Ean Ross

Born in Kings, county, Cal., February 26, 1884, the well-known young farmer whose name is above is a native son of the Golden State. He attended public schools until he was eighteen years old, then joined his father on the ranch and was his chief assistant as long as his parent lived. David Ross, his father, came to Kings county, Cal., in 1871, and in 1873 settled near Lemoore, where for a time he taught public school, and he also taught in Tulare, Kern, Fresno, Mariposa, Merced, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, and for two years filled the office of school trustee.

In 1873 there came to California a young woman who was to become the wife of David Ross. She was Maggie Bell Ross, a girl of strong common sense, who took a hopeful view of life and was to him a helpmeet to the end of his days. Quite early in life he engaged in stock-raising, farming and dairying, in which occupations he met with considerable success and in 1874 he took up public land, to which he later acquired title and which he developed into the fine ranch which came to be known as the Ross place. On that property he labored with good financial results as long as he lived. He passed away February 11, 1911. His widow, Maggie. Bell Ross, survives and is living with her son on the homestead. The latter manages the eighty-acre place, giving attention to general farming, dairying and stock-raising. He learned farming under his father's enlight­ened and practical instruction and has achieved successes in his specialties of which many an older agriculturist might be justly proud.

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