George H. Steves

The father of George H. Steves was Jeremiah Steves, his grand­father was Joshua Steves, his great-grandfather was Jeremiah Steves the first. The only other Steves to found a family in America was Franklin Steves, a nephew of the first Jeremiah. George H. was born in Chautauqua county, N. Y., January 24, 1840. On June 9, 1861, soon after he became of age, he enlisted in Company H, Ninetieth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry. Louisiana was the scene of his first battle experience and the last regular engagement in which he participated was at Cedar Creek, during the interim of which he saw active service in twenty-five or thirty hot skirmishes. At Cedar Creek a shot entered his breast and lodged behind his shoulder-blade inflicting a serious wound which, while it did not send him to the hospital, has troubled him ever since, and in recognition of which he has had conferred upon him a pension of $36. He has a vivid recollection of service under General Banks in a small Louisiana town where he helped confiscate the silver spoons of certain Con­federate sympathizers. The immediate effect upon him of his wound was to reduce his weight from one hundred and eighty-six pounds to eighty-six pounds, and he was honorably discharged from the service at Camp Russell, December 9, 1864, returning to his native county in New York. There he remained until 1902, when he came to Tulare county. He owned some property at Jamestown, N. Y., which_ be sold when he came West. He is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic and politically he affiliates with the Republican party. In his religious identification he is a Methodist. Mr. Steves has during recent years been a great traveler. He married in New York state Miss Lucinda R. Wilson, a native of that state, who passed away nine years ago. The names of his children are Ida B., J. G., Melvin F. and Matie L. Ida B. married Frank Wilcox and their daughter is named Rose Belle. J. G., guard at the Auburn, N. Y., penitentiary, married Ethel Sampson and has children Catherine, Ethel, William and Annie Melvin F. married Louisa Karsthorse and they have children, Lewis, Louise, Mary, Henry and Elizabeth; their home is in Rochester, N. Y. One of Mr. Steves's most precious possessions is a Grand Army badge, Department of Utah, 1909.

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