E cashr First Nat Bk h 420 W Yosemite
Owens Earl W lab h 801 Cutting
Owens Orlo C eng Water Wks h 200 No B
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co R E Vaughan mgr 112 So D
Painter Eugene D optometrist 1st Nat Bk Bldg h 221 No L
Palace Rooms (W W Washburn) 115 No D
Palmer Lloyd J clk Moore-Plate Co h 208 No K
Palmer Virgil O clk M S P Co h 610 E 9th
Panattoni Domenico lab b 218 No F
Paolinelli Giovanni lab h 608 So A
Paravagna John (Italian-American Hotel) h 301 No F
Park Hotel (Mrs Adelia Dworack) 129 W Yosemite
Parker Arthur lab h 322 Magnolia
Parker Mrs Mary h 905 Nebraska
Parker M J Inez tchr b 717 W Yosemite
Parker T A lab M S P Co
Parks Horace elec S J L & P Corp h 120 No J
Parsons Wm H lab h 817 Cutting
Patterson Fred L (Yosemite Garage) b 210 No A
Patterson Jas A watchmkr G E Hill b 515 E 5th
Payne Rachel A (wid C S) h 217 No B
Peabody Wm A h 911 E 5th
Peabody Willis C lab b 911 E 5th
Pedrani Isaiah peddler h 709 Merced
Pedras Manuel J clothing 323 E Yosemite h 201 No B
PEERLESS SALOON (A A McCumber J H Grace) 131 E Yosemite
Peightal Wm H watchmn S P Co r 215 No F
Pelle Sadie (wid P E) b 224 So I
Penhollow Philip A carp h 508 Vineyard
Pennycook Chas lab h 702 No F
Pennycook Hugh J lab b 702 No F
Pera Domenico b 901 So D
Pera Frank farmer b 901 So D
Pera Lodovico farmer h 901 So D
Perkins Jesse b 401 No D
Perkins P O brtndr Jas Butler r 115 No D
Perry John H whsmn h 310 W 5th
Petty Chas M mgr Rochdale Co h 200 Park
Petty S Willis driver Rochdale Co b 200 Park
Phillips Emma F (wid G P) h 718 Garden
Pia Louis farmer h 508 So D
Picken Jos E milimn b 225 No C
Pickett Clarence M marker Madera Lndy b 308 So K
Pickett Ernest polisher Madera Lndy h 511 W 6th
Pickett Martin (Madera Steam Lndy) h 308 So K
Pickett Pauline tchr High Sch b 718 W 5th
Pierce Mary J (wid Clinton) h 225 No K
Pierini Alberto lab h 628 So A
Pinkham Jos lab T D Co
Pistoresi Adolfo (Italia Hotel) h 311 No F
Pizzano Florentine lab h 825 Madera
Plate Delia V b 212 No D
Platt Mrs Jennie M nurse 219 E 2d
Podrina Chas ftr Madera Gas Co
Poletti Michael lab h 608 So D
POLK: R L & CO A A Anderson Supt Directory Publishers Everywhere 
     P O Box 687 Sacramento
Pollock Otto F farmer b rear 216 W 6th
Pollock Mrs Prairie h rear 216 W 6th
Ponder Jas T blksmth h 940 Garden   •
Porter Chas L mining eng h 125 So I
Porter Jas G driver J G Porter b 125 So I
Porter J Grant bottler 320 W Yosemite h 125 So I
POST OFFICE W L Williams P M 322 E Yosemite
Powers Peter restaurant 208 E Yosemite
Pray Stuart W stngr S J L & P Corp
Preciado Albert E sew mach h 433 E Central
Preciado Benj b 309 No B
Preciado Carmelita milliner 105 No D b 309 No B
PRECIADO CHAS F (C F Preciado Co) County Tax Collector b 309 No B
PRECIADO C F CO (C F, R R and W P Preciado) Books and Stationery News 
     Dealers and Confectioners 203-5 E Yosemite
Preciado Henry pool 310 E Yosemite b 309 No B
Preciado Ida clk C F Preciado Co b 309 No B
Preciado Lita clk C F Preciado Co b 309 No B
Preciado Rudolph R (C F Preciado Co) b 309 No B
Preciado Wesley P (C F Preciado Co) b 309 No B
Preciado Ygnacio h 309 No B
Presbyterian Church (Rev David McCullagh) 211 No D
Preston Floy B stngr Chamber of Commerce
Price Gerson E (Brammer & Price) h 508 No D
Price John L h 316 No D
Price Louis E farmer h 700 Dworack
Primmer Burrows J cement contr h 301 E Central
Primmer Geo W b 301 E Central
Pruitt D Archibald foremn M S P Co h 621 S Lake
Pruitt Edw lab b 621 S Lake
Pucci Massimo lab b 218 No F
Puzzo Jos L shoemkr 123 W Yosemite
Pyeatt Edw C grading contr h 525 Front
Quails Sami W painter h 201 W Central
Quant Fredk J h 625 S Lake
Quigley Mrs Clara A tchr Lincoln Sch h III No K
Quong Chong Tong lndy 115 W Yosemite
Quong Loy lndy 32 W 5th
Raburn Bertie bkpr Friedberger & Harder b 600 Vineyard
Raburn Geo W cigars 2 E Yosemite h 600 Vineyard
Race Marion tchr Lincoln Sch h 216 No 0
Ragna Aug lab h 113 So Q
Ramage Mrs Mary stngr M S P Co r Yosemite Hotel
Ransom Dow H phys 107 So D h 125 So B
Rea Alice milliner b 901 Nebraska
Rea Jonathan E watchmn h 901 Nebraska
Reardon Alfred mach opr T D Co
Reardon Rose (wid Dennis) h 802 Nebraska
Reberger Rev Wm (First M E Ch) h 208 W 6th
Rector Bert mach opr T D Cob 318 W Olive
Rector Glen mach opr T D Co h 318 W Olive
Rector Henry lab h 311 Lily
Reese Elizabeth A dom 222 No D
Reeve Eva M tchr High Sch b 601 W Yosemite
Reid Alonzo A lab b 601 E 4th
Reid Frank H salsn b 225 No D
Reid Wm C phys 106 So D h 225 No D
Renfro Columbus G farmer h 127 Grove
Renfro Gladys elk A J Etter b 127 Grove
RHODES RALEIGH E City Attorney and Lawyer 120 So D h 114 So J
Ricci Domenico brtndr Eversoll & Queresma h 1001 Lincoln
Rice Henry M b 422 No C
Richards Arthur A (Madera Opera House) h 301 No A
Richardson John R fuel 325 Clinton
Ricketts Bert A ranch supt h 325 So K
Ring Wm C millmn h 324 No C
Ring Wm C Jr mach opr T D Co b 324 No C
Rinker Caspar I A phys 133 E Yosemite h 408 No C
Ripperdan Geo E farmer h 424 No D
Rivera Donald sawyer b 208 So 0
Rivera Jose M lab h 208 So 0
Roberts Esther b 405 Vineyard
Roberts Frank P rancher h nr Arbor Vitae Cemetery
ROBERTS JOHN G Cashr Commercial Nat & Madera Savings Banks h 219 E 2nd
ROBERTS RETURN Pres Commercial Nat and Madera Savings Banks h 301 No C
Roberts Wiley P lab h 206 Flume
Robertson Lacy saloon 136 E Yosemite h 700 E 8th
Robinson Eli lab h 901 So F
Rodman Francis E (Miller & Rodman) h 304 Vineyard
Rogers Carl H bkpr R-K Co h 312 No L
Rogers Frank eng City Water Wks h 107 No B
Rogers Lionel D lab b 107 No B
Rogers Robt eng b 107 No B
Romero Dometilla h 101 W Central
Root Raymond M lab h 513 So B
Roquet Mrs Dora dept mgr Tighe-B Co r 110 No C
Rosedale Rooms (Mrs M E Berrier) 209 E Yosemite
ROSENTHAL-KUTNER CO A J Manasse Mgr Gen Mdse and Grain 
     100-108 E Yosemite
Rosenthal Nathan pres Rosenthal-Kutner Co h 509 No D
Rosetta Dominic lab h 500 E 10th
Ross W S oiler M SP Co
Rothe Gustave H editor Mercury r 110 No C
Rouch Chas W clk Madera Hdw Co h 220 So K
Row Clarence lab b 321 So I
Row Harold driver b 321 So I
Row Louise (wid Wm) h 321 So I
Row Reginald driver b 321 So I
Rowe John (Merritt & Rowe) r 300 E Yosemite
Rowland Eleanor b 425 E Central
Rowland Susan M (wid Jas) b 425 E Central
Ruiz E Peter brtndr J C Autrand h 204 So O
Ruiz Jos lab b 200 So O
Ruiz Julian lab h 200 So O
Ruiz Reginald E lab b 1025 Daulton
Ruiz Victor shoemkr Geo Hope b 200 So O
Ruiz Vincente S lab b 200 So O
Russell Alien J watchmn h 212 Grove
St Mary's Methodist Church (Rev Jas Healey) B cor 5th
Sambueso Demetrio lab h 614 W Olive
SAN JOAQUIN LIGHT & POWER CORP P B Wilson Dist Agt 114 E 5th
Sanchez Rachel L (wid F E) h 314 So M
Sardia Domenico lab b rear 215 No F
Sarll Frank E dentist 107 So D h 212 So B
Saunders Bros (T F (Fresno) and E M) grain 201 So F
Saunders Edw M (Saunders Bros) h 415 No D
Saunders Jack lab b 207 Cypress
Saunders Mayme F tchr Lincoln Sch b 415 No D
Savoy Chas carp h 615 E 9th
Savoy Robt W painter h 111 So K
Schanez Mrs Clofe waiter Hotel Alta
Scheeler John rancher h 304 No D
Schivinia Palmira dom b 801 So B
Schivinia Pasquale h 801 So B
Schmidt Ferdinand baker W & M r 214 E Yosemite
Schroeder John h 210 No A
Schubert Paul M spec agt Stand Oil Co h 200 E Olive
Schwartze Charlotte (wid Wm) h 624 So D
Sciacqua Cornelius elk M S P Co h 921 So D
Scott Clarence M b 316 So J
Scott Jos F driver h 524 E Yosemite
Scott Mary M (wid Robt) h 316 So J
Scott Roy C drayman b 316 So J
Scrivens Wm eng h 621 E Yosemite
Sedgwick Jas lab h 409 No A
Serrano Louis biksmth 210 So F b 224 No F
Settle Merle bkpr Tribune b 318 No C
Shannon Patrick lab h 314 No M
Shedd Bert h 204 No L
Shedd Geo M h 201 No K
Shedd Mrs Susan sec Womens Improvement Club h 201 No K
Shepard John L painter b 707 Dworack
Sherwood Arthur L osteo 205 No C
Shugg Anna h 624 No F
Shuman Harvey W autos 215 So D h 117 No A
Shuman Ralph A mach H W Shuman h 805 Dworack
Sigmund Lulu M housekpr 121 No C
Silva Larry J barber 222 E Yosemite h 212 So A
Siveri Gino h 524 Lily
Skaggs Mrs Nancy R b 100 W Olive
Slater Catherine B (wid Henry) b W H Slater
Slater Wm H carrier R FDIh Lincoln cor Co Road
Sledge Strudwick S City Trustee h 1115W Yosemite
Sloan Lee mach opr T D Co h 809 Washn
Smith Aaron K mgr W U T Co r 209 E Yosemite
Smith Arch J dep Co Recorder b 1315 Lincoln
Smith Arthur D agt S P Co h 224 No B
Smith Chester W elk S P Cor 105 No A
Smith C Elmer horseshoer 115 No C h 316 So K
Smith Frank E County Surveyor h 311 W Yosemite
Smith Fred M lab h 117 Fig
Smith Harry G fireman M S P Co h 511 Vineyard
Smith Jas D blksmth L Serrano
Smith John r 209 E Yosemite
Smith J Wesley dep Co Recorder b 1315 Lincoln
Smith Lyman lab b 602 Vineyard
Smith Nels P mach opr M S P Co
SMITH WALTER A County Recorder h 1315 Lincoln
Sordi Abramo carp h 609 So B
Sordi Domenic carp h 524 So B
Southern Hotel (J S Lawler) 104 No B
Southern Pacific Co A D Smith Agt 1 E Yosemite
Speegle Andrew L eng T D Co h 416 No D
Srack Jas carp r 110 No C
Staffan Aug lab hill So Q
Stafford Percy M civ eng ll8 E Yosemite h 324 No D
Stahl Frieda L (wid Emil) (Brown & Stahl) h 208 No D
Stahl Selma music tchr b 301 No D
Stahl Wm h 301 No D
Standard Oil Co P M Schubert spec agt 100 E Olive
Stapp Geo A peanut vender Yosemite cor C h 1001 Garfield
Stapp Harry lab h 724 Dworarck
Stapp Jas J exprnn h 236 Vineyard
Stapp Nancy (wid Jas) b 211 No C
Stapp Thos T lab h 907 Front
Stark John clk Madera Opera House
Stein Delmer b H L Stein
Stein Herman L h Bridge nr Cleveland
Stein Wilbur b H L Stein
Stephenson Durward (Hoffman & Stephenson) h 200 So I
Stephenson Elizabeth C (wid S E) h 204 So I
Stevens Arthur L benchmn T D Co h 315 So J
Stevens Chas F mach h 510 So C
Stevens Frank E mach opr M S P Co h 506 S Lake
Stevens Leslie A lab b 315 So J
Stevens Nancy J (wid S H) b 120 Vineyard
Stewart C Edw lab h 730 Dworack
Stewart Geo W pressman Tribune r 110 No C
Stitt Jos F rancher h 525 E Yosemite
Stitt Roy b 525 E Yosemite
Stratton Warren R clk S P Cor 105 No A
Straube Jas C land agt 130 E Yosemite r 214 E Yosemite
Stringer Retta (wid Theo) china painter h 311 No M
Sunia Dani M carp h 305 So H
Sunia Edw L carp b 205 No B
Sunia Sol lab b 205 No B
Sunia Victor wagon mkr 123 So C h 205 No B
Sunia Victor Jr driver Madera Lndy h rear 205 No B
Superior Court W M Conley Judge Court House
Sweeney Mrs Angeline h 301 So H
Swenson Louis R stngr R-K Cor 105 No A
Swift Manson D lab h 306 So N
Swift Percie elk b 306 So N
Taccola Vasco lab h 920 So B
TAPLIN BEN Saloon 124 E Yosemite h 200 N Lake
Tate Alma manicure b 109 Clinton
Taylor Wm E lab h 930 Garden
Thede Mrs Amy E h 601 W Yosemite
Thede Mabel G stngr Madera Abs Co b 620 Vineyard
Thede Mary D cook b 620 Vineyard
Thede Mary E (wid Carsten) fur rms 620 Vineyard
Thomas Clark E lab h 1204 W Yosemite
Thomas Clyde tchr Lincoln Sch r 311 W Yosemite
Thomas Elsie B waiter Southern Hotel
Thomas Mrs Minnie cook Southern Hotel
Thomason H Baker lab h 300 Vineyard
Thompson Frank opr Madera Opera House
Thompson L L lab T D Co
Thompson Wm M carp h 922 Cross
Thorne Mrs Alice b 621 E Yosemite
THURMAN DOOR CO W B Thurman Pres G S Thurman Sec 100-116 E 6th
Thurman Geo S sec Thurman Door Co h 425 No D
Thurman Wm B pres Thurman Door Co h 422 No C
TIGHE-BREYFOGLE CO W C Tighe Pres Dept Store 207-15 E Yosemite
TIGHE WM C Pres Tighe-Breyfogle Co h 204 No C
Toby Chas H mgr Madera Ice Del h 325 No D
Togni Tony lab h 321 So J
Tolladay Geo J clk M S P Co b 814 Cross
Tolladay Harry J lab b 814 Cross
Tolladay Henrietta L (wid C G) h 814 Cross
Townsend Frank C tmstr h 926 Garden
Townsend Thos C carp h 1110 W Yosemite
Treager Delbert O chainmn P M Stafford h 308 No A
Treglown Jas E elec S JL&P Corp h 505 Front
Tresch John baker W & Mr 104 No B
Trine G Marlton eng b 211 So L
Trine Henry C tmstr b 211 So L
Trine Stuart S repr H W Shuman b 211 So L
Trine Wm carp h 211 So L
Trinity Episcopal Church (Rev Jonathan Nicholas) 425 E 4th
Trujillo David B b 624 So D
Trunday Grace b 208 So C
Tubbs Chas E lab h 1025 Daulton
Turner Chas T brtndr J W Linville b 217 E 5th
Tuthill Harry L tallymn T D Co h 211 So J
Tuttle Jas W boarding 224 So F
Tyrrell Morton H dairymn h 124 So J
Uebel Wm L ctr H C Knowles r 209 E Yosemite
Union High School F 0 Mower prin 6th cor L
UTTER WM C City Clerk and Dep County Clerk h 312 No D
Utterback E B lab T D Co
Valenzuela Mrs Bessie h 111 E Central
Valenzuela Frank lab b 636 W Olive
Valenzuela Fred lab b 636 W Olive
Valenzuela Henry lab b 636 W Olive
Valenzuela Jos stockmn h 325 So J
Valenzuela Leonard mach opr T D Co h 636 W Olive
Valenzuela Rafael lab b 636 W Olive
Valenzuela Silverio S brtndr G H Austin h 308 So M
Valenzuela Ygnacio M lab h 320 No L
Van Curen Geo W brtndr J R Warner h 111 No A
Van Ness C Edw trav salsn h 308 So J
Van Ness Shelly h 308 So J
Van Ness Susie E (wid J A M) b 308 So J
Van Voris Andrew J foreman T D Co h 225 N Lake
Van Voris Earl benchhd T D Co b 225 N Lake
Van Voris Ray clk T D Co h 201 So J
Vargas Allie lab h 614 Lily
Vasquez Emiliano shoemkr 323 E Yosemite h 719 Columbia
Vaughan Roy E mgr P T & T Cob 209 So I
Ventori Domenic carp h 524 So C
Vincent Jas carp b 201 So L
Vincent Mrs Margaret h 201 So L
Vise Wm R real est h 201 No L
Vogel Fred (Gross & Vogel) h 214 No B
Vogeler Geo H bkpr h 519 W Yosemite
Volstedt Herman cementwkr b 620 Vineyard
Waddell Mary E (wid Wilbur) h 212 No D
Wagner Jas C mach opr T D Co b 225 So I
Walling Jesse N (Madera Drug Co) h 616 W Yosemite
Walling John C autos 100 No F h 401 E Central
Walsh Mary A (wid Richd) b 415 No D
Walters Geo lab h 512 So D
Ward Peter gardener h 215 So J
Warfield Isoline M stngr T D Cob 505 Vineyard
Warfield John A janitor h 505 Vineyard
Warfield John H glazier T D Co h 705 E Yosemite
WARNER JAS R Saloon 134 E Yosemite h 400 No B.
Washburn Walter W (Palace Rooms) auto livery 100 No F h 115 No D
Washington Claude L mach opr M S P Co h 727 Washn
Washington Edw C garage 119 So C h 205 So C
Wasley John T tchr manual training Pub Schs h 110 No K
Waterford Saml T janitor 1st Nat Bk h 804 Herbert
Watson Hughey J millmn b 424 South
Watson Jas J lab h 807 Madera
Weaver Bonita tchr High Sch b 901 W Yosemite
Webb Wm H foremn M S P Co h 610 Vineyard
Webster Wm L lab h 301 Magnolia
Wehrmann Arthur (Wehrmann & Meilike) h 124 W 8th
Wehrmann Erna bkpr W & Mb 124 W 8th
WEHRMANN & MEILIKE (Arthur Wehrmann Frank Meilike) 
     Grocers Hardware and Bakers 221-3 E Yosemite
Welch Edw appr Mercury
Welch Mrs Mary A h 305 No D
Wells Elias E barnmn M SPCoh 701 Lily
Wells Fargo & Co Express G W Donahue agt 106 So E
Wells Logan carp h 701 Lily
Wenk Norval G rodman P M Stafford r Yosemite Hotel
Werner Fred shoemkr H C E Brammer r 601 W Yosemite
Werren Jas h rear 124 W 8th
Wesel Reinhard ctr H C Knowles r 209 E Yosemite
Wesler Jacob clk F Barcroft r 209 E Yosemite
Western Union Telegraph Co A K Smith Mgr 112 So D
Westfall Sampson W Sheriff h 324 No B
Wheeler Geo W carp h 512 So G
Whisnan Alpha dom 111 No B
White Abraham C elk Tighe-B Co b 125 Vineyard
White Alex E lab b 125 Vineyard
White Carlos H uphlstr C A Dunn h 725 Bridge
White Cathleen E musician Opera House b 125 Vineyard
White Chas E plumber Hunt & King h 921 E 5th
White Dani M L janitor High Sch h 218 W 8th
White Domitila (wid A C) h 125 Vineyard
White House (Mrs Alice A Eversoll) 105 No A
Whitehead Mrs Alice h 206 No O
Whitehead Wm E grader MS P Co h-200 No O
Whiteside Jos I btblk 107 No D h 714 Vineyard
Whiting Milo M prin Lincoln Sch h 600 W Yosemite
Wilitt Jessie (wid Marion) dressmkr h 609 Front
Whitt Lula dressmkr b 609 Front
Whittall Geo E mach Yosemite Garage
Wilberty Andrew carp h 130 So K
Wilkinson Mary B (wid John) tchr Lincoln Sch h 217 No K
Willett A Henry lab h 605 Vineyard
Willett Geo b 605 Vineyard
Willett Jacob G lab h 808 Cross
Willhoite Alice M clk R A Bay b 611 No E
Willhoite Andrew J chauffeur b 611 No E
Willhoite Benj h 801 Madera
Willhoite May (wid Frank) h 611 No E
Willhoite  Wm M biksmth h 401 So E
Williams Henry farmer h511 So G
Williams Henry E carp h 112 So N
Williams John B real est 123 E Yosemite h 901 W Yosemite
Williams Lloyd lab T D Co
Williams Mrs Mary asst Postmaster h 321 W Yosemite
Williams Red J gardener b 620 Vineyard
Williams Walter E (Williams & Hussey) r 104 So D
Williams Walter W glazier T D Co b 112 So N
WILLIAMS WM L Postmaster h 321 W Yosemite
Williams & Hussey (Walter Williams Jas Hussey) barbers 104 So D
Wills Bros (W O and J A) cigars 136 E Yosemite
Wills Frank A elk W & M h 514 S Lake
Wills John A (Wills Bros) r 209 E Yosemite
Wills Wm O (Wills Bros) r 110 No C
Wilson Bros (W G and D B) real est 107 So D
Wilson Dayton B (Wilson Bros) r 110 No C
Wilson Dora clk Tighe-B Co b 610 Vineyard
Wilson Edw carp r 214 E Yosemite
Wilson Frank h 310 So H
Wilson Herbert H foreman S P Co h 704 Dworack
Wilson Mrs Mary h 310 So H
Wilson Paul B dist agt S J L & P Corp b 224 N Lake
Wilson Shirley G clk T D Co r 110 No C
Wilson Mrs Theresa maid Southern Hotel h 926 Cross
Wilson Walter G (Wilson Bros) h 304 No C
Wilson Wm W mach opr T D Co h rear 500 So D
Wimert Edw A benchmn T D Co h 520 W Yosemite
Winfree Solon brtndr J W Linville h 217 E 5th
Wing Wm dentist 133 E Yosemite h 215 So B
Women's Improvement Club Mrs Susan Shedd sec 301 W Yosemite
Wood Benj H gardener b 621 E Yosemite
Wood Mrs May h 719 E Yosemite
Wood Nancy C (wid Leonidas) h 621 E Yosemite
Wood Robt County Supervisor 4th Dist
W O W Hall 120 So D
Woods Chas E transfer 129 E Yosemite h 205 N Lake
Woodson Mrs Josie boarding 225 No C
Woodson L J salsn Thurman Door Co
Wootten Saml O (Freeman & Wootten) h 425 No C
Wootten W Leslie mach Freeman & Wootten b 204 No A
Wren Blanche H (wid F M) tchr Lincoln Sch b 206 No N
Wren Evalyn tchr b 206 No N
Wren Lee O tmstr h 600 So G
Wren Matilda (wid T J) b 111 No A
Wren Philip b 600 So G
Wright Oscar D h 519 E Central
Yauch Thos S eng M SP Co h 305 Vineyard
Yosemite Cyclery E E Bozeman mgr 321 E Yosemite
Yosemite Garage (F L Patterson C D Ely) 100 No F
YOSEMITE HOTEL (C W Lyons) 103 E Yosemite
Yslas Bernardi harnessmkr 720 So B
Yslas D mach opr T D Co b 720 So B
Zamora Epigmenio E sheep shearer h 820 Columbia
Zapata Manuel lab h 617 So C
Zoerb Geo F bldg contr h 601 E 4th


The following list contains the heads of families only:

Allen Cyrus rt 1 bx 95
Anderson Nels A rt 1 bx 124c
Anderson Silas S rt 1 bx 39
Appling Joshua C rt 1 bx 104
Atkinson T B rt 1 bx 104a
Baker Horace E rt 1 bx 102
Banzi F rt 1 bx 125
Barcus Dell V rt 1 bx 115
Baumann Mrs Adolph rt 1 bx 89
Bertozzi Peter rt 1 bx 21
Best A L rt 1 bx 124b
Biancolani A rt 1 bx 20
Bigelow Newton E rt 1 bx 122
Bini Constantini rt 1 bx 31a
Buntain Fred J rt 1 bx 62
Burgess Ernest J B rt 1 bx 103
Bush Stephen rt 1 bx 78
Butler Robt rt 1 bx 104b
Cadle Wm H rt 1 bx 89a
Campodonica Louis rt 1 bx 77
Capra Fredk rt 1 bx 32
Clark Chas A rt 1 bx 109
Clark Geo H rt 1 bx 30
Cody Frank A rt 1 bx 82
Collodi Umberto rt 1 bx 98
Conley John rt 1 bx 49
Conner Wm S rt 1 bx 5
Cox E B rt 1 bx 58
Cox Robt L rt 1 bx 63
Crawford Robt L rt 1 bx 54a
Dalcerro A rt 1 bx 126c
Darpinian Kaspar rt 1 bx 61a
Del Bono Cesear rt 1 bx 35
Del Bono Rudolph rt 1 bx 86
Del Bono Victor rt 1 bx 86
Dellavalle A rt 1 bx 31
Dellavalle Natale rt 1 bx 68
Dellavalle Paolo rt 1 bx 68
Dixon Abraham A rt 1 bx 66
Dulcich Dominic rt 1 bx 85
Dyer Carpus M rt 1 bx 74a
Easterbrook Thos rt 1 bx 124a
Edmondson Walter A rt 1 bx 7
Elder John A rt 1 bx 37
Fansone B rt 1 bx 38a
Faso Sebastian rt 1 bx 75
Flum Mrs Minnie rt 1 bx 4
Eraser Mrs Tudie rt 1 bx 13
Galeener Chas E rt 1 bx 49a
Galeener Mrs Eliza rt 1 bx 106a
Galeener Jos P rt 1 bx 53
Ghelardi Giovanni rt 1 bx 67
Gile R rt 1 bx 80
Giles Harry rt 1 bx 116a
Glock Chas A rt 1 bx 116
Goss Moses rt 1 bx 94
Graves Mrs Ross rt 1 bx 128
Hamilton Geo E rt 1 bx 99
Hanress John rt 1 bx 16
Harrer Geo rt 1 bx 93
Hart Sami D rt 1 bx 106
Hawley Geo L rt 1 bx 9
Hawley Thos C rt 1 bx 65
Hedges Isaac A rt 1 bx 8
Hensley John M rt 1 bx 121
Houlding Robt rt 1 bx 23
Houlding Mrs Sarah J rt 1 bx 25
Holilding Wm V rt 1 bx 28
Houston Geo F rt 1 bx 10
Hubbard Sami W rt 1 bx 113
Hunter Louis B rt 1 bx 57
Hutchens Ancil H rt 1 bx 123
Kast Jacob N rt 1 bx 120
Kenney Walter E rt 1 bx 69
Knap E W rt 1 bx 61b
Kojakanian  H rt 1 bx 71a
Koontz A V rt 1 bx 27
Krayenbuhl Fred rt 1 bx 117b
Lavender Henry E rt 1 bx 37
Lavi Cesare rt 1 bx 47
Lucchetti A rt 1 bx 126a
McCaman Chas rt 1 bx 110
McCully E Clark rt 1 bx 71
McKay Dani rt 1 bx 130
McWilliams Thos rt 1 bx 107
Maggiorini Louis rt 1 bx 118
Malesani Tito F rt 1 bx 46
Maricich Nick rt 1 bx 81
Marovich Matt rt 1 bx 83
Martin Frank rt 1 bx 101
Martinelli S rt 1 bx 6
Mazzei A rt 1 bx 86a
Metcalf Wm E rt 1 bx 127
Michaelson M rt 1 bx 100
Milinovich Stane rt 1 bx 26
Montanya Mrs Mary E rt 1 bx 24
Moore Alien rt 1 bx I06a
Morgan Jos rt 1 bx 128
Murray .Mrs Jeanie rt 1 bx 56
Nearry Mrs Mary rt 1 bx 1
Noble ThosL rt 1 bx 61
Oberti Grovanni rt 1 bx 88
Osborn Clarence rt 1 bx 54
Ospital Jean rt 1 bx 94a
Ospital Peter rt 1 bx 76
Owens Sami G rt 1 bx 74
Page Louis J rt 1 bx 41
Paginini Pellegro rt 1 bx 22
Palmer Solomon J rt 1 bx 105
Perkins Seymour J rt 1 bx 87
Peterson Peter rt 1 bx 96
Pia Alberto rt 1 bx 38a
Pia Giuseppe rt 1 bx 33
Pistoresi Settimo rt 1 bx 80
Poncelow Jas E rt 1 bx 45
Raviscioni Mrs Mary rt 1 bx 12
Rich Vincent rt 1 bx 35a
Russell Edwin F rt 1 bx 64
Sanderson Arthur rt 1 bx 73
Sanderson Wm W rt 1 bx 98a
Scheffing Chas F rt 1 bx 48
Schmidt Ferdinand F rt 1 bx 34
Schmitz J Walter rt 1 bx 72
Scott  Alonzo L rt 1 bx 70
Scott Norman J rt 1 bx 8
Secara Frank J rt 1 bx 114
Serracino Louis rt 1 bx 84
Sledge  Levin L rt 1 bx 42
Smith Harry G rt 1 bx 129
Stefanelli Rinaldo rt 1 bx 31b
Steffin A rt 7 bx 3
Thede Harry P rt 1 bx 43
Thede Mrs Mary E rt 1 bx 126
Thomas A E rt 1 bx 63
Thomas Henry W rt 1 bx 38
Toschi Angelo rt 1 bx 50
Townsend Thos C rt 1 bx 2
Valarosi Jos rt 1 bx 84a
Wagner Chas W rt 1 bx 92
Warfield John A rt 1 bx 129

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