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Surname Submitted E-Mail
Adkins 10-2000 Theo Price
Appleton, James O. 5-2001 Linda Loffelmacher
Booker, Carr, Everett, O'Brien 4-2001 Barbara I. Brooks
Bressler 11-2000 Dick Bressler
Cline 12-2000 Kathy Landauer
Coffee 10-2000
Cole (Hanford area abt 1880s) 1-2001 Charles E. Hawkins
Crider, Robert Loran (Hanford area) 11-2000 Sharon Crider
Cropper 11-2000 Scott Wardlow
Dierks, Anne Catherine 3-2001 Donnell Wisniewski
Dority 9-2000
Downs, Orlando 3-2001 Beth Goble
Drouillard, Drullard, Droullard, Drouilliard, Drewyer 12-2000 Nancy Drouillard
Eddy 12-2000 Jen Cranch
Ferguson, John W. 3-2001 Beth Goble
Flaherty, Robert Franklin 10-2000 Carol Dawson
Gillespie, Judson 2-2010 James l Gillespie
Gray 5-10-2010 Ann Lambert-Anzo
Haag, Leonard, Finley, Belle, May 11-2000 Beverly Kirby
Hackett 12-2000 Jen Cranch
Hamilton (Hanford area) 1-2001
Harley (Hanford area) 1-2001
Harrah 11-2000 Elizabeth Harrah
Hobler 10-2000
Hudson, Wesley - Corcoran-1916 10-2000
Hummel 1-2001
Hummell or Humell 12-2000 Jen Cranch
Humphreys 1-2001 Carol Campodonico Ferrari
Hunter 10-2000
Johansen 11-2000 Scott Wardlow
Judson 10-2000 James l Gillespie
Kelley or Kelly 1-2001
Lambert 5-10-2010 Ann Lambert-Anzo
Lynd 9-2000 Debi Cusack
Marriott, Howard Wesley 3-2001 Donnell Redlingshafer Wisniewski
Marriott, Joseph 3-2001 Donnell Redlingshafer Wisniewski
McConnell 3-2001 Sharon Koleber
McCoy 3-2001 Sharon Koleber
Moore, James 12-2000 Robert A. Moore
O'Brien 10-2000
Patterson, Merritt 11-2000 Jim Merritt
Pryor 5-10-2010 Ann Lambert-Anzo
Ratcliffe 10-2000 Gloria Bradler
Rey (Hanford, Mussell Slough, Lambeth Grove areas) 4-2001 laura rey
Rhoads, Matthew M. 5-2001 Judson M. Rhoads
Rose, Rev. James B. 3-2001 Ginny Safford
Rummerfield 4-2001
Runyon 5-10-2010 Ann Lambert-Anzo
Seeley, George W. 3-2001 Beth Goble
Selby 11-2000 Jerry Wentworth
Silveira 2-2001 Johny A. Albrecht
Smiths, Albert D. 10-2000 James l Gillespie
Todd 11-2000 Scott Wardlow
Vail, Frank M. married to Marry Madden 1872. 1-2001 Judy Kay Erickson
Welton, Millard F. married to Axie Barker Clark 1-2001 Judy Kay Erickson
Wootten 11-200 Elizabeth Harrah
Workman, Esau, Frank, Henrietta - Corcoran 1916 10⁄2000
Yelkins, John Johnson 3⁄2001 Donnell Redlingshafer Wisniewski
Young (Hanford area) 1⁄2001
Zillender 3⁄2001 Llyana Allen
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