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1871 Madera County Directory
(Extracted from the Fresno County Directory)


A post, express and telegraph office on the line of the S.P.R.R., 19 miles from Fresno; population 400.

Aguirra P, butcher
Hope & Edwards, blacksmiths
Levy H., general merchandise
Lewin, Steve, constable
Lively J.H., hotel
Manasse Nathan, general merchandise
Walters, Edward, saloon


A post-office, 22 miles north of Fresno; 150 inhabitants

Banatta, Frank, postmaster
Brown, Joseph, hotel and general merchandise
Holley, John C., saloon
Sharp, Orrin, retired merchant
Woolcock, P., blacksmith


Post-office Fresno Flats

Blanchard, H. F., hotel


Post-office Madera; 7 1/2 miles from Coarse Gold Gulch

Hampton, Wm., hotel and gen mdse
Lipke, Chas, saloon
Norris, Smith, general merchandise
Williams, John, general merchandise


A post and express office, about 9 miles from CoarseGold Gulch and about 48 miles northeast of Madera.

Anderson H, hotel
Houge J, saloon
Hunt John L, costable
Johnson J M, justice of the peace
Raferty H, saloon
Smith & Laramore, general mdse


A post-office, 6 miles southwest of Fresno Flats.

Acton, A. M., notary public, attorney-at-law and postmaster
Crooks W H, lumber-mill
Davis Mrs Ada B, music teacher
Grant Judge, attorney-at-law and mining engineer
Philip A, general merchandise and hotel
Trigg R T, restaurant
Westfall S W, saloon
Walsh Wm, mining supt


A post, telegraph and express office on the Central Pacific R.R., 22 miles from Fresno.  Population 250.

Borden N.L., agt Yosemite Stage & Turnpike Co, and Central Pacific RR
Brown, Mrs. CE, druggist
Brown, F.R., physician
Charles, John, carpenter
Cramer, James, constable
Curtin, C., lifvery stable
Daugherty, Daniel, bootmaker
Edwards, D.F., blacksmith
Jessen, S., hotel
Mace, R.P., hotel and office of Yosemite Stage & Turnpike Co
Madera Flume and Lumber Co., gen mdse
Madera Hotel, Henry Slaven proprietor
Malony, J.L., physician
Moore & co., general merchandise
Moore, E., agt Wells, Fargo & Co, and postmaster
Neal, Rev. J.H., clergyman (Methodist)
Paz, C., barber
Rabidon, Louis, restaurant
Redfield, O.T., attorney-at-law and notary  public
Simpson, Richard, justice of the peace
Slaven, Henry, hotel
Velie, A.T., wagonmaker
Williams, H.S., gen mdse and saloon


A post-office and a Station on the Madera and Yosemite Stage Road, 20 miles from Madera.

Dunstan, C.H., hotel
Hildreth, Thomas, gen mdse and hotel
Ralls, Geo W, hotel and saloon

(Rallsville had a 4th Class post office established  8/1/1881; discontinued 10/10/1883.  Then maintained by Coarse Gold Gulch.  Named after the Postmaster George W. Ralls.)

                                     Transcribed by Norma Hickman
McKenney's Pacific Coast Directory for 1883-4
(Oakland : L.M. McKenney & Co., 1882)

Fresno County.  A post, telegraph and express office, on the Central
Pacific R.R., 22 miles from Fresno. Population 230.

Borden, N L, agt Yosemite Stage and Turnpike Co, and Central Pacific R R

Brown, Mrs. C E, druggist

Brown, F R, physician

Charles John, carpenter

Cramer James, constable

Curtin C, livery stable

Dougherty Daniel bootmaker

Edwards D F, blacksmith

Jessen S, hotel

Mace R P. hotel and office of Yosemite Stage and Turnpike Co.

Madera Fume and Lumber Co, gen mdse

Madera Hotel, Henry Slaven proprietor

Malony J L, physician

MOORE & CO, general merchandise

MOORE E, agt Wells, Fargo & Co, and postmaster

Neal Rev J H, clergyman (Methodist)

Paz C, barber

Rabidon Louis, restaurant

Redfield O T, attorney-at-law and notary public

Simpson Richard, justice of the peace

Slaven Henry, hotel

Velie A T, wagonmaker

Williams H S, gen mdse and saloon.

                                        Transcibed by John Taylor

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